Tineco Pure One S12 Review: Truth To Be Told

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We’ll be closely cherishing the amazing Tineco Pure One S12 in this review. This is one of the most innovative cordless stick vacuums in the past five years. 

Tineco’s first product that we reviewed was the A10. It performed well in cleaning tests but wasn’t as good when it came time to fit and finish.

The Pure One S12 is their most successful product in terms of quality and performance.

It passed all of my tests, including noise, run time, and cleaning performance. Although it isn’t perfect, you will find some unique features that you won’t find in other brands.

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Tineco Pure

High-Tech Cordless Stick Vacuum

Tineco Pure One S12 offers some unique features that are not available in other brands within its price range.

The wall-mountable bracket, which charges both the vacuum and an extra battery simultaneously, is our expert’s favorite feature. The bracket can hold up to three attachments.

This makes it very space-saving if you don’t mind drilling holes in the wall. The slider allows for more precise control over how much power you need.

The vacuum also features an auto function that adjusts the power according to the amount of dirt passing through the iLoop sensor.

  • Amazing airflow that exceeds the Dyson.
  • It is easy to attach or remove any tool with the quick-release lock.
  • The revolutionary iLoop system adjusts suction-based upon the amount of dirt, not the type of surface.
  • You get many attachments to clean different areas.
  • The wall bracket can simultaneously charge two batteries and holds space for three to store three attachments.
  • The two Li-ion batteries combined will allow it to run for up 102 minutes.

  • It does not have hygienic systems.
  • You’ll need to empty the small dust cup often because it is very small.

Product Specification

Model Tineco Pure One S12
Brush roll on/off No
Battery 2,500 mAH Li-ion (X 2)
Charging time N/A
Battery life up to 102 mins.
Net weight 6.6 pounds
Width 10″
Overall length 47″
Battery indicator Yes
Filter type Lifetime washable
Dust capacity 0.6 li
Power up to 60.8 CFM
Cordless Yes
Bagless Yes
Warranty 2 years

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Most Stunning Features of Tineco Pure One S12

Tineco, a brand new to the market, has only been around for a few years. The A10 Hero was their first product, and it performed well in all our cleaning tests.

It lacked a few things, especially the quick release latch, which makes it simple to attach and take out tools. These issues are addressed by the Tineco Pure One S12, which is probably their most successful product. It combines quality and performance.

It’s Dyson’s most expensive product and costs more than the Dyson V10. The V10 has 60.7 CFM, while the V10 has 44 CFM at the highest setting. However, it does have more power.

The Dyson V11 stick vacuum has the same power level as the V10, and they are both in the same price range.

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1. LED screen

When we first received it, the first thing that caught our eye was the large LED screen in the box.

It was initially a touch screen that we assumed, was it. It scores well in legibility because Tineco used bright colors with a dark background. This screen also scores well in contrast.

It displays information like battery status, power level, and WiFi status. There are few other brands that have LED screens in their products. Another stick vacuum that comes to my mind is the Dyson V11 Torque drive.

2. Trigger-Lock

The green arrow indicates the trigger lock.

The Pure One S12 vacuum has the same trigger mechanism and cord-free Dyson Dyson vacuums, but it also has a trigger lock to keep it in the “on” position. For long tasks, you don’t need to constantly squeeze the trigger.

This feature is much more comfortable for me as it makes vacuuming floors easier on my arm and finger. It is an added convenience that makes vacuuming floors easier.

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3. Slider for Adjusting Power

tineco pure one s12 cleaner

The Pure One S12 has a power-adjusting slider that is hidden behind the LED screen. This is another unique feature.

Other brands have a fixed number or button, but the one in this vacuum offers a wide range. This vacuum allows the user to control how much power they use based on their needs.

It will take just some milliseconds for the slider to be available, but it’s not too bad. This slider is a first in the industry, and it will only be a matter of time before other brands follow suit.

It would be top preference to leave it in the Auto position for most cleaning tasks. It also allows you to adjust the suction level in case it is needed.

4. Auto Mode

The auto mode is another option that people who don’t want to mess with the power settings can use. This mode activates the iLoop sensor located in front of the dust cup. It detects dirt and adjusts suction if it sees any increase.

This sensor detects the type of surface and is not the Dyson V11 sensor. The system is more efficient and uses less power since it doesn’t require a high airflow to clean surfaces.

5. Unique Charging Dock

Another innovation worth mentioning is the charging dock. It can charge up to two batteries simultaneously and can also store up to three additional suction-only tools.

This is a time- and space-saving feature. The dock will charge any extra battery even if the vacuum has been used.

6. Attachments and Tools

Tineco has one of the most diverse accessory sets on the market. If you purchase the Pure One S12 Plus model, you’ll receive a total number of 13 tools. We purchased the version below and had to purchase the multi-angle adaptor as well as the flexible extension hose separately.

It is still much more than the Dyson V10 and V11.

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7. Amazing Tools

Tineco’s standard carpet cleaning attachment It has soft and stiff bristles, which will work most effectively on carpets. The bright LED headlights will improve visibility.
An LED soft roller power brush It is a specialized tool to clean hard floors. It also features a row of LED lights, just like the direct-drive attachment. This attachment was purchased separately.
Soft dusting brush The bristles are soft and can be used to clean delicate surfaces such as lampshades or furniture.
2-in-1 Dusting Brush This attachment is a combination of an upholstery brush and a brush tool. This brush is ideal for cleaning upholstery in the house or car.
Crevice tool This is great for cleaning between cushions.
Flexible long crevice tool It’s great for those who need more reach. You can insert a rubber pad to increase reach and flexibility when cleaning tight crevices.
Mini turbo brush This is a smaller version of the main cleaning head. It will give enough agitation for fabric upholstery (e.g., sofas, chairs, and mattresses) and stairs.
Tineco’s automatic pre-filter cleaner Another Tineco innovation. This tool cleans your pre-motor filter automatically, so you don’t have to take it out of the vacuum.
Pre-filter This filter is located in the middle of the dust cup and traps allergens. It prevents them from returning to the motor’s exhaust.
Wall-mounted dual charging dock This can be your favorite tool. This wall-mountable charging station charges two batteries at once! It can also store three non-motorized attachments.
Two lithium-ion batteries This variant comes with 2 lithium-ion batteries, which effectively doubles the run-time to 100 minutes.
Flexible extension hose Gives you more reach and flexibility with any non-motorized tool. This is an appreciable tool for cleaning the interior of your vehicle.
Multi-angle folding adapter This tool allows consumers to clean high-up areas without the need for a ladder or chair.

8. Dual Filtration

tineco pure one s12 vacuum

The primary filter is located on the right.

The vacuum comes with two filters, a post-motor HEPA filter, and a premotor filter. This provides a tight seal. In that it is cloth-made, the primary filter is very similar to the Dyson filter.

The cyclonic filter is not as effective as Dyson’s because it soils quicker.

Tineco offers a tool to make it easier to clean your filter. This is the automatic prefilter cleaning tool. This device you attach to your vacuum unit and will absorb any debris accumulated on the premotor filter.

Different Pure One S12 Options:

The Pure One S12 has four variants, which can be divided into two groups.

The Pure One S12 or the Plus version have an LED screen and power adjustment slider. The attachments are different between these two products. The S12 M and S12 Lite have an LED screen, but they are cheaper and can be attached to a smartphone via a bracket.

What Is the Power of the Tineco Pure One S12?

We used our anemometer to measure power. It measures airflow between the main cleaning head and the wand. This test is not perfect. There will be some errors.

This is why we did it. It will allow me to compare it with other brands so that we can see a correlation between its cleaning performance, especially carpet.

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These Are the Results

Airflow Low Max
Wand 34 CFM 61.72 CFM
Cleaning Head 27.95 CFM 50.71 CFM

It has more airflow in the wand, main cleaning head, and at almost the Dyson V11 Torque drive level. This is why S12 performed so well in cleaning tests (more below).

How Efficient is the Tineco Pure One S12?

The Pure One S12 is versatile, thanks to its many interchangeable tools and extension wand. It can clean many areas. Depending on your needs, it can be used as either a handheld vacuum or a stick vacuum.

This product is designed to clean floors. The Plus version includes two main floor cleaning tools, the soft roller and the power brushes with direct drive. Two attachments are included with the Pure One S12 Plus for cleaning floors.

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These tools can be used to clean hard floors or carpets. This model is superior to any Dyson cordless vacuum (V6, V78, V8, V10, and V11) because it has bright LED lights that illuminate the path ahead.

This feature is great for tracking dirt if you have never used a vacuum with it. This design has the advantage of allowing you to attach the floor tool directly to the vacuum unit. This makes it easier to clean stairs.

The tube behind the rubber tires, which is attached to both tools, sits at an angle to not go completely flat under furniture. It will need to be turned sideways in order to do this, which can prove awkward. This vacuum can be removed and transformed into a handheld unit.

The Pure One S12 tools have a quick-release latch that allows for easy attachment or removal.

Cleaning Performance

tineco pure one s12

We tested the Tineco Pure One S12 on a variety of surfaces, including hard floors, mid-pile carpets, and low piles. To test the effectiveness of this cordless vacuum, we used Quaker oatmeal, coffee grounds, pet litter, and Fruit loops.

We first weigh the empty dust cup to get the best measurement in all our cleaning tests. Then we fill it up with water. These are the official scores for the cleaning test.

  • Overall: 99.17%
  • Hard Floor: 99.88%
  • 99.34% Carpet (Surface Pick up)
  • Carpet (Deep Cleaning), 98.3%

To be honest, the results were pleasing. The Pure One S12’s ability to pick up all kinds of debris is one of its most remarkable features.

The iLoop sensor can detect an increase in dirt volume and will work accordingly. The vacuum motor revved up when it picked up all the dirt and returned to its default setting.

Hard Floor Results

  • Quaker Oats: 99.9%
  • Coffee: 100%
  • Quinoa: 99.93%
  • Pet Litter: 99.7%

Our experts used the soft roller power brush and tested how well this vacuum works on hard surfaces.

It was excellent at picking up Quaker coffee, Quaker oats), pet litter, and Quinoa.

The soft roller attachment was flawless in cleaning tests. The direct-drive power brush was also tested on Quaker oatmeal. It did a fab job of picking up almost 100% of the Quaker oatmeal on the hard floor.

The soft roller tool was also tested on Fruit loops. It didn’t have the same issues as the Roidmi F8 and the NEX. A few Fruit loops were stuck behind the roller bar. They were about 2 to 3 pieces. These were eventually removed.

The standard brush tool failed to pass the Fruit loops test because it did not have enough clearance. It just moved it forward.

The direct drive tool will not be able to clean this much debris, regardless of its surface. To test the tool’s effectiveness on Quinoa, we also used it to clean all 100 grams of it.

The power brush can be used for small to medium-sized particles, but not Cheerios-sized. The soft roller attachment is not necessary for most tasks on hard surfaces.

Sand on Hard Floor Test

A sand test was another test we conducted on a hard floor. We sprayed 50g of sand onto the Pure One S12 and tested it with two different brushes.

On two tests, it was able to score an average of 99.9%, which is almost a perfect score. It was able to score excellent marks using its soft roller attachment, so it is another option if you live in a sandy or beach area.

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Edge Cleaning

We also tried the Tineco Pure One S12 cleaning edge by scattering pet litter across a test area. The crevice is also a quarter-inch deep, making it double as a crevice tester.

The Tineco S12 excels at edge cleaning. The standard brush roll is more effective than the soft one. The brush is wider and more powerful, covering a larger area. The brush was covered in small pieces of debris.

Carpet Cleaning Test

Let’s now move on to carpet cleaning tests. All the Cordless Vacuum guide reviews are conducted on carpets with low or medium piles. A separate test was done with embedded coffee grounds on a normal medium-pile carpet to test how the vacuum handles deep cleaning.

Results With Low Pile
  • Quaker Oats 99.1%
  • Coffee: 100%
  • Quinoa: 100%
  • Pet Litter: 100%

We were pleasantly surprised that the Pure One S12 scored slightly more than the V10, which is what we had tested a while back. The increase in airflow and brush roll design could explain the difference, but the results are amazing.

The seal of the power brush for the direct drive is our expert’s favorite. It picked up almost everything during the forward pass. The green arrows indicate the seal. The iLoop sensor detected that the seal was a little difficult to push due to the increased suction. But, at least it works!

Results From Mid Pile
  • Quaker Oats: 96.7 %
  • Coffee: 96.7%
  • Quinoa: 99.9%
  • Pet Litter: 99.6%

This vacuum scores well in the 90s, despite slightly lower scores for medium-pile carpet. Although it scored higher than the DysonV10 in cleaning coffee grounds and picked up less when using the Quaker oatmeal test, the vacuum is still better than the Dyson V10. It is only a small difference, so we wouldn’t consider it too heavy.

Deep cleaning test

To test how well a vacuum picks up embedded dirt, we ran a deep cleaning test. We used 100g of sand to rub on the medium pile carpet we have in our lab.

We’ll also look at the deep cleaning tests, where we applied 100g of sand to a medium pile carpet to test how effective this vacuum is at picking up embedded dirt.

This test has two parts. The first test was done on auto. It did a great job picking up 96.3%. The second test was the most difficult. We turned it up to max, and it picked up 99.6% in the average of the two tests.

Bottom Line From the Expert

The Pure One S12 shines when it comes to cleaning floors. It doesn’t matter whether it’s hardwood floors or carpet; the Pure One S12 can clean them all. The Pure One S12 is a cheaper option, but it doesn’t have the plus. It can clean hard floors very well with its torque drive power brush.

Its inability to remove large objects like Fruit loops is the only problem we have found. It won’t have any problems cleaning dust, coffee grounds, or Quinoa.

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How long Can the Tineco Pure One S12 lLast?

Tineco claims that the two 2,500 mAh lithium batteries will last for 100 minutes each when you open the box. To verify this claim, we ran the vacuum to its full capacity and used a digital timer as a gauge to see how long it would run.

These are the results from the test using the primary floor tool as well as suction-only tools.

Power setting Eco Max
Non-motorized tools (e.g. crevice tool) 51:21 mins. x 2 10:47 mins. x 2
Torque drive power brush 37:35 mins. x 2 10:10 mins. x 2

This vacuum can run up to 37 minutes 35 seconds with the main cleaning head attached. It could also run up to 10 minutes at maximum power. It can run up to 51 minutes 21 seconds on eco, and up to 10 minutes 47 seconds max using suction alone tools.

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Multiply these numbers by two, and the Pure One S12 can run for up to 74 mins at the lowest setting and 20 mins at the maximum setting with the main cleaning brush attached. You can get up to 102 minutes on the lowest setting and 22 minutes on the maximum setting if you use a non-powered tool.

The battery was almost empty, so I noticed a slight decrease in airflow. However, it didn’t impact the vacuum’s performance as we tested the battery at 16%.

The batteries can be removed, making it easy to change them if they fail.

How Loud Is the Tineco Pure One S12

Here are the results of my measurement using a sound meter.

  • Eco: 65.4 – 67.1 dB
  • Maximum: 67.3 to 70.1 deB

You’ll notice that we measured it using the brush roll attached. This will help you to know what you can expect as you use this vacuum a lot.

Design and Capacity of Dust Cups

The manual states that the Pure One S12 can store up to 0.6 liters of dry dirt. This is the maximum fill line. It is larger than the Dyson H8 with 0.54 liters but smaller than the Dyson M10’s 0.77-liter capacity.

The Tineco dust cup has one drawback: it lacks a hygienic system. The vacuum trap door relies solely on gravity. You will need to help your fingers remove pet hair and dust from the vacuum if you are cleaning a lot.

The good news about the dust cup is that it can be disassembled easily. To remove the dust cup, push the lever just below the trigger. Press the release latch and twist the black plastic piece to open the trap door to remove the filter.

This is how the filter assembly appears detached. The dust cup assembly cannot be washed because it contains the iLoop sensor electronic pins and connects to the battery charger. Only the filter assembly is washable.

Before putting it back in your vacuum, make sure it is completely dry.

Smartphone App

The Pure One S12’s unique feature is the app. This feature is unique to the Pure One S12 cordless stick vacuum.

There Are Several Functions That the App Is Essential For:

  1. Battery status: This tells you what the battery is doing and provides real-time updates while you are using the vacuum.
  2. Status of the filter: This tells the user about the current status of the filter. It will tell you if the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.
  3. Power adjustment: The app offers a slider to adjust the power. This slider is similar to the one on the Pure One S12 models, but it’s a little more difficult to use.
  4. The number of cleaning cycles: The app can also record the number of times the vacuum has been used. You can sort your data conveniently by day, week, or month.

The app’s main functions are to notify users about the status of their filter (middle) as well as adjust the power (right). The Tineco App has a link to YouTube if you want some entertainment while vacuuming.

This is a very cool feature. However, if you’ve got the Pure One S12 vacuums with an LED screen, the information will be redundant as the LED screen displays the same data. It’s an essential feature for anyone who plans to purchase any of the lower-end Pure One S12M or S12M Lite models. Both of these versions have a phone holder.

The app installation is easy. It’s simple and has basic features.

Availability of Parts

The availability of parts is a problem when buying a vacuum from a less-known or unknown brand. This seems to not be an issue for Tineco so far. Consumables like the filter. Amazon has floor tools, attachments, and a battery.

Although some parts, such as the battery, can be costly, replacement filters are affordable.

Is the Tineco Pure One S12 a Good Value?

The Tineco Pure One S12 may not be cheap, but you will get a lot from it.

All models come with two Lithium-ion batteries. They can run for up to 102 mins, which is more than any Dyson cordless vacuum (including their flagship V10 or V11 versions). The battery can be effortlessly removed without any demand for special tools, so it’s easy to replace. The current cost of a replacement battery is high.

The Pure One S12 Plus is the top-of-the-line and comes with two attachments to clean bare floors and carpets, besides special tools like the multi-angle attachment and hose that can reach hard-to-reach areas.

I believe that you don’t really need the soft-roll power brush. The standard brush roll can do the job on carpets and hard floors. It won’t clean debris the size of Fruit Loops or Cheerios.

Tineco offers more tools than brands like Shark and Dyson. It has more airflow than the Dyson V10 Absolute, so it’s not surprising that it scored high in most cleaning tests.

The unique LED screen provides vital information and is a valuable tool. The tools are easy to use because they have a quick-release latch that allows for attachment and removal.

The only question is: Which variant is most suitable for you? It would all depend on what you prefer. Our main tester said that because he hates his smartphone distracting him from vacuuming, he’d choose the option with the LED screen.

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The Verdict: Who Should Purchase the Tineco Pure One S12


Honestly saying, the Tineco Pure One S12 outperforms the Dyson V10 Absolute in terms of performance and attachments.

It is more powerful than the V10 and nearly matches the Dyson V11. The solidly-designed direct-drive and soft brush, which gobble up any dirt it encounters, make cleaning a pleasure. The torque drive attachment suffices for most cleaning tasks.

Both tools have LED lights that improve visibility. They are not available in the Dyson V10, V11, or the LG CordZero. This gives it an advantage over the three other models in the same price range.

Six Reasons Why the Tineco Pure One S12 Is a Good Choice

  1. Amazing cleaning performance: The Pure One S12’s excellent airflow means that the One S12 can very well pick up dirt on carpets and floors.
  2. Many tools: If you add the extension wand, the top-spec option will include 14 attachments that can be used to clean multiple parts of your home.
  3. Two batteries: The battery pack includes two Li-ion cells that can last up to 103 minutes, more than the 100 minutes claimed.
  4. LED headlights: The soft roller and the direct-drive tools are equipped with LED lights that track dirt.
  5. Excellent build quality: This model is the best of all Tineco’s stick vacuums in terms of the quality of the plastics used and its ease with attaching or removing tools.
  6. Carpet deep cleaning: 99% score of Pure One S12 surprised us during the deep cleaning tests.

This High-Tech Cordless Stick Vacuum Performs Extremely Well

The results of the Tineco Pure One S12 were amazing. It scored well in all of our tests, particularly cleaning different kinds of debris. Except for the Fruit/veggie loops test, this product scored in the high 90s in all cleaning tests.

The most surprising thing for us was its performance in deep cleaning, scoring an average of 91% on the two tests it passed. It ran at a similar pace to other cord-free vacuums within its price range. However, when you consider that it comes with two, the run time is above average.

The charging dock and auto function, which adjusts the power according to the amount of dirt passing through the sensor, are also strong points. The Tineco Pure One S12 is a great choice for those looking for a stick vacuum that works well and is of high quality.

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