How to Buy the Best Steam Mop for Laminate Floors: Buying Considerations

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Steam mops are an innovative device that uses hot steam to blast and remove dirt, grime, and, most importantly, remove bacteria. The typical steam mop for laminate floors consists of a handle that has a trigger. Additionally, you can find the long stick and the floorhead, which are typically fitted using a microfiber pad.

Some steam mops can push steam across the entire pad to provide the floor with extensive coverage. Some are focused on the same spot. One of the most appealing aspects concerning cleaners is that they clean without the need for any chemicals.

Simply fill the reservoir with tap or distillate water, connect it to an outlet, and allow it to warm. The majority of steamers take 30 to 60 minutes to reach a complete temperature. When cleaning your floors, push the trigger to let steam out. The microfiber pad then takes off dirt and absorbs any excess water, leaving your floors dry.

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Are Steam Mops Safe for Laminate Flooring?

Whether steam mop mops are safe for use on laminate flooring is often a matter of debate. However, they are secure if you’re safely using them.

Cleaning various types of flooring requires different techniques, tools, equipment, and products. Laminate is vulnerable to moisture because it could cause the planks to swell and expand.

Steam mops require a large amount of heat and water when cleaning. They should be used with care. With the proper technique, you will be able to effectively remove and clean the laminate floors you have.

Experts recommend following the natural flooring’s grain. Doing so can cause moisture to get into the small crevices and cracks and damage the floor (1). If your mop wasn’t specifically designed for laminate flooring, use a lower setting to prevent excessive temperatures.

Take a look at the floor after a couple of strokes to ensure no water. If you see standing water, clean it off with a clean towel or cloth.

It’s equally important not to make steam cleaning part of your daily cleaning routine. The hot steam could weaken the laminate’s seal flooring. Some flooring manufacturers may end warranties if they clean with steam.

Specifications and Features of Steam Mop

When you’re looking to purchase a mop with steam, particularly for the steam mop designed for laminate floors and other floorings, there are a few aspects to take into consideration first.

1. Tap or distilled water, as well as demineralized water

The tap water can be the most affordable, but when it evaporates within the steam mop, it leaves traces on the heater of the steam mop and even the clean floors.

To avoid these scratches and the steam mop, distilled or demineralized water is strongly advised – as they do not have the hard residue that can remain in the heater’s water or floors. A steam mop can last longer, and floors become cleaner.

Certain manufacturers even make demineralized or distilled water for steam mops with added fragrance. The water is cleaner than tap water. It also has a pleasant scent and gives you a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

2. Power Cord

Most steam mop models come with 15-25 feet (~4.6-7.6 millimeters) length power cables.

Personally, to minimize interruptions and allow users to scrub more of a large area with one wall socket, a high-quality steam mop needs an electrical cord that is a minimum of 18-20 (~5.5-6.1 m) feet long.

3. Water Heating Device

The majority of steam mops have water heaters that range from 1000W-to 1600W range, with steam mops ranging from 1500W being the most commonly used.

However, good steam mops must include adjustable settings for heat and steam that allow users to adjust the intensity of the steam based on the conditions and surface being cleaned. It is an aspect of steam cleaning dust and other particles from hardwood floors, laminate flooring, and an additional thing too, for instance, take away pet messes off glazed ceramic tiles, granite, marble, and other heated surfaces.

4. The Capacity of the Water Tank

A bigger water tank can mean longer periods of uninterrupted cleaning. However, it also means a bigger weight, bulkier, and heavier steam mop.

In general, the water tank capacity can vary between 0.2 Liters to 0.5 milliliters which are sufficient for most cleaning tasks.

It is important to note that certain models come with removable water tanks, whereas others are equipped with filling flasks. The best is a constant discussion since each comes with its respective pros and cons, which can be highly individual.

5. Cleaners Tools, Attachments, and Accessories

Certain steam mop models come with additional cleaning tools made of various steam mop cleaning heads (rectangular triangular,) steam brushes, carpet gliders, and others.

To clean laminate floors, choose the steam mop best suited to your needs and personal preferences. Some prefer larger, round steam mop heads that permit the cleaning of more areas at a faster rate, some like triangular-shaped steam mop heads that allow for more precise cleaning, particularly along the edges and at the corners.

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6. Steam Mop Pads

Most steam mop kits are equipped with a variety of mop pads for steam, such as gentle steam mop pads and sponge-like steam mop pads.

For daily cleaning, particularly floor cleaning for laminate, steam mop pads with soft bristles are suggested. In contrast, scrubby mop pads are recommended only to tackle tough messes on glazed ceramic or similar flooring.

Some models offer double-sided steam mop pads. Effectively doubling the area that one mop pad can clean before it needs to be replaced by a new one.

When replacing the steam mop pad, be extremely cautious since the dirty mop pad is extremely hot from the steam’s heat!

The steam mop pad is generally made to be washed in the machine but typically without bleach, softeners, or other chemicals.

7. Steam Mop Controls

  • Steam mop controls must be located on the handle or nearby, which allows the user to quickly and easily make changes in the steam mop’s settings, particularly about the strength of the steam mop.

Shopping Guide to the Best Mop for Laminate Floors

1. Dry vs. Wet dry

Dry mops are perfect for dusting laminate floors and are also great for removing pets’ hair. However, wet mops work great for cleaning up larger messes and keeping floors sparkling and clean. Certain mops made of microfibers are designed to be used in dry and wet flooring.

2. Mop Size

The size of your floor should be reflected in the mop size you choose. Large areas require a lot of mops to remove dirt from the surfaces. Large-sized mops require smaller effort and can cover larger areas in one sweep. In contrast to smaller mop sizes, it will require more effort to wash.

3. Attachments

Tools or attachments are crucial since they can save time and money by buying additional equipment. One of the essential attachments is scrubbers, which are vital to cleaning the mop’s head. Tanks that can be detachable can be used numerous times before refilling.

4. Floor Type

It is important to consider the flooring type before you purchase the ideal mop for laminate flooring. This is because using the wrong mop or cleaner that is not suitable for the laminate floors can cause damage to the seal of the laminate. Water-resistant floors such as the laminate floors shouldn’t utilize any mop cleaners that contain water unless you can control the quantity.

5. Maintenance

It is simpler to wash any mop equipped with heads that can be machine washed between uses. Microfiber mops are an excellent example of mop heads that can be cleaned this way. Whichever mop you pick, being aware of the cost of replacement for your machine heads is extremely crucial.

FAQs Regarding Steam Mops for Laminate Floors

1. What makes steam mopping healthier for our pets and family?

Steam mops use water to generate hot steam, which in most instances, cleans floors to 99 percent or more. This eliminates the need to use harsh cleaning chemicals or products that may harm the health of your family members.

Furthermore, steam mops are much more effective at getting rid of dirt and grime, ensuring that your floors will be as clean as possible. They’re simple to use, which means you’ll be able to clean more frequently and in less time.

2. How should we prepare for applying a mop with steam for laminate flooring?

The majority of manufacturers don’t recommend using older laminate flooring. You may always test your steam mop in the smallest area that won’t be frequently used as the area under furniture.

Do not add any chemicals such as bleach or cleaners into the tank. Steam mops should be used with water, and you may damage the unit or emit dangerous fumes if you attempt other things.

It is a good idea to stay clear of the edges of your floor where it is affixed to the wall to prevent water from getting under the floor. Check out in the following section the best techniques.

3. How is the laminate flooring composed?

Laminate flooring is made up of layers of fiberboard, a moisture barrier wood-like images, and a variety of other substances like wood composite. The layers are then topped with resin and sealed with a process known as lamination. It resembles wood but is more flexible and durable. It is also affordable.

4. How can I tell the right steam mop for me?

It’s crucial to consider the features you want and your requirements. If you use the steam mop to sweep floors, You don’t have to buy an item that comes with all sounds and bells.

If you’d like to gain more value from your purchase, many alternatives can be used to clean other surfaces, too. When comparing prices, make sure to determine whether the attachments you’ll require are included. Also, consider the additional cost if you’ll require the attachments separately.

5. What’s the best method to utilize steam mops on laminate?

Ensure sweeping or vacuum your floors to remove any loose debris before trying to steam the floor, as you would with the mops you normally use.

Steam mops are typically designed to clean various types of flooring in different ways. You’ll most likely need to choose the lowest steam setting to avoid damage or creating bubbles on the laminate floors.

Excessive steam can cause water to collect beneath the surface if it is left on the floor for too long. Lower steam settings mean that it’s drying faster and prevents such problems.

If you have water accumulating underneath the floor, it can cause mildew and mold to grow. This is why you should avoid the edges of your floor when it joins the wall, as water may seep through the crack.

However, you should always check what the steam mop manufacturer recommends since they may have specific guidelines. It’s an excellent idea to study the information on the particular kind of laminate that you have at home and the best way to safely clean it.

6. How to Cleaning Laminate Floors with Steam Mops?

Cleaning laminate floors using steam mops is precisely similar to the other types of surfaces, except that one must be more cautious when cleaning.

Also, fill the steam mop with distilled water. Apply the soft mop pad and steam mop’s cleaning head, connect the steam mop to your wall socket power outlet, turn the heater on, and just wait for the steam to flow.

Ensure that the steam level is set to the minimum, or gradually add steam manually. The lower production of steam causes lower warming of your floor; however, it also cleans less effectively. When used to clean laminate flooring, the primary job is to clean the laminate and avoid causing damage to the floor.

Clean your laminate with a push-pull motion and then move across the same area several times to increase the quality of cleaning.

Top Choices by Our Experts Keeping Value for Money in Mind

1. Light ‘N’ Easy Floor Steamer

The lightest steam mop you can get for Laminate Floor:

LIGHT 'N' EASY Steam Mop


A compact steam mop makes a great supplement to a complete cleansing routine. The mop is a light and slim design that permits it to be easily tucked away between furniture and even when it is put away.

It is equipped with clever features, including swivel steering, which helps make cleaning easy. To stop the steam, just press the trigger. When you let it go, the steam will stop instantly.

Whatever kind of flooring you’ve got, this mop can be utilized. It’s great for laminate floors because of its soft pads that move easily across the flooring.

You’ll be ready to wash in minutes due to the speedy heater. The steam’s powerful force can remove dirt, grease, and tough stains without chemicals.


Secure on a Variety of Surfaces

There isn’t a lot of flooring in the home. Therefore, it’s helpful to have one tool to take care of different floor types. It’s a blessing that the Light N’ Easy steam mop is suitable for ceramic, laminate, hardwood marble, and linoleum flooring.

You could buy a carpet glider for carpets and rugs within your home. This will help you complete more cleaning all in one session.

Quickly and Easily

The additional quick heating time can have you ready for cleaning between 20 and 30 minutes. All you need to do is fill up the tank with water and connect the mop to an outlet.

There’s no need to fret about damage from water using this mop. It doesn’t leave any standing water, and the floor is dry in 30 minutes.

Pads that can be reused

Certain steam mops can become costly and cumbersome as their pads must be replaced regularly. The pad that comes with this mop can be cleaned with the machine and then reused many times. This will help you save money and time in the end.

Effective against Grime and Dirt

We are awestruck by a steam mop for its ability to remove stains without scrubs. The power of steam that this mop produces will clean any surface that comes in its path.

Soap scum on bathroom tiles? It’s not a problem. Are there any streaks on the flooring around the stove? They’ll disappear in a flash. Just push the trigger to let off steam and then release it to clean the pad using it.


Small Tank

The reservoir can’t hold much water, which caused a lot of frustration for customers. They found it annoying to stop to refill the reservoir and then reheat it when they were cleaning.

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2. Bissell PowerFresh Deluxe 1806C Steam Mop

The Best Steam Mop Luxury for Laminate Floor:

To bring a fresh smell to the home environment, we suggest Bissell PowerFresh. It includes two washable pads that offer an efficient cleaning.

The mop is simple to maneuver around furniture due to the shift steering. You can also get underneath furniture and cabinets due to the size of the slim floorhead.

If you have to deal with staining or difficult spots to remove, get rid of the floorhead, then use the SpotBoost Brush. It’s also ideal for cleaning grout.

The tank can be filled with a measuring cup. You can also move without difficulty using a power cord of 25 feet.


Quick Setup

If you are looking to begin, you can make sure to fill the tank with a measuring cup. Connect the steamer to an outlet and let it take 30 seconds to get heated.

Bissell offers Scent Waters, which you can add to your tank. It’s demineralized water that doesn’t cause any buildup or blockage inside the tank.

It is also possible to refill it with tap water. However, distillation is the best option to prevent any buildup of minerals.

SpotBoost Brush

To clean up small, sticky messes, remove the floorhead and apply SpotBoost Brush. It is made of small bristles which effectively remove dirt and grime by the power of the steam’s hot heat.

Effectively cleanses

Steam mops are a popular choice for homeowners because they are excellent at cleaning. The Bissell PowerFresh brand claims to get rid of 99.9 percent of the bacteria in your home without any chemicals. That’s a huge win for us!

A kit of accessories with two specially-designed, washable pads comes. One is a gentle pad, and the other is more scrubby and ideal for stubborn dirt and staining. Also included are two Spring Breeze Scent discs placed in the steamer’s tray. It releases a fresh fragrance while you scrub.

Easy Maneuvering

Moving around your home is a breeze, thanks to the steering swivel. It is easy to navigate corners and furniture by turning the handle while moving.


The Tank Can’t Be Removable

The tank isn’t removable in this model. This was a concern some customers had raised. The tank can be filled with a measuring cup; however, emptying it is entirely different. Many customers have said they needed to raise the entire unit over the sink to empty it.

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3. Shark Genius S5003D Pocket System Steam Mop

Best for Laminate Floors with the Best Pads:

Shark Genius S5003D

It’s a Genius steam mop by Shark that has been generating a lot of hype, and we’re with our hearts. It’s simple to use and arrives with a pocket pad that evenly distributes steam across the floor.

You can easily attach the pad without reaching for your hands. You can simply put it in the washing machine and reuse the following time when you’re done. This can save you time and money as opposed to buying numerous pads.

With just less than 6 pounds, this mop is lightweight and easy to carry around. This mop’s small and sleek design makes it easy to keep in any closet or any limited space.


Two-Function Steam

Based on the space you’re cleaning, arrange the mop to clean the entire floor or just spots.

If you’re on the all-floor setting, the steam will be carried across the pad fibers and equally distributed across the floor. When you find a stubborn stain, utilize steam blasters to produce the steam in a strong burst directly onto the stain. This can help to break up the dirt and grime.

Easy Assembling

The process of assembling a steam mop is often frowned upon. Customers were, however, pleased by how simple and fast it was to put this Shark Genius up and running.


Attaching and taking off the pad is a breeze, and you don’t have to get it in touch. When you attach the pad, simply lay the pad on the floor flat, put the mop over it, and it will be able to grip the pad.

Once you’ve cleaned, remove the pad by pressing the handle’s button. It can be conveniently cleaned and reused.

Double-Sided Pads

The dual-sided pads effectively grip dirt and dust while also clearing small crevices on the floor. Absorbent strips woven into pads can also drain excess water from the floor to stop damage to the floor.


It’s impossible to stand on its own

If you’d like to pause during cleaning, you’ll need to place the mop on the wall since it cannot stand on its own. Although it’s not a major issue, it can be a hassle when you must stop moving furniture to accommodate cleaning.

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4. Light “N’ Easy 7688ANW All-In-1 Steam Mop

Best Steam Mops for Laminate Flooring with the Most Effective Attachments:


If you’re searching for an efficient steam mop that will perform more than cleaning your laminate flooring. The mop from Light Easy includes three kinds of steam tools to scrub every corner of your residence.

It glides effortlessly across the floor and can be utilized on carpets. It doesn’t require pressing a button to release steam. Just turn it over, and it will start to steam.

When you’re using it as a handheld device, the Smart Sensor point detects when you’ll need to be steaming. It is quick to heat up and allows you to choose from three different settings that will fit the task at hand.


Smart Switch

When you move your steamer along the flooring, you can tilt it so that steam escapes as you scrub. Once you have it upright, the steamer will cease to flow.

Customers have reported issues with other steam mop models that did not stop steaming even when placed upright. There are reports of damaged flooring, and finishes are not uncommon. However, this will ensure your laminate floors are secure.

One-Year Quality Assurance

The company Light N’ Easy offers an entire year of 24-hour support to its customers. Additionally, you get a one-year guarantee on quality and a no-cost replacement if the device you purchased is damaged or fails.

Multiple Settings

You can select from three different settings for a better fit of the steamer to the task at hand. This is a fantastic feature for laminate floors because you must be cautious when cleaning them using steam.

LightnEasy includes a carpet glider to ensure you can scrub your floors with carpets.


You can not only use the steam mop to wash your floors made of laminate, but you can also use it to serve different reasons. Remove the steamer from the handheld and join another tool.

You will receive a flexible hose that has an upholstery attachment. The tool can be put on chairs, couches as well as clothing. It also has an incredibly small steamer that is used to scrub smaller areas like the kitchen sink’s vicinity.


Handheld Steamers Aren’t As Powerful

Some customers were disappointed by the steamer handheld. They thought it was not as efficient as they had hoped.

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5. Bissell the PowerFresh Slim Steam Mop

The best Steam Mop to Clean the entire House with laminated flooring:

Bissell PowerFresh Slim mop

If you’re searching for steamers that do more than just scrub your floors with laminate. This Bissell PowerFresh slim is a triple-in-one steamer that can clean and disinfect every corner of your home.

The sleek design makes it simple to carry around and put away. It’s easy to clean up close to the walls and baseboards, and the pivoting steering makes moving around the rooms easy.

The kit comes with nine attachments and accessories to eliminate all the dirt and grime in your home, including your laminate flooring. The steam’s power will be ready within 30 seconds of connecting the device to an outlet.


Swivel Steering

The steam mop will follow your every step as you sweep through your home. It can be easily tucked under furniture and is close to walls. With a width that is 13 inches wide, it offers excellent coverage.

 Storage on-hand

Smaller attachments can be lost. But this steamer lets you keep each gadget close by. Put them under the handle of the steamer and take the tools with you to be used whenever you need to.

 Above Floor Cleaning

Suppose you have to wash the House or other areas. You can select from nine different attachments. Take the stick off and utilize the steamer as a hand and use the proper device for the job.

Use this Bristle Scrub Brush to scrub the grills, countertops, and ovens with ease. This Flat Scraper Tool is excellent in removing stuck materials off flat surfaces without causing any damage.

Cleaning grout lines can be much easier using a steaming Grout Tool. You can also steam your clothes quickly by using the Steamer for Clothing. Steamer.

The possibilities for this device are numerous, and that’s why it’s a top option for a lot of homeowners.

 Powerful Steam

After just 30 seconds, PowerFresh Slim will be ready to conquer your home. It glides effortlessly across different floorings, including laminate, hardwood, and marble. The steam can remove 99.9 percent of germs and grime. The scrubby pad can help take off any extra dirty spots.


 It is cumbersome to hold

Since everything is kept inside the handle (tank motor, tank attachments, tank), it may be heavy to hold. A few customers complained that it was difficult to clean because everything was all in one place.

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6. PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner

PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner

“Cleans virtually everything”! PurSteam claims there is a steam mop that you can use to wash your laminate flooring.

In addition, sealed vinyl, stone, tile flooring, carpets, glass furniture, and your clothes!

A handheld steam cleaner is included in the mop. This useful attachment, as well as the accessories, make this mop extremely versatile.

There’s a window squeegee to clean and sparkling glass. A straight nozzle lets you steam clean your clothes inside your wardrobe.

The water tank on this mop is large and will last around 20-25 minutes of cleaning. There are three temperature settings, and the water warms up very quickly.

  • Customers were impressed by how quickly the water heated. The steam was hot within just 30 seconds.
  • It is extremely versatile with steamer accessories as well as the handheld.
  • Customers’ feedback said it was simple to put together.
  • A very reasonable price and excellent value for money for less than $100.
  • The microfiber pad that came with the mop’s head for steam was small, and replacements aren’t difficult to locate (although they’re available through Amazon).
  • The length of the cord wasn’t enough to satisfy some customers.

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7. Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro All in One

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro All in One

Complete two tasks simultaneously by using this Bissell steam mop and vacuum cleaner together in one model. The vacuum can remove dust, dirt, and hair from pets.

Then you can steam clean your laminate floors in the same moment with a specially formulated Febreeze formula specifically designed for pets.

There are two pet brush rolls. They’ll pick up any hair and debris without becoming caught in the bristles.

This Two-Tank Technology keeps clean and dirty water separated. This means you can be certain that you’re washing your laminate floors using pure water!

This vacuum and steam mop combination on carpets and sealed wood floors Linoleum and even laminate flooring. In addition, Bissell has a pet foundation, and it will give $10 every time they sell one of its equipment.

  • Many customers were pleased with the swivel head that let them clean around and even under furniture.
  • A brush roll is more effective in removing stubborn stains than most gentle cleaning pads.
  • A great option for those with pets. It gets rid of hair and cleans up spills all in one go.
  • The cord is very long, so there is no need to unplug it continuously and plug it into a news outlet.
  • Needs more attention than other steam mop models to wash the brushes and tank frequently.
  • A few users have had the steam mop and vacuum all-in-one to be heavy to move around.

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8.  Shark S5003D Genius Steam Mop Pocket System

Shark S5003D Genius Steam Mop

Get your flooring laminated with a deep clean with the Genius Shark model.

The steam mop is equipped with Direct Steam Channeling, which distributes steam across the pad. This means that an ultra-wide cleaning area is created.

Many customers preferred the Shark steam mop to the Bissell PowerFresh steam mop. They said it provides an even better clean thanks to the steam blaster feature that can target hot steam in places of hard dirt.

It’s also useful to clean grout lines.

Dirt grip pads have two sides. They’re very absorbent. The material gripping them will raise, and they trap dirt and debris.

In addition, with Touch-Free Technology, you don’t have to reach for your mop pads. Simply press a button to place it directly into your hamper to wash.

  • A large mop head and a swivel head allow you to take care of a large area of flooring made of laminate and hard-to-reach spaces in less time.
  • The users were pleased with the two heads for cleaning and that they were machine washable and reusable.
  • Ergonomic handle that is comfortable to hold and offers easy movement.
  • Many of our customers commented about the cord as the perfect length, at 22 feet.
  • The water tank isn’t movable and, therefore, difficult to refill/empty.
  • The manufacturer recommends that you use distilled water; therefore, you must add extra time or money to purchase this.

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9. Bissell 1940A SteamFresh Mop

Bissell 1940A SteamFresh Mop

Make sure your laminate floors are sparkling clean by using this PowerFresh model by Bissell.

This mop does not require harsh chemicals to disinfect and clean your floors. It will rid your home of 99.9 percent of the germs and bacteria with hot steam from plain tap water.

Its steam mop is rectangular and low-profile, so you can clean furniture under it. It also comes with a soft microfiber pad to help with day-to-day cleaning.

Also, a scrubby microfiber pad will assist you in getting out stains that remain.

SmartSet Steam Control offers the ability to adjust the heat setting based on the kind of mess you’re tackling. Also, you’ll receive fragrance discs to apply while you’re mopping to create a scent of freshness within your home.

The steam mop is equipped with scent discs, but you can also purchase Eucalyptus or Citrus if you prefer these instead.

  • Excellent steam control and power, and people liked that they didn’t have to pull a button or pulley.
  • It is easy to maneuver because it is light in weight and has a swivel steering mechanism to reach corners and crevices.
  • The water tank can be effortlessly removed and is the perfect size to cover a lot of laminate flooring. It is also quick to fill up.
  • The length of the cord is sufficient for the majority of users.
  • Some users reported that it took an extended time to heat back to normal regardless of whether they’d turned the appliance on in one place but unplugged it, then moved to another.
  • Some reviewers stated that it occasionally left tiny water puddles on their flooring.

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10. Light “N” Easy Steam Mop

Light "N" Easy Steam Mop

It’s easy to steam clean your floors made of laminate with this lightweight steam mop. It weighs only 3.5 pounds. The design is easy, yet it provides efficient cleaning for your home.

This low-cost steam mop can be heated up in only 20 seconds. Your floors will dry after less than 30 seconds!

You can apply it to tiles, stone flooring, and hardwood. Additionally, you can also purchase an additional carpet glider that can serve as a steam cleaning device for carpets.

This is an excellent additional feature to have if you own pets, as it can help get rid of smells.

Its mop head has a rectangular shape and can cover large areas in a short time. Microfiber pads for cleaning have three different layers.

They offer the best absorption and friction so that even dirt stuck on them is lifted off and removed.

  • The steam is sucked out immediately after releasing your grip off the handle.
  • Affordable price.
  • The users were amazed by the speed at which it heated up.
  • Easily storable because of its weight and size.
  • The capacity of the water tank is small, so it needs to be filled up more often.
  • You must manually pump an air handler to release steam without the same technology as other steam mop mops.

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