Oreck Magnesium Review: Let’s Give You Honest Advice

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What do many upright vacuums do in the same way?

A majority of them are heavy. To provide you with a perspective regarding how much uprights of today weigh, let’s take a look at some.

Dyson Multi Floor weighs 17.3 pounds, Shark Rotator NVG752 weighs 15.7 pounds, and Kirby Sentria 2 is rated at more than 20 pounds.

Let us introduce you to the lightest upright vacuum on the market at the moment.

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Oreck Magnesium


This vacuum is actually less than Hoover Air Cordless 3.0. Hoover is the only cordless vacuum!

What is the weight of it? 10 pounds? 9 pounds? How about 8 pounds.

Yes, you’re right, an upright vacuum that has the power of an upright that weighs just 8 pounds.

It is an innovative product since it lets people benefit from the power of a sturdy upright without having to drag around the weight of a huge machine.

Oreck achieved the impossible by using a magnesium frame rather than steel, which helps reduce overall weight. It also has better durability due to magnesium being stronger than a variety of steel.

The price is higher than average. However, the buyers don’t seem to care since this is among the most popular uprights on Amazon.

A Quick Overview of the Features

  • Wireless “quick switch” control is, in fact, fingertip-controlled on the hand of the vacuum. This provides you with an easy method to change from hard flooring to carpet.
  • In contrast to traditional upright vacuums in which air travels through an array of hoses, the Magnesium RS utilizes direct suction, which shortens the route air travels, improving performance.
  • Fully sealed HEPA system, which uses bags that block 99.97 percent of allergens (at 0.3 microns) from coming back.
  • Motorized brushes spin at 7,700 RPM offering consumers great deep cleaning action.
  • 7-year warranty (with five tune-ups per year). This could be the most reliable warranty plan available (better than the one offered by Dyson).
  • It utilizes what Oreck called SlimSwivel, which not only rotates but also lies flat; it allows you to clean underneath furniture, like under the bed.
  • Oreck weighs just under eight pounds (7.7 to be precise). It is perhaps the lightest upright on the market at the moment.
  • 30-foot power cord.
  • It has twin LED lights for greater visibility.
  • Side brushes are on both sides to provide better edge cleaning.
  • It utilizes a magnesium frame which reduces weight while increasing overall durability.
  • Utilizes the Endurolife belt, which helps to prevent unexpected jams.

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  • The fully sealed HEPA bag blocks the majority of allergens from coming back into the air – ideal for those suffering from asthma.
  • Direct suction technology increases suction performance.
  • 7-year extended warranty.
  • Maybe the lightest upright on the market at present.
  • Large bags last longer before needing replacement.


  • Some customers complained that the product did not work with shag carpets or rugs.
  • Contrary to Dyson/Shark vacuums, this isn’t equipped with attachments that permit you to wash upholstery (if you want to be flexible, choose those two).

What Qualities of Oreck Impressed Our Experts?

_Oreck Magnesium 1

Although this vacuum it’s not lacking in performance.

Oreck has taken a different direction with regard to the material they chose to use. Instead of using a thin plastic frame that’s thin, they also used a bulky but light frame. They made use of magnesium which is stronger and lighter than other metals.

The result is an upright and comfortable performance, with a weight that is not cordless.

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1. Magnesium Frame

_Oreck Magnesium 3

The magnesium frame was able to allow engineers to create it as light as is possible without sacrificing rigidity.

Therefore, you’ll get an upright cleaner than any upright on the market.

Naturally, since you’re working with high-quality raw materials, it won’t be inexpensive.

If you buy it on Amazon, it will cost you $435. Oreck Magnesium RS is priced at about $435. This is cheaper than the Dyson Cinetic.

Not only is it light, but it also is a powerhouse due to its powerful suction as well as a motorized brush that rotates at about 7700 RPM.

This is achieved through the use of a technique known as “direct suction”.

As you can see in the image, the bagged vacuums of Oreck have smaller hoses than other vacuums using a cyclonic filtering system like Shark and Dyson.

The suction from the bag flows all the way to the floor and the nozzle. It doesn’t traverse a maze of hoses that are twisted and turned.

This vacuum has the capabilities that make it a highly-rated vacuum, despite its high cost.

Another thing we love is the SlimSwivel design. It comes with a steering swivel, and it’s also able to be positioned to lie flat on the surface.

This allows you to vacuum more spaces under furniture as compared to other upright vacuums (with various exceptions of sharks).

2. Filter Clean Up

A vacuum bag like this one doesn’t come with filters to wash up. However, you must replace the bag after it’s filled.

They can be bought directly from Amazon for about $13 for a set of six. The price is not that high, plus it is equipped with HEPA and anti-odor properties.

Another component you’ll need to check regularly is your drive belt. It is the belt that is driving the brush motor. You must regularly inspect the belt to ensure the best performance of the vacuum. If you require replacing it, then you can perform it yourself by following the steps on Oreck’s website.

3. Lightweight and Powerful

_Oreck Magnesium 2

Despite its nimbleness, this vacuum packs a lot of power, and users say it can clean anything from tile to hardwood, as well as carpet. However, some reviews warn to use this on very shag carpets or dense carpets because it could prevent the brush motor from turning.

One of the most popular places customers use for this is under the bed. The sleek handle and bag design, along with the swivel function, make this feasible.

4. Bags at a Bargain

The bags are reasonably priced with a price of just $3 for each bag, and they’ll last two months or more. However, that will depend on the environment and the size of your home, and so on.

Suppose you live in a big home or reside in an area with a lot of dust. You may have to change your bags more frequently.

The wireless fingertip control on its handle is undoubtedly an excellent feature because there is no need to bend your knees to change the speed or shut off the motor.

Another thing that consumers love is the firm side brush that resembles eyelashes sticking out from the side of the tool.

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5. Some Additional Benefits

Add that to the sleek design, and you’ll have an upright that is more able to reach beneath the furniture.

The HEPA Filter Bag with lace will stop allergens from reaching 0.3 microns. Also, it comes with odor elimination agents, which stop bad smells from being absorbed into the exhaust. This is an excellent alternative for those suffering from allergies.

It is very easy to empty the bag. Simply unzip the bag, remove the bag’s interior and dispose of it. You won’t be exposed to allergens at all.

The bags are fairly affordable at just a bit over $13 for a bag of six (a package of 25, for example, bags would cost about $100+ for those who want to save even more).

Each container can hold around 8 qt.of dry dirt. When you have a huge house, they will fill quickly.

Additionally, it has an edge brush on both sides to help in making edge cleaning a lot simpler.

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6. Warranty

Oreck stands behind this product with a complete 7-year warranty, which is more time than Dyson upright. In addition, to compete with other brands such as Dyson/Shark (both have a five-year warranty), Oreck also includes five free tune-ups every year.

What exactly is the purpose of a tune-up? Similar to a car vacuum cleaner, a vacuum cleaner also requires periodic maintenance, such as making sure the drive belt is in good condition as well as cleansing the motorized brushes, changing the drive belt, and so on.

Oreck can do this for you as many times (per year) at no cost during the warranty time. For the very first time, we have heard of a manufacturer providing with this sort service to their customers. So although you’re spending more than $450 for your vacuum cleaner, you’re getting plenty for the money you pay.

The power cord is about 30 feet in length, but it doesn’t have a cord to rewind. It does have a “cord snap” that helps you tie the cord around the side of your vacuum.

Cleaning Performance of Oreck Magnesium

_Oreck Magnesium 4

1. Carpet Performance

The Oreck Magnesium RS can tackle carpet.

It is available at two speeds – the lower rate for surfaces made of hard and the high-speed for carpet. Its motorized brush is extremely rigid. It has a speed of 7,000 rpm and can provide excellent agitation.

Between the carpeting, there are a lot of allergens and particles that could cause respiratory illnesses. One of the conditions is known as allergic rhinitis.

2. Bare Floor Performance

This vacuum features a turn on/off switch for the brush roll so that it’s easy to turn by turning the handle. Regarding power, direct suction makes this upright a good suction for picking up smaller particles of dust and finer dirt such as rice grains.

In one sweep, in just a single pass, Oreck Magnesium picked almost everything within its route. However, keep in mind that the Dyson test was an older model that didn’t come with the most recent motor and filters.

3. Pet Hair Removal

The suction is strong, and the beater bar makes this an ideal solution to wash pet hair off of the carpet. Cleaning up won’t be an issue since there is no need to remove pet hair from a container. It is enough to throw away the bag once it’s completely full and there’s no chance of exposure to pet hair.

4. Upholstery Performance

_Oreck Magnesium 5

The vacuum is solely an upright cleaner. It doesn’t have hoses or attachments that permit it to clean upholstery.

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Any Negatives?

It is a good vehicle for maneuvering, but there are some who expressed displeasure over the absence of attachments to allow it to wash the upholstery. It is recommended to buy an upright vacuum for cleaning things that are higher than the floor.

Also, there were complaints regarding lemon-colored products; to be particular, the belt wasn’t spinning, and the plastic parts were melting. However, you can find this issue in many, if not all, electronic consumer products.

The HEPA bags are also an ideal addition for those who suffer from asthma or other related health issues.

Where Can We Purchase This?

You can purchase this light upright vacuum at less than $400 on Amazon. Plus, it’ll qualify to receive Amazon’s two-day free shipping when you sign up for Prime.

Amazon also offers extended warranties for up to 3 years if you’re looking to add that assurance.

Another option is buying this directly from Oreck, but this will cost you more. Also, you don’t get the same speedy turnaround through Prime.

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The Verdict


The upright model is ideal for those who have had enough of carrying the heavy upright vacuums, which aren’t performing equally.

At just 7.7 pounds, it is among the lightest upright vacuums on the market because of the magnesium frame, which is not just light but also strong.

Don’t let its design make you believe that this vacuum can be used for a variety of tasks.

When you combine the stiff beater bar and powerful suction, you get an extremely agile and effective floor cleaner capable of cleaning carpet and bare floors.

The SlimSwivel feature is not just swiveling. However, it also lets the vacuum be completely flat upon the ground. It is able to reach higher under furniture when compared to other larger uprights.

HEPA filter blocks allergens that are up to 0.3 microns. This is ideal for people suffering from allergies.

It’s one of the more expensive uprights available at the moment, but it comes with an extended warranty of 7-years. It’s two years longer than a Dyson.

It is also possible to have an Oreck expert for assistance to “tune-up” your vacuum at least 5-times over the warranty. You’ll get plenty in return.

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