Sweepovac Built-In Kitchen Vacuum Review: 9.3/10 SCORE

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The Sweepovac has won many homemakers’ hearts because of its ease of use and also convenient functions. It’s easy to install as well, as it’s manufactured to fit under the kitchen cabinets so that it is easy to reach when you require it.

The unit comes with robust suction, which will sweep up debris on the first experience, and a toe kick performance that permits you to switch it on and adjust it without having to bend over to navigate the controls with your own hands.

If you are in the market for a vacuum cleaner to keep the kitchen clean, read on as we will give you a comprehensive review of this Sweepovac Built-In Kitchen Vacuum.

We do consider this unit as one of the ideals on the market nowadays, and if it suits your demands, then you will probably think so too by the end of this article.

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Sweepovac-9800260 Sweepovac

  • It’s durable
  • Powerful suction
  • It saves space
  • Fights germs and odors
  • Full bag indicator
  • The bag is reusable
  • Simple DIY installation
  • Has useful attachments
  • You don’t have to bend to switch it on
  • Two-year warranty
  • 18 feet extendable hose

  • It’s not for cleaning liquid/wet messes

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About Sweepovac?

Sweepovac is a manufacturing organization founded and run by top-level engineers. Therefore, they’re so cautious about the quality of the services their vacuum provides.

They also believe that convenience is the key that all customers need. And they work and try to manufacture their products, keeping that center in mind.

Why Should You Choose Sweepovac?

1. Design

Sweepovac has done an incredible job designing an affordable vacuum. Both the versions come at a very low price. The vacuum could be installed in the toe kick of the base cabinet. Besides that, it could blend in with the design of the kitchen and is hardly noticeable too. Its dimension is much smaller. As a result, it just takes up a tiny space of the kitchen. Because of these reasons, sweepovac is gaining much popularity in the market.

2. Strong Suction Power

The dimension of this vacuum cleaner could be tiny, but that isn’t the case for its suction ability. Sweepovac is five times more powerful than any other traditional hand-held vacuum cleaners. It just takes three seconds for it to suck all the dust presented in front of it. On top of that, The removal system is so powerful that it could also remove pet hair.

3. Great Efficiency

The Sweepovac built-in kitchen vacuum could not be put into just a few words because of the efficiency. It provides convenience and saves time. The toe kick function lets you turn it off or on without ever bending over.

Since it is a built-in model, you don’t need to carry it around. The dirt bags are also reusable, saving you the effort of purchasing dirt bags over again. And if you have an awkward place to clean, you could always plug in the hose inside the vacuum cleaner.

4. Needs Little Maintenance

This amazing vacuum requires little to no maintenance at all. It doesn’t need a central vacuum system. Its post-motor filter and anti-bacterial bag are enough to keep this device clean and germ-free.

You will require not more than thirty minutes to fully install the vacuum in the kitchen. The product comes with two years of warranty – all the reasons for you to not get worried.

5. Timer

This is an interesting function. You could set a ten seconds timer for the vacuum to run. After sweeping all the dust near it, the vacuum cleaner would stop automatically.

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Why Buy a Built-In Kitchen Vacuum?

Why should you use a built-in kitchen vacuum cleaner? The portable has worked very well for you thus far, are we right? Well, there are a number of benefits and benefits to using a built-in vacuum as opposed to a portable model.

The built-in vacuum cleaners are way a lot convenient because you do not have to lug them from another place of the house to use them in your kitchen.

Theirs is an elegant, smart design when you are considering the fact that your kitchen is one of the places with the most traffic in the house, right? and is prone to making more messes.

Having a built-in vacuum cleaner will make it smoother to keep the heart of your house clean with little effort.

Additionally, there’s no requirement to drag it around, which means less effort is spent in the cleaning operation. All you just have to do is to pull out the hose and then start cleaning up!

An In-Depth Review of the Sweepovac Built-In Kitchen Vacuum

It’s exciting to note that there are not a lot of articles on the Sweepovac Built-In Kitchen Vacuum Cleaner, even though it’s one of the best popular models.

That’s why we selected to do some deep research and review it for the people like you looking for vacuum cleaners because it truly deserves the spotlight for all the superior performance and convenience it provides.

This is the further step up once you got tired of the broom and dustpan combination. It works specifically well for cleaning kitchen floors, and all you gotta do is tap your foot on the given button to start it up, and then you are well on your way to a clean kitchen.

The ultimate cleaner

Thanks to its eighteen-foot hose, this vacuum is best for big kitchens because it could cover a wide place without compromising on performance.

It also comes with a powerful suction, which will take care of pet dander and tough messes with equal smoothness, while its compact, elegant design keeps it out of place, and it will make sure that it does not take up too much room in your kitchen.

It certainly will not stand out when placed in a posh kitchen just because of its dashing construction. You will also be joyful to know that the Sweepovac Built-In kitchen vacuum is much easier to install and works just as well for mobile house kitchens and also RV kitchens.

It is also made from heavy-duty steel, which is built to last. On top of that, it is backed by a generous 2 years warranty which covers defects and repairs as well. This means you will not have to worry about replacing any broken parts on your own or dealing with any defects.

This is a “no-mess” vacuum that comes with dedicated bags that are easy to change whenever it gets full. There is even an indicator light that lets you know when the bag gets full so that your vacuum cleaner is always working at its best.

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Sweepovac Built in Kitchen Vacuum Cleaner

After a lot of hours of research and testing, we have totally got settled on the Sweepovac as the ideal vacuum cleaner for the kitchen. In this Sweepovac Article, we are going to take a pick at every feature and specs that make it stand out. 

1. Built-in

Unlike any regular vacuums, this vacuum cleaner could be installed in the wall. So, it does work more or less in an identical way as a central vacuum. Ideally, it must be set up in the toe kick of your kitchen’s base cabinets or in your kitchen island. It could also be installed under the kitchen counter very smoothly. In a very short time, you could fit this vacuum in any kitchen, motorhome, or RV.

sweepovac built in kitchen vacuum

2. Durable

Nobody wants to install a machine in their cabinet/wall, only to have to remove it after a few weeks. That’s why the Sweepovac kitchen vacuum cleaners are made of durable material. Besides that, it does show the confidence which the manufacturer has with the model, a two years warranty is available.

3. Latest Technology

Sweepovac Built-in kitchen vacuum cleaner comes with every latest technology available and required for a vacuum. It’s generally a central vacuum cleaner. It comes with an antibacterial bag for keeping odors and germs out of your kitchen.

When the dirtbag gets full, a light will automatically turn on to notify you to empty it and clean it. The robust suction ability of this vacuum cleaner is unparalleled because of the ease it provides. The vacuum takes only three seconds to clean all the dust and particles swept in front of it.

4. Versatile & Powerful

This vacuum cleaner is as versatile as any better kitchen vacuum could be. It could powerfully pick up all the debris and dirt from the kitchen. Pet hair, Human Hair, and cat litter are not spared. So, if you need any pet and/or users who shed hair, this is a major plus.

5. Sweepovac Built-In Kitchen Vacuum is So Easy to use

This is one of the smoothest vacuum cleaners to use. When installed, cleanup will be a walk in the park. First, you have to sweep the dust towards the opening of the vacuum cleaner.

Then switch it on and let it take care of the job. Incredibly, you do not have to bend to switch it on. Just kick it just by using your foot. You could also sweep dust toward the inlet after you have switched on the vacuum.

sweepovac built in kitchen vacuum

You could also plug in the hose inside the vacuum’s inlet for extending your cleaning. With this particular model, you get 2 accessories which help you to reach dust that is hidden in very tight spots. The vacuum includes a brush attachment and a crevice tool.

6. Dirtbag

Because the SweepoVac vacuum is installed in the cabinet/wall, it might be pointless to keep dislodging it to empty debris and dirt. So, this vacuum cleaner uses a spun bound bag. Whenever the bag gets full, you just simply remove it and then empty the dust into the trash bin.

There’s a full bag indicator that prompts you to empty the bag whenever needed. Furthermore, the bag is manufactured with antibacterial material, which helps to fight odors and germs. A post-motor filter adds to the extra efforts of germ elimination.

7. Extra Tools

As we have mentioned earlier, Sweepovac includes an antibacterial dirt bag and also a post-motor filter, which keeps the bacteria and also smells of the kitchen environment. In addition, you could easily convert the built-in vacuum into a typical vacuum cleaner.

Sweepovac has a feature where you could plug in a hose. An eighteen ft. expandable hose comes with it. There are 3 more tools included, which makes it smoother for the hose to clean any hard-to-reach areas.

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How to Install Sweepovac Built-In Kitchen Vacuum?

sweepovac built in kitchen vacuum

Installing this Sweepovac vacuum is a relatively easy task just because of the included tools and instructions. Those who have done it theory have said it takes only 30 minutes in total, and it could take even less than 30 minutes sometimes. Here’s what you require to install your Sweepovac:

  • Screwdriver
  • A drilling machine
  • A marking pen
  • The Sweepovac template that comes with the packaging
  • A reciprocating saw

That’s all! These are the tools you will require to install your Sweepovac, and the builder suggests installing it underneath the kitchen island or cabinet. Alternatively, you could install it in a place that’ll make it smoother for you to see and enable it because, after all, it’s your kitchen.

You wanna install the Sweepovac is a place that will make cleanup smoother for you when all is said and done. However, the place should also be sturdy enough.

It is much important to note here that if you wanna place the Sweepovac beneath one of the kitchen cabinets, then you must start by measuring its dimensions as well and check if they are matching the provided template or not. Next, here is a step-by-step process for you when the time comes to install your Sweepovac:

Installation Tips

  1. Take the pen and trace an outline of the Sweepovac on the selected location.
  2. Get the drill and then make two holes on the top 2 corners of the place that you have just marked.
  3. Use a reciprocating saw or any suitable tool to cut the outline of the place where you will be installing the Sweepovac.
  4. All Sweepovac units come with a height controller that you could use to make sure that it will sit at the right level once you have installed it without buckling.
  5. Take the ten ft. power cord, which comes with the Sweepovac, and then attach it to the outlet while the other end gets attached to a corner of the cutout. You may require to use proper cabling or also an outlet that will permit you to access the Sweepovac from any remote place if you choose to install it this way.
  6. Now, just slide the vac onto the slot which you have created for it.
  7. Take the Allen wrench which comes with the package and then use it to remove the faceplate.
  8. Use the 4 screws to attach the unit to the cabinet.
  9. Now finally, all you gotta do is open the unit’s door and then glide the door out. Put the filter bag on the back and then install it. Place the drawer in its area, and now you are good to go!

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The Verdict


Even if you are using a handheld vacuum cleaner, there’s no harm in keeping a built-in kitchen vacuum. It will save you a lot of effort carrying the vacuum cleaner. Sweepovac is a perfect kitchen appliance till now.

It’s self-contained and also works ideal for keeping your kitchen odorless. Based on the fact what we have just found so far, Sweepovac is the ideal unique in every aspect. And this vacuum cleaner price is comparatively less than any traditional models.

Therefore, purchasing it will be a win-win situation for you. So what are your thoughts about this beautiful model? Are you going to make a buying decision? You can always share your thoughts in the comments below.

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