Shark ZU561 Navigator Upright Vacuum Review With Honest Results

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Keeping the house clean is a sign of bringing positivity and good vibes into the lives of the people living there. However, it becomes difficult to manage work and household chores due to the busy and hectic schedule.

Making time to clean the house today is indeed a tedious job, given today’s bustling lifestyle.

To ease the cleaning process, the manufacturers of Shark have come up with an innovative vacuum cleaner, the Shark ZU561 Navigator Lift-Away Speed Self Cleaning Brushroll Lightweight Upright Vacuum with HEPA Filter.

Amongst all other vacuum cleaners manufactured by Shark, this is one of the most effective vacuum cleaners with a Zero-M Anti-hair wrap technology featured in it.

Your hair may get wrapped around the vacuum cleaner while cleaning the surface areas. With this Shark ZU561, you don’t have to worry about hair wrapping. The vacuum cleaner will be free from any mess throughout the cleaning process.

The Shark ZU561 vacuum cleaner belongs to the category of the next generation Shark navigators that feature new technology in a self-cleaning brush roll known as the Zero-M.

Now that you have shown a keen interest in the Shark ZU561 Navigator let us present a detailed review of it.

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Shark ZU561

A Quick Overview of Shark ZU561 Navigator

What makes the Shark ZU561 Navigator Lift-Away stand out from the others is its strong motor power, brush on-off benefits, lift-away feature, and extremely lightweight. So, if you require a vacuum cleaner that is portable and lightweight, none can be better than this Shark ZU561.

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Even if some customers have complained about long hairs getting wrapped around the vacuum cleaner, this Shark ZU561 Navigator Lightweight Upright Vacuum promises its customers that the short hairs will not get stuck to the main unit.

Suppose you are looking for an affordable vacuum cleaner for general use. In that case, the Shark ZU561 Navigator is worth spending the money on.

Although there are a few unique features, this Shark ZU561 vacuum cleaner is an economic model with all the necessary features required for proper home cleaning.


The specifications of the Shark ZU561 Navigator are given below:

  • Product dimension: 12×9.5×6 
  • Specifically used for carpets
  • Form factor: upright
  • Product weight: 13.4 pounds
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Batteries: not required
  • Product model number: ZU561
  • Filter Type: HEPA and foam filter
  • Dust cup capacity: 0.9 dry quart
  • Components included: duster crevice tool, hair removal multi-tool, and comprehensive upholstery tool

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Features of Shark ZU561 Navigator Upright Vacuum 

shark zu561

Want to know what makes the Shark ZU561 Navigator different from others?


Why should you buy the Shark ZU561 Navigator?

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The moment you come to know about the fantastic features, you will not be able to keep yourself away from them. Here are the features as discussed below:

1. Construction

The Shark ZU561 Navigator is a corded and lightweight vacuum cleaner manufactured as a second-generation Shark Navigator NV356E. This is, by far, the bestseller vacuum cleaner available in the market.

The core technologies that should be contained in a vacuum cleaner are all present in this Shark ZU561 model. As a result, the vacuum cleaner imparts a flexible cleaning process and excellent efficiency.

Besides, this Shark ZU561 vacuum cleaner uses 800-watt power. Compared to others, this power or wattage is a little less. However, the different design of the brush allows the vacuum cleaner to generate lots of suction power.

Therefore, worrying about any dirt or debris being left behind will not be required.

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2. Zero-M Technology

This is the new brush bar design that allows the hair from getting entangled in the brush bar. This technology is more efficient and works better for short hair. Unfortunately, you have to be more careful when dealing with long hair as the hair may get wrapped up in the brushroll.

The main cleaning brushroll is featured with a motorized tool that enables the unit to clean the carpets and rugs deeply.

It pulls all the hairs/dirt from the carpet fibers and agitates deeply embedded pollens, dust, and other dirt allergens, which are then sucked in by the robust suction system of the vacuum cleaner.

Therefore, the Zero-M technology does the job of removing all the dirt and debris without the intervention of any human force. However, sometimes, some of the hairs and dirt have to be removed manually by the user.

Further, the user can easily monitor the condition of the brushroll as the cover of the brushroll is transparent. Also, the indicators present in the brushroll help the user determine the operational status and the condition of the brushroll.

3. Flexible Cleaning Hose

shark zu561-

Since the cleaning hose of the Shark ZU561 Navigator Lift-Away vacuum cleaner is flexible, it can be used both in the classic upright format and also as a canister vacuum cleaner.

Besides, there are some cleaning attachments added along with the product packaging that can help clean both the surface area or floor and elevated areas.

4. Lift-Away Pod

The Shark ZU561 Navigator Lightweight Upright Vacuum vacuum cleaner is a portable one. Hence, the vacuum cleaner can be lifted and taken to other places for cleaning. Therefore, the name ‘lift-away’ has been attached to this vacuum cleaner.

5. Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology

This Shark ZU561 combines three filters – felt, foam, and high-performance HEPA filters. This sealing technology and the presence of HEPA filters prevent the intrusion of allergens up to 99.9%. Therefore, if you are prone to dust allergies, this vacuum cleaner is an excellent choice for you.

Many people worry about the escape of the unfiltered air into the atmosphere. However, with this anti-allergen air technology, the unfiltered air is prevented from escaping the unit.

Further, this Shark ZU561 vacuum cleaner has multi-layered air filtration that promotes the vacuum cleaner to emit clean air into the atmosphere. This helps those people suffering from asthma and allergies to breathe clean air.

6. Setup Process

The easy assembling process is one of the greatest perks of this Shark ZU561 Navigator vacuum cleaner. After you take the vacuum cleaner out of the packaging box, the vacuum cleaner can be easily assembled for ten minutes, provided you follow the user guide.

The instructions in the user manual are easy to follow and are supported with easy diagrams to help you identify each part and its attachment processes.

7. Powerful and Versatile Performance

The Shark ZU561 Navigator vacuum cleaner has a powerful suction that can suck in the minute dirt and debris from both plain surfaces and elevated areas. Moreover, the brushrolls make the vacuum cleaner functional both on hard surfaces and on top of carpeted and rugged floors.

The vacuum cleaner performs an excellent job when cleaning high traffic areas. Besides the main unit, the Shark ZU561 has a narrow suction tube that works best when cleaning tight corners of a room and hard-to-reach places like the furniture ledges, window sills, etc.

Further, this vacuum cleaner is accommodated with a powerful dusting brush capable of cleaning the delicate areas in the house like window blinds, lampshades, and drapes. Also, the product claims to clean pet hair and human hairs at ease.

If canister is not require, you can detach it easily. Even after the detachment of the canister, the vacuum cleaner can be held upright. However, without the canister, the vacuum cleaner can only be used on bare floors.

8. Maintenance, Cleaning, and Emptying

The Shark ZU561 Navigator is devoid of any bag. Therefore, you don’t have to make the effort of replacing the bags. Instead, the dirt is harbored on a cup which is easy to detach, clean and put back in place.

Besides, the vacuum cleaner has a suction tool that can be regulated easily. This tool has to be opened and closed according to your convenience to increase or reduce the suction. Sometimes, the vacuum cleaner needs to be tilted to clean high-pile rugs and carpeted areas.

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  • Upright and bagless vacuum cleaner (also check Shark DLX- NV71)
  • Weights to 13.4 pounds
  • Has a hose of 6.6 feet
  • Effortless swivel steering
  • Zero-M technology allows non-stop hair removal
  • Presence of a self-cleaning brushroll
  • 12 inches of the cleaning path
  • Multi-surface cleaner facility promotes all pile carpets and rugs, tiles, cement floors, vinyl floors, etc.
  • Presence of anti-allergen and complete seal technology with HEPA filtration
  • Lift-away technology allows you to move the vacuum cleaner from one place to another
  • Easy to switch from upright mode to lift-away mode
  • Easy to assemble
  • Powerful suction
  • High-capacity dusting cup
  • 5-year warranty
  • Rotating feature makes it easy to move the device in and around the furniture
  • Can pick up hair and pet furs easily
  • Transits smoothly from bare floors to carpeted areas
  • Relatively light in weight
  • Works efficiently on upholstery
  • You can easily attach and detach the canister
  • Devoid of LED lights
  • Shorter power cord
  • Brushroll wrap out the hair around it

[Note: The Shark ZU561 Navigator Lift-Away is easy to handle and use. However, please read the instructions given in the product’s user manual in case you get stuck at any point while using it.]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the HEPA filter of this Shark ZU561 vacuum cleaner be cleaned?

Yes, the HEPA filter of the Shark ZU561 Navigator vacuum cleaner can be cleaned. First, pull it out straight, and turn over the filter so that the dirt deposited inside on the bottom area comes out easily. Then tap it against a trash can to get rid of the dust. Next, put the filter into a bucket of lukewarm water and keep on washing it until the water becomes clear.

Do you have to change the Shark vacuum cleaner filters?

According to the user manual, the HEPA filter of the cleaner needs to be replaced every three months, provided the vacuum cleaner undergoes normal usage. However, if the vacuum cleaner is used heavily over a long period, it may require you to change the HEPA filter more often.

How to assemble the Shark ZU561 vacuum cleaner?

To assemble the Shark ZU561 Navigator vacuum cleaner, these steps should be followed: On the floor nozzle post, place the pod. Insert the wand into the pod. Next, attach the accessory holder along with the accessories into the pod. Now, attach the hose clip to the wand. Connect the hose to the back of the pod. For consistent operation, make sure that all the accessories are appropriately secured.

What filters can we use in the Shark ZU561 vacuum cleaner?

It has a set of pre-motor filters and HEPA filters. The pre-motor filters include a felt filter and a foam filter.

What tools are added along with the Shark ZU561 vacuum cleaner package?

The cleaner is accommodated with the following necessary tools – duster crevice tool, hair removal multi-tool, comprehensive upholstery tool.

The Verdict


Thhere is no doubt that SharkNinja manufactures the best houseware products in the market. With time, they have come up with the best yet affordable vacuum cleaners that are functional and effective.

So, if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for regular use, invest in this Shark ZU561 Navigator model.

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