Worx Portable Vacuum Review 2022: Is It Worth Buying or Not?

You are currently viewing Worx Portable Vacuum Review 2022: Is It Worth Buying or Not?

This Worx 20V Vacuum Cleaner is part of the 20V Power Share collection by Worx, in which several of the products utilize the same battery.

It was developed to be lightweight for easy and portable cleaning. There is built-in storage for accessory items and simple control options for operation, with a one-touch dust container button that helps keep hands clean and empty. 

The vacuum comes with a recommended voltage of 20V as well as the debris container is 6 ounces. The battery included is 2.0Ah and can run for about 20 minutes at low speed or 10 minutes at high speed.

The battery will take about 1 hour to fully charge, while the unit weighs around 4 pounds. In the box that comes together with the vacuum is the charger for batteries, the battery, crevice tool brush accessory, and the vacuum adapter.

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Overview of Worx Portable Vacuum


Enter Worx, the manufacturer of all kinds of cordless devices. They recently launched Worx WX030L, which is the Worx WX030L 20V vacuum. Like all other things, it belongs to its Power Share family, where multiple machines can be shared by one battery. 

They provide 20V, 40V, and 56V types of tools based on your power requirements. Let’s check if this vacuum is a sucker (in an appropriate way for vacuums) or does it suck (in an unintentional way). Perhaps we should get a Thesaurus…

What Exactly Is It?

This WX030L is a portable 20V cordless vacuum that comes with attachments. It is powered by one of Worx 20V batteries and can use its battery in conjunction with the other Worx 20V PowerShare tools.

What’s Inside the Box?

  • Brush accessory
  • 20V Power Share 2.0 Ah Battery (WA3525)
  • 20V Power Share and 18V MaxLithium Batteries 60 minutes Fast Charger (WA3881)
  • Extension tool for crevices that can be extended
  • The vacuum, as shown above, comes with a hose and storage for tools on board.
  • Vacuum instruction booklet
  • Instructions for charging batteries (not depicted)
  • 32mm/35mm vacuum tool adapter
  • 3-year warranty booklet (not depicted)
  • Card for warranty registration (not depicted)

Specifications for Hardware



  • The weight is 48oz with a battery
  • Vacuum speeds: two – high/low
  • Hose length at the end of 48 inches.
  • Dimensions 6” x 7.5″ x 9.25 inches (l, w, and H)
  • Filters Types: Style Net (1) as well as HEPA (1)
  • Estimated runtime based on battery included high >=10 minutes. high >=10 minutes
  • Debris container: 6 oz

Charger for batteries

  • Weight: 15 oz
  • Output: 20V, 2A
  • Input: 120V-60Hz
  • Time to charge: 60 minutes (for the battery included in the 2Ah)
  • Dimensions 6.25″ x 3.5” x 3″ (l x W x H)
  • The power cord is 6 feet.


  • Weight: 13 oz
  • Cell type: Lithium-ion
  • Dimensions 4.8 inches x 3.4 inches x 1.6 inches (l x W x H)

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Design and Features of Worx Portable Vacuum

The vacuum is quite compact and weighs around five pounds, including the battery; it is extremely portable.

1. Setup


It’s easy to set up.

  1. Place the battery in the vacuum.
  2. Connect the charger to charge the battery.
  3. Clean up your space

2. What Did It Take Up?

Lots of dirt! This is where our first complaint came up. Making the filter assemble was simple. If you examine the assembly of the filter, it is clear how packed it is. It took a lot of pushing and wriggling to separate the filter assembly so that we could wash it. We succeeded and swept off some dirt and grime from its HEPA filter.

We cleaned the two filters and allowed them to dry before using them again. This led us to our next issue. There is no way to empty the bin and filters without getting dirty. Hands were covered with dust after pounding away one of the filters.

However, the vacuum cleaned up was quite impressive, and the battery time was excellent.

3. Performance


Cleaning is something we do not love to do. When we say “put off,” we refer to that we do not. One of the main victims of our omissions is our large SUV. A few days ago (read: months), we had some folks in the back seat with a bunch of dirt/straw/sand/whatever on their shoes.

This was a wonderful accent to the carpeting that was dark. It was a great test for the powerful mini Worx vacuum.

We walked to the garage with an energized battery thinking we would have to go through a few charging cycles to complete the procedure. Wrong!

We began on the front, and then at a slow speed, we used the brush. Hence, we were amazed to see the mess disappear from the hose. We scrubbed the floor mat and then under and on the other side. So far, so good.


We changed seats to the back in the area of the disaster. Like in front, everything was taken up with no effort, all while at a low speed. We made both front floor mats. So, we Also did as well under the floor mats and in the middle third row as there was a fold in the middle of the row.

We then moved to the back to clean the area of cargo. We increased the speed of the vacuum to high speed because the texture of the seatbacks worked better at securing debris. Hence, we vacuumed all of the floor (made from the rear of the third-row seats folded) and were able to get plenty of power. We were cleaning for around 15 minutes, most of the time on low and a few minutes on high. Their claim of 10 to 20 minutes of runtime is completely plausible.

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4. Design


The vacuum is very solid. It’s almost as if you can throw it at the wall, and the wall would emerge as the loser. We would not recommend this, but it’s the most accurate way to describe the sensation in your hand.

The top of the handle is integrated. This handle houses the hose attached. The wand’s curvature tucks into the opposite end of the vacuum. The power button can be found located on the handle and controls the power off/low/high cycle.

From the upper part of the cabinet, you can see the hose attached to the handle and an onboard storage compartment for the crevice accessory for the tool (left) and the brush accessory (right). The button between the two compartments of storage is the release of the debris container. You can open the container that weighs six ounces in the vacuum by pressing that button.

The filters are in the container for debris.

By twisting the assembly of the filter to its left, it lets it release it and exposes the outports of the vacuum.

The filter assembly can be removed as a whole unit.

The outer shell is rotated to release the filtering screen by removing the inside HEPA filter.

Both filters are cleanable by using clean water. The HEPA filter needs to be replaced if it has become unaffordable to be effectively cleaned.

After placing the filters back into place and closing the container, the lid prepares the vacuum to be used for the next cleaning venture.

5. You Also Get:


There are good rubber feet on all four corners to keep the vacuum when placed on smooth surfaces. In the image above, you will also observe the suction side of the hose in its storage position.

The hose is quite long when it is stored. When you pull the hose away, two events take place. First, the hose expands.

The second pipe is released at the end of the wand. If extended fully, you’ll have approximately a length of four feet. It’s quite impressive for a device.

Another great feature is the storage on board. This means that the brush and crevice tools are always on hand. The crevice tool also offers a bonus. It’s extendable to get into very small places.

If you own a few favorite vacuum tools from an earlier machine, Worx thoughtfully includes a 32mm to 35mm adapter, so you can use them on this model. We would prefer to store it on the unit since we are likely to be able to replace it.

Worx has done an excellent job packing lots of features into a compact package. It’s all great, but when it doesn’t work and then, it does not suck. (See the above mention of needing a thesaurus)

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What We Love About Worx Portable Vacuum?


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Fantastic battery life
  • All tools and equipment are kept onboard.
  • Good hose length
  • Super suction

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What Would We Change?

  • A more efficient filter that won’t cause clogging as easily.
  • A more efficient filter design ensures that you don’t have to clean the filter.
  • We would like to see if the adapter 32/35 could also be used to store data onboard.

Final Thoughts


This small vacuum is an excellent product to keep in your bag. It is much more efficient than other portable vacuums we have used, and even though the battery’s lifespan isn’t the best, it’s powerful enough to complete smaller tasks.

We are amazed that the battery can be swapped to other Worx products and has an in-built battery charger. In terms of cost, this vacuum is priced a bit higher than other battery-powered portable vacuums, but its style and simple operation make it well worth the cost.

The little vacuum will not be sucking, as it can suck. The tiny thing Worx is working on. This is becoming difficult. Let’s see:

Does it vacuum well? Yes, it does.

Are they easily transportable? Yes, it is.

Does the battery last for long enough to get the task completed? Sure!

Do your hands get dirty when cleaning out the filters after vacuuming? Yes, it happens.

Do we intend to continue using it, and would we recommend it? Yes

The Worx WX030L is a versatile, portable, and cordless vacuum with useful devices that will always be ready. It’s a wonderful package that should be considered for your workshop, garage, camper, or wherever the need for a bit of cordless vacuuming is required.

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