VACMASTER VP215 Vacuum Sealer Review With In-Depth Data

Do you desire a vacuum sealer that can vacuum not only solid food items but also liquid food items like fresh meats, soups, and stews? Then Vacmaster VP215 Vacuum sealer is all you need. This vacuum sealer can seal all kinds of liquid-rich foods such as soups, marinades, fresh meat, marinades, and stews.

The compact size of the vacuum sealer is surely going to make you fall in love with the device as it becomes much more convenient to carry the Vacmaster vacuum sealer anywhere with ease. But the features and the benefits are not limited here.

After knowing the astounding features and the benefits of this unique model you’ll surely fall for this vacuum sealer. So, let’s have a small glimpse of this model.

VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer


Credit: Judy Leach

Vacmaster VP215 – Features and Specifications

The Vacmaster VP215 comprises stainless steel material, thus protecting it from corrosion. The Vacmaster vacuum sealer weighs around 84 pounds, which makes it convenient for us to carry the device with ease. Also, it contains a chamber that can manage heavy loads with ease.


  • 14 x 20 x 15 inches vacuum sealer
  • 11.25 x 15.25 x 5 inches oil chamber

Now, let’s have a look at the astounding features:

Vacmaster VP215 Features

Heavy Duty Oil Chamber

This vacuum sealer contains a 1/4 HP rotary oil pump, due to which it can deal with large loads with ease. Because of the 

heavy-duty oil pump, it can run the Vacmaster continuously, having no cool-down gap between the vacuum bags. And the heavy-duty oil chamber is the only reason that makes it one of the best vacuum sealers.

Double Seal Creating Capability

What if you come to know that the Vacmaster vacuum sealer provides a double seal on every vacuum bag! Yes, you heard that right. There are very few vacuum sealers that provide a double seal to the vacuum bags, and the Vacmaster VP215 is one of them.

Because of the double seal on the bag, the food inside the vacuum bag can stay fresh for a long duration.  So, because of these splendid features, Vacmaster V215 has become one of the unique vacuum sealers in the world.

Now, after knowing these many features of the Vacmaster vacuum sealer, how can we stay away from knowing the benefits this vacuum sealer is providing to its users. So, let’s know the advantages provided by the Vacmaster V215 vacuum sealer.

What Are The Pros of VACMASTER VP215

Runs Faster with efficiency

For buying a vacuum sealer, the first thing that strikes into our mind is the speed at which it operates. Because more is its running speed, the more work it can perform with good efficiency. And so is the case of the Vacmaster VP215 vacuum sealer. It contains a rotary oil pump that operates on 1/4 horsepower, due to which this vacuum sealer can operate at a much higher speed with greater efficiency.

No cool-down time requirement while switching between the bags

Mostly, the vacuum sealers operating in the mills do not run continuously. They need to cool down in between the bags. But the Vacmaster VP215 does not require cool-down time while switching between the bags.

It can run continuously, sealing a large amount of vacuum bags in less time. And, this is the most astounding thing about this vacuum sealer, which makes it unique from ordinary vacuum sealers available in the market.

Keeps the food fresh for a long time

The seal provided by this vacuum sealer is so strong that it makes the food packed inside such vacuum bags stay fresh up to five times longer because the Vacmaster vacuum sealer provides a double seal on each vacuum bag which is twice as strong as the other machines.

Easy to use

It will astonish you when you come to know that operating the Vacmaster VP215 is much easier than the ordinary vacuum sealers. In order to seal your vacuum bag, you just need to open the lid and place the vacuum bag inside the chamber. That’s it. The Vacmaster will do all the rest of the work. So, that can be the coolest thing for you.

So, with these many advantages, the this  vacuum sealer becomes a must buy product for everyone. But every coin has two sides. And so does the Vacmaster VP215. It has a small disadvantage which we all should know.

Are There Any Disadvantages of VACMASTER VP215?

Requires more space for storage

The Vacmaster VP215 vacuum sealer’s size is 20 x 14 x 15 inches, which is big. So, it requires some space for its storage. The small work area cannot be enough for it. 

So, if your work area is spacious enough for the storage of the Vacmaster VP215, then size cannot be a big issue. So, it will be worthy to say that the advantages of the Vacmaster vacuum sealer overcome its disadvantages, making it a good buy for sealing food products.

Now, let’s have a small glimpse of how to use the this  vacuum sealer. 

How To Use Vacmaster VP215 Vacuum Sealer

  • Place the vacuum pouch to be sealed inside the chamber machine.
  • Close the lid and start the machine.
  • It will suck the air out of the entire chamber, which allows the air pressure to remain equal on both the inside and outside of the vacuum pouch and keep the liquids inside the pouch.
  • Then the pouch is fully sealed, and finally, air returns into the chamber.

So, we can say that the Vacmaster VP215 does the package in a whole new way. That’s the reason it’s one of the top sellers. 

What Does Our Testing Have to say?


In terms of versatility, the Vacmaster VP215 vacuum sealer gives good competition to the other vacuum sealers. For the Vacmaster VP215, we can say that “One machine, but a variety of functionalities.” Whether it’s about solid food packaging or liquid food packaging, it won’t step back in providing a good vacuum sealing experience. The double seal providing ability of the Vacmaster VP215 makes it a versatile vacuum sealer compared to other vacuum sealers.

Suction Power

This sealer comprises a rotary oil pump that runs with 1/4 horsepower, which makes the Vacmaster VP215 run faster and perform efficiently with consistency. So, we can say that the it offers good suction power compared to ordinary vacuum sealers.

Easy to Use

One of the best advantages of using the Vacmaster VP215 vacuum sealer is that you do not need to know any kind of programming for operating it. What you need to do is just put the vacuum pouch inside the oil chamber, and then the rest of the work is done by the Vacmaster vacuum sealer. So, we can see that this sealer is easy to use and operate.

Value for Money

We can say that the Vacmaster VP215 vacuum sealer proves to be a cost-effective device, as this vacuum sealer can provide many benefits at such a low cost. 

Quality Of Material

This sealer comprises stainless steel material. So, no worries about corrosion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, many questions regarding the Vacmaster VP215 might come to your mind. But no need to worry, as we have answers to all your questions. So, let’s have a quick look at your questions.

What is the weight of the Vacmaster VP215 vacuum sealer?

It weighs around 84 pounds.

What are the dimensions of the Vacmaster VP215?

The dimensions are 20 x 14 x 15 inches.

In what color is the Vacmaster VP215 available?

It’s available in silver color.

What size of vacuum pouches are required for the Vacmaster VP215 vacuum sealer?

It accepts vacuum pouches having a width of 10 inches and a length of 13 inches.

Where can we use the Vacmaster VP215 vacuum sealer?

It can be used in small restaurants, culinary institutions, and delicatessens. 

Final Thoughts


If you are in search of a vacuum sealer that is not only cost-effective but also provides you with a variety of benefits, then the Vacmaster VP215 vacuum sealer can be the perfect choice for you. Because of its 1/4 hp rotary oil pump, it can operate at high speed with efficiency and good consistency.

Also, it can provide a double seal to the vacuum bags, which keeps the food stored inside the vacuum bag fresh for a long duration. Also, this vacuum sealer operates quietly. So, it creates no disturbance when the machine is working.

So, it would be difficult for you to digest that, so we find many astounding qualities in a single vacuum sealer. But it’s true. So, if you are in search of a good vacuum sealer, then the Vacmaster VP215 is for you. So, what are you waiting for! Check this amazing vacuum sealer on Amazon.

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