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In this aggressive industry of vacuum cleaners, SharkNinja has made a significant market share in a very short period of time. This high-end brand has been competing from the very beginning with names such as iRobot, Dyson, Bissel, and others.

Head to Head Comparison

It provides the best service to its customers. After surfing the internet, it could seem that all shark vacuum cleaners are suitable for both carpet floors and hardwood.

Extra tools that come with the vacuum cleaners come out more convenient for those who are homeowners, so they can use the vacuum for multiple purposes.

In a hurry? Just buy Shark Navigator Upright Swivel Pro Vacuum cleaner (Amazon link) since it turned out as a winner in terms of overall performance.

Now, let’s read about the deep vacuum cleaner analysis on what’s the best vacuum cleaner for your needs?

The choice could be hard as there are so plenty of good vacuum cleaners available inside the current market. In this review article, we will talk regarding 2 of the most incredible vacuum cleaners shark has thrown into the current market – Shark Navigator Swivel Plus and Shark Navigator Swivel Pro Upright Vacuum.

Both of these vacuum cleaners are smooth and much excellent at doing the main task, which is “cleaning.” SharkNinja introduced the premium navigator series to conduct more flexibility in the cleaning task.

Both of the vacuum cleaners are upright vacuums, meaning they are much cheaper and effective in cleaning rugs and thick carpets compared to other canister vacuums.

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Shark NV356E S2

Shark NV356E S2

Shark Navigator Swivel

Shark Navigator Swivel


It might be confusing to you as to that one should you go for or not. But fear not! We’re here to help you so you can decide just that.

After going through this review, you will be able to alter the little differences between these two best vacuum cleaners available in the market, and also you will definitely understand which one is the correct choice for you.

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Overview About Shark Swivel Drand:

Credit: Morris Patch of Heaven homestead

Those people who love to do every household chore, especially cleaning by themselves, know the weight of “shark swivel” holds. The SharkNinja is committed to giving cleaning solutions to those who are having a busy life.

Even if you want a mixture of efficiency and innovation, then the shark may just be most suitable for you! On top of that, navigator swivel is the most advanced series among all. These vacuums trump all other series in terms of handsome design and also innovative technology.

These two models we’re going to talk about are having a “never lose suction” type of technology in each one of them individually. So, you’ll never have to worry for even a second about the cleaning operation of your vacuums.

This is one of the countless functionalities we have just told you about. The Shark Navigator Swivel comes with so many extraordinary accessories to make a cleaning experience better, which you’ll only think why you did not buy one before.

The Shark Navigator series has around twenty models. In this review, we’ll talk only about Shark Navigator Swivel Plus NV46 Upright Vacuum cleaner and Shark Navigator NV358 Upright Vacuum cleaner.

Besides that, The Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum, also known as The swivel pro model for Hard Floor and Carpet, including Lift-Away Handheld HEPA Filter, and also NV358 Anti-Allergy Seal.

This one is best for high-pile area rugs and carpets. You could also use it on soft carpets and hardwood floors. If you are living in a small to medium-sized home, then this vacuum cleaner must be just suitable for you. The Shark Navigator Swivel Plus is also known as the model NV46.

It has a few additional features than the previous old models. Thus, it is a bit expensive. Anyone who is living in a large home usually purchases this model because it gives a lot more services and functionalities than any others at an extra price.

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Shark Navigator Swivel Pro vs Plus Reviews [Which One Is Better?]

Finding the exact winner is a little bit tough. However, Our experts have done their best research to cover up everything and let you decide which vacuum would be the best suitable for you as per your needs.

Shark Navigator Swivel Pro

When it comes to having new ideas on the table, no one can match the effectiveness and uniqueness of the shark. This model is also called “lift away” because you could literally lift it up from the floor base very easily.

By doing so, you could always use this vacuum as the canister vacuum cleaner so you can clean other areas like stairs and upholstery. This flexibility permits you to use it inside your car without facing any difficulties.

This is one of the best versions of Shark navigator. Top of that, It’s a limited budget choice for those who want a powerful suction at a lower price.

1. Let’s Take a Glance at the Spec and Features First!

Dimension 15 x 11.4 x 45.5 in
Product weight 5 lbs
Dust Capacity 2 dry quarts
LED Lights No
Cord Cord length 25 ft.
Wattage 1200
Amps 10
Color Lavender
Other Technologies & Features HEPA Filtration, Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, Swivel Steering

Using this vacuum cleaner, you could catch all the dust and also pet here from the hard to reach places very easily. The NV358 model is versatile, which could be used everywhere– be it hard floor or carpet.

You’ll not need more than a pass to clean one place. Shark Navigator stays truthful to its name “Pro” because it’s so effective that you’ll feel a professional with these kinds of vacuum cleaners.

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2. Let’s Look at The Dimension and Design!

Shark Navigator Swivel Pro NV358 is one of the best-reviewed vacuums in the current market nowadays. This beast weighs only 12.5 pounds. So it’s much lightweight to take it anywhere you desire yet also powerful.

Shark Navigator Swivel Pro

Shark has integrated so many functionalities in this model, which you could call the “jack of all trades” in the mastery of cleaning. The most incredible thing about the patterns and designs of this vacuum cleaner is the “Lift-away” function. Its canister is also detachable and weighing very light.

So you could easily pick it up and then clean upholstery or stairs much quickly. The lift-away function is much helpful to reach the hard places of your house. Since it’s portable, you could quickly detach it when it is necessary and attach the canister back again when the task is done.

Another most important thing about its patterns is maneuverability. Getting past any barrier has never been easy without The Shark Navigator Swivel Pro. Besides that, Its swivel steering provides you excellent control. So, when you’re cleaning, you could easily steer around any barrier – LIKE A PRO!!!

3. Now, What About the Performance?

In terms of cleaning effectiveness, very few models could do what Shark Navigator Swivel Pro provides. This model works really incredibly on both carpet and bare floor. The NV358 model includes a 1200 watt motor with it.

Since the vacuum cleaner is lightweight by itself, this robust motor also provides powerful and much efficient suction ability to it. The different and unique attachments also increase the effectiveness of Shark pro model, as well as it provides smoothness in cleaning.

Let’s go into the details about the bare floor cleaning operation. The Shark Navigator Swivel Pro uses a brush roll shut-off system, which is efficient on any type of hard to the soft floor. When you’re cleaning the hard floor, you could turn off the motorized brush on yourself own-self.

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Shark Navigator Swivel Pro

By using it in this way, your bare floor keeps being safe from all the possible scratches that might happen by a brush. You could easily take up huge debris like shards or Cheetos using this method. You’re probably wondering, “what about the carpet, hah? Does it work well on the carpet too?”

Well, just bear with us. Shark Navigator Swivel Pro does it’s task incredibly on the thick pile carpet! This vacuum has deeper cleaning abilities. That means it does a nice job of picking up dust lurking deep inside your precious carpet.

You must probably note that you’ll need more than just 1 pass to completely clean any deep pile carpets. However, this vacuum could clean most dirt from the surface with just only one second.

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4. Now, You’ll Be Blown!

Now we’re going to inform you what we have found after doing so many tests on this vacuum’s suction power.

It will probably blow your mind after knowing this! SharkNinja has added a suction release feature with this model, yes! This incredible feature is the best required among the homemakers.

Just because it will let you authorize how much suction power is required. There is a key on the vacuum cleaner’s fine handle.

You could set the suction power with just one little effortless push. It is much more convenient than you’ll not even have to move a bit to exchange suction power while switching from one place to another.

This function is actually incredible for high-pile carpets and area rugs because it’s much easier to pull or push using this function.

5. HEPA Filtration

When you read the word “HEPA” in any vacuum, just let yourself know that this vacuum cleaner is going to give the best filtration system. It is worth every cost! HEPA’s full form is high-efficiency particulate air.

HEPA Filtration

This kind of filter keeps the air breathable and pure. This filter, mixed with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, could capture almost 99.99% of the dirt and allergen of the house. It only means only one thing! No more dirt in the air when cleaning the house.

Your family will stay safe from all the harmful dust particles. This filter is really a lifesaver for those people who are having a dust allergy. If you ain’t surprised yet, let me inform you that this filter is also washable. So you could save big bucks with this vacuum. Just wonderful!

6. Additional Attachments and Accessories to Make It Easier for You!

Whenever it comes to the cleaning, people usually wanna know about the vacuum cleaner’s accessories. Luckily, this cool model includes the best extra tools attachments to make your cleaning experience excellent.

Although it doesn’t come with a pet-power brush, However it does include other types of accessories such as two types of crevice tools – 24-inch and 5-inch, respectively, and also a brush tool.

7. Now Let’s Talk About the Bagless Dustbin

Doesn’t this make you smile wide when you discover that you will not have to bear the pain of purchasing new bags for the trash bin? Yes, Shark Navigator Swivel Pro lets you have that kind of pleasure.

The trash bin is medium-sized. The trash bin is much easier to empty, and the complete seal technology along with it makes it just grateful. Anyone with allergy problems could also use this vacuum without worrying about the dirt leaking into the air.

We’ve discussed at length regarding the Shark Navigator Swivel Pro NV358. Now it’s the right time to learn every aspect of the Shark Navigator Swivel Plus NV46.

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Shark Navigator Swivel Plus Upright Vacuum (NV46)

Shark Navigator Swivel Plus Upright Vacuum

The Shark Navigator Swivel Plus Upright Vacuum NV46 is the most budget-friendly and cheap one out of all the Shark vacuum cleaners. This vacuum includes all the basic functionalities of a high-end vacuum cleaner.

Furthermore, it’s long-lasting. So anyone who is in love with this beasty Swivel model. This vacuum comes in a dashing blue color and also weighs approximately 20 pounds.

This vacuum will actually meet all your basic requirements– HEPA filtration, swivel steering, and brush roll shutoff. So this robust, powerful, and lightweight the compact vacuum cleaner is adored by all the users.

1. Specifications

Filter Type HEPA Filter
Dimension 5 x 13 x 12.5 inches
Item weight 8 pounds
On-board extension wand included
Bin Capacity 9 dry quarts
Swivel steering yes
Warranty 5-year limited warranty

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2. Design

The great thing about Shark Navigator Swivel Plus NV46 is – without any doubt – the swivel function. As we have said earlier, this vacuum cleaner is very lightweight and compact.

The swivel steering, mixed with the lightweight function, gives this model an extra advantage over any other vacuum cleaners. Besides that, It’s an upright vacuum cleaner, which means it’s portable yet powerful. That’s why; you could easily maneuver it according to your requirements.

3. Performs Amazingly!


Shark Navigator Swivel Plus NV46 stands out as one of the best efficient upright vacuum cleaners in the current market. Be it carpeted or bare floor, this vacuum cleaner will work just fine anywhere you want it to do the cleaning.

The astonishing swivel steering function permits you to avoid any obstacle when you are cleaning the house. Like many other upright models, this vacuum cleaner never loses its integrity about the suction technology.

So it doesn’t matter what kind of floor you wanna clean; you could rest knowing that the vacuum cleaner’s suction power won’t be compromised. This vacuum cleaner has a wide cleaning path, which measures 9.25 inches wide. So you’re gonna have to work a little to clean your entire house.

All you will have are a few passes. Shark navigator swivel plus got the power of 1200 wattage and got a brush roll shutoff system, which will help you in tremendous ways. Swivel Plus includes a deluxe motorized brush roll. That means you could turn it off/on with a single effortless push.

That way, you could save valuable electricity bills and also get the ideal performance. This spectacular upright vacuum cleaner comes with a much longer cleaning reach wand.

Its usefulness and performance can’t be described in just one word because It is very convenient and provides you flexibility beyond your thinking. You could do all kinds of cleaning using one of these, without any interference.

This particular model – just like the one previously described– uses unique sets of tools. These tools are very efficient for getting the most out of your vacuum cleaner.

The upholstery tool, dusting brush, and crevice tool – they all could be used with Shark Navigator Swivel Plus for all types of floors. Are you an owner of cats/dogs? Don’t worry at all, because you could easily remove pet hair using the upholstery tool.

4. Large Dust Capacity, Bagless Design!

You heard this, right! Shark Navigator Swivel Pro includes a high-capacity extra-large trash bin. Like other upright vacuum cleaners, its dirt cup also has a bagless function. So if you live in a huge house that requires rigorous cleaning, then this vacuum may just be perfect for you.

The dirt cup has a capacity of 1.9 dry quarts or 5 pounds. And since it is bagless, it’s also easy to empty it. There are release latches on the side of the dirt cup handle. By pulling it to the upper side, you could get the dirt cup off the vacuum body much easily.

Just you have to press the release latch on the bottom side of the dirt cup while holding it over your trash bin.

Very simple, right? You won’t even have to worry about having your hands dirty for once. On top of that, It also removes the burden of purchasing and replacing bags for your vacuum.

5. Let’s Talk About the Filtration System

Yes! Just like the previous “Pro” one, Swivel Plus comes with the HEPA filtration system. Now we do not have to explain again how important HEPA is for those people with different kinds of allergies.

Not only does it save your health, but it also keeps your environment clean. This vacuum cleaner got two foam filters, and absolutely yes, these filters are washable! So no worries about purchasing filters for your own vacuum cleaner now and then.

The best thing regarding this filter is that you could wash it only once a year, and then you’re good to go again. You just have to rinse the filter with water, very simple. However, let it dry entirely before installing it into the vacuum cleaner again.

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6. Last but Not the Least – The Accessories

The ideal thing about Shark Swivel Plus is that it gives you all the general attachments and tools for ensuring extraordinary performance. This vacuum cleaner comes with one Onboard extension hose and wand, one Dusting brush, one 5.5″ crevice tool, and one wide pet upholstery tool.

Now, these unique tools could be used to perform all kinds of tasks, making this vacuum cleaner much more versatile than ever before. The hose is about ten feet long. The fascinating part is that it’s onboard, meaning it’s always handy when you have to attach it.

This extra-long wand is ultra beneficial for below and above-floor cleaning. The crevice tool is also the most common type of attachment that comes with every vacuum cleaner. It’s used for reaching the hard spots like corners, under a refrigerator, or between cushions.

Attaching this tool with your vacuum cleaner provides you with added advantages and also keeps your home cleaner than ever.

The one which comes with Swivel Plus is 5.5” in diameter so that it’s easier to reach any hard spots. Since this vacuum cleaner is specially designed to work on any type of floor, a dusting brush is included with it.

This brush could be very helpful for exquisite cleaning jobs. The most incredible tool Shark Navigator Swivel Plus gives is the pet upholstery tool. This accessory is wide and could be used for versatile cleaning.

It’s widely considered as the bestie for pet owners. Cleaning up pet-hair is a tough task – especially if you have a carpeted floor. The hair gets stuck anywhere, and it’s not an easy task to remove from it. But using this upholstery tool in your vacuum cleaner would work like magic.

Head to Head Comparison

It is much tough to completely say which one could be the best vacuum cleaner when both of these models (Shark Navigator Swivel Plus and Pro) got incredible functionalities and perform so well.

Head to Head Comparison

But then again, different strokes for different folks, ain’t it right? Here, we’ll try to provide you some insight into the comparison of these two models (NV46 and NV358). First, let’s compare these two vacuum cleaners on the basis of specifications and number of functionalities.

As you could see, both the cleaners got almost the same functionalities. They both are effective, efficient, and both could be used on different types of floors.

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1. The Best Thing About Shark Navigator Swivel Pro Is Its Flexible Design!

Swivel Pro got numerous positive things for its flexibility and also improved design. This vacuum is ultra-lightweight and compact. The “lift-away” function will let you lift up the canister of the vacuum cleaner and use it to clean upper floor areas.

The robust, powerful suction ability couples with the brush roll shutoff system and makes it a really dashing vacuum cleaner for homeowners with pets. Then there is a filtration system. Its filter provides complete seal technology, and it’s one and only HEPA!

It works as an ultimate lifesaver for health-conscious people. This vacuum cleaner got so many amazing functionalities and advantages that it’s much tougher to select what makes it a better one.

2. But Shark Navigator Swivel Plus Has the Best Durability

Shark Navigator Swivel Plus might lack one or two things, but we could assure you that it is durable enough. They offer a five years warranty for this swivel plus, which is incredible!

Aside from that, Swivel Plus got an extra-large trash bin, which works as an important part for some people. Anyone with huge houses has a vacuum cleaner, which has a huge trash bin capacity.

Otherwise, you will often have to empty the dirt cup while you are doing your cleaning job, which is obviously annoying. Shark Navigator Swivel Pro frees you from the burden.

Lastly, it’s cheaper! Many people purchase this model because, with this model, you could get all the general functions at a low price. It’s a major concern for many peeps because not everyone wanna spend big bucks on cleaning equipment.

3. What Does Shark Navigator Swivel Pro Lack?

Medium-sized dirt cups are the main concern for this vacuum. This vacuum cleaner is extra lightweight and compact due to this factor. If you’ve many places to cover, you might have to clean the trash bin in the middle of the process of cleaning your home. This vacuum is ideal for a medium-sized home.

Another thing to note down is that it doesn’t have any kind of LED Headlights. So because of that, darker places such as under the furniture areas cannot be cleaned that efficiently. Cost is also a concern here.

Most of This upright vacuum cleaner comes with so many top-notch functions. In this sense, the cost seems to be reasonable. However, it’s more expensive than its brother models.

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4. What Does Shark Navigator Swivel Plus Lack?

This vacuum cleaner is a little bit heavy, weighing 20 pounds. The extra-large trash bin is the main point behind that. As a result, Swivel Plus doesn’t have the “lift-away” function like the “pro” model does.

You shouldn’t worry at all about that, since it is coming with a long extension wand, which compensates for its heavy pattern. The extension wand is ten feet long and could be used to clean the floor upper side. But it would not be so bad when it was a little lighter, ain’t it right?

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5. People Who Will Get the Best Out of Shark Navigator Swivel Pro?

If you live in a huge or medium-sized apartment with one or more bedrooms, then Shark Navigator Swivel Pro is the best suitable choice for you. It has a medium-sized dirt cup, so you could not store a huge amount of dirt for long.

This fine model works best in the transition from carpet to the bare floor. So if you have a hardwood floor in one room and also carpet in another, you could still use this vacuum to clean your very own apartment.

If your home has stairs, then this cleaner will also be ideal for you. It does come with a tool that removes pet hair from stairs and upholstery. Mainly, this lift-away model was firstly introduced for homes with stairs. Only this one thing creates this model more effective than other upright vacuums.

6. People Who Will Get the Best out of Shark Navigator Swivel Plus?

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly choice, then Shark Navigator Swivel Plus is the correct option for you. This eye-catching vacuum cleaner comes at a low price with great functionalities.

It has marvelous maneuverability so you could clean your home very smoothly. Also, if you are living in a huge house, buying this vacuum cleaner will be the wisest decision.

You could store a tremendous amount of dust and dirt in this vacuum cleaner thanks to its extra-large bagless dirt cup. So you could be done with all the kinds of your cleaning with only one round.

This vacuum cleaner might look ordinary, but it is combined with additional extraordinary tools, this model works as one of the best versatile vacuum cleaners in the current market.

Final Verdict


We could say a lot more about these blockbuster 2 vacuum cleaners as both of them are pretty impressive. But the final decision always comes down to you. So select wisely. But before finishing this, we have to say that we’re quite mesmerized by the Swivel Pro model’s features and design.

It has all the latest advanced technologies, and also the “lift-away” function is a blessing for any upright vacuum cleaner. If cash is not a big factor to you, then you must probably go for the Shark Navigator Upright Swivel Pro Vacuum cleaner.

Having a house appliance with the latest advanced technologies would make you feel good about yourself and also it will provide you little chance to regret though. Also, Swivel Pro stays much truthful to its rates.

You’re getting a versatile model with a lot of cool functions at a reasonable cost. Also, it comes with a great warranty deal as well, so we could assure you that purchasing this vacuum cleaner would be a form of awesome investment for you.

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