Tineco Floor One S3 Review: Is it Worth Your Money?

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The Tineco Cordless Vacuum For Hardwood Floor Cleaner is today’s newest craze! The internet is abuzz with this latest hardwood floor vacuum cleaner.

Self-empowered, Independent, Compact, Time-saving, and Multifunctional. These are just a few appealing words that will light up your vacuum cleaner.

However, it remains to be seen how truthful these claims are.

Thanks to this honest review, we are certain to have a great illustration of the Tineco vacuum cleaner.

Without wasting a minute, let’s dive into the fascinating depths of the Tineco Cordless vacuum for hardwood floor cleaner.

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Tineco Floor ONE S3 Cordless Hardwood Floors Cleaner (1)

Tineco Floor One S3 Features

  • Compatible with the app
  • It lasts longer than the most washing machine
  • iLoop(TM), smart sensor technology, detects wet/dry messes and adjusts suction power, and flows automatically
  • Additional cleaning information is displayed on a display
  • Two tanks to hold both clean and dirty water
  • Portable and cordless
  • All accessories can be stored in the dock
  • Self-cleaning brush roll

What is a Vacuum Mop?

Tineco Floor One S3 2

A vacuum mop is an all-in-one cleaning machine. It vacuums while also releasing clean water onto the floors and suctioning it up. Your floor will never be contaminated by dirty water. There are two compartments. One holds clean water, and one holds dirty water. The clean water holder is where you put the cleaning solution. The water dries quickly and leaves a thin layer of water on the floor.

The Tineco wet-dry vacuum can clean up both wet and dry spillages. You can even use it to vacuum rugs. It’s more than a vacuum. It works well on the carpet. You can also turn off the water.

Tineco also has three vacmop models. The smart mop we got was a good model. We were able to talk to the one that we bought, and it told us when it was time to change the water or clean it.

If the battery is low, information is displayed on the display screen. It is lightweight and easy to push and move. It moves by itself. A vacuum mop is great for anyone with a bad back or simply to make cleaning more enjoyable.

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Overall Performance of Tineco Floor One – S3

Tineco Floor One S3 1

Overall, the floor cleaner performed well. It can dry dirt from tile and hardwood floors. We also love the wet-dry capability.

The downsides are that it isn’t as easy to manoeuvre as other stick vacuums or mops we have tried. Also, the internal debris filter is too small and can’t clean up a larger, lumpier mess.

It works well, and we love using it. We use it to give the floors in our dual-pet home a thorough, clean sweep. The Tineco Floor One S3 is a great choice for hard floors.

Our research has reflected that there are numerous reasons why the Tineco Cordless Vacuum For Hardwood Floor Cleaner is a good choice.

While many of these factors are based on the current COVID-19 pandemic and other urgent issues, they also address the product’s viability as a cleaning machine.

These are the top reasons to use a Tineco Cordless Vacuum for hardwood floors:

It’s a smart technology that has simple controls.

Tineco Floor One S3 4

This technology can be controlled to produce the desired hardwood look with just one touch. The wash system cleans your floor aggressively and also handles other cleaning chores. An automatic water release powers it.

This is a new feature among vacuum cleaners.

The Tineco Cordless Vacuum Cleaner cleans itself automatically without missing any stage. This vacuum cleaner is 100% self-cleaning. Smart controls such as voice control, auto-mode, and voice control take over manual handlings in the shortest possible time.

What About The App?

This is the only vacuum and mop that can connect to the app. What the Tineco app has to offer:

The app will open with a message advising about maintenance. The main menu shows the battery level, clean water tank status, and dirty water tank status. The app will show you when to clean your tanks if you haven’t done so. You can set the vacuum to auto or manually adjust the water flow and suction power. You don’t need to toggle between settings. The auto mode is easier.

It has a voice assistant, letting you mute the voice. You can also use the self-cleaning feature to flash water to the brush roll to clean it. You can also do it while it’s charging if needed.

Therefore, you can also view your cleaning history, showing how often and how long you used the vacuum. With Alexa and Google Home, you can create a routine.

Although the app isn’t essential, it is an excellent addition.

It is safe for hardwood floors and cleans them well

Tineco Floor One S3 3

The unique brush roller of the Tineco vacuum cleaner has a shaped contact surface on the floor. This prevents moisture and mess from escaping at every turn. It is possible to remove the roller manually, but it is unlikely to be removed.

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Its self-cleaning system means that it shouldn’t be removed for maintenance. Tineco maintenance may be required in some cases. A broken Tineco Cordless Vacuum For Hardwood Floor Cleaner would make management very difficult.

However, this is extremely unlikely.

The Tineco Cordless Vacuum For Hardwood Floor Cleaner is truly a marvellous technology! The benefits of the product are obvious from the above, but the following chapter will show the product in its most honest light.

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It can save your cleaning time

This cleaning technology is self-adjusting, to put it simply. The Tineco Cordless Vacuum For Hardwood Floor Cleaner will surely overpower your cleaning routine, from its battery life to its auto-control function. It’s a great way to clean.

You’ll be amazed at the time it takes to clean up after you turn it on. You’d be able to do other chores with the vacuum cleaner.

The brush roll’s clean, and the quick performance makes it stand out. It leaves the floor spotless and dry-cleans in minutes.

  • High-quality Brush Roller
  • Easy to use; Dry, and Wet Vacuum
  • Dual Wash & Vacuum Performance
  • Best for pet dirt
  • Smart Automated Control and Voice-Controlled
  • Cordless Performance
  • Dual Tank Function
  • Best choice for Hardwood floor
  • Multi-Cleaning Package and Versatile Package
  • Requires longer charging time.
  • Consumption of high-power.
  • It is difficult to repair and troubleshoot once the damage has been done.



Although there are less expensive models, this model is the best. It is slower than other models, has a larger battery, senses how much cleaning solution is needed at any given moment and comes with its own app.

The Tineco FLOOR One S3 cleans well and comes with an app that allows you to track the status of any additional parts. It cleans up the stains well. Hence, it is the first vacuum and mop device to have voice assistance, an app, and Alexa/Google Home compatibility. It is also the first vacuum & mop device to have a display (except the IFLOOR 3) and a dust sensor.

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What vacuum cleaner can I use to clean carpets and rugs?

Ans. Yes, It can be used to clean carpets and rugs. Make sure you empty the dust tank before using it.

Tineco Cordless Vacuum For Hardwood Floor Cleaner is a sophisticated brand?

Ans. Yes, this model is truly sophisticated, thanks to its iFloor design. Despite its technological excellence, the product model is still affordable.

Can I have parts of the product repaired or replaced by myself?

Ans. No.

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