Shark NV501 Review – Is This Vacuum Cleaner Worth Money?

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Compared to other Shark Professional Lift-Away upright vacuum cleaner models, in terms of weight, dimensions, and cord length, all the Shark lift-away vacuum models are pretty much identical.

What differs the most are the accessories which come with every vacuum cleaner package. Not all the models come with the same accessories with their packages. However, according to Shark, you could acquire more cleaning accessories if required.

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shark nv501 review

Model Name Star Rating/Reviews by Amazon Features score Experts’ score
Hoover MAXLife 4.4 stars/4,751 reviews 9.6 9.4
Hoover Power Drive 4.3 stars/1,885 reviews 9.2 9.1
Hoover Commercial TaskVac 4.2 stars/165 reviews 9.1 8.9
Shark NV501 4.6 stars/15,078 reviews 9.6 9.3

According to Shark’s official website, the NV501 model is compatible with the following Shark accessories: multi-tool, canister caddy, 18″ & 24″ Flexi crevice tools, multi-angle dusting brush, power brush, wide upholstery tool, mini pet tool, mini dusting brush, universal dusting brush, back saver wand, mini blinds tool, appliance wand, home & car detail kit, straight suction nozzle, and accessory storage bag.

Compared to other brands of identical upright vacuum cleaner models available in the current market, this particular Shark model mostly stands out for being cheaper when maintaining considerable quality, though.

Most people say its performance is comparable with the Dyson, while the plastic parts may not be as durable. Let’s go deep!

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Shark NV501

Technical Specifications and General Features of NV501

Dimensions (when assembled): 13.4W x 12.2D x 45.7H inches 3 modes of utilization (upright, lift-away, above-floor) Rotator Technology Advanced Swivel Steering
Sealed system and HEPA filter Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology Wide variety of cleaning accessories
Watts: 1200W Voltage: 120V, 60Hz Amps: 10A
Lift-Away Technology XL-capacity dust cup High suction power
Weight (full upright): 15.5 lbs. Weight (lift-away pod): 8.4 lbs. Corded (cord length: 30 ft)
LED headlights Detachable canister Five year warranty

Tools & Attachments

Feature Importance of the feature
Crevice tool This angled-shape and the skinny tip is best for cleaning tight places such as corners, vents, staircases, sofa cushions, refrigerator coils, etc.
Dusting brush These brushes are round-shaped and feature long soft bristles that remove dust from window sills, lampshades, bookcases, etc.
Multi-angle brush This is a dusting brush that could rotate 360-degrees to clean the awkwardly-shaped and tightest openings.
Motorized brush head They’re sometimes referred to as “the power nozzles.” They provide rotating bristles, which are specially made to clean carpets when using the vacuum cleaner in an upright position.
Turbo brush This is a compact-sized brush that is specially manufactured like a motorized brush head. Besides that, It comes with rotating bristles, which help for deep cleaning your vehicle interiors, sofas, and mattresses.
Bare floor brush This is a narrow brush that provides short but stiff brushes that are manufactured to remove dust and dander from ceramic, wooden, and other hard surfaces in your home.
Electrical cord The NV 501 includes a 30-foot long electrical cord to give maximum reach.
Canister caddy You push a key to activate the canister caddy on the Shark NV501 model. This mode provides wireless cleaning performance to improve the vacuum’s maneuverability and portability.
Filter The NV501 model comes equipped with 2 filters. A foam filter that should be cleaned after every 3 months and a HEPA filter that should be cleaned yearly.

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Credit: Vacuum Mania

1. Bare Floor Performance

Cleaning performance on the bare surfaces is excellent, and the ideal thing is you need a myriad of choices.

First, you could turn off the motorized brush in the primary floor nozzle for tinier pieces of debris. There is an additional hard floor tool that doesn’t have any motorized brush, which you could also use. You can also check the performance of Shark NV752.

The extra floor tool could be attached to the extension wand if you need to use this in canister mode. It comes with a crevice tool & a dusting brush must you choose to clean tight places or the stairs, or you need to pick up significant bits of dust that are tough to clean with the floor nozzle.

2. Carpet Performance


It has spectacular suction and has a nice motorized brush, so carpet cleaning must not be an issue. The bristles on the brush roll are stiff. So, it could agitate thick pile carpet and also the deep clean.

3. Upholstery Performance

It includes a bevy of tools that could clean unique types of upholstery.

The major tool you will use if you have got a fabric upholstery would be the turbo brush, which is simply like the floor tool with a motorized brush. For the leather furniture, you could always use the crevice tool or the dusting brush.

4. Pet Hair Removal

Cleaning pet hair must not be an issue here on the carpet and upholstery. On upholstery, you could use the turbo brush so you can tackle pet hair, it will not be as nice as Dyson’s, but it’s pretty much close, though.

On the carpet, you should use it in upright mode to use the still motorized brush and then pick up pet hair even on the thick carpet.

Shark NV501 review


This is a classy looking vacuum, but it’s not trying to appear high-end like any other models. It is a glossy white device with red accents, which believe its more advanced functionality.

Fortunately, its slightly dated design does not seem to hurt its construction in any way. It is a solidly built vacuum cleaner with strong components.

The wand feels secure and sturdy, the transparent bin is not flimsy (was observed in both of the Dyson models), and the vacuum cleaner is a lot comfortable to carry around in a canister model.

Just do not expect this budget purchase to have identical design functions as a less cheap model, and you will not be disappointed.

We do kindly wish there was a path to get all of the several Shark attachments and additional accessories to fit on the vacuum cleaner, though. The unique parts might likely end up scattered around our laboratory, where we perform tests on each vacuum cleaners.

Features of Shark nv501

We gave the Shark the highest rating in this part of the categories. You really cannot get any better than this, especially when you are considering price and value.

Using it as an upright vacuum cleaner model, it has headlights and a pivoting head. It also includes a wand accessory like any other models and also suction control like the Electrolux.

To the wand, you could easily add a flexible crevice tool for vacuuming tough and stubborn corners, a multipurpose tool that does well on upholstery and also on hard surfaces, a straight suction surface nozzle for picking up stuff small and big from the area rugs and bare floors, a powder brush to take on dirt and pet hair from upholstery and carpeted stairs, a wide upholstery tool for having dust and pet hair from fabrics, and also a dusting brush.

It could also switch between a canister and an upright vacuum so you could carry it around when using the cleaning wand or set it on the top of the canister caddy that rolls around while you are in wand mode. In comparison, The Dyson DC41 gets closest to this amount of brush accessories, however it still cannot really compete with the Shark on functions like these.

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The Shark gets a very amazing usability score. Considering the number of extraordinary accessories provided on this fantastically modular device, there wasn’t a single chance that it would seem awkward and cumbersome.

Bare floor performance

However, that just is not the case. It could not be smoother to convert the vacuum cleaner from the canister to upright, set the canister on a caddy, or add various brush attachments and extend the wand.

The dustbin, too, is smooth to open and put back in place. Also, its pivoting head creates one maneuverable model which could go anywhere and also do pretty much everything. It is 15.5 pounds, which is lighter than the 17.2 pounds Electrolux we like so much.

Performance of Shark nv501

To deliver a comprehensive article on this vacuum cleaner, We have tested it on thicker mid pile carpet, thin low-pile carpet, and also on the hardwood.

On each surface, we scattered sand, fruity Cheerios, and sawdust, human hair, pet hair, and washers, bobby pins, and nuts to test unique kinds of functionalities it could provide.

And We learned that the Shark does a very incredible job; it really impressed us — it’s only between $195 to $205, folks.

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The Verdict


This vacuum cleaner would be great for those people who live in large to medium homes that have a mix of hard floors and carpet. The versatility of the classy lift-away will shine in houses such as these. It will do a lot well not only on the carpet but also on the hard floors.

Stair cleaning will not be an issue since you could just lift the canister and then carry it as you go through every step. The thirty-foot power cord provides you excellent reach though it doesn’t have any cord rewind, so you will have to tidy it up by yourself.

It has many tools which will permit you to clean every part of your house, like blinds, upholstery, keyboards, side tables, etc. It is an all in one vacuum cleaner which will save you a ton of cash because you do not really require to purchase a handheld.

And the main part, it is around half of the price of the Dyson DC41 with almost identical features and performance. If Dyson is too expensive, then this might be an ideal alternative, although it is providing you pretty much everything needed. In general, in conclusion, if you’re searching for inexpensive vacuum cleaners that have a good performance, Shark’s NV501 should be a good choice.

We suggest you consider factors like product durability, performance, design, and also your own budget in order to make a perfect decision on what model to acquire.

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