Tineco A11 Hero Review October 2022: 8 tests Done By the Experts

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After having reviewed each of The A10 and the Pure One S12, we will be taking a review of Tineco’s middle-priced model and that’s the Tineco A11 Hero Review.

This model is priced at approximately the same price as the Dyson V8, and we have tried the vacuum thoroughly to determine how it performs on different kinds of messes and its efficiency and noise level, ergonomics, and much more.

Is Tineco A11 Hero a Better Choice Than Dyson V8?

Tineco A11 Hero

Tineco A11 is a beefed-up version of the A10 featuring a larger motor and an additional battery that increases running time. Another area for improvement in Tineco’s A11 can be seen in the general design and quality.

The more modern A11 features an easy-release latch that is a little more precise and much easier to release than the A10. The semi-transparent body of the A11 provides it with a futuristic appearance and the performance is among the top we have seen so far on carpets and hard flooring. 

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  • Excellent performance on both hard floors and carpets
  • Dual charging docks can charge both batteries at the same time.
  • It has more tools than those of the Dyson V8, even if it’s in the same price range.
  • Ahead of the norm dirt capacity at 0.6 Liters
  • The build quality is improved over the lower-end Tineco A10.
  • Top-heavy Design
  • There isn’t a hygienic environment, so the process of emptying dirt can be dirty.

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What Can You Expect With Tineco A11? 

_Tineco A11 Hero 4

Tineco A11 Master is the premium version of the A11 series between two models: the A10 and Pure One S12.

The model is at the same price as that Dyson V8 but at a lower price. It is, however, less expensive than the Shark P50 ION.

The model we received from Tineco includes the A11 master+. Therefore, it includes both the multi-tasker LED power brush and Soft Roller power brushes.

These machines work effectively in cleaning hard floors and carpets, respectively. One thing that sets them apart from Dyson and a Shark is the LED headlights row, which aids in visibility.

There are three A11 options available – Hero+option, Master, and Master+.

All of them have identical batteries and motors (except the case of the Master, which has the bigger Li-ion 2,500 mAh battery). There isn’t much distinction in the cleaning efficiency.

The main differences are attachments and color schemes. The Hero version features a Blue and White color scheme, while the Master has the white and green combo.

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What Are the Benefits That the A11 Offers Against the A10?

A10 and A11 have the same design elements. However, the A11 is superior in all aspects.

One thing we noticed about The A11 is the clear body casing. It’s possible to see what’s underneath the plastic outer shell aside from the motor.

They even come with a semi-transparent, frosted design, allowing you to see the silhouette of the cells inside.

As with the A10, the A11 comes with the trigger lock, which holds the switch in the position of on, so it’s not necessary to press it continuously.

1. Better build quality

One of our biggest pet complaints about A10 is the lack of the locking mechanism in suction-only tools.

Attachments like the combination or crevice tool don’t come with the quick-release latch.

Tineco addressed this issue by incorporating this into all tools available for the A11.

Everything will lock securely in place due to the latch that releases quickly. The removal of the tools is more smooth as it can slide off with ease.

2. Charging dock

The A10 didn’t have a charging dock but did come with storage to accommodate the majority of the tools and the vacuum. Because it had only one battery, it included a power plug for charging the vacuum.

With the A11, things are different. This version has a dual charging dock, which can simultaneously charge two batteries. There are slots to keep the three attachments that are suction-only.

The only downside to the dock is that it requires drilling holes into the wall, which is completely subjective, in our view.

What Is the Power of This Tineco A11?

To determine how much power the A11 packs, we used an anemometer to measure the airflow of the wand’s various power settings.

Airflow can be a reliable indicator of how vacuums perform on different surfaces. The more airflow it has, the better it performs in removing different kinds of debris.

Here’s the outcome from this test using the Tineco A11 on the low and maximum power settings on the cleaning head and wand.

The A11 offers nearly the same amount of flow as the Dyson V8 (31.9 CFM vs. 32 CFM) with its default settings. It’s almost as big as the Dyson V10 (58 CFM vs. the 59 CFM) at the maximum.

In the highest setting in the maximum setting, the A11 is more efficient over its Dyson V8 (39.72 against. 36.95 CFM) but is slightly lower in the lowest level (24.35 CFM vs. 26 CFM).

It’s impressive for the price of a cordless vacuum.

We noticed the decrease in airflow as the battery was nearing empty, which means there could be some airflow reduction in the power cycle.

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What Is the Duration of This Tineco A11 Master Run?

The A11 Master comes with two lithium-ion batteries with 2,500 mAh. Tineco claims it can run for up to 60 minutes.

Note that the lower-end A11 Hero has a smaller Li-ion battery with 2,000mAh. It can last for about 50 mins (combined)

To determine if this assertion is true, we run the vacuum through various configurations to determine the length of time it takes from empty to full.

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Cleaning Performance

_Tineco A11 Hero 1

To see what Tineco A11 performs, we tested it on various types of debris. Tineco A11 performs on hard flooring and carpet. We tried it on a variety of debris, including the oats of quaker (first image) and coffee (second image), as well as the quinoa (third) as well as pet waste (fourth).

We tried the product also on Fruit loops to test how it performs on massive chunks of dirt.

Let’s first examine the overall scores.

  • Overall: 99.8%
  • Hard Floor 99.88%
  • Carpet (Surface pickup): 99.8%
  • Carpet (Deep cleaning): 96.45%

Overall scores for the Tineco A11 are impressive at 98.6 percent and are not as impressive as that of the Pure One S12 (99.4%), which is the more expensive of the two.

1. Hard Floor Results

To test floors made of hardwood, we mostly used the soft roller brush, and, as we expected, the results were excellent. Check out the images below for a few before and after images.

  • Quaker Oats: 99.6%
  • Coffee: 100%
  • Quinoa: 100%
  • Pet Litter: 99.9%

The scores were almost perfect, as this attachment can take in debris in front of it. We would say the A10 and the A11 version are just as excellent as the Dyson V8 version.

Unfortunately, Tineco does not have one with just the soft roller as Dyson does with Fluffy.

It also performed well in making fruit loops cleaner as it picked up all the debris in its path without the blockage issue we encountered in Dyson V10. 

The majority of the debris ended up in the dust container; only two pieces of fruit loops remained beneath the tool.

The standard brush roll of the A11 can also clean hard surfaces but isn’t as efficient in clearing out large piles of dirt as those of the Dyson V10 and V11 will because it doesn’t have gates that can be adjusted.

2. How does the Tineco A11 Clean?

_Tineco A11 Hero 5

Due to its many tools and accessories, the Tineco A11 is one of the most flexible stick vacuums with a cordless motor available on the market.

It can be used in various configurations, such as a handheld or stick vacuum, depending upon the type of attachment.

One benefit compared to the Pure One S12 is its smaller size, meaning it’s less heavy on your arm, especially if you intend to use it to clean up areas high above, like vents for your ceiling.

The primary purpose that the A11 performs is cleaning floors and it does it by utilizing the high-efficiency design of the main cleaning attachments, the multi-tasker, and the gentle roller brush.

Don’t let the term “soft roller” make you confused. These tools are comparable to Dyson V8’s direct-drive and soft attachment to rollers.

We loved the headlights with LEDs that help detect dust.

The tools can be used using or without the extension tube, which gives this vacuum its flexibility.

Thanks to this quick-release latch, attaching, and taking off the various tools is easy.

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3. Sand on the Hard Floor Test

_Tineco A11 Hero 2

Sand is among the most difficult things to remove from wooden surfaces in vacuums that are not designed properly. To determine how well the A11 performs, we sprinkled fifty grams of sand to determine how much it picks up.

4. Testing hair-wrapping on hardwood floors

We tested one Gram of 5 to 7 inches of human hair to test how much would wrap on the roller A11. Our surprise was that there was no hair wrapped on the soft attachment to the roller.

It was more effective than brands like Dreame and Jashen with hair strands in the brush.

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5. Edge Cleaning Test

To determine how the A11 removes abrasions on the edges, we put a handful of pet waste in the corner using an inch-wide crevice to determine how much it sifts.

These are some before and after photos.

The A11 did a fantastic job removing the pet waste left on the edges. There was just a tiny amount of litter left, which isn’t visible in the image. However, it’s located in the upper left corner. The soft and standard roller attachments have done a great job. However, it’s not as effective as Dyson V8’s Fluffy attachment and accessory.

6. Carpet Cleaning

To determine the efficacy of the A11 for carpets, we tried it with the same four pieces of debris on both the mid and low piles. We also conducted a different test in which we rubbed 50g of grounds of espresso onto carpets with a mid pile to test how deep it would clean.

The scores are also amazing for a vacuum at this price. It’s higher than Dyson V8 Absolute, that’s more expensive. But, indeed, the Tineco filtering isn’t as good as the Dyson. However, it’s a compromise you’ll have to consider.

Mid Pile Results

  • Quaker Oats: 99.9%
  • Coffee: 99.2%
  • Quinoa: 100%
  • Pet Litter: 100%

One of the most exciting surprises of this Tineco A11 is the results on the mid-pile carpet. It has a higher score than its predecessor, the Pure One S12, across all areas. If you’ve got a lot of carpet in the middle of your home, this could be the better choice.

Low Pile Results

  • Quaker Oats: 100%
  • Coffee: 99.6%
  • Quinoa: 100%
  • Pet Litter: 99.7%

The A11 achieved a close-to-perfect score on the low pile carpet, proving that the multi-tasker power brush can complete the job on this carpet.

But, we noticed the occasional snow plowing when cleaning up a dirt pile; however, it should not be a problem for normal cleaning.

7. Deep Cleaning Test

We’ll then examine how the A11 can clean embedded dirt. We placed fifty grams of espresso on a medium pile carpet in the test. We massaged it by hand to get the carpet strands.

Tineco A11 scored an impressive 96.45 percent which is a bit less than the A10, which had 94.7 percent. This isn’t even in the same league as the Dyson V8, which scored an average of 97.7 percent while the V10 scored (97.03 percent). The Dyson could have a lower score, but you’ll need to wash your Tineco filter more often since it’s got a less effective cyclonic system.

The A11 was not performing better than it did the Dyson V8 because it does not have stiff bristles. It makes use of soft bristles as well as blades made of rubber.

8. Test of hair wrap on carpet

Unfortunately, the A11 standard brush didn’t perform very well as it should in the test of hair wrap. The majority of the hair was left to the hair wrap.

So much hair gets caught up around the brush may be due to the absence of mass. In contrast to Dyson V10, V11, and Tineco S12, the A11 brush is narrow.

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What Does the Filter Look Like After Cleaning Tests?

_Tineco A11 Hero 3

We tried putting the A11 through numerous tests with various types of debris, and we were interested to see what the result would look like following the tests.

There are traces of coffee and pet waste left on the floor. The vacuum was still able to perform well despite the accumulation. You’ll need to clean your filter more frequently (once or twice per month).

Luckily, the A11 Master and Master+ have an additional filter, which means you’ll have a solution while waiting for the second filter to dry should you decide to wash it using water. It.

Dust Cup Capacity and Design

It’s slightly larger than the Dyson V8’s dust cup, which is a 0.54-liter capacity.

But, it’s smaller than the Pure One S12’s 0.77-liter capacity.

We are not fond of the A11 bin as it doesn’t have a clean system that helps push dirt away.

It’s a shame that it’s not there, which makes emptying the trash a dirty job; however, the good thing is that the entire dust cup can be removed for extensive cleaning.

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How Loud Can This Tineco A11 Be?

To gauge the amount of noise the A11 creates, we employ the sound meter from a couple of feet away.

The results of the tests are below.

  • The Low end: 72.9 dB
  • Max. 75.4 dB

Even in the default setting, the A11 generates over 72 decibels. This could be a bit noisy for some users.

When the setting is at its highest, the volume goes higher, reaching the 75-decibel mark, equivalent to the music’s volume.

The A11 is a high-pitched whine which becomes more apparent when you are at the highest settings.

The tests in this article are all performed with the primary brush roll connected. This is the one you’ll most likely use most of the time.

The Contents Inside The Box?

_Tineco A11 Hero 6

The unique thing about Tineco A11 Master is the number of attachments that will be included. It’s more than Dyson’s V8 Absolute which costs about the same amount.

There are 13 tools. We will go over them in this article.

  1. LED Multi-Tasker Power Brush: This is Tineco’s basic brush roll attachment, best suited for carpets. But, the motor’s airflow is high enough to function well with hard floors (except for extremely large items).
  2. Mini Power Brush: It is a tiny powered brush tool ideal for fabric upholstery.
  3. A Flexible Long Crevice tool: Extended variant of the crevice tools, with bristles on one end that can be extended further to give you more reach and flexibility.
  4. Crevice Tool: A fantastic tool to clean hard-to-reach upholstery areas.
  5. LED Soft Roller Power Brush: An instrument designed specifically by Tineco to clean hard surfaces. One thing that distinguishes it from Dyson’s version of Soft Roller brush is its LED row with bright lights.
  6. 2-in-1 Dusting brush: This tool includes a brush and upholstery tools.
  7. Multi-Angle Folding Adapter One of the tools Tineco has designed that aids tremendously in cleaning up areas above, like ceiling fans and cabinets. The tool folds at various angles, thus offering various options for the user.
  8. Flexible Extension Hose: A different device that improves accessibility and usability of the A11 around tight places. It’s among the top tools we use to clean the vehicle’s interior.
  9. Automated Pre-Filter Cleaning Tool, Another first by Tineco, is the pre-filter cleaning tool. This automatic cleaning tool can clean the promoter’s filter without taking it out of the vacuum manually.
  10. Soft Dusting Brush soft tool is ideal for fragile surfaces such as lampshades.
  11. Two Lithium-Ion Batteries: The A11 Master has two lithium-ion batteries, lasting as long as 60 minutes when combined. Be aware this is not the Hero variant of the A11 is equipped with a smaller battery, 2,000mAh, which can last as long as 50 minutes (combined).
  12. Extension Wand offers the A11 the flexibility to work in various configurations. It is the option of a stick or handheld vacuum.
  13. Dual-Charging Dock/Powerhouse: Wall-mountable dock that simultaneously charges two batteries while holding three additional accessories.

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Different Tineco A11 Options A11 Hero+ vs. A11 Master And. A11 Master+

There are four variants of the A11. All of them have the same motor. However, the Master model has a larger battery Li-ion that lasts longer. A further difference is the color combination of The Hero with the white and blue combination, while the Master has the eye-catching white and green combo.

Cleanliness performance should be identical since all models use the same power output and tools.

Does Tineco A11 Provide Good Value?

Although Tineco A11 isn’t cheap, it isn’t cheap and in the same range, in terms of price, as similar to Dyson V8 or the Shark IONFlex 2X. It does bring many benefits to the marketplace.

The first is that The A11 Master + version has more attachments than two of the top brands we mentioned, which means more possibilities and more flexibility.

The two Li-ion batteries that can be detachable can run for as long as 52 minutes, so this stick vacuum covers the entire ground.

In addition, the dock’s capacity of charging both batteries at once means that there is no interruption in service (if you don’t run out of the battery during just one clean cycle) since you can utilize the vacuum while other batteries are charging.

Cleaning-wise it is clean. A11 is on par with the Dyson V8 in terms of cleaning. Dyson V8 regarding vacuuming surface and dirt embedded.

The A11 has the superior standard brush roll since it can pick up Quaker Oats much better than the V8.

If you think that the Tineco PureOne S12 is too costly, The A11 could be a fantastic alternative, which is lighter and doesn’t have bells and whistles.

The three options will work equally well on hard floors and carpets, so picking one is contingent on the tools you require.

Parts are Available

Although we are newcomers in the field, it’s not difficult to locate replacement Tineco components. There are things like filters, batteries, and adapters available on Amazon.

But, just like the Li-ion battery, these components aren’t inexpensive, but having them accessible is much superior to not having alternatives. It’s still better to buy a second battery instead of being unable to purchase one, so it’s a benefit for me.

Since Tineco is brand new to launch, we are happy with the selection of parts.

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4 reasons why you should purchase Tineco A11 Master

  1. Good run time even with the main head of cleaning attached, the A11 can be running for up to 50 minutes with 2 Li-Ion batteries.
  2. Outstanding performance A11 has a great performance A11 received high marks across the tests, with higher scores than the Dyson V8.
  3. Extra battery: Very little downtime due to the additional battery and the dual charging dock that allows you to charge the battery in the spare while the vacuum is being used.
  4. A variety of attachments Many attachments Master+ model comes with 14 different attachments available at your disposal. This is more than the other Dyson handheld stick vacuums.

The Verdict: Who Should Purchase the A11?


Based on testing, the Tineco A11 is an excellent stick vacuum that does extremely well when used on wood and carpet.

The numbers for airflow are amazing. This is a major reason that the A11 was a success in the test of cleaning.

The A11 is a better option than Tineco A10; between this model and Tineco A10, we would pay a bit more for the A11 because it comes with better tools and features a quick-release latch which makes it more simple to attach and disconnect.

There’s no significant distinction in the performance between A10 and A11 regarding cleaning efficiency. Therefore, the most important factor is the best tool set to use instead of the A11.

Even in the most thorough clean tests, The A10 and the A11 are extremely similar, and we believe that the differences are not significant.

It’s equipped with bright LED lights that aren’t present in other options with a premium price tag, such as the Dyson V8 or Shark IONFlex 2X.

An Alternative Option To Dyson V8 

Tineco A11 Master is an ideal option to replace the Dyson Absolute because of its extensive assortment of tools, impressive performance, and quality. When it comes to cleaning, it was found that the A11 was a better performer than the Dyson V8 in the majority of the tests. 

This includes thorough cleaning tests for the finest coffee grounds. While it’s a most expensive choice, we would rather use this model Tineco A11 over the A10 due to its superior quality equipment that has the quick-release latch, which is not present in some accessories that are part of the A10. 

There are a few minor issues that are present in the A11, including the angled tube that is used for this head, so the vacuum won’t be flat when you turn it upside down, and the cyclonic system isn’t as effective, which means that you have to do more the frequent filter cleaning. In general, this is a fantastic option to keep your home clean.

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