Tineco A11 Master Review: Complete Comparison With Competitors

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After having reviewed the A10, and the Pure One S12, I will be taking a closer look at Tineco’s mid-priced option, the A11.

This model’s price is identical to Dyson V8, but I have extensively tested it to determine its performance on different types and types of messes, usability, noise level, ergonomics, and more.

Tineco A11, a more powerful version of the A10, has a bigger motor and an additional battery which essentially doubles its run time. The A11 has a better overall finish and quality.

The A11 has a quicker-release latch, which snaps more quickly and is convenient than the A10. The semi-transparent body makes it appear futuristic, and the performance on carpets and hard floors is excellent.

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Tineco A11


  • Better build quality than the entry-level Tineco A10
  • Excellent performance on both carpets and hard floors
  • Even though it is in the same price range has more tools than Dyson V8,
  • At 0.6 Liters, the dirt capacity is above-average
  • The dual charging dock can charge both batteries simultaneously


  • Design with a high top.

Product Specifications

Model Tineco A11
Battery life up to 53:28 mins.

(2 batteries)

Battery 2,000 mAH Li-ion (X 2)
Width 9.25″
Net weight 5.5 pounds
Overall length 47″
Battery indicator Yes
Charging time N/A
Dust capacity 0.6 li
Brush roll on/off No
Cordless Yes
Filter type Lifetime washable
Warranty 2 years
Power up to 58 CFM
Bagless Yes

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What Can You Expect From the Tineco A11 Vacuum Cleaner?

The Tineco A11 Master model, which is equally expensive to the Dyson V8, is slightly costlier than the Shark ION P50.

Tineco sent me a sample of the A11 Master+. This model has an LED multi-tasker power brush besides the soft roller power brush as well.

Both tools are excellent at cleaning hard floors and carpets. This tool is distinguished from Shark and Dyson by its row of LED headlights, which improve visibility. There are three A11 options: Master, Master+, and Hero+.

The motor and battery of all models are the same (except for Master, which comes with the bigger 2,500 mAh Lithium battery). This ensures that there is a minor difference in cleaning performance. There are differences in the attachments and the color scheme.

The Hero model has the blue-and-white combo, while the Master has the green-and-white combination.

How’s A11 better than the A10?

Tineco A11

Although the A10 and A11 share similar design cues, the A11 is better overall in many aspects. The transparent body shell of the A11 was something I noticed. Except for the motor, you can see the inner plastic shell.

The semi-transparent, frosted design of the batteries allows you to see the cells’ silhouettes inside. The A11, has a trigger lock to hold the switch in the on position.

Quality of construction has improved

A locking mechanism is missing from the A10 for suction-only tools. This is among the pet peeves. Attachments like the crevice or combination tool don’t have a quick-release latch.

Tineco solved this issue by including this in each tool for the A11. The quick-release latch will ensure that everything stays in place. It is also easier to remove the tools, as they slide off easily.

Charging dock

Although the A10 didn’t have a dock for charging, it did come with tool storage that could hold most tools. It came with one battery and a plug to charge it.

The A11 is somewhat different. This particular variant includes the double-charging dock, which can charge 2 batteries simultaneously. You can also store 3 just-suction attachments in the slots.

The dock has one downside: you have to drill holes in the wall. This is subjective.

What Power Does the Tineco A11 Possess?

An anemometer was used to measure airflow at A11’s various power settings in order to determine its power. The airflow can be used to gauge how well a vacuum performs on different surfaces. The vacuum will pick up more types of debris if it has a higher airflow.

This is the Tineco A11’s result on the lowest and maximum power settings at the wand and cleaning head.

Airflow Low Max
Wand 31.8 CFM 58.1 CFM
Cleaning Head 24.37 CFM 39.74 CFM

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On the default setting The A11 has nearly equal air flow to Dyson V8 (31.9 CFM instead of 32 CFM). The Dyson V10 has nearly equal  airflow (58 CFM vs. 59 CFM) when the maximum setting is used.

The Dyson V8 has a higher airflow at the maximum setting (39.52 vs. 36.95 CFM), but the A11’s airflow is lower at the lowest setting (24.55 CFM vs. 26 CFM).

This is remarkable for a cordless vacuum at such a low price. The battery was nearing empty, and I noticed an increase in airflow. There will be some loss of airflow during the power cycle.

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How Long Will the Tineco A11 Master Last?

Tineco claims that the A11 Master includes two 2,500mAh Li-ion battery packs. These batteries can be used for as long as 60 minutes. The A11 Hero’s lower-end battery has a smaller, 2,000 mAh Lithium battery that can run for around 51 minutes when combined.

To verify that this claim is true, we tested the vacuum in various configurations to determine how long it would run from empty to full. The table below shows the results.

Power setting Eco Max
Non-Motorized Tools  26:46 mins. x 2 10:37 mins. x 2
Multi-Tasker Power Brush 25:05 mins. x 2 10:8 mins. x 2

Cleaning Experience With Tineco A11?

Talking about the most versatile cordless stick vacuum on the market, the Tineco A11 is one of them, thanks to its many tools. You can use it as either a handheld vacuum or a stick vacuum, depending on which attachment you choose.

The Pure One S12 has one advantage: it is smaller and lighter than the Pure One S12. This makes it easier to use for cleaning high-up areas, such as ceiling vents.

The A11’s primary purpose is to clean floors. This is possible thanks to the high-efficiency design of the basid cleaning attachments, the soft roller power brush, and the multi-tasker.

Two main nozzles are featured on the Tineco A11: The soft roller power brush and LED multi-tasker toothbrush. These tools are very similar to the Dyson V8’s soft roller attachment and direct-drive Dyson V8.

These tools have a row of LED headlights that can help you track dust. This vacuum is versatile because it can be used with or without an extension tube.

The quick-release latch makes it easy to attach and remove different tools.

Cleaning Performance Results

Tineco A11 (3)

We tried the Tineco A11 on a variety of debris, including coffee (first photo), quaker oatmeal (second photo), and pet litter (4th photo). To test how it performs on large pieces of dirt, we also tried it on Fruit/veggie loops.

Let’s first look at the overall scores.

  • Overall: 99.4%
  • Hard Floor: 99.78%
  • Carpet (Surface pickup): 99.71%
  • Carpet (Deep cleaning),: 96.56%

The overall score of the Tineco A11 is impressive at 99.4%. This isn’t that far behind the 99.5% score of Pure One S12, which is the costlier option.

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1. Hard Floor Results

Our results of experimenting on hard floors were excellent using the soft roller brush. Check out the photos below for some before-and-after shots.

  • Quaker Oats: 99.5%
  • Coffee: 99.8%
  • Quinoa: 99.5%
  • Pet Litter: 99.8%

Scores were close to perfect, as the soft-roller attachment can inhale any debris that is in front of it. The Dyson V8 version’s A10 and A11 versions are as good as ours. Tineco doesn’t have a variant that has the soft roller as the Dyson does with Fluffy.

It was also very good at cleaning fruit/veggie loops. It picked up all the debris in its path. The majority of the debris was gathered in the dust cup. There were only two fruit loops that were left beneath the tool.

Although the A11 standard brush roll is capable of cleaning hard surfaces, it won’t be as effective as the Dyson V10/V11 at large piles of a mess because it doesn’t have the adjustable gates.

2. Sand on Hard Floor Test

Poorly designed vacuums make sand one of the most difficult things to clean from hardwood floors. To test how the A11 performs, we spread 100 grams of sand on the floor to see how much it picked up.

One test was done with the soft roller, the other with the standard brush roll. The average score of 99.5% was achieved on both the soft and standard brush rolls, which is an outstanding score.

3. Edge Cleaning Test

To check how the A11 cleaned edges, we placed pet litter in the edges with a quarter-inch crevice. These are the before-and-after shots.

The A11 did a great job of picking up pet litter from the edges. The photo doesn’t show much of the litter. It’s in the upper right corner. Although the standard and soft roller attachments were excellent, it is not as efficient as Dyson V8’s Fluffy attachment.

4. Hair wrap experiment on hard floors

To test how much hair would wrap around the A11 roller, we used 1 gram of 5-7 inch human hair. Its soft roller attachment didn’t have any hair wrapped, to our surprise. It was superior to other brands, which used strands of hair to wrap the soft roller attachment of vacuum cleaner.

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5. Carpet Cleaning

To determine the A11’s effectiveness on carpets, we used the same four materials on both the low and the mid pile. To test how deep it cleans carpets, we did another test. We used 1o0g of coffee grounds to rub on the mid-pile carpet.

Again, the scores are great for a vacuum at this cost. The more expensive Dyson V8 Absolute scores better. Tineco’s filtration is not as good as Dyson’s, so this is something you will need to weigh.

6. Low Pile Results

  • Quaker Oats: 99.8%
  • Coffee: 99.8%
  • Quinoa: 99.7%
  • Pet Litter: 99.6%

Low pile carpet scored the A11 nearly perfect, which means that this multi-tasking power brush can handle the job.

However, we did notice a little snowplow when our expert was cleaning dirt from a pile. But this is not an issue for daily cleaning tasks.

7. Mid Pile Results

  • Quaker Oats: 99.8%
  • Coffee: 99.4%
  • Quinoa: 99.8%
  • Pet Litter: 99.7%

The results of mid-pile carpet testing were one of the most surprising aspects of the Tineco A11. In comparison, the Pure One S12 scores are lower than this one across all categories. This might be a better option if you have lots of mid-pile carpets in your home.

8. Deep Cleaning Test

Tineco A11 (2)

Next, we will examine how the A11 cleans embedded dirt. We used 100g of coffee on a medium pile carpet and rubbed it with my hand to embed the dirt.

Tineco A11 was able to score a remarkable 96.54%, slightly less than the A10’s 94.7%. The Dyson V8 scored an average of 97.6%, while the V10 was at 97.05%.

The Dyson may be lower, but the Tineco filter will need to be cleaned more often due to its inferior cyclonic system. The A11 was not as successful as the Dyson VIII because it does not have stiff bristles. It has a mixture of rubber blades and soft bristles.

9. Carpet hair wrap test

The hair wrap text didn’t go as well for the A11 standard toothbrush. This was the bit of hair that was left on my brush. The lack of mass is one reason a few hairs get tangled. The A11 brush is much narrower than the V10.

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Filter’s Look After Cleaning Tests

The A11 was subject to many different kinds of debris. We were interested in how the filter looks after each test. It still has traces of coffee and pet litter. Rather the accumulation, the vacuum performed well. This is why you will need to clean your filter more frequently (1-2 times per month).

The A11 Master and Master+ have an additional filter that you can use while waiting for the other filter drying.

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Tineco A11: How Noisy Is It?

I measure the noise that the A11 makes from a distance of a few feet.

These are the test results.

  • Low: 72.7 dB
  • Maximum: 75.3 dB

The A11 can produce around 73 decibels even at its default setting. This can make the A11 annoyingly loud for some people. The noise level rises to 75 dB, which is equivalent to playing average loud music.

The A11 makes a high-pitched, whiny sound even more evident at higher settings. These tests were done after attaching the primary brush roll. This is the configuration that you will likely use the most.

Dust Cup Design and Capacity

Tineco claims that the A11 can store up to 0.61 Liters of dry dirt. This is according to the fill line. It’s somewhat larger than the Dyson V8 dust cup, which has a 0.54-liter volume. It is, however, smaller than the Pure One S12’s 1.76-liter capacity.

The A11 bin is not hygienic enough to push the dirt down. This model lacks a hygienic system to help push the dirt down. However, the good news is that the entire dust cup can be conveniently disassembled for a deep clean.

What’s Inside the Box?

Tineco A11 master is unique in that it comes with a large number of attachments. There are 13 tools in total, which I will summarize below. The A11 includes the soft roller (right), and multi-tasker (left), power brushes.

  • Crevice Tool: A great tool to clean hard-to-reach areas around the upholstery.
  • Dual Charging Powerhouse/Dock: This particular wall-mountable dock that can be charged simultaneously and it can store three additional attachments.
  • Tineco’s LED Soft Roller Power Brush: It’s a purpose-built tool to nail hard surface cleaning. It is distinguished from Dyson’s soft roller brush version by its row of bright LED lights.
  • The LED Multi-Tasker brush: Tineco’s standard brush roll accessories works perfectly on carpets. The motor’s larger airflow allows it to perform well in hard surface cleaning, except for large stuff.
  • Mini Power Brush: This is a small powered brush that can be used on fabric upholstery.
  • 2-in-1 Dusting brush: This particular attachment is a perfect combination of an upholstery tool and a brush.
  • Flexible Long Crevice Tools: This extended version of the crevice tools has bristles at one end. They can be extended further to give you more reach and flexibility.
  • Extension Wand: This tool allows the A11 to be used in a variety of configurations, such as a stick or handheld vacuum.
  • Multi-Angle Folding Adapter: Tineco’s unique tool allows for cleaning high-up areas such as cabinets or ceiling fans. It can be folded at many angles, giving users many options.
  • Soft Dusting Brush: This tool is soft and gentle and works well on lampshades.
  • Tineco’s Automatic Pre-Filter Cleaner: This tool cleans the pre-motor filter automatically without the requirement to pull it out of the model.
  • Flexible Extension Hose: This tool improves the useability and reach of A11 in tight places. This is a favorite tool to clean inside the vehicle.
  • Two Lithium-Ion Batteries: The Master A11 comes with two separate Lithium-Ion batteries. They can run for as long as 60 minutes each. The A11  Hero version comes with a smaller Li-ion battery (2,000 mAh) that can run for up to 51 minutes.

Different Tineco A11 Option: A11 Hero+, A11 Master, vs.A11 Master+

There are four variants of the A11 available. The motors of all four versions are identical; however, the Master model has a larger Li-ion cell battery and runs longer. The Hero has the white and blue combination, while the Master has the more striking green and white combination.

Because various models share almost the same power outputs and tools, cleaning performance will be identical.

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Availability of Parts

It is easy to get Tineco’s replacement parts, even though you are a newcomer in this field. Amazon has many items, including the filter, adapter, and battery.

These parts, just like the Li-ion batteries, are not cheap. However, having them available is better than having no options. It’s always better to have the option of purchasing an additional battery than not, so that is something we consider a plus.

Tineco is brand new to me, so we’re happy with the parts availability.

Is Tineco A11 Worth Buying?

The Tineco A11 may not be as affordable or Dyson V8 or Shark IONFlex 2X, but it does bring much of value. The A11 Master+ model has more attachments in contrast to the two premium brands, which gives you more flexibility and options.

These two batteries can be detached and run for up to 52 minutes each. This stick vacuum covers a lot of ground.

The charging dock can charge 2 batteries simultaneously, which means that there is no downtime.

The Dyson V8 is comparable in terms of vacuuming surface dirt and embedded dirt, but the Dyson A11 is better. The A11 is a better standard brush roll than the V8, as it can pick up Quaker oatmeals better than the V8.

The Tineco Pure One S12 may be too costly, so the A11 is a great alternative. It’s lighter and has fewer bells and whistles. The three versions will perform on hard floors and carpets equally. So the choice of which one you choose will depend on what tools you have.

Four reasons why the Tineco A11 Master should be purchased

  1. Additional battery: The extra battery is a great option for reducing downtime.
  2. The A11 offers an impressive run time: Even after attaching the main cleaning head, it can run for approximately 51 minutes using the two Li-Ion batteries.
  3. Many attachments: The Master+ model has 14 attachments. This vacuum has more attachments than any Dyson cordless stick vacuum model.
  4. Excellent performance: The Dyson V8 scored lower than the Dyson A11 in almost all tests.

The Verdict: Who Should Buy the Tineco A11


The Tineco A11 stick vacuum performs extremely well on both hardwood and carpet, according to tests. The A11’s impressive airflow numbers make it a great vacuum for cleaning carpet and hardwood.

The A11 is a better model than the Tineco A10. It has additional tools and a rapid-release latch that makes it easier to attach and remove. Cleaning performance isn’t that different between the A10 or A11. The A11 would have the best set of tools, so that’s what we consider the deciding factor.

The A10 and A11 were extremely close in deep cleaning tests. We believe that the difference between them is negligible. This model has bright LED lights that are absent from other high-end options, for example, Shark IONFlex 2X.

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A Versatile Cordless Stick Vacuum Under $300

  • 94.5% Ergonomics
  • Surface Cleaning – 99.83%
  • Deep Cleaning – 96.44%
  • Quality – 95.6%
  • Design – 93.3%
  • Value – 94.5%

An Alternative to the Dyson V8

Tineco A11 Master, with its extensive toolkit, exceptional performance, and excellent quality, is an excellent choice for the Dyson V8 Absolute. The A11 was able to clean fine coffee grounds better in contrast to the over-hyped Dyson V8 in all of its cleaning tests. The A11 is more expensive, but we prefer it to the A10.

It has better accessories and a quick-release latch. This feature is not available in the A10. The A11 has a few quirks, like the angled tube used on the central cleaning head.

This prevents the vacuum from going flat unless it is turned sideways. Also, the inferior cyclonic system means that you will need to clean the filters more often. This vacuum is a great product for cleaning your home.

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