Why You Should Get a Robot Vacuum?

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Robot vacuum are self-contained robots that sweep floors with rotating brushes and smart programming. Most of them aren’t very powerful.

However, upgraded models can bypass walls, work around corners or integrate additional cleaning options like ultraviolet sterilization.

Based on market analysis firm Future Market Insights, the robotic vacuum market was worth close to $1.5 billion in 2016 compared to $1.3 billion in 2015.

The increase in vacuums is a result of growing urbanization, which means that people have less time to complete household chores due to their busy lives.

What are the advantages of having a robot vacuum? And why should you consider purchasing one? Here are some reasons.

The Reasons to Get an Automatic Vacuum

1. Affordable

ROOMBA 650 2

Robot vacuum cleaners are surprisingly inexpensive because it’s a highly new device. As low as $500, you’ll buy a fully functioning vacuum to help you tackle your cleaning requirements. Naturally, the cost will be higher once you purchase the top models.

2. Convenient

The robot vacuums are also equipped with a simple and easy installation. After you have purchased the only thing needed is to turn it on and let it perform its work.

The ease of use is something you’ll cherish. While you’re busy performing other urgent duties, your vacuum cleaner will go through your hallways, rooms, etc., taking care of every corner and crevice.

3. There Is No Need to Worry About Charging

Yes, they return to docking stations for recharge after every cleaning cycle. If their docking station is connected and charged, you don’t have to worry about low battery levels. Some models will finish cleaning and return to the dock if they find a low battery.

4. Quick and Compact

The compact and lightweight shape of the cleaner enables it to move swiftly and efficiently. In addition, it will be able to access areas that your heavy manual vacuum could not. Many places you could not help but leave behind can be removed in only a few minutes!

5. Cleaning Can Be Booked

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With its advanced programming system, you can create a schedule for this robot vacuum. It’s just a matter of programming the days and hours that you would like to have it run, and you’re done! If you set the vacuum to clean your home three or four days per week when you’re off work, you’ll never be faced with a dirty floor in your Home again!

6. They’re Flexible in the Kinds of Surfaces They Can Clean

You’re constantly altering the settings of your regular vacuum when you go from room to room, coming across carpets with low piles, hard floors, carpets, and thicker carpets?

Robotic vacuums are built to manage this quickly with sensors that detect any changes in the floor surface. They can be let roam around your house and handle the surface changes effortlessly.

7. Sets Limits

If you’re concerned about your robotic vacuum falling down the staircase or getting into the fragile vase for the floor, you could inform them that these spaces aren’t allowed. You can do this by setting an imaginary wall in the program function. This acts as a barrier that your device is not able to traverse.

Tips: To let your robot vacuum do the best job possible, you should take a few minutes to prepare and clean up. It should be at liberty to perform its task, which means removing things on the floor, like toys and other obstacles that may get in the way. It will always be a cleaner home as a result.

8. You Can Reach the Spooky Spots With a Few Tricks

If you’re accustomed to using the massive and bulky traditional vacuum, then you’re aware of the frustration caused by its inflexibility. Conventional vacuums are restricted to specific areas solely because of their dimensions and shapes.

For instance, if you raise your furniture every cleaning, your current vacuum won’t do well under your sofa or lazy-boy. But, the iRobot automated vacuum cleaner, its small size, allows it to easily access those narrow and congested areas.

9. Cleaning Targeted

Roomba 675 1

If you spill something on your floor or cause a mess, the robot vacuum features the “spot cleansing” feature that concentrates on the exact area required to be cleaned and then focuses its efforts on its repair. Instead of sweeping your Home, it’ll assign its tasks to the area.

10. Built-in Sensors Detect Dirt for Spot Cleaning

Robotic vacuums come with sensors that will determine which areas of your Home require additional attention and take extra trips over the space. The areas that see the most traffic, like hallways and entryways, mudrooms, and playrooms, will receive the attention required to maintain their cleanliness.

11. There Is No Manual Cleaning

You will not only spend less time pushing your regular floor vacuum around, but you won’t have to think about the stress of vacuuming.

You’ll be able to perform your regular everyday activities while your robotic assistance will take care of the vacuuming, making the floors and surfaces tidier than ever.

It will be impossible to find enough time for dust and dirt to accumulate, and you’ll never have to worry about how your floors appear to guests who come in unexpectedly.

12. They’re Perfect for Small Spaces

Even with the top of standard vacuums, getting under beds, around corners, in odd places, and even under the edges of cabinets is difficult. Robotic vacuums can go all the way towards the wall, slide under furniture in search of dust bunnies, and never have a single complaint.

13. Doubles in a Mop

Of course, this depends on the kind of vacuum robot you select. However, some models can serve as robot mops. These fantastic machines can complete the task.

14. Efficient With Space

In contrast to the bulky and large conventional vacuum, the iRobot vacuum’s small-scale design makes it easy to store away when not in use. It doesn’t require emptying your closet or reorganizing your basement to make room for it.

A small space in the kitchen corner or a small expanse of space on the other opposite side of the living space is enough to use your iRobot vacuum.

15. Perfect for People With Disabilities

In case you’ve got a relative that is a paraplegic sickly or is disabled in any way, this gift will make their lives one step more comfortable. Its wireless and portable operation capabilities make it an independent assistant for all your cleaning requirements.

16. Effective and Efficient

This iRobot automated vacuum was designed to give you a superior cleaning experience every time. On top of that, it can remember the layout of your house, making cleaning more efficient.

It can also empty itself and return to its spot to recharge. Some specific models can shift to different flooring surfaces, for instance, tile flooring or carpets, without the need to alter any settings.

17. Connect to the Wi-Fi in Your Home

Robotic vacuums have developed. A lot of them can connect to Wi-Fi in your home and also be connected to your tablet or smartphone.

This lets you operate the robot vacuum using your smartphone or tablet. For instance, the “Roombas”  work using iRobot’s mobile application known as Home.

Need a quick cleaning before your return? You can just get your phone out and notify your vacuum!

18. Cordless Design

The issue with vacuum cleaners that come with cords is they could create a lot of trouble when you have to move them from one room to another. In addition, accidents can happen when the cords become caught up, and people slip and fall on them.

With a robot vacuum, you don’t need to be concerned about any of these. It will clean your floors without having to plug and unplug the machine.

19. Perfect for People Who Have Disabilities or Injuries

Even the lightest of vacuums can be difficult to operate for people who are recovering from an injury or with disabilities.

You’ve likely observed that vacuuming is more strenuous than you’d think. Robotic vacuums are entirely autonomous in the course of their tasks and don’t require you to be pushing or pulling. They’re ideal for older people, too.

20. The Device Adjusts to Various Surfaces

iRobot Roomba E5 1

A robot vacuum will set its brushes according to the type of surface it’s placed on. For instance, changing from carpet to hardwood floors will alter the brushes to match the flooring. This is helpful when you live in a house with multiple types of flooring.

21. Mopping

Robot vacuums like the Braava Jet or the iLIFE V5S are also robot mops that can clean up spills or create a mess that has accumulated in a region. Although many mop machines have proved to be ineffective when it comes to cleaning, it’s better than cleaning up the mess.

22. Improved Health

If you are suffering from allergies or don’t like being surrounded by dust, robotic vacuums can aid enormously in making the air fresh and breathable. A robot like Samsung’s POWERbot can be automated to help keep your home clean and free of allergens.

23. Scheduled Cleaning

All robot vacuums can set the day or time to sweep the floor. Cleaning schedules allow you to simply set it and forget the task without human intervention or interaction.

You can set it to run when you’re sleeping or at work. The bot can be used to tidy up at any moment when an accident occurs, and the mess goes out of control.

24. Zones That Are Hard to Access

Because of their diminutive size, they can remove dust from under the furniture and other difficult-to-access spots that typically don’t get cleaned.

Neato Botvac D80 has an additional side brush that can reach smaller areas. Children are notoriously fond of putting stuff into the crevices of everything, and then you can’t locate it until quite a while later. Robot vacuums can help clean up the mess.



Robotic vacuums are more efficient than ever before and are sure to enhance your Home’s quality of life. They will keep your floors clean as well as reduce dirt and allergens.

The vacuum you manually operate could provide you with more free time. They transform your life in the best of ways!

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