Tineco Ifloor 3 vs Bissell Crosswave Review

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Wet-dry vacuums differ from other vacuums. The reason is that vacuums utilize suction to remove dust, dirt, and debris from your floor.

It’s a simple procedure that has been demonstrated repeatedly to be able to comprehend. Do you think it’s worth the purchase – Tineco IFloor 3 Vs. Bissell Crosswave?

Contrary to this, wet-dry vacuums do not just make use of suction to clean the floors; they also utilize cleaners and water.

When you vacuum, you’re also cleaning your floors. This provides great cleanliness to your floors.

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Tineco IFloor 3 Vs. Bissell Crosswave: Hot Comparison

Tineco IFloor 3

Tineco iFLOOR3 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell Crosswave

BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Area Rug Cleaner (1)

Contrary to this, wet-dry vacuums don’t only utilize suction to clean your floors; Also, they make use of water and cleaning solutions.

Also, when you’re vacuuming, you’re cleaning your floors, and this can add a higher level of cleanliness to the floors.

A lot of people choose to buy wet dry vacuums specifically because of the extra amount of cleaning power they offer.

They’re also not that much from regular vacuums in cost, even though mopping can help keep your floors clean.

Compare Tineco IFloor 3 Vs Bissell Crosswave: Chart

  Bissell CrossWave Tineco iFloor
Brand Bissell Tineco
Two-Tank Technology Yes Yes
Multi-Surface Cleaning Yes Yes
Capacity 0.4L 0.55L
Surfaces Floors Bare Floors
  Rugs Sealed Wood Floors
    Hard Floors
Item Dimension 10.5 x 12 x 46 in 10.6 x 9.8 x 43.7 in
Power Source Corded Cordless
Vacuum & Wash Yes Yes
Weight 11.5 pounds 6.5 pounds

If you’re trying to find an honest and reliable wet-dry vacuum, this guide is what you need to look at. We’ll be watching two fantastic wet-dry vacuums.

In the beginning, we’ll examine the Bissell CrossWave. You’ll be studying the distinct characteristics and features that this wet-dry vacuum has to offer.

In addition, you’ll be able to learn how to use the Tineco iFloor, what it can offer, and what sets it apart from its counterpart, the Bissell CrossWave.

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Side-By-Side Comparison

1. Design, Handling, Maneuverability, and Aesthetics

While design and aesthetics aren’t directly connected to the cleaning capabilities, it is important to consider how the two brands and their models are compared.

Certain buyers are concerned about appearance; it’s also a good idea to be able to tell the differences between these models simply by looking at them.

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Tineco iFloor 3

Tineco iFLOOR Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner 3

It’s not much of a change about this Tineco iFloor 3. The design and style remain similar, as is the white, but with silver and black accents.

Certain parts are also transparent. However, when it comes to measurements and weight, there’s some variation. Tineco iFloor 3 measures 11.3” x 10” x 43.3”. It weighs 9.9lbs.

The latest version features an LED-lit display. This iFloor 3 doesn’t change anything regarding maneuverability or handling. It comes with a swivel neck cleaner, off-road wheels, and an extremely comfortable grip.

BISSELL Crosswave 

Bissell Crosswave 3

It is available in a variety of colors. BISSELL Crosswave comes in various colors, but the 2306A vacuum is made of titanium featuring grapevine violet and silver.

For dimension it is 10.5 12 x 36 x 46 inches. It weighs 11.5lbs. The cleaning head is Swivel Technology that allows for effortless flexing and turning , while the wheels dramatically improve the ability to maneuver on various surfaces.

2. Cleaning Performance

The most crucial factor to consider when deciding between Tineco or CrossWave is their cleaning capabilities.

There are several crucial aspects to consider when evaluating the cleaning capabilities of dry and wet vacuum cleaners.

We will examine the mopping feature, its orientation, and also the vacuuming function before publishing our test results for cleaning. Let’s begin.


In this segment, we’ll examine the performance of vacuuming vacuum cleaners.

The performance is among the primary factors that will affect your choice of CrossWave and Tineco.

The elements to be considered here are the suction power, the cleaning head, and the filtration.

Tineco iFloor 3

The next model comes next is the iFloor 3, which also has a spinning brush roll. However, this time suction power is upped.

This iFloor 3 puts up 2.5x the suction capacity of the iFloor, which means more thorough cleaning, especially for hard floors with a lot of stains and dirt that remains.

In addition to the enhanced suction and improved cleaning, it also has a better filtering system. Tineco iFloor 3 comes with real HEPA filters that can filter down to 0.3 microns.

This is an excellent bargain for those who live in homes with allergy sufferers.

Bissell CrossWave

Bissell Crosswave 1

This Bissell Multi Floor CrossWave comes with strong motors that provide enough suction to take care of any kind of dirt.

The cleaning head comes with dual-action brush rolls that rotate at 3,500 RPM. Brushes will ensure a thorough floor and carpet cleaning in conjunction with the revolutionary nylon and microfiber.

Regarding filtering, this Bissell CrossWave Multi Floor will be perfect for homes with pets or allergy sufferers, thanks to the HEPA filter.


One feature of Tineco iFloor and Bissell CrossWave vacuums in this article, is that they provide dry and wet mopping apart from vacuuming.

In this review, we’ve reviewed the mopping capabilities of the two vacuums in this comparison review. Learn more about mopping efficiency, water tanks, and other details.

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Tineco iFloor 3

Tineco iFLOOR Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner 3

Tineco iFloor 3 is not any different, as it offers a dual tank design and an easy spray trigger. This time, however, the Chinese manufacturer has included bigger tanks.

It has a 600ml tank for water that is clean and 500Ml to treat dirty water. The new feature is the alerts to empty and refill that notify users that there isn’t pure water present in their tank or the tank that is dirty needs emptying.

Additionally, you can utilize a cleaning product with the iFloor 3 to eliminate unpleasant odors and remove hard-to-clean stains by using Spot mode. Now, that’s appreciable.

Bissell CrossWave

The CrossWave 1785A Multi-Surface features dual tank designs. There’s a 420Ml dirty water tank and 830Ml clean tank. For reference, it is possible to use the cleaning solution or detergent using the 1785A.

When the dirty water tank is filled, the device stops the suction motor, and a loud, high-pitched sound indicates to you that time is right to flush the tank.

The CrossWave 1785A has two levels of spray based on the quantity of water required. It also has a trigger to spray that controls how much cleaning fluid is used.


Don’t purchase a vacuum before determining what it’s intended to be used for. In this section, learn about the purpose each model from both brands is intended for.

Tineco iFloor 3

The next is the Tineco iFloor 3 vacuum cleaner, which is also designed to deal with any type of sealed floor and laminates vinyl, hardwood marble, and more.

It, too, like the predecessor, isn’t the best choice for carpets that need to be vacuumed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

However, if you’re looking to perform small tasks to be done with carpets with a lower pile, then you’re well-equipped; however, don’t expect a thorough cleaning.

Bissell CrossWave

This Bissell CrossWave 1785A MultiFloor is a fantastic bargain for cleaning floors that are not bare. It doesn’t matter if it’s tile, vinyl, linoleum, hardwood, and laminate.

It has got the floor covered. Contrary to Tineco IFloor models, it is possible to count on CrossWave MultiFloor vacuum for cleaning rugs.

It has a multi-surfaced brush that is suitable for area rugs and an additional brush roll for uncleaned flooring.

Cleaning Test Results

As is the norm, we test each vacuum we test. For the dry and wet vacuums, we tested them on a laminate floor with the usual household dirt like sugar, rice hair, pet hair, cat litter, honey stains, margarine, and urine stains.

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3. Usability

This section will look at the smart features and convenient extras included in these Bissell and Tineco wet and dry vacuums.

Tineco iFloor 3

In the case of Tineco iFloor 3, there are numerous enhancements. The first is that the vacuum comes with operating notifications that make it easier to respond whenever needed, such as when it’s time to clear the garbage and change filters, for example.

It also has a display that displays the status of the battery, blocks, and the current working status. This vacuum features a compact and practical docking station for charging and storing the device when it comes to storage.

Tineco iFloor 3 has an all-in-one cleaning tool and a self-cleaning feature to ease maintenance.

Bissell CrossWave

Bissell Crosswave 4

This Bissell CrossWave Multi Floor comes with SmartClean Fingertip Handles with controls, which let users toggle between the solid floor and area rug options.

It has the carry handle, but unfortunately, it does not have an automatic rewinding feature for cords, and you’ll need to manually wind the cord before storing it.

The maintenance process is fairly simple. The water tank has to be filled, while the dirty tank is required to be flushed after each use.

However, the brush roll comes with a simple trigger and release.

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4. Power Options

You are probably aware that vacuums have motors and other electrical systems requiring electricity. Similar to that, certain vacuums are corded, while various others are cord-free.

In this article, find out how the various Tineco and Bissell models have a competitive edge.

Tineco iFloor 3

The next model comes The Tineco iFloor 3, which comes with slightly longer battery longevity. It has a battery of 3,000mAh, which lasts about 25 minutes and takes four hours to fully recharge.

Bissell CrossWave

Bissell Crosswave 2

Bissell CrossWave 1785A  (MultiFloor ) is a wet, corded, and dry vacuum. It comes with a power cord that is 25 feet long, but it isn’t equipped with an automatic rewinding of the cord.


In this section, we’ve provided our readers’ most frequently asked questions, along with the responses.

Does Tineco have a better reputation than Bissell?

Bissell is indeed a well-known brand, but it's not as popular as Tineco. However, the Chinese brand provides better quality for the money, especially in dry and wet vacuums. This iFloor 3 is a vacuum cleaner that stands out due to its innovative features.

Are you able to utilize Lysol in the Bissell CrossWave dry and wet vacuum cleaner?

No. Do not use Lysol inside your CrossWave because it could cause blockages to the system. Only use certified cleaning solutions or homemade cleaners, such as castile soap, lemon juice, vinegar, and ruby alcohol.

What is the main difference between the Bissell CrossWave Multi Floor and CrossWave Pet Pro?

These models belong to the same category, but the former model is specifically designed for floors with hard surfaces, and the latter is equipped with specific features to deal with pet mess.

Who creates Tineco?

Tineco vacuums are produced through ECOVACS Robotics Group, which made Deebot robot vacuums.

Wrapping Up


It’s difficult to pick a winner from the current Tineco iFloor 3 comparison with Bissell CrossWave A comparison review. Although Bissell is the most popular product in this competition, Tineco gives it excellent value.

For the final part of the debate, Tineco is the best choice for those who want the best of both efficiency and ease of use, while Bissell is a good value for those who want pure cleaning capabilities.

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