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Everyone knows how vital it is to have a tidy home free of harmful bacteria, dust, and dirt. When it is time to clean, we commonly put off the task because of a lack of motivation and time.

Then we do our best to complete it in a hurry. This is the point where we can make a mistake! While cleaning our homes, we miss many places that are impossible to overlook.

If these places remain clean, the dirt keeps getting bigger. But, if you’re not patient and knowledgeable, you can quickly keep your home clean and tidy with basic cleaning tools.

Here’s a list of spots people forget to clean and vacuum. Make sure you know these areas to help you clean your home the next time. Let’s take a look.

1. Closets

Places You Forget to Vacuum 2

One of the areas often neglected is the place where vacuum cleaners are often found in the closet. It doesn’t matter if it’s clothes, coats, shoes, utility items, or even shoes. The closet is a magnet for debris as well.

A quick swipe using the crevice tool on the lower and upper corners and storage spaces, then using the nozzle to clean at the flooring level, is all you require.

2. Computer Station

Our computer and the general office space is often a parking spot. However, it’s often neglected when we clean. Use the dusting brush to clean the computer’s fan vents and towers for desktops.

3. Under The Furniture

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It is common to see dirt and grime whenever we check under a sofa or bed and swiftly take it off with the help of a vacuum cleaner or dust mop. When did you last check for dirt at the bottom of your furniture? It’s a vital place that people usually neglect during cleaning.

You’ll be amazed to see the quantity of dust and cobwebs in the bed frames, table braces, and chairs. Use a dependable cleaning tool like a dusting brush or vacuum cleaner to rid your home of cobwebs, dust, eggs, and other harmful bacteria. Therefore, it’s adviced to conduct a thorough cleaning every month, at a minimum.

4. Vents and Ducts: Air Vents, Dryer Lint Traps, and Outdoor Exhaust

Even if you don’t detect any dust particles, it’s recommended to wash vent covers for receiving and blowing both in and out. Utilize a dusting brush to remove the dirt outside the vent.

Then take off the vent cover to clean the back and the area just within the ductwork. Be sure to remember the vents for the floor, which collect and release all the debris that gets kicked around on the floor.

They also track through from the outside. The dryer vents outside your home could also be cleaned using the dusting brush. Do not use the vacuum outside until it’s dry, as moisture and vacuums don’t generally blend.

5. Vacuum Cleaners And Cleaning Tools

We use our cleaning tools to clean dirt and dust from various places and objects, but we don’t think that the tools we use for cleaning also need to be cleaned. If you’ve used an appliance for cleaning the bathroom and are now using the same dirty tool for cleaning, you’re spreading germs and dirt all over.

So your vacuum cleaner scrub brushes, duster, and mop should be cleaned from time intervals. Many are cleaned with warm, soapy water and left to dry in the air. Some filters can be cleaned or replaced.

6. Top Of Picture Frames, Doors, And Cabinets

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Make sure to take your time when cleaning your home because if you’re trying to get everything done, you may miss spots such as the top of the picture frames, doors, and cabinet. If you’ve not cleaned those areas in the past couple of months, you’ll discover more dust and dirt than you anticipated.

Cleaning the tops of the door frames or ceiling corners, large storage units, and picture frames must be part of your regular cleaning routine. A duster with an extended handle is the most effective cleaning tool to eliminate dirt and webs of spiders in these areas.

7. Walls And Baseboards

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If you believe vertical surfaces won’t become as filthy as horizontal ones, think twice! If you open your curtains and let the light be reflected on the wall, you’ll be amazed by the quantity of dirt and dust in the walls. So, if you’ve got textured wall coverings, they will likely draw more dust.

When you are doing house cleaning, it is an overlooked place. The process of cleaning walls is simple and doesn’t take much time.

Begin at the highest point of the wall and work your way downwards with a duster that will be used to absorb dust particles.

Make sure to scrub any stray dirt or marks around the knobs on the doors and light switches. After you have cleaned the walls, be sure to look at the baseboards.

They are typically filthy. Many people overlook this area in the process of cleaning. Many dust particles are deposited on this tiny edge.

If you’re moving out of the rental property but fail to clean the baseboards at the end of the lease cleaning or neglect to clean the mold within your home, Your landlord may be able to deduct a significant amount from the bond amount. So, it is imperative to clean your baseboards using a damp cloth.

8.  Refrigerator Vents and Rear Coils

The refrigerator is working; however, it could run more efficiently if you inspect the back coils and the vent at the bottom. Take the refrigerator away from its warm home and use a brush to dust the back, focusing on the vents.

There could also be an underfloor vent located just below the doors. Check it out after you have pushed the fridge back into the room, and apply the dusting brush to this space.



If you’re busy, cleaning your home is a daunting task. Things like a lack of time, lack of motivation, and lack of knowledge in cleaning can make it daunting for your house to look tidy and organized. 

While a bond cleaning service is the best choice, knowing what you’re lacking could aid you in achieving the outcome you want. The above list lists all the important places often overlooked when cleaning. Be sure that you don’t forget any of these locations.

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