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The SEBO vacuum cleaner is well-known among cleaning professionals due to its style, durability, dependability, and superior air filtering. Most people don’t know much about the SEBO brand outside this particular group.

You’ve likely not ever heard of SEBO vacuum cleaners. Although they’re a popular choice in Europe, and you may have seen their advertisements in European magazines for homes, SEBO has yet to advertise in the U.S.

Instead, they depend on word-of-mouth recommendations from an established small group of dealers and loyal customers who are sincere about their brand.

Sebo Vacuum Cleaner FAQs  

1. What Is Unique About the Design of Sebo Vacuums?

Reliable, consistent performance is the main characteristic of each SEBO vacuum. The German-engineered sealed-system vacuums meet the strictest test and can meet the needs of professionals in the cleaning industry worldwide.

SEBO is the leading producer of upright vacuum cleaners for commercial use and is found in luxurious offices and hotels worldwide.

With its hose integrated with a clutch-protected brush roll and by-pass motor, the very first SEBO vacuum, launched in 1978, revolutionized the commercial cleaning industry.

Many models feature strong, toothed belts that are not prone to stretching or slipping and are tested to stand the full duration of the vacuum to protect SEBO engines from overheating. 

Every SEBO comes with a long-lasting German engine, strong steel, and sturdy ABS casings instead of old cloth.

SEBO engineers designed these features to ensure long-lasting quality and outstanding performance even in the toughest commercial cleaning conditions. Now, you can benefit from this powerful cleaning tool within your home.

2. What Is the Difference Between S-Class Filtering and HEPA Filtering?

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S-Class and HEPA filters are great for those suffering from asthma or allergies. The distinction between S-Class filtration and HEPA filtration is minor and boils down to the hundredth decimal. Many people utilize the words “S-Class” and “HEPA” in conjunction.

S-Class filtration, as it is defined, captures 99.9 percent of all particles that are smaller than 0.3 microns. In contrast, the U.S. HEPA filtration captures 99.97 percent of all particles less than 0.3 microns.

Concerning the specific differences in the filter media and the process of filtering, HEPA filters rely upon using a highly tightly constructed web of fibers. When air flows through them, the fibers are trapped and prevented from moving further. 

The SEBO S-Class filter is constructed with meshes that are not as tightly woven. However, the filtration rate remains high because of the electrostatic characteristics that the filters possess.

It’s similar to the effects you see with the “static cling” you can feel when washing clothes. S-Class filters attract particles with a small electrical charge, pulling them to stay within the filter. Both kinds are extremely efficient.

The SEBO S Class filtration rate is 100 percent for particles one micron or larger and includes the majority of pollen, animal dander, mold spores, and dust mite allergens.

SEBO vacuums are endorsed by the British Allergy Fund’s approval as the studies conducted by this foundation confirm that they do not create any levels that are measurable in dust mite allergy.

SEBO vacuums are a great option for allergy and asthma sufferers because of this type of filtering.

3. What’s Included With the HEPA-Certified Service Kit?

The SEBO HEPA service box has eight Ultra bags with a HEPA filter and an exhaust filter. The Ultra bags feature added layers (4 in total) of filtration, which is more than the regular SEBO bags.

This assists in capturing larger particles before reaching their destination in the HEPA filter, which helps prevent them from becoming blocked and guarantees the filter’s longevity.

The option of a HEPA maintenance kit can be purchased for SEBO C & K series canister vacuum cleaners, as well as all the Automatic X4 and five upright vacuums.

4. What Makes Sebo Vacuum Cleaners the Best Choice for Asthmatics and Allergy Sufferers?

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A SEBO vacuum is airtight and prevents air leakage. Also, no allergens or tiny particles escape back into the air you breathe because they are kept within the closed system.

The amount of particles that enter the air dramatically increases after the use of the majority of vacuum cleaners currently being sold as per tests.

This is directly connected to subpar filters and malfunctioning systems common to cheaper but more popular upright models of vacuum cleaners.

A three-stage filtering mechanism that pushes air through five distinct levels of filtration is found in every SEBO vacuum (six when you choose an upgrade to the HEPA upgraded version).

The first layer of a three-layer dustbag captures most of the allergens and almost all dirt, soil, and dust. A hospital-grade microfilter removes any remaining particles and shields the motor from dust. If you decide to upgrade to a HEPA filter instead of the S-Class microfilter, you’ll need the 4-ply dust bag (supplied in the HEPA Service Box). 

The exhaust filter eliminates any particles in the air before it leaves the vacuum. Every SEBO vacuum cleaner is certified with S-Class filter ratings, and optionally, approved HEPA upgrades are offered for most models.

5. What Is the Main Difference Between a Sebo Turbine Head and a Power?

The turbo-head is a carpet-cleaning device that uses suction force to rotate the brush roll. The SEBO power head is an electric-driven brush roll that you can use on a carpet. Turbo head attachments are great for carpets and carpets with low to medium piles, typically carpeted surfaces that aren’t too dense or heavy, since this can slow an attachment. 

Powerhead attachments offer greater cleaning capability and are ideal for carpeted areas or homes with high-quality, dense carpets. They are compatible with SEBO vacuums. All turbo and power heads have the 12” cleaning path, but certain model models are upgradeable to a 15 inches large power head.

6. Which Is the Top-Loved Sebo Vacuum Cleaner?

SEBO Automatic X vacuums – the Automatic X4 and Automatic X5 are the traditional favorites among our allergy-prone customers. Since the introduction of the SEBO Felix line, these models have attracted more attention.

The most sought-after model at present is the canister cleaner SEBO D4. With three colors and all the tools you require to clean floors and uprights, the D4 is extremely adaptable and has a distinct appearance.

Since it is the most recent model to join the lineup, it is no surprise that the SEBO Felix vacuum has received the most attention. Wired TEST magazine chose the Felix as their Editor’s Choice as one of the Best Gadgets & Gizmos on the Planet in 2007 and stated, “

At 15.4 pounds, this model was the lightest one test and overall the most efficient. The best part is that Felix’s gentle sound won’t frighten animals that you are scare to jump.”

From the beginning, it was evident that SEBO Felix was making an impressive impression. The Felix received the PlusX ease for Use prize in 2006 and 2005 when Time Magazine chose it as among the top Products for 2005.

The same year, Consumer Digest chose the SEBO Felix as the top Buy for the best upright vacuums according to the article, “This German-made upright is extremely versatile and quiet.


With its ergonomic handle that telescopically moves and its slim body, its 180-degree swivel with the trunk, the motorized carpet nozzle, and the nozzle’s low profile, the vacuum is slim and flexible enough to reach those difficult places (especially under furniture).

It is light (9.9. lbs.) However, it is a powerful hand vacuum. A power control variable adjusts suction. The unit also comes with an industrial-style belt that will last for the machine’s lifetime and an extra-long, easy-to-store cord.

It comes with a decent warranty, as well, according to the standards of the industry.”

7. Are All Sebo Accessories Interchangeable?

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Yes, attachments. No, floor tools. Dusting brushes, crevice tools, and the mattress nozzle are fully compatible with SEBO vacuums. Floor tools are available in a variety of. Floor tools that snap and secure onto the wand’s end are offer on various SEBO vacuums. 

Different SEBO models have attachments that slide on the wand and snap into their place. Color is another factor to consider, especially when using SEBO Felix uprights.

There are a variety of available colors, but the attachments on one Felix vacuum will work with the other Felix models.

8. What Is the Procedure for How Sebo Duo Carpet Cleaning System Functions, and Why Is It Recommended for Allergy Sufferers?

Does the SEBO Duo Carpet Cleaning System include Duo-P Cleaning Powder and the Duo Brush Machine? The Duo-P Cleaning Powder is calm of small granules moist with detergent.

When applied to the carpet using Duo Brush Machine, the Duo-P Cleaning Powder cleanses every carpet fiber by lifting soil and stains from the carpet’s deepest layers.

The SEBO Duo Carpet Cleaning System is the most popular deep carpet cleaning method used by many. Many people have heard of cleaning powder for carpets, but the powder you purchase from the store usually comes with a scent.

If you’ve ever had to replace carpet, you’ll find that a significant amount of the powder doesn’t make it back and off your carpet. 

Hot water extractors, a traditional method for cleaning carpets, can flood your floors and frequently leave the carpet with more than enough moisture to promote the growth of mold as well as dust mites.

No matter what endorsements carpet cleaning firms like these offer, they are not an ideal solution for those who suffer from asthma/allergies. It is possible to avoid all of those issues by using the SEBO Duo Carpet Cleaning System. 

Duo-P is a dry powder with a milder odour that effectively cleans even the most fragile carpets. It doesn’t leave any residues; unlike other methods for cleaning carpets, it won’t leave the carpet with excessive moisture. This Duo-P Cleaning Powder is also equipped with fiber protection to prevent any future damage caused by soiling or staining.

Although it’s not necessary to utilize this Duo-P Cleansing Powder with its Duo Brush Machine and SEBO vacuum cleaner for the best outcomes, it is advice.


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