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The upright vacuum has been used since the first vacuum cleaner was invented. Most likely, we all have memories of our grandparents or parents owning an extremely powerful Hoover vacuum.

The heavy but reliable upright vacuums were designed to last. With the advancement of technology, upright vacuums are grown in suction power and various applications.

Over the last decade, customers have demanded an upright vacuum cleaner that offers greater convenience and lighter weight. This is the case with the stick vacuum, a lighter variant of the upright model.

With advancements in cyclonic technology, stick vacuum owners have the convenience of upright vacuums without sacrificing suction capacity.

Stick Vacuum Vs. Upright Vacuum Compared

Stick Vacuum vs Upright Vacuum 2

Considering the advantages of a Top stick vacuum or an upright vacuum, it is important to consider the advantages/disadvantages of each model.

Different kinds of debris require different cleaning techniques. It is possible to buy one or more of them to ensure your cleaning time is complete.

Explaining Stick Vacs

Stick vacuums, such as the Tineco vacuum, are generally what you’d imagine a college student using as they settle into dorms or small apartments. 

They are compact, portable, and simple to use. Stick vacuums aren’t great in terms of performance, especially when it comes to cordless models. Central vacuums are stronger, but they’re not suited to smaller rooms. 

This is why it’s important to look at central vacuums compared to upright vacuums to choose the one that suits your needs.


Benefits of Stick Vacs


If you’re thinking of buying a stick vacuum, they are many great advantages:

  • A stick vacuum that is corded has comparable power to upright models.
  • They work well on traditional hardwood flooring.
  • An electric stick vacuum works ideal for getting a quick clean
  • A stick vacuum can fit in tight spaces.
  • Compact, lightweight, simple to carry around, and simple to utilize
  • Easy to store, thanks to the smaller dimensions.
  • Great for short bursts of quick carpet cleaning
  • Clean hard-to-reach areas

Drawbacks of Stick Vacs


Some cons are apparent instantly. As a buyer, Here’s what you should know:

  • The charging capacity is very small, usually within 40 minutes when you use low power. If you have larger homes, it is possible to find yourself charging the device several times.
  • Smaller dust cups. They require constant emptying.
  • A cordless stick vacuum has weak suction.
  • Suction power is generally less when compared to upright models, and this is especially true when it comes to cost. Only the highest-priced stick vacuums can be used to clean the high- and medium-pile rugs efficiently.
  • There are no beater bars.
  • A stick vacuum with a cord won’t be as maneuverable.

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Explaining Upright Models

Upright vacuums are what you’d consider when thinking of an old-fashioned vacuum cleaner. Most people purchase the upright model at some time in their lives because of its superior suction capabilities. Although the larger, upright models compensate for it with the ability to take on a lot of cleaning.

Benefits of Upright Models


Here are the reasons to consider:

  • They have a stronger motor
  • Bigger dust bag.
  • More powerful and deeper cleaning.
  • Their suction power can’t be comparable.
  • Ideal for large houses since it doesn’t depend on the battery.
  • Experts in carpet cleaning.
  • The majority of attachments accommodate different types of cleaning.
  • They are available as corded/cordless models.

Drawbacks of Upright Models


An upright vacuum is the most popular option for the majority of households. They do have some negatives, however:

  • They are also quite expensive.
  • The upright models can be bulky and awkward.
  • More difficult to store due to its larger size.
  • The cord causes problems because it could get stuck in furniture, or it may make it difficult to reach certain areas.
  • It is heavy and difficult to handle.

Stick Vacuum vs Upright Vacuum 3


Things to think about when you are thinking about vacuum canisters?

If you're considering investing in canister vacuums, there are some things to bear. A canister vacuum cleaner might not be as safe as other models because they're bagless vacuums. However, being able to not clean vacuum bags is what makes canister vacuums an extremely preferred choice.

Which vacuums are best for hard flooring?

Robot vacuums are generally the best choice as they constantly eliminate any mess you leave behind. If you're using an old-fashioned vacuum cleaner, stick vacuums are always the best option. Some even have special pads made for hardwood floors.

Do stick vacuums not run out of juice?

If batteries power them, they will. Make sure the vacuum is fully charged before you use it, especially if using a vacuum designed for laminate floors. You'll require that extra power.

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Parting Words


To sum up, upright and stick vacuums suit their respective clients. If you’re living in a smaller space and don’t have a lot of carpets and rugs, like frequent and quick cleanups instead of deep cleans, or need to wash your vehicle or have multiple floors throughout your house, Stick cleaners are the best way to take.

However, if you have a lot of carpeting and a huge space for flooring, and you want a large amount of suction power, upright vacuums could be the ideal aspect for you.

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