Tineco A10 Dash Review: SHOCKING FACTS Revealed

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Tineco A10 is a superb option for anyone looking for a cordless device with the same features and versatility as Dyson. 

This is the best cordless vacuum that we have ever tested below $200

the 350-watt motor delivers decent cleaning and suction performance. Mini-motorization is available for the brush, which is not possible with the Proscenic P8 or Dibea C17.

It can be used for cleaning dirt/hair from carpet stairs or fabric upholstery.

Although this vacuum is fabulous, there are some things that you need to know. This review will help determine if the Tineco A10 vacuum is worth its cost.


Tineco’s A10 has a wide variety of features and high performance. This is Tineco’s entry-level model. It is a great performer. Nearly all cleaning tests proved it to be superior to the Dyson V8.

It can deep clean sand on the carpet with an estimate of 94.7%. This is the highest score in the sub-$200 cordless vacuum range.

There are some problems, including the inability to release the tool quickly and the poor Dyson filtration system. The price difference makes this product a great deal. 

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Tineco A10

A Quick Overview of Tineco A10 Amazing Features

  • Its 350-watt digital motor generates up to 110 air watts when it is in Max mode.
  • One detachable lithium-ion batteries
  • The main unit weighs only 2.87 pounds.
  • LED headlights at the main cleaning head
  • An LED indicator on your battery shows you how full your battery is
  • It has a HEPA filter, which can be washed after each use.
  • It’s easy to empty the bin
  • You don’t have to pull the trigger as much with the switch lock.
  • Swivel steering
  • 2-year warranty


  • The main cleaning head features a bright LED light that allows dust to be tracked under furniture.
  • Run time up to 25 minutes.
  • The cordless vacuum is lightweight, portable, and highly versatile. This vacuum can clean both floors and upholstery.
  • It’s easy to get rid of Li-ion batteries.
  • Deep cleaning carpets with medium pile embedded sand is more than average.
  • HEPA filter keeps allergens from the bin.


  • The max mode runs for a short time (just under 6 minutes in my tests).
  • Quick-release latches are not available for brush and crevice tools.
  • The dirt capacity is only 0.4 liters
  • The cleaning head cannot reach underneath furniture because it is not flat.

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Most Amazing Features of Tineco A10

Tineco A10 1

Tineco did an excellent job packaging the box.

Each component comes in its own cardboard box with plastic packaging.

In terms of design, the Tineco A10 looks very similar to the Dyson V8. Both have the exact same trigger switches, detachable Wands, interchangeable tools, as well as the exact same trigger switches.

Amazon offers three options for A10s. These are the “Hero+” and “Hero+” A10 options. All have the same motor’s batteries.

Each model comes with one removable battery and shares the same attachments. Only the Hero comes with the “powerhouse,” but the Hero+ includes the charging dock.

You can use the powerhouse as a storage container for your main vacuum unit, tools, and other accessories. The charging dock can also be used for the same purpose but can be mounted on the wall to provide vertical storage. There are only two slots to hold additional attachments.

Which option you choose will depend on your preference. If you don’t intend to drill holes in the wall, the Hero is better. All your tools can be stored in the storage caddy. The Hero+ is a better option.

Tineco sent me a sample of the Hero entry-level version. This includes only the essential tools such as the crevice, mini-turbo, and brush brushes.

We purchased the special soft roller attachment to test it on hard surfaces.

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1. LED Headlight

Tineco also has LED headlights available for the soft roller, multitasker power brush, and Dyson’s omitted Dyson function.

LED lights can illuminate the path of the cleaner, which is very useful for cleaning under furniture.

2. Simple storage

Both the Master and Hero models arrive with a tool caddy storage. This is the part that Tineco calls “the Storehouse,” where you can store all your attachments, including the dependable extension wand.

There are two slots to hold the main nozzles and two slots that can be used for non-powered tools.

Wall-mountable charging stations are available for the Hero+ and A10 options. These slots can accommodate three attachments.

3. Convenient Dirt Bin

Tineco A10 7

The Dyson V6’s bin can hold just 0.4 liters. The Dyson A10’s bin holds almost the same amount. It is not very large, so you will need to empty it often.

The quick-release latch relies on gravity to remove dirt. One of the weaknesses in Dyson V8’s hygiene system is its tendency to push the dirt down.

Some debris can seep through the mesh filter at the top. You can easily clean it by simply twisting the filter housing off.

The bin’s clear part can be removed, just as with the Dyson V6. It is easy to clean the bin if needed.

4. Trigger-Lock

The A10 cordless vacuum is distinguished from other Dyson vacuums by its trigger lock mechanism. This allows users to select whether the trigger should be left on or off.

You don’t need to keep pulling the trigger each time you clean large spaces in your house.

You can use the trigger as-is without locking it. This allows users to have more options.

5. Twin Filter System

The Tineco A10 comprises two dependable  filters: a post-motor HEPA filter and a pre-motor HEPA filter. Both filters can be washed.

Tineco claims the HEPA filter will prevent allergens up to 0.3 microns (returning through the exhaust) from entering the system.

The vacuum is not bagged, so any dust that remains after you empty it will be visible.

Tineco’s cyclonic filter doesn’t trap dirt as well as Dyson.

If you live in an area that is prone to pet hair and dust, the filter will last longer than a Dyson. The user needs to clean it more often. You can also opt Electrolux Ergorapido.

Pre-filter cleaning tools can be a huge help as they allow users to clean the filter from their vacuum easily without having to take it out.

One Quirk

Although the Tineco A10 looks very similar to the A11, there’s one difference that the A10 provides that potential buyers need to be alert of.

Crevice and 2-in-1 brushes are suction-only instruments. They don’t have quick-release latches.

This reflects that attaching/removing all these tools is gonna demand more force as it relies just on friction without the lock.

Tineco A11 attachments feature quick-release locks that work with the A10. If you want to save money, these attachments can be bought separately.

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What Power Is the Tineco A10 Capable Of?

Tineco A10 5

Tineco claims the A10’s 350-watt brushless motor is as powerful as the Dyson V8.

To confirm that the claim was true, we used an Anemometer and measured airflow at the cleaning head/wand.

Please refer to the table for more information.

  • Airflow
  • Low
  • Max
  • Wand
  • 31.3 CFM
  • 51.1 CFM
  • Cleaning Head
  • 22.66 CFM
  • 35.3 CFM

These results show that while the A10 is nearly equivalent to the V8 for airflow at the lowest setting (31.3 CFM, 32 CFM), it trails at the maximum setting (51.1 CFM, 54.1 CFM).

concerning airflow at the vacuum’s cleaning head, the A10 doesn’t lack that far behind.The A10 is just marginally less in contrast to the V8 in both the low setting (22.258 CFM) and the maximum setting (35.5 CFM vs. 36.5 CFM).

The A10 is faster at default (31.5 CFM vs. 29 CFM) or maximum (51 CFM, vs. 51 CFM).

The current price tage of the A10 Hero shows less than $200. It offers a lot of value.

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How Long Does the Tineco A10 Last?

Tineco A10 4

Tineco claims the battery’s 21.6-volt Lithium capacity can last for up to 25 mins.

Its standard brush roll was attached to the test, and the crevice tools were attached. These are the results.

  • Set the power
  • Eco
  • Max
  • Non-Motorized Tools (e.g. Crevice Tool
  • 24.02 mins.
  • 6:51 mins.
  • Multi-Tasker Power Brush
  • 22:43 mins.
  • 6:18 mins.

Tineco’s battery range has one feature we loved: the quick-release lock, which is easy to remove.

My Hero only came with one battery. Amazon has extra batteries available for the A10 model.

The dual charging dock is not available for the Tineco A11 Master and Hero models. One battery can be charged at a time.

How Clean Is the Tineco A10

Tineco A10 3

Because of its removable tube, interchangeable tool, and versatility, the A10 is very similar to the Tineco A11 and Pure One S12 in terms of versatility.

It is lighter than other Tineco products. The vacuum weighs just 2 pounds when used in handheld mode.

This interchangeability is what enriches the A10 with versatility. The A10 vacuum can be used either handheld or stick.

It is important to keep in mind that the A10 is primarily designed to clean floors.

Tineco has two tools that can be used to clean carpets or bare floors.

The A10 can be cleaned with two tools. You can use the A10 to clean floors with two tools: the power brush (soft roller) on the right and the multitasker power toothbrush on the left.

The Master version of the soft-roller power brush is only available for purchase; however, you get the multitasker brush in all A10 models.

This soft roller is ideal for cleaning hard surfaces. The A10’s standard toothbrush roller can clean dirt and dust easily.

Because it doesn’t have a funnel such as the Pure One S12, dirt can move forward and cause problems.

The many attachments make it possible to use the vacuum handheld without the need for a tube.

The A11 does not offer many tools. You can still buy any A11 tool, and it will fit on your 10

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Cleaning Performance of Tineco A10

Tineco A10 2

The Tineco A10 was tested on various kinds of debris. It was tested with Quaker oats, coffee grounds, and quinoa on both hard floors and low-pile carpets.

These are the tests that we used in our most recent reviews.

These are the total scores for the entire test.

  • Overall: 99.6%
  • Sand on Hard Floor: 99.4%
  • Hard Floor: 99.77%
  • Carpet (deep cleaning), 94.66%
  • Carpet (surface pickup), 99.79%

These vacuums are very affordable and produce excellent results. We used the Master model, which included the soft roller and the multitasker power brush.

Our testers were most impressed by the consistent results across all types and sizes of debris.

For hard floor homes, the A10 doesn’t have a soft-roller power brush option. If you want to use this attachment, you will have to purchase either the Master or separate versions.

1. Sand on Hard Floor Test

We also tested the A10 on hard floors to check whether it could clean sand. It did an amazing job.

It was capable of picking up 99.8% sand in a couple of tests: one with the soft roller, while the other with the standard toothbrush roll.

The soft roller is better for hard floor homes than the standard brush roll. It is still very effective on these floors. You can use the A11 soft roller backward with any variant of A10.

2. Hard Floor Cleaning

The soft roll bar was used to test the A10’s ability to clean hard floors. It was incredible how quickly it picked up.

These are the test results.

  • Pet litter: 99.5%
  • Coffee: 99.8%
  • Quaker oats 99.7%
  • Quinoa: 99.9%

The A10’s soft roller tool very well picked up most of the debris. We tried the standard A10 toothbrush roll with Quaker oatmeal, coffee grounds, and Quaker oatmeal. It didn’t work as well. The multitasker brush is the best choice for carpets.

The Tineco A10 was also able to handle larger dirt particles such as Fruit loops.

It picked up the majority of the Fruit/veggie loops on the floor. It was most effective because some pieces got stuck to the soft roller heads.

Because it doesn’t have the adjustable gates on the Dyson V10/V11, nor the funnel in the Pure One S12, the multitasker wasn’t as effective in cleaning Fruit loops.

3. Carpet Cleaning

Let’s take a look at carpets. We ran a series of tests to see how the multitasker brush handles dirt on carpets with medium and low piles.

In our tests, we used these four items again: Quaker Oats and Quinoa, coffee grounds, coffee grounds, and pet litter.

Results of the Low Pile Test

  • Coffee: 99.8%
  • Quaker oats 99.8%
  • Pet litter: 99.9%
  • Quinoa: 99.9%

The Pure One S12 achieved nearly identical scores on low-pile carpet, with the A10 scoring almost identically.

The multitasker power brush prioritizes carpet cleaning over everything else. It compensates for the lack of carpet cleaning power when it comes to picking up carpet debris.

Medium Pile Test Results

  • Coffee: 99.8%
  • Quaker oats – 99.3%
  • Pet litter: 99.6%
  • Quinoa: 99.9%

Performance on mid-pile carpet is among the greatest surprises while using the A10.

4. Deep Cleaning Test

We also conducted a deep cleaning test. We used 100g of sand for the medium-pile carpet.

The A11 scored an average score of 94.77% on two tests. Now this score almost kisses the score of the Tineco Pure One S12 ( 94.79)%.

The A11 is a superb option for perfect deep cleaning sand from mid pile carpets below $200. The A10 is more affordable than the Pure One S12 and S12, especially if the Pure One S12 costs $400.

Attachments without quick-release latches are difficult to remove.

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5. Upholstery cleaning

There are several options available for cleaning couches and chairs. The mini-turbo brush can be used to clean larger spillages from fabric upholstery. This tool is great for pet owners who need to remove hair.

The A10 includes a combination brush/upholstered utility. The bristles of this tool are extremely stiff and can be used for agitating stubborn dirt. In case the brush is too stiff to clean your fabric, you can remove it.

How Loud Is the Tineco A10?

The A10 can be a bit loud at 73-75 decibels. It can be as loud as the V11 Torque driver.

These are the results from using a sound meter located just a few feet away.

  • Low: 71.8 dB
  • High: 77.3dB

Specifications for the Product

Features Tineco A10
Brush roll-on/off No
Batteries 21.6-volt Li-Ion
Charger Charger plug-in
Run Time It takes up to 26:44 minutes
Weight 2.87 lbs (main unit)

5.03 lb (with floor tools, wand).

Cleaning Path 12.7″
Overall Length 48″
Battery Indicator Yes
Type of filter 1 Pre-Motor filter

1 HEPA Filter

Dust Capacity 0.4 Liters
Air Watts 110 air watts
Warranty 2 yrs.

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What’s Inside the Box?

The A10 Hero variant that we’ve got is not the entry-level Hero. We bought the soft roller attachment separately.

Please refer to the table below for a detailed description of each tool.

  1. Tineco’s LED Multi-Taker powerbrush: This tool is actually Tineco’s very own version of the traditional brush rolling. It comes with both soft/stiff bristles and is great for hard floors.
  2. LED Soft Roller Power Brush: Undoubtedly, it’s a great tool for cleaning small and large particles off hard floors.
  3. Use the Crevice Tool to clean tight spots around the upholstery.
  4. Mini Power Brush: For stubborn dirt and hair removal from fabric upholstery
  5. 2-in-1 Dusting Brush: Adjoins a brush and an upholstery tool.
  6. The A10’s extension wand (blue tube) allows it to switch between a handheld and stick vacuum.
  7. Caddy to store vacuum and attachments.

The vacuum can be used in many places, including your car or home. There may be a variety of attachments for different models. The A10 Master comes with the most accessories, while A10 Master is the entry-level model.

Do We Have to Purchase the Tineco A10?

The Tineco A10 isn’t equally advanced to the Dyson V6, but it is still a tremendous value for money. In default settings, it is almost equal to the V8’s power, but it struggles in max mode.

A quick-release lock is required for suction-only tools. This could cause problems. You can attach the A11 to your A10 if compatibility is an issue.

Another issue is the design of vacuum heads. The connection between the head of the extension wand and the vacuum is at an angle. This can affect the vacuum’s ability to clean underneath furniture.

You can turn the body sideways, so it is flat. This position can be awkward.

If you’re:

  • Need a cordless vacuum below 200 bucks? The Tineco A10 vacuum is a great value for less than $200. A variety of tools will be included, as well as a tool storage container to keep all your attachments.
  • To clean small homes, you need a multi-functional tool. You can use this product as a stick or handheld vacuum. This vacuum can clean floors, vents, upholstery, and all other things.
  • Tineco has a feature that locks your trigger, so you don’t have to press it continuously.
  • A vacuum that can clean carpet and hard floors are essential. You can clean carpets and hard floors with the soft roller attachment or the Multitasker power brush.
  • Deep cleaning carpets require a cheaper option. Our carpet cleaning tests with medium-pile carpets revealed that the Dyson A10 achieved 97.5%. This is quite remarkable considering the Dyson A8 and V10.

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The Verdict


The Tineco A10 is undoubtedly a great option for the Dyson V7/V8. It provides comparable versatility, airflow, and durability at a very affordable price.

It is also compatible with its main rival.

Both cleaning nozzles comprise LED headlights. This feature is not available for Dyson. This feature makes it easier for dirt to be tracked under furniture.

The Tineco A10, while less expensive, can deep clean carpets. Our favorite feature is the conveniently removable battery. It is easy to replace the battery if it stops working.

There are some issues, such as the inability to release certain quick-release latches. It is easy to fix, though: purchase the A11 attachments.

Tineco A10 is a great deal for the money and is therefore very popular on Amazon.

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