Tineco Ifloor 3 vs Ifloor One S3: Top Comparison

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Tineco is among the top vacuum makers available. This is why If you’re searching for a top dry and wet vacuum, you’ve come to the right place.

Through this article, you’ll discover the two most effective Tineco dry and wet vacuums. So, you’ll be able to locate the dry or wet vacuum that has precisely what you require.

Today, we’ll be comparing two excellent dry and wet vacuum cleaners. Tineco iFloor 3 and Floor One S3. The two models look almost identical.

They even have similar prices; however, iFloor One S3 is typically slightly more costly. Which floor cleaner for hardwood is the best you can get for your residence? Better yet, what one offers you the most features?

We’ll compare Floor One S3 vs. Tineco iFloor 3 based on their suction, brush, water tanks, batteries, and iLoop’s smart sensing technology.

Check out the article to find out who won.

Introduction of Tineco Ifloor 3 vs Ifloor One S3

Tineco Ifloor 3

Tineco iFLOOR3 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Ifloor One S3

Tineco Floor ONE S3 Cordless Hardwood Floors Cleaner (1)

Tineco iFLOOR 3 vs. FLOOR One S3: This is a comparative review of the most well-known and feature-packed dry and wet vacuum mop systems made by the home of Tineco.

Can Tineco cleaning products for hard floors be appropriate to eliminate pet staining? Are they made for any type of floor? Why should you purchase FLOOR One S3 and not iFLOOR 3?

This post will answer every question you have. Learn more about the top Tineco vacuum and mop according to your needs.

Let’s begin.

Face-To-Face Comparison

Tineco iFloor 3 iFloor One S3
Power  Battery  Battery 
Run Time Up to 25 mins Up to 35 mins
Battery Holding Capacity 3000mAh 4000mAh
Suction Capacity 2.5 Times more suction than the iFloor 2.5 Times more suction than the iFloor

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1. Design & Appearance

  • LED display
  • 35-minute run time
  • 4 hours of charging time

There’s plenty to love with this model, iFloor One S3. With 4.5kg (9.9lbs), It’s lightweight. Because it’s in the form of upright vacuum cleaners (although it’s non-powered), this doesn’t need to be a factor in the use. Suppose you’re required to lift it upstairs to sweep your bathroom floor. It’s a breeze.

So, designed with care, slim frames, and has a sleek, contemporary appearance. It’s also packed with smart features.

At the handle’s base, there is a display of LEDs that displays the level of the battery, Wi-Fi connectivity, levels of the water tank, and other important details.

Strangely enough, it comes with a red/blue color indicator that informs you when it detects an accident or debris spill, such as you would not be aware that you’ve dropped an entire cereal bowl on the floor. But, this is connected to its auto-detection function and isn’t as redundant as it seems.

The battery’s status is displayed in percentages; however, it’s not as effective as Dyson’s countdown clock. It does give a more accurate indication of the time left compared to illuminated bars. There’s a maximum time of 35 minutes, following which it takes an additional four hours of recharge.

The ifloor One S3 features two tanks of water, one for water that is clean (0.6l) and the other that is for dirt water (0.5l). These tanks are simple to take out and wash by the kitchen sink. Since they’re opaque, dark plastic, they can help conceal dirty water, but you’ll still be able to see water levels instantly.

One minor issue can be the fact that these tanks aren’t bigger. There was plenty of room to wash our space. However, it’s only being able to tidy one moderately-sized but not excessively filthy room before you need to replenish and empty out the tank.

One of the standout highlights is the fact that it’s wireless. This makes it extremely user-friendly. It’s positioned in the charging dock with a compact footprint that is just a bit larger than the vacuum’s base. There’s enough room to store every one of Floor One’s accessories aside from the cleaning fluid bottle.

Along with it comes a vacuum cleaner inside the box containing cleaning fluid, an extra a HEPA filter, brush roller, a 3-in-1 cleaning tool that can clean the ifloor of One S3 itself.

2. Smart Features

Like other Tineco appliances, the ifloor One S3 comes with smart features. The application will cost you nothing to download or use, and it’s compatible with both Apple and Android. The amount of use you’ll gain from it depends on how accustomed you are to the apps.

We found it useful to be able to check the battery’s status as it charged, even though we didn’t have to check the levels of the power or tank levels of fill.

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3. Performance

  • Simple setup
  • Suction that auto-adjusts
  • Self-propelling cleaning

The One S3 is pretty easy to install. Simply place the handle inside the appliance, then charge it and fill it up with clean water.

If you start using it, you’re expecting a pleasant surprise (or might be in if I didn’t ruin the experience for you). Floor One S3 Floor One S3 propels itself through the floor.

It’s a weird sensation because you’re holding on to the character of Mary Poppins as it goes to work. This means you’ll just have to steer it around the room as it is cleaning.

It adjusts the suction power according to how dirty the floor is. We found it to be very effective. It didn’t over-wet our floor in any way. It was able to vacuum efficiently and also removed those small tea stainings that appeared impervious to the normal mopping methods.

It’s quiet when in use, with Tineco claiming to have an operating level of 78 decibels.

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4. Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Self-cleaning mode.
  • It is easy to take off parts.
  • Voice prompts to address maintenance problems.

If you’ve ever worked with robot vacuums and are familiar with the concept of an instrument that tells you the tasks it’s performing. It’s kind of creepy but also helpful at the same time.

However, when the creepiness outweighs the usefulness, there’s a switch on the handle to disable this feature.

It’s helpful to inform you when the part isn’t properly fitted. For example, if, for instance, you’ve removed the roller for cleaning and you haven’t put it back on correctly, it will notify you.

Sometimes it can be a bit too much, like when it’s in self-cleaning mode, in which it announces each step.

“Start self-cleaning: Cleansing the brush and roller. Cleaning channels that have been contaminated.” This is about halfway into the procedure; we switched off the voice mode because we felt we had more information than we wanted.

Self-cleaning is a great feature by itself. However, certain stages can be noisy due to mini-jet engines.

After docking and using Floor One S3, you can turn it on, and it will flow clean water through the system, which means all you need to do is clean and remove the tanks and dry the roller.

It’s also easy to take off. Since there’s no space for rubbish and dirt to get caught in the device, it’s easy and simple to clean.

But, be prepared for how unpleasant it will be to clean out the drinking tank and the filter. Imagine all the hair and pieces in your vacuum cleaner combined with the dirty mop water in a soup, and you’re not even getting close to understanding the disgustingness of the task.

5. Brush

You may think the brush is different because Tineco iFloor 3 and Floor One S3 appear almost identical. The reality is that the brush is identical. There are minor distinctions here and there, but there’s nothing much for you to talk about.

What we want to be discussing is the reason this brush is so amazing. As a floor cleaner, this brush is designed to be used on tile, sealed wood laminate, and various other hard surfaces.

Unlike other floor cleaners that provide wet cleaning with little suction, both can effortlessly clean dry debris off floors.

The brush also comes with an excellent self-cleaning function. Just push a button for the brush to move through the brush to cleanse it. It’s much simpler than cleaning the brush by hand.

It’s a tie in this case; however, let’s continue to determine if there are any other variations.

6. Suction

A vacuum that has strong suction so that it removes everything from the floor. There’s nothing more annoying than making several trips across the floor but leaving dirt and other debris on the floor.

Are the vacuums you use strong enough to get rid of your home, and will you be rushing out the broom to complete the task?

The good thing is that iFloor 3 and One S3 have good suction. This is a tie since they both have the same suction.

Both have 30W of suction, which is quite powerful compared to their price. Paying more money for this kind of suction power from a floor cleaner is typical.

When you’re cleaning up spills or drinking cereal and broken eggs, the two Tineco vacuums can make quick clean-up. Additionally, the self-cleaning brush prevents the suction from getting weakened when you do regular cleaning.

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7. Water Tank

There’s another tie here because both models come with identical water tanks and use the same technology for two tanks. Be assured that the distinctions will be revealed soon but let’s look at what you can expect from the water tanks in this article.

They both have two tanks. There’s a clean tank as well as a dirty one. This can be found among the top floor cleaners since it stops the floor from being cleaned with dirty water. If you had only one tank, you’d reuse dirty water on your floor, which is disgusting.

There is a tank for clean water and solutions. The vacuum draws water from this tank when it sprays the floor. The tank of dirty water is where the water is disposed of when the vacuum takes it in. You can easily take both tanks to fill them up and empty them.

The sizes of the tanks are identical. There’s a 0.6L purified water tank and an 0.5L filthy water tank. It’s pretty great and keeps the vacuum from becoming too heavy.

As of now, the vacuums have been similar; however, let’s get into their distinctions so you can determine which one is the best.

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8. Battery

Both of them are floor cleaners that use no cords as such and are limited in their use until they have been replenished. Tineco comes with a wonderful charging dock that you simply put the vacuum in, and it will charge fast enough. But, there’s an important difference between the two batteries.

Its battery capacity of Tineco iFloor 3 is 300mAh and has a run duration of about 25 minutes. This is pretty impressive, especially when you compare it to other cordless vacuums with similar costs.

The battery capacity of Tineco Floor One S3 is 4000 mAh and has a running duration of just 35 minutes. This is a total of 10 additional minutes to make sure you completely clean your home. If you’ve got a bigger house or more clutter, then the 10 minutes you have are worth it.

It might not appear to be an enormous difference, but those 10 minutes will make iFloor One S3 from Tineco to the front.

But don’t fret because it comes with other features you will not discover in iFloor 3 by Tineco.

9. iLoop & App Integration

Both vacuum cleaners feature an amazing LED display that displays the power level, battery life, how much the cleaner is in a knot, and many other useful features. But the Floor One S3 is more advanced and has more features.

Let’s begin with the Tineco iLoop sensors. This sensor can detect mess and functions as a compass that shows you where the mess is and if you’ve missed something. There will be blue and red lights on the sensors. Blue signals that the space is tidy, while red signals the presence of a mess.

The 360-degree sensing system can ensure that your home is kept clean. It will let you know whether you’ve missed an area and can often detect messes that you might miss.

But that’s not all. The Floor One S3 comes with app support. The Tineco app offers current information on the performance of your tank, as well as notifications, reminders for cleaning the tanks, maintenance alerts, prioritizing tech support, and more. The app even supports voice assistance to make it easier.

Even though iFloor 3 has an attractive LED screen packed with details, it cannot be compared to iFloor One S3.

Tineco Floor One S3 Vs iFloor 3 Differences: Quick Overview

Are you curious about the distinctions between Floor One S3 and Tineco iFloor 3? It was initially apparent that they were identical vacuums.

However, we noticed some distinct distinctions that have firmly propelled Floor One up to the top of the line.

The vacuums use the same brush and similar suction. They also share the same water tanks and utilize two tanks to keep your floors tidy.

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But the Floor One S3 was ahead of the pack with being able to run battery for an additional 10-minutes, iLoop sensor technology that can detect messes in your home, and an app integration that provides you with detailed information about the vacuum.

Although both are strong and flexible floor cleaners, both of them work well for hard floors; the Floor One S3 pulls ahead with superior features and modern technology.

But, iFloor 3 does not slow down. It comes with a variety of amazing features at a reasonable price also.



It boils down to one question: Do you think the premium price on the ifloor of One S3 is worth the cost? It is for us. The reason? Being able to adjust water flow and suction as well as getting an extra 10 minutes of running time were essential.

If you’re dealing with a small space that you’ll need to be cleaning, you could choose to use the IFloor 3. But, if you consider the free brush roller, we’ll say that the S3 has a huge advantage in all aspects.

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