Vacmaster Armor All AA255 Review October 2022: Good to Buy?

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It’s seen to be unbeatable; the reason is the Vacmaster Armor. All AA255 is the most incredible vacuum suction pump available in the current market that does the task much efficiently.

Of course, there are many other suction vacuum cleaners in the market nowadays, but those simply might complete the task, yet in some difficult corners, the dirt simply remains despite your best effort of cleaning with them.

Then there are many others that are too huge and not easily maintained around or taken along with you when you are going on long drives or vacations. This is the reason why the Vacmaster beats them because of its compact size and better efficiency in cleaning.

It’s specially manufactured with the view that you would require to place or point it at some tough corners of your car. It does this task pretty accurately, although a few skeptics think that it does not take the dry dirt away.

Overall, it’s pretty safe to maintain and looks quite awesome, and if you’ve botheration about dirt accumulating inside your vehicle, then this is quite a pretty thing to make you relax.

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Review of Vacmaster Armor All AA255 Vacuum

Vacmaster Armor All AA255

What Makes You Buy Vacmaster Armor All AA255 Vacuum?

  • Accessories included to maintain and adjust every cleaning task
  • Lightweight however powerful package is easy to tote around
  • Huge capacity 2.5-gallon storage tank
  • Virtually unlimited amount of uses with both blow and suck functions
  • Filters added for dry or wet applications
  • Longer power cord and hose than most other compact vacuum cleaners

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Advantages with Vacmaster Armor All AA255

You’re gonna be having some distinct advantage when using Vacmaster Armor All AA255 as it’s first about the feeling which you have while power suctioning your vehicle’s debris. It could be easily lifted, and you might take it around smoothly as its capacity is only two and a half gallons. This vacuum handles the task required of it pretty efficiently. And you can also check VacMaster VP210.

It surely does not have any wheels and might haunt people who are a bit lazy and see it a bit out of tune with advanced ways of comfortable gear usages.

It holds very well in places where you require some tough dirt removals within the tiny confines of your vehicle. This vacuum does both wet and dry pickings, and this is supported by a host of assortments.

Features of the Armor All AA255 Utility Wet Dry Vacuum

vacmaster armor all aa255

1. Powerful Motor

The motor on the ArmorAll AA255 is included at a powerful 2 horsepower. That gives it so much juice to suck up huge debris and liquids in addition to small objects and dirt.

The motor on this vacuum cleaner is also reversible, so you can use it to blow as well. This comes in pretty handy for drying off motorcycles and cars or just for cleaning out air filters. There is plenty of robust power in this vacuum cleaner for every use you could think of.

2. Easy to Carry

The ArmorAll AA255 vacuum cleaner is huge enough to handle the difficult jobs. At the same time, it’s tiny enough to carry. It weighs in at just 8.4 pounds, which is light enough for most users to carry with ease. The handle situated on the top of the vacuum cleaner is also much helpful when you’re packing it around.

3. Storage Tank

The tank on this vacuum cleaner will hold two and a half gallons of liquid or the equivalent amount of debris and dirt. That would make the weight of the vacuum when full of liquid at about twenty-five pounds. Now, that is manageable for most users to carry. This is an ideal all-around measurement for a dry/wet vacuum cleaner.

4. Reach

Together with the 10-foot power cord, the 6 foot long 1 ¼” suction hose provides you a total of 16 feet of reach to get to where the mess is. Besides that, This length lets you reach every corner of the garage without the requirement for an extra extension cord. The power-cord, without any issue, wraps around the carrying handle for more comfort.

5. Accessories 


The ArmorAll AA255 comes with all the accessories you might ever require. A foam sleeve and cloth filter also come along with to maintain the filtering duties.

Vacuum cleaner accessories that store on-board come with a crevice tool, a utility nozzle, a blower nozzle, a deluxe air nozzle, and a detail brush. All the things come together to handle the hardest cleaning duties.

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The Verdict


If you’re in the market for a dry/wet vacuum cleaner, do not purchase one without checking out this ArmorAll AA225 model. This compact yet robust vacuum cleaner is light enough to tote around and also powerful enough to suck the largest messes, whether it is dry or wet.

The long power-cord and the suction hose provide you tons of reach. We don’t usually find that on tiny shop vacuum cleaners. Dry and wet filters are there, along with all the blowing and suction tools you will ever require.

When you blend all these great functions with a super rate, the ArmorAll AA255 Utility Wet Dry Vacuum is an ideal purchase.

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