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Has your vacuum clear broken down recently? That means you need a new one, but you cannot decide about the brand that you should pick. There are indeed a lot of choices available in the market, and choosing one from the lot is a challenging task.

To help you pick the best from all the available vacuum cleaners from the market, we have brought to you that one cleaner that tops the list – the Shark LA502 Rotator Vacuum that comes with Self-Cleaning Brushroll Powerful Pet Hair Pickup.

Over the years, Shark has brought up new vacuum cleaner models now and then. For a customer, it is tough to pick one and discard the rest – yes, all of them are unique and functional in their ways. With Shark vacuum cleaners, you will get precisely what you are looking for.

Worry not. We have done all the work for you. In this blog, we have covered a detailed review of this Shark LA502 vacuum cleaner, its features, advantages, and disadvantages of using the product, clean, and some frequently asked questions. So let’s dive into each of the sections individually.]

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Shark LA502

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A Quick Overview of Shark LA502 Rotator

The Shark LA502 Rotator Upright Vacuum, is the latest model of Shark. It’s among the best products that Shark has ever produced in the last 20 years. This is a lightweight, high-performance, portable vacuum cleaner that neither loses suction nor gets clogged.

In addition, the machine is not accommodated with any backpack. Hence, you don’t have to think of carrying it throughout the cleaning process.

Designed for cleaning various types of dirt, debris, and pet hair, it is suitable for homes of all sizes. Besides being portable, this Shark LA502 vacuum cleaner is a corded and upright model easy to handle and maintain.

Often, when we comb our hair, the floor or the room’s surface tends to get filled with hair that fall off your head into the ground. A disintegration of all these hairs can be disturbing if not cleared every day.

Similarly, if you have a pet at home, especially a dog, its hairs are supposed to get shed on the floor, which needs cleaning. In such situations, your one and only savior can be the Shark LA502 Rotator Upright Vacuum.

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What Else Is There That’s Appreciable?

This handheld vacuum cleaner is suitable for bare-floor cleaning that can clear debris from both low and high-pile carpets.

The vacuum cleaner is configurable to suit different cleaning requirements as it has two additional suction levels, a wide range of functional tools and equipment, and two-floor settings.

Further, this Shark LA502 vacuum cleaner has the power to clean even a coarse surface. However, the cleaning settings depend on the type of surface that is to be cleaned. Since the vacuum cleaner is easy to maintain, you don’t have to plan to buy an alternative to this very soon.

In short, it lasts long and does not incur too much recurring cost. However, this cost depends mainly on how long you can clean its components according to the recommendations of the manufacturer. Amidst so many positives, the one downside of this Shark vacuum cleaner is its weight.

It’s slightly heavier than the other vacuum cleaners. In addition, it has a short vacuum hose which makes cleaning furniture tops and higher areas a bit difficult. As a result, the cleaning work in hard-to-areas becomes more challenging, especially in the semi-handheld lift-away mode.

Shark LA502

Specifications of Shark LA502 Rotator

The Specs

The detailed specifications of the Shark LA502 are given below:

  • Product dimension: 10 x 12 x 46.5 inches
  • Product weight: 12.3 pounds
  • Item model number: LA502 (Shark NV752 other well-konow vacuum)
  • Specifically used for: hard floor, carpet, and dual-action
  • Form factor: upright
  • Manufacturer: Shark Ninja
  • Special feature: lightweight and HEPA  
  • Surface recommendation: carpet, hard floor
  • Included accessories: crevice tool, pet-multi tool, self-cleaning pet power brush

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Features of Shark LA502 Rotator Upright Vacuum

The Shark LA502 Rotator Lift-Away model boasts of possessing various features along with several cleaning technologies that enhance and simplify the process of cleaning.

Let us look at each one of them in details.

1. Duo-Clean Power-Fins

In the primary cleaner head of this Shark LA502 vacuum cleaner, there are a pair of unique brushrolls. When the device is switched on, these brushrolls work together to clean the area efficiently.

The soft brushroll picks up dust, dirt, cat litter, crumbs, and other debris from the bare floor and carpeted and rugged areas.

On the other hand, the second brushroll is based on the Power-Fins technology that assures consistent contact with the floor while carrying out the cleaning process. This Power-Fins technology works in its best irrespective of the type of floor it is cleaning.

Besides the Power-Fin technology, this Shark LA502 vacuum cleaner features a self-cleaning brushroll which prevents the collected hair from getting wrapped. In addition, powerful LED headlights are attached to the main cleaner head.

This helps the cleaner to spot the dirt quickly and clean them thoroughly. So, even if you are cleaning a dimly lit area, you can easily switch on these headlights, find out the affected surface areas, and clean properly.

More benefits of Duo-Clean Power-Fins

Shark LA502-

To quickly clean a large area, the manufacturers of SharkNinja have made the cleaning width of the product 9.5 inches. This width and the swivel neck of the vacuum cleaner allow the user to cover up, cleaning a large portion at ease.

Also, a light in the main cleaner head allows users to spot any problems in the cleaner. This way, the condition of the cleaner head can also be checked.

The Shark LA502 vacuum cleaner runs on 910 watts. It is featured with a 25 feet power cord which makes moving the device freely.

However, the product does not feature any automatic power cord rewind system. Instead, attaching the cord to the vacuum cleaner’s body is wound around the cord wrap hooks.

Further, the Shark LA502 vacuum cleaner comes with an automatic thermal switch to prevent damage to the main suction motor. The function of this automatic thermal switch is to turn off the engine in case the internal temperature starts rising.

Some of you may feel that the 25 ft. length of the power cord is not enough to allow the vacuum cleaner to be carried to far off places even when the device is plugged in. However, there is nothing to worry about the length of the power cord as the vacuum cleaner has a 6-ft.

long cleaning hose that is flexible enough to be managed efficiently. Therefore, in combination with the cleaning hose, the power cord makes the cleaning wand so long that it can be extended and used in hard-to-reach areas. You can also look towards Shark DLX- NV71 features.

2. Lift-away

In the Shark LA502 Rotator vacuum cleaner, there is a detachable cleaning pod that the user can disconnect from the main cleaner head. Hence, the combination of the lift-away feature and the cleaning wand and hose allows the user to clean those places that are difficult to reach.

So, for traditional upright vacuums and cleaning elevated surfaces, this Shark LA502 is a perfect product.

3. Anti-allergen complete seal technology

When using a vacuum cleaner, users often tend to worry about whether the vacuum air is released back or not. With the Shark LA502 Upright Vacuum, you don’t have to worry as the vacuumed air gets released from the device only after it has been filtered thoroughly.

The air filtration system of this Shark LA502 vacuum cleaner is based on the mechanism of two filters – the felt and foam air pre-filters and the HEPA air exhaust filter.

As the manufacturers claim, the Shark LA502 Rotator vacuum cleaner has the power to capture 99.9% of dirt, measuring to 0.3 microns or even larger particles. This enhances not only the thorough cleaning process but also the air quality.

The felt and foam filters must be cleaned using plain water at least once a month for maintenance. However, this depends entirely on how it is used and the frequency at which the vacuum cleaner is used every month. Also, do not forget to wash the HEPA air filters once a year.

Once the air filters have been washed, allow them to dry completely. Reassemble them back only after the filters have become completely dry.

Wet filters or the presence of no filter in the operating unit means the unit will be destroyed soon, which could have run for a warranty period of five years.

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Word of caution


  • Before using the Shark LA502, make sure to read the user manual of the product thoroughly. Also, read the maintenance procedures to not go wrong in maintaining the device and damage it.
  • When using the dirt cup, make sure you do not cross the limit of vacuumed dirt. Generally, the product allows a dirt capacity of 0.89 quarts to be accommodated in the dirt cup.
  • Both the brushrolls spin on bare and coarse surfaces. However, the brushroll functions are not engaged when the unit is in the upright position. Therefore, to engage the brushrolls for spinning, the user has to tilt the entire unit a bit backward.  

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Summary of the features

  • A corded vacuum cleaner that runs on electric
  • Dual cleaning system with the powerful suction ability
  • A sealed HEPA filter system
  • Lift-away facility
  • Power-Fins feature ensures deep cleaning
  • Different setting options for different floor types
  • Self-cleaning brushrolls
  • Presence of LED headlight on the main cleaner head
  • Anti-allergen facility
The Pros
  • Cleans most pet and human hair
  • Low recurring costs
  • Energy-saving vacuum cleaner
  • Possesses an allergen-trapping HEPA filter
The Cons
  • Cannot store all accessories
  • Canister lid pops up with a gentle nudge when the device is used in the lift-away mode
  • Heavy to carry
  • Short vacuum hose

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the accessories included in the Shark LA502 vacuum cleaner?

The Shark LA502 comes with the following accessories in its package bag: Crevice tool Pet multi-tool Self-cleaning pet power brush User manual

Can the Shark LA502 vacuum cleaner clean hard-to-reach areas?

Yes, the Shark LA502 Rotator vacuum cleaner is capable of cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Due to an LED headlight in the main cleaner head. Also, the vacuum cleaner has different options for different types of surface cleaning.

Is the Shark LA502 a corded vacuum cleaner?

Yes, it’s a corded vacuum cleaner whose cord has a length of 25 feet. For some extra length, the product has a cleaning hose, which makes the cord appear longer when attached to the cord.

Can the Shark LA502 vacuum cleaner pick both human and animal hair?

Yes, it can pick up both animal and human hair efficiently. However, while picking up hair, the vacuum cleaner does not promote hair wraps.

Is the Shark LA502 vacuum cleaner portable?

Yes, it can be taken from one place to another with a detachable pod.

The Verdict


So, if you have plans to clean both plain and elevated surface areas that are smooth and rough, invest in the Shark LA502 Rotator Lift-Away vacuum cleaner.

It is worth every penny.  It does exactly for what you buy it, and actually in a better way than expected. That’s the reason it wins our recommendation.

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