Finding a Perfect Vacuum Cleaner for Sofa? Here’s Your Destination!

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Curtains, couches, and other furnishings within your home won’t remain fresh. They will eventually collect dirt and diminish its freshness fast.

It is essential to keep your curtains and sofas clean as it keeps your home healthy and provides a pleasant vibe for visitors to your house.

To wash them, choose a suitable vacuum cleaner that will focus on couches, curtains, and other furniture.

Canister vacuums are available that come with attachments for cleaning your sofas. Therefore, you can select the general canister vacuum if you’re not looking for a specific vacuum model.

This article looks at some of the best handheld vacuums and canisters to clean sofas and other furniture things.

Top 14 Best Vacuum Cleaner for Sofa in 2022

1. Black and Decker Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum

BLACK+DECKER dustbuster AdvancedClean (CHV1410L)

This is the first time that Black+Decker has introduced their Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum. With 2.6 pounds of weight and a great design, you will be equipped to carry it around.

Its slim funnel and the ability to rotate can easily get into hard corners. It is the ideal choice if you’re searching for the perfect vacuum for your sofa. It comes with two distinct tips.

One is needle-nose tips, specifically designed for couches, while another is brushed tips, which are the best for furniture.

Thanks to the strong suction, it’s especially effective for deep cleaning upholstery. It effortlessly collected particles of pet hair and even debris.

Apart from the charging base, we were pleased that the battery’s life was limited to 20 minutes with a full charge—the dirt cup with a pressing a button.

One of the main selling aspects of the Black+Decker Handheld Vacuum is the suction power. It is also suitable for various jobs due to its small nozzle that can rotate.

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2. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lithium Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum

  • Get rid of more pet hair and dirt using motorized brushes and a lithium-Ion battery.
  • The dirt cup’s capacity is 0.7 Liters.
  • 14V lithium-ion battery for cleaning using lithium power 
  • Purchase Bissell Save pets Bissell will give 5 dollars per dog hair eraser Li-Ion purchase upon activation.
  • A set of pet-specific tools that include a motorized Brush tool, Upholstery tool, and crevice tool
  • Large, easy-to-empty dirt bin for getting away from pet hair effortlessly. Triple-level filtration helps enhance the cleaning efficiency.

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3.  Bissell 33A1 Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum

Bissell 33A1

This lightweight vacuum tackles pet hair and mess. Simple in style, this model weighs only 4.2 pounds, making it one of the most portable models.

Its design, which is handheld, allows it to clean both couches and upholstery for cars. It is possible to consider this vacuum as a top contender in searching for the top sofa vacuum.

You can pick one of the Bissell 33A1 Animal Hair Eraser Vacuum if you need a handheld vacuum to clean up pet hair and other messes. This handheld cleaner that is easy to hold cleans pet hair and mess and is equipped with a nozzle made of rubber designed to keep everything in place.

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4. Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed

eureka NEU182A

The upright bags are usually equally effective as any other vacuum with bags in them. However, one minor aspect that can turn off some people is the fact that their dust cups aren’t filled with the capacity to hold a large amount of dust.

In fact, you’re likely to be emptying the dust cup much more often than you want to do with bag-free vacuums.

Eureka has impressively addressed this issue with its PowerSpeed. Its dust cup measures 1 liter, larger than other bagless vacuums. And, in keeping with its name PowerSpeed, the PowerSpeed is as powerful as a bagged vacuum, thanks to its dynamo and brush roll motor.

If you’re looking to clean furniture or upholstery, or even ceilings and walls, you’ll be able to quickly and easily use PowerSpeed. An instant release mechanism allows you to reach wherever its power hose can reach. Furthermore, the hose is extremely long, at least five feet.

While the PowerSpeed is small, light to move around, and can clean every surface, it occupies just as much space as a big vacuum. It isn’t easy to keep the PowerSpeed, and you’ll require designated storage space.

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5. Tineco A11 Hero Stick Vacuum

Tineco A11 Hero Cordless Lightweight Stick Vacuum

A single irritating aspect of handheld stick vacuums powered by cordless power is the fact that they will not last long until you must recharge them once again. Most cordless stick vacuums last for less than 30 minutes before needing to be charged upmost. This isn’t much time to vacuum what you’d like to.

Fortunately, the Tineco Hero EX lasts a lot longer than that. Instead of taking up to 30 minutes, you’ll be able to use Hero EX for up to 50 minutes before needing to recharge it. This lets you get cleaner and is perfect for large areas.

All the other functions of a cordless stick vacuum are available as well. Hero EX converts to a handheld vacuum, which you can use on furniture, couches, or upholstery.

The dust cup is much larger than other cordless stick vacuums, coming around half one 1 litre.

One thing that can make you resentful concerning Hero EX is that it utilizes a different structure for its batteries since it lasts for a longer time. It has two detachable batteries, which could cause inconsistent results.

One battery might be more powerful than the other, which could cause a sudden reduction in run time. In the end, this could be the ideal vacuum for sofas.

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6. BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Hand Vacuum

Bissell 20431 Powerglide Vacuum

It’s the ideal vacuum to get pet hair off your sofa. You can use the Bissell Animal Hair Eliser Lithium-Ion Hand Vacuum that is Cordless.

With this light hand vacuum dirt, pets’ hair can be eliminated from carpets, sofas, stairs, upholstery, and more. It is equipped with a motorized brush tool.

Alongside providing strong suction, the lithium-ion battery can also collect fine dust particles through three-stage filtration. The vacuum is equipped with pet-friendly tools that allow you to reach the smallest places, like sofa cushions or car seats, where pet hair can accumulate.

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7. Dibea Upgraded 22KPa Stick Vacuum

Dibea Upgraded 22KPa

Stick vacuums are among the most efficient cleaning equipment available, as they are extremely lightweight to carry around and capable of cleaning any area of the home effortlessly, whether it’s flooring, upholstery, or furniture.

What can make an even stick vacuum practical and convenient? The features that the Dibea stick vacuum comes with are what. The first is that most stick vacuums produce around 12KPa of power through their brushes.

That’s impressive enough. Dibea’s stick vacuum is more powerful, coming in at 17KPa. This allows you to keep your floors sparkling clean.

You don’t get just one cleaning machine with Dibea’s stick-vacuum, but five. It is accomplished by removing the top part of the stick and then putting the attachments onto the stick, which have ample space.

The head comes with three attachments and can pick between two brushes. This further demonstrates the versatility of Dibea’s stick vacuum.

You need to be on the lookout for two issues in the Dibea stick vacuum. The first is that you could become overwhelmed by various attachments that come with it.

Its battery isn’t as reliable as other vacuums. Although it has an average battery time of 30 minutes, which is similar to most stick vacuums, it takes almost four hours to fully charge and is much longer than the majority of stick vacuums.

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8. Swivel Steering Dirt Devil Razor

Swivel Steering Dirt Devil Razor

Most vacuum cleaners that say that they have swivel steering have only a small amount of steering swivel. In most cases, it is still necessary to line the vacuum back up to access the areas you require to enter, which is a pain.

Luckily, The Razor by Dirt Devil has the swivel steering feature that will wow you and never disappoints you. It’s more flexible than vacuums that use a swivel steering system, making it much easier to navigate.

It will be evident when you realize that you can rotate your Razor around 180°.

Dirt Devil is a company that has prided itself on its power in removing dirt. Their Razor is not a one-off exception. Their spin direct path and pro brush roll technology allow you to remove dirt from any surface with edge-to-edge precision.

Unfortunately, you don’t have many options for furniture, especially when it comes to the Razor. The cleaning wand is provided for your furniture, but it’s all you get. The Razor is better suited to cleaning furniture than cleaning furniture itself.

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9.  Bissell 20431 Powerglide Lift Off

Bissell 20431

A feature that many upright vacuums usually offer is the capability to disassemble quickly to remove dirt and debris other than floors. If you want to clean upholstery or furniture, it is necessary to use their extensions, side tools, or attachments. This can be quite a challenge.

Its lift Off Powerglide solves this problem by basically being 2 vacuums within one. It can be used as a regular upright vacuum or take the body off and used as a canister cleaner for upholstery. This makes it suitable for upholstery and furniture.

Additionally, you will benefit from this Lift-Off Powerglide if you have pets. It has a “pet turbo-eraser” feature that allows you to clean pet hair from surfaces like couches or beds easily. This is ideal for anyone who has pets who shed hair all over their beds.

If you’re not experienced with lift-away vacuums, you may have trouble with this Powerglide Lift-Away. It’s more difficult to get rid of the canister than other vacuums that lift away, and this could be a problem sometimes, especially when you need to hook the canister back up.

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10. Onson Cordless Stick Vacuum

ONSON Life Vacuum Cleaner

It isn’t easy for you to locate a cleaner you can take anywhere but can take care of more than just upholstery or furniture. It is even more difficult to locate one that can do these things and be wireless.

You should look no further than Onson’s stick vacuum when searching for these kinds of items. You can use it for all things that require a vacuum, whether that is your flooring furniture or upholstery.

It is also possible to use the Onson stick vacuum to wash walls and ceilings. There is nothing that is beyond its reach.

Do all vacuum cleaners allow you to effectively clean in the dim? It’s not true. Onson solves this issue with its stick issue too, and its brush head has LED lighting. This allows you to scrub under any type of furniture perfectly and be capable of using it even in darkness.

While the Onson stick vacuum is more durable than other sticks, the vacuum can not have the same power as vacuums that have cords. If you’re searching for the best vacuum to remove difficult pet hair or dirt, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

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Not available

11. Bissell Lift-Off Upright Vacuum

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lift Off Bagless Upright

It isn’t always easy to find vacuums specialized in eliminating pet hair, even when they come in shape with an upright design, known to be among the more effective. This is because it needs enormous power to get rid of pet hair, which is extremely scarce.

As its name suggests, the Hair Eraser by Bissell is exceptionally powerful. It comes with a non-tangle brush roll, edge-to-edge suction, and smart technology to seal allergens.

The system is integrated into it to assist in removing allergens and dust. The system also helps eliminate the smells. This is all you require to remove pet hair efficiently.

Another benefit that the hair eraser has is that its filter does not require hands. This is another feature that makes it perfect for removing hair, as most filters require the hands for emptying.

This is not a problem when using the Hair Eraser, and you’ll be happy when you discover that you do not have to utilize one’s hand for emptying the filter.

The last good thing about the hair eraser’s features is its capacity to allow the body to lift off and let you clean furniture of any type by using the extension hose.

Everything you scrub here will be placed in the same filter, making the Hair Eraser an ideal choice when you have to get the hair off furniture.

It could be difficult to maneuver this Hair Eraser if you use it as an upright vacuum. It boasts the ability to swivel; however, this steering isn’t in the same way as the one other upright vacuums come with.

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12. Whirlwind Bagless Vacuum by Eureka

Eureka WhirlWind Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The upright vacuum can take up a significant amount of space and can be challenging to move around in certain areas.

Stick vacuums are practical since they’re cordless and can be utilized on any home surface; however, you must charge them. They are not very powerful.

Canister vacuums are frequently ignored, which is more apparent than in the case of Eureka’s canister vacuum. It will make plenty of use from it if you are required to clean the floors of your home and furniture in your house. This is due to the hose attached to the canister.

Another reason Eureka’s Canister vacuum can be used for floors and furniture is the airflow control that is easily changed. This allows you to clean both shallow and deep surfaces without fear.

If you’re new to using canister vacuums, you’ll have to learn to be capable of rolling around the bottom of your canister when you vacuum.

This is a difficult task when you’re vacuuming an extensive area because you’re tied to a cord, but you’ll also have to be able to maneuver the canister itself.

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13. Jashen Cordless Stick Vacuum

Jashen Cordless Stick Vacuum

Stick vacuums are the best in terms of convenience, although this one isn’t more than Jashen’s vacuum. It has some features that make it superior to other stick vacuums.

One missing thing from the majority of stick vacuums is an effective filtering system to filter the dust they gather up. The majority of stick vacuums have one dust cup and a tiny filter and the rest of it.

This is fine when you’re using it as a kind of a mini-vacuum. However, you’ll require more efficient filtering systems when you plan to use a stick vacuum to clean all of your houses.

One of the things you’ll notice right away when you use Jashen’s stick vacuum is that it comes with a filtering system comparable to the larger cleaners.

It comes with the ability to wash the filter and a HEPA filter that you will not find on most stick vacuums. You’ll be able to clean everything around your home with confidence.

Although Jashen’s stick vacuum has an improved filtering system than other stick vacuums, it’s not as strong as other ones. The average stick vacuum lasts for an hour before they have to recharge. Jashen’s can’t be power-depleted after about half an hour.

The unit also produces only 10KPa of power. This is just a bit less than the typical stick vacuum of 12.

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14). Dyson Ball Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Ball Animal Upright

While most upright vacuums state that they can get rid of hair from pets, it’s extremely unlikely that any of them can. What you get is usually a fragmented removal of pet hair. You will be asked to find a vacuum that will completely remove pet hair.

The solution to this problem is the questions in Ball Animal by Dyson. It has the radial root cyclone technique that can channel airflow and increase suction.

It will not only be able to collect pet hair, however, but you will also be able to capture any kind of dust that would be impossible to capture with another vacuum. Ball Animal will not disappoint in suction.

Cleaning the area around, under, and underneath furniture is easier with Ball Animal. Since it includes all the equipment, you require to get these areas cleaned.

All you have to do is attach them to the water hose, and you’ll be able to tackle all the furniture-related cleaning required.

The only thing you’ll have to keep an eye on when using this Ball Animal is the way it controls. The ball is the one that steers, and it can tighten up and become difficult to push as it turns various corners. Although this is a good thing, it certainly takes off the Ball Animal’s function.

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Buying Guide

Be sure to consider these factors when purchasing a vacuum for your sofa.

1. Sale Season

Vacuum cleaners can be purchased with a discount of 30-40 per cent. In the holiday season, you will be able to easily buy branded products and get a bargain for a reasonable price.

2. Bags or Bagless?

bag or bagless vacuum cleaner It’s up to you to buy a bagged or a bagless vacuum cleaner. Bagless vacuum cleaners can cost less since they don’t require bags. However, cleaning the bagless vacuum cleaners can be a hassle for those with asthma or bronchitis.

3. Spare Parts

When you are considering buying a vacuum cleaner, be sure the manufacturer has warranties and whether spare parts are available shortly or not.

4. Budget

This is the main factor to consider when purchasing the right vacuum cleaner that you can use at home. The cheapest models cannot provide efficient cleaning and will likely fall off after a couple of months. It is therefore recommended that you choose affordable brands that have top-quality products.

5. Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

vacuum cleaner accessories

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with various accessories such as brushes and telescopic extensions. Select the best one for your home, with and without the accessories.

6. Portability

vacuum cleaner portability

It is a plus to have a vacuum cleaner that can be carried around to raise it and scrub various areas. If your vacuum cleaner can be transported, then you could move it to different rooms and clean every corner of your couch.

7. Cordless Or Wireless

The majority of people prefer wireless vacuum cleaners. It’s convenient to use. It is possible to use vacuums equipped with retractable cords. The battery-operated wireless vacuum cleaners need to be changed frequently. They will lose their effectiveness when their charge is low. This is why you must regularly charge it.

8. Noise

vacuum cleaner noise level

Certain vacuum cleaners make loud sounds when you use them. It could annoy your family members and neighbors. Therefore, you should choose vacuum cleaners that quietly accomplish their task.

9. Dry and Wet Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaners can clean wet and dry spills. It can clean up broken glasses and juice or water spilled on your couch. This is why you should choose this option if your kids frequently spill water or break glasses. It can make your life easier and assist you in drying out the damp region.

10. Additional Features

These days, vacuum cleaners come with an array of exclusive features. Add-on cleaning tools including bare floor options, self-propelled brushes, brush agitator, etc.

No need to shell out big money to purchase these top-quality vacuum cleaners. It is easy to purchase one, as the market provides lots.

Online or Offline Shopping?

If you’re looking to buy a new vacuum, you can purchase it on the internet. You can get a discounted price, and you can review the customers’ feedback should you have questions about the item. 

If you’re planning to purchase vacuum cleaners from local stores, we recommend that you look over all the features of the product, and if you have any doubts, you may seek out professional assistance.

How Do You Ensure That the Vacuum Cleaner You Use Is Working Effectively?

  • Clean the couch regularly if there are children or pets in the house to keep it clean.
  • Clean the vacuum cleaner before using it to ensure it gets rid of all dust on the sofa.
  • Before you begin to vacuum, take out any visible, large dirt. The presence of dirt can interfere with your effort to clean effectively.
  • Do not dampen the surface excessively. While water is vital in cleaning, however, excessive amounts of it can result in staining and make the process unnecessarily complicated. The excess water is usually difficult to get rid of, which could create problems, especially in environments full of dirt and other debris.
  • It is advised to only use sufficient water. If you happen to add a bit more water, you can use a towel to help dry your sofa since the machine might not be completely efficient. Another option is to utilize a fan or simply allow the windows to be open to speed up the drying process.
  • Clean up any spills as soon as they occur. The longer you sit, the more stains get through the couch’s fabric and make it difficult to clean it up later. The stain might not come off based on the fabric used in the fabric from which the sofa is constructed, which leaves your sofa with an unpleasant smell in the event of incidental accidents with pets.
  • Cleaning it before the stain has dried in the sofa’s fabric makes it easy to maintain and clean it in good shape.
  • Clean your sofa or couch before it gets filthy. If it’s visibly stained, you’re likely to require more cleaning items and more time to wash.

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