Unexpected Ways You Never Thought to Use Your Vacuum Cleaner

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The vacuum is among the most beneficial tools you have, and that’s not just its ability to keep your carpets tidy! A great vacuum cleaner will come to your aid in all kinds of scenarios. This article will examine some of the most surprising possibilities you can make with your vacuum. Some of that you might not have thought of before!

Capture Pet Hair 

The job of a vacuum cleaner is to collect all the pet hair stuck to the rug and falling on hardwood flooring. However, you can also clean your pet’s bedding and get rid of pet hair from bedding and quilts before you throw them into the washing machine.

Hair that is too large in the washing machine is among the primary reasons for causing clogs and leaks, as well as a water pump break.

There are attachments you can buy to groom your dog by cleaning and suctioning away all loose fur. However, remember not to do anything that could make your dog uncomfortable.

Recover Small Items

Did you drop something small on your carpet to quickly lose sight? The vacuum can be the ideal solution for such scenarios!

Take a stocking or one of the legs of a pair onto your vacuum attachment, switch on your vacuum, and then go across the carpet on which you dropped the item. The vacuum will pick the object up while the stocking can keep it in position for you.

Eliminate Fleas

Get rid of the chemical toxins – one study showed it is possible to use your household vacuum to eliminate fleas is equally efficient. 

Researchers put 100 adult cat fleas (the most commonly encountered flea found in pets, including canines and cats) into a tightly woven kitchen-style carpet. The carpet was vacuumed and killed on average 96 percent of fleas. Testing on fleas during the stage of pupae as well as larvae was 100%% successful.

Exert Insect Control

A study from Ohio State University shows that frequent vacuuming kills more than 96 percent of the fleas (adult and larvae) within a home. A vacuum is a tremendous method of removing dust mites and human skin cells that they take in from mattresses.

A crevice tool is also an excellent tool to get to and capture mosquitoes or spiders congregating in the corners of ceilings. When the insects have gone, tie a clean white cloth to the tool using an elastic band to catch dust and cobwebs.

Fix Carpet Indentation

It’s easy to get rid of indentations on your carpet caused in the wake of heavy furniture. Place an ice cube into the indentation area and allow it to melt completely. The water will assist in fluffing the carpet fibers. Let the carpet dry for a few hours, and then clean the carpet to get rid of any evidence that may have formed from the indentation.

Make Sure That Allergens Are Kept Away From Your Home.

When the open window season begins, your windowsills and screen doors are the ideal spots for dust and pollen.

Utilize the brush tool on your vacuum to remove the door track and windowsill before the allergens can enter your home. This same device can be utilized in a back-and-forth motion on windows screens. Repeat the process every week.

Get Rid of the Crumbs.

Clean up crumbs that are hard to reach (like those trapped under the grates in your toaster and stove or on the shelves of your refrigerator’s door) with your cleaner’s crevice tools. After the job is finished, wash like you would with cleaning products for your stove or disinfectant.

Freshen Your Pillows, Upholstery, and Carpets


Beyond removing dust and crumbs, using a vacuum cleaner and baking soda will do wonders to eliminate the smells and brighten your fabrics. Sprinkle baking soda generously over furniture, then toss pillows and carpets. Apply it lightly using either a damp sponge or a mop.

Let the baking soda stay on the surfaces for a minimum of one hour, then vacuum it off. You’ll be amazed by how brighter your fabrics will look due to the slight roughness of baking soda aids in removing soil while the vacuum sweeps it away.

Ice Out Carpet Dents

Rearranging furniture doesn’t have to be accompanied by ugly carpet scratch marks. Set ice cubes on the annoying remnants of the past and then wait for them to melt. The water will help the carpet fibers to return to their original shape. Vacuum them over to restore them to their original places.

To Prevent House Fires.

Utilizing a vacuum cleaner is an excellent method to eliminate any excess lint that is a common cause of house fires in your dryer vents and out of the dryer itself. Unplug the dryer first, then turn off gas lines if you use one. 

Then, the crevice tool reaches the vent and under the appliance. If you’re adept, then open the housing that is located behind the dryer and clean any lint or debris that is trapped.

Clean Keyboard

To completely clean your keyboard, start by turning the keyboard upside down to remove any crumbs that have escaped. Attach the crevice tool to your vacuum and then vacuum the keyboard to remove any remaining dust. 

Then, dip a cotton swab of ruby alcohol and brush it over the area around each key. For particularly dirty areas, apply a toothpick, suggests PC World. Follow up with an online, dry cloth to get rid of dust, and then polish your keys.

Remove the Filter for Lint.

Use the appropriate brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner to wash the screen your washing machine uses to filter lint. Complete the job by attaching your vacuum’s crevice tool to remove any remaining lint off the machine’s lint compartment.

Cleanse a Stale Cushion


Try a tiny amount of baking soda to eliminate odors from any item of plush that is difficult to wash in the washer (say, throwing pillows, carpets, or mattresses). Sprinkle the powder over the surface you’re trying to remove and allow it to rest for around 30 minutes. Vacuum it off and let go of dust, dirt, and smelliness.

Groom Your Pet

Each pet has its preferences, but many pets and cats love vacuuming their coats! It’s almost like the satisfaction of a good rub; as an added benefit to you, vacuuming can get rid of loose fur, too.

If your pet doesn’t seem to be scared of your vacuum, you may give this technique an attempt!

Dust Trap Before It Spreads

Make use of the vacuum dusting brush attachment to catch dust on lampshades, light shades, books, blinds, light fixtures, and even leaves of plants before further cleaning. The first step is to remove the dust. This will help prevent streaks and smears from appearing.

Clean Kitchen Appliances


If you want to keep your refrigerator in good condition, you must clean the inside and the exterior. Dust and lint accumulated on the backside condenser coils can stop the appliance from functioning due to its overheating.

To remove the buildup, move the refrigerator a couple of feet away from the wall and thoroughly vacuum the coils. Then, vacuum the floor, pushing the appliance back into its original shape.

Freshen Up The Air

Use your vacuum to cleanse your carpets and freshen the air in the process! Before you begin to vacuum, sprinkle a handful of the lemon essential oil (or the oil you prefer) on the cotton ball. Put the cotton ball into the dust cup of your vacuum and then vacuum normally.

The airflow in your vacuum will help disperse the scent of essential oil and will freshen the air while you travel!

Ceiling Fan


Similar to the dirty vent, which spits allergens and dust throughout your house, a dirty ceiling fan can release dirt and debris off the ceiling when you don’t wash the fan’s blades.

To get to the ceiling’s top fan’s blades, you can use the longer dust attachment included with your vacuum cleaner or springs for a specially-designed cleaner for the ceiling of your fan.



Vacuum cleaners are among the most efficient cleaning tools available. It is also frequently used by homeowners and experienced experts who handle clean-up at the end of a lease in Perth.

In addition to providing routine carpet cleansing, the device is also useful in various circumstances. Therefore, the next time you utilize this equipment for cleaning, consider these suggestions to simplify your life.

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