Shark Apex Duoclean: Good or Bad?

You are currently viewing Shark Apex Duoclean: Good or Bad?

yoThe Shark APEX DuoClean Lift-Away AX951 offers an appealing equilibrium between cost and innovation. Cleaning is tedious and can have negative secondary effects if you don’t utilize the right gear.

This model was intended to remove the weight from purchasers by utilizing progressed and easy to understand devices. You get much significant worth for this specific model, particularly as an animal person or hypersensitivity victim.

Its additional featuers will not simply make cleaning straightforward; it will make your general personal satisfaction better.

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Shark APEX Upright Vacuum


Shark APEX AZ1002 DuoClean with Self-Cleaning Brushroll Lift-Away Upright Vacuum, Crevice, and Upholstery Tools and Pet Power Brush

  • Style: Upright
  • Corded (30 feet in length) with separable canister
  • Bagless
  • Extended reach
  • DuoClean innovation
  • Active-float innovation
  • Zero M self-cleaning brushroll
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal innovation
  • 7-year guarantee
  • Noise control
  • 16.1 pounds in weight (under normal)
  • 46 inches in stature (roughly 3.83 feet)
  • The cleaning way is 11 inches wide

What Else It Accompanies:

  • Storage sack for frill
  • Pet multi-apparatus
  • Duster hole device
  • Under-machine wand 
  • Anti-allergen dust brush

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Striking Features

shark apex duoclean

Here is a portion of the striking features of the Shark APEX DuoClean Powered Lift-Away:

1. Pet-Friendly

With the Zero-M self-cleaning brush roll, you will not need to stress over eliminating tangled pet hair at any point in the future! The brush roll is extraordinarily intended to eliminate the actual hair as it turns, a feature not seen on numerous different vacuums. Shark NV752 is another pet-friendly vacuum.

Besides, regardless of whether you’re managing pet hair or dander, the pet multi-instrument makes it simple to tidy up after your hairy companion. It will deal with numerous surfaces, including hardwood, floor covering, and upholstery.

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2. Noise Reduction

Many vacuums available are loud, which isn’t only an inconvenience yet a worry for certain buyers. If you have a child/pet in the house, you will see the value in the work placed into the noise decrease of this vacuum.

Its delicate pitch will permit you to finish your cleaning without incidental antagonistic effects. Sleeping babies and pets won’t wake up!

3. Competitive Warranty

If the sticker price is scary or faithful to another brand, you don’t need to stress trying things out. This vacuum accompanies a 7-year guarantee (OMG).

4. Surpasses HEPA Standards

This model produces multiple times fewer particles than required by High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) norms. These principles measure air quality and emanation control, which is especially critical to hypersensitivity and asthma victims.

Hostile to Allergen Complete Seal innovation keeps particles from delivering once again into the air during or after a clean. Regardless of whether you have a touchy ailment, this feature will assist you with keeping a sound home climate.

5. Multi-Functional

The DuoClean innovation permits you to handle a wreck dependent on the molecule size. This comprises a double brushroll framework highlighting a fiber brush and an extra delicate brush roll, as can be found in the contiguous picture.

Because of this better-than-ever Shark model, an assortment of surfaces can be cleaned. It is furnished with various tools to deal with different floor types.

The fiber brush is made to deal with thicker and trickier rug regions for a genuinely profound clean. The extra delicate brushroll can deal with smoother surfaces by straightforwardly captivating floors for a cleaned look.

6. No Dust Left Behind

Two features of this vacuum are certainly worth featuring: the under-tool and the duster hole device. When was the last time you had the option to accommodate your vacuum cleaner under the oven or in the middle of the sofa pads?

These connections make it simple to arrive at off-kilter, restricted spaces that are generally ignored. They are intended for the spaces of your home that are up high, down low, or precarious to pinpoint.

The under-machine tool will suck up every particle under furniture, and all the space in the middle. The duster cleft device will take care of dusty shelves, eliminate spider webs, and make your kitchen blinds sparkle.

7. Powered Lift-Away and Active Glide Technology

shark apex duoclean

Albeit this is an upstanding vacuum, you can easily disconnect the canister to grow your range and portability. This will keep you from moving a lot of furniture when you are moving around the house.

You can likewise utilize this vacuum on the steps without all of the truly difficult work. Your vacuum will likewise come prepared with Active Glide innovation to assist you with exploring across the diverse floor types without any hassle.

8. Compatible Accessories

If you love your new vacuum however believe you’re missing something, there is a decent possibility you can make up for that shortcoming. The Shark brand offers a scope of viable embellishments with this model, like the Mini Motorized Pet Brush.

If you harm or lose any of your frills, it is not difficult to replace them online while never sending your vacuum in for repairing purposes.

9. Easy Debris Removal

The dirt cup is situated on the façade of the vacuum and uses a press-and-delivery framework. At the point when you’re prepared to dump the dirt, hold the dirt cup over a sack or garbage bin and find the button on the lower part of the vacuum. The dirt cup can hold up to 1.5 dry quarts.

The filters are additionally simple to use. The filter unit can remove shake off the abundance of dirt and garbage. Shark suggests that you flush and air-dry the filters at intervals of time to avoid clogging.

10. Disadvantages of the Item

Albeit this is an incredible item, there are a few drawbacks to consider (contingent upon inclination). Regardless of the progressive innovation in this vacuum, it accompanies the problem of a rope.

There is potential for the cord to get tangled with furniture or increase your hassle of cleaning. The Powered Lift-Away® Technology works really hard to tackle this issue. Fortunately, you won’t need to stress over your power source being restricted, which is an ideal case for some cordless vacuums.

  • Quite weighty: The APEX AZ1002 weighs in at 16 pounds. However, the Lift-Away innovation mitigates this weight by moving the excess weight of the dirt container and engine to your random.
  • Large primary spout: Cleaning tight regions will be an issue due to the wide cleaning head.

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11. Stick Vacuum Usability

In contrast to other massive regular uprights, the Shark APEX has the Powered Lift-Away component that permits it to clean deep under furniture. Not having the cumbersome dirt canister and motor house eases it up essentially, giving it the stick vacuum’s usefulness.

This setup makes it simpler to move it around to clean steps and upholstery. Shark DLX- NV71 also perform well on upholstery, you can read it out.

12. Cleaning Performance

One of the Shark APEX’s most noteworthy qualities is its capacity to clean surface dirt quickly. It scores excellent grades paying little mind to trash size. 

This item is one of a handful of the choices accessible to get dust, hair, cheerios, dander, and so on without obstructing. Shark likewise worked effectively with how the spout seals, and it additionally scores good grades in all sorts of dirt pickup tests. 

Hard Floor Cleaning

The DuoClean head is as great at tidying floors as it is at cleaning enormous flotsam and jetsam. The Duo Clean framework sparkles most on hard floor surfaces as it will get all surface dirt no matter you’ve got hardwood or tile.

It’s an unquestionable requirement in homes with many hard floors. It will get enormous trash and fine dirt, and even sand because of the delicate roller bar.

Floor Covering Cleaning

The Shark APEX AZ1002 isn’t too ratty on rugs, all things considered. Besides hard floor, tt is equally efficient at cleaning dust from rugs, carpets, etc . The APEX is a superior choice inside homes with various floor types than the Dyson Ball Animal 2; it functions admirably on the cover.

How Simple Is It to Utilize the Shark Apex?

shark apex duoclean_

Getting together out of the crate is simple since all the accessories can snap on and lock set up. Shark works effectively as far as the locking system that is as simple to disconnect.

Fingertip controls on the handle give moment admittance to the diverse power settings. Flipping between these designs is just about as simple as sliding the button.

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1. How heavy is APEX AZ1002?

This upstanding weighs in at more than 16 pounds. It is one of the heaviest Shark uprights at present. Having the fueled lift away feature fairly mitigates the weight, yet it tends to be an issue moving it up/down the stairs.

2. Filtration

One more feature to consider in the Shark APEX AZ1002 is the fixed filtration framework. This model has a few filters – two pre-engine filters and one HEPA post-engine filter that assist with holding allergens back from spilling. In mist tests, none of the 5-micron mist was spilled through the framework.

3. Maintenance Costs

There isn’t a lot with regards to maintenance with this Shark upstanding. Each filter is launderable and thought of as “lifetime filters,” so no compelling reason to persistently purchase new ones.

Shark suggests washing the two pre-engine filters once, and the HEPA filter one time each year. In case the filters get excessively dirty or break, Shark has substitution packs for you.

Try to outwardly check whether any of these filters need cleaning to keep the vacuum playing out its best as time goes on. The Zero-M innovation additionally decreases the maintenance of the brush roll via naturally unwinding hair and other trash as it cleans.

This feature has already gone through numerous tests, audits, and reviews. 

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4. Noise level

Indeed, even with the engine’s sheer power, it isn’t as loud. Estimating between the 72 and 76-decibel range is contingent upon where you place the noise meter.

5. DuoClean Technology

The DuoClean Technology permits this model to go from high heap rug to low heap rug to hardwood. Each set has a related light marker just beneath the power button. Flip the switch underneath the power button for the floor type and afterward turn it on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Would We View the Model Number of Our Shark Apex Duoclean?

The model number shows you that on the item's evaluating mark, which you can find on the back of the unit.

Will the Headlights Wear Out?

The LED headlights in the spout ought not to wear out.

Can We Wind Down the Headlights?

The amazing LED headlights aim to enlighten trash in dark spaces to make cleaning considerably more accurate. Headlights will enlighten at whatever point the power is on and are intended to last till your vacuum lives.

How Would We Eliminate the Handle to Clean Above-Floor Regions?

Press the handle discharge button on the rear of the handle with one hand. Tenderly draw up with the other hand to eliminate the handle from the wand. Add the ideal frill and start cleaning.

How Regularly Would It Be Advisable for Us to Clean the Filters?

Clean filters consistently for ideal execution. Between washings, tap filters clean over the garbage to eliminate the overabundance of dust and different particles. Pre-engine foam filter: Under typical use, wash and let air-dry totally (for about 24 hours). We suggest washing at regular intervals.



It is certainly worth purchasing. The APEX DuoClean has the most force of their standard upstanding vacuum models. The consolidated features make the APEX DuoClean as one of Shark’s top upstanding models.

The detachable canister makes vacuuming steps or under and behind furniture simpler. The Powered Lift-Away innovation is welcome since this vacuum is heavier than different models. Overall, it’s 100% recommendable.

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