Stanley Wet & Dry Vac Honest Review By EXPERT

Ever heard about wet/dry vacuum cleaners? You might have, but are you sure that you have a correct idea about how it would fit the needs of your home? 

In the homes of some of us, messes don’t happen in defined categories. You might encounter a mix of broken glass as well as the liquid contents that used to be once inside it or tracked-in wet leaves along with dust from your demo project.

Cleaning all that with a simple vacuum cleaner doesn’t seem possible, and you definitely need a wet/dry vacuum cleaner if you really want to eliminate the hassle.

Stanley Wet & Dry Vac BENEFITS

Wet-dry shop vacs very well deal with these sorts of messes.

Many folks don’t know much about wet-dry vacs, maybe, not even the fact that these are also called shop vacuums. It’s so because such models aren’t a common piece of our home cleaning equipment yet.

Stanley wet/dry vac is an amazing model available at below $80, and after knowing several positives of it, we decided to review it in May 2021.

Yes, it’s definitely worth purchasing, and here, we start explaining to you the reasons and also share the reports.


Credit: WheeNC Tech Sell & Repair


Stanley Wet Dry Vac accessories

  • 1-1/4-Inch by 5-Feet flexible hose
  • crevice nozzle
  • three extension wands
  •  floor brush
  • utility nozzle
  • foam filter
  • reusable dry filter

How did Stanley Wet Dry Vac perform in our testing?

stanley wet dry vac

Our expectations weren’t at the peak (as we were testing $500+ Roomba models before that and were thrilled), but yes, we knew that Stanley’s model is powerful.

There was much to say about the motto itself. You can’t even expect such a trustful motor in a wet/dry vacuum costing below $100!


The motor is of 4 horsepower, and it delivers an amazing power to the appliance. That’s the reason this vacuum is able to suck that well. It performs well on both dry and wet substances. 8 feet is the maximum suction distance, and you can imagine the ease of cleaning intricate spots.

did Stanley Wet Dry Vac


Weighing 8 Pounds and measuring 12.75 x 24.5 x 12.5 inches, maneuverability never seems an issue with Stanley Wet Dry Vac. Neither you’ll face even a bit of issue while cleaning it, nor while carrying it from place to place. 4 swivel casters offer convenient multi-direction maneuverability, and these are pretty smooth.


Staying honest, we won’t explain that Stanley Wet Dry Vac is something that would last a decade, but yes, construction is much better than several competing Wet Dry Vacs out there. That’s the reason it lasts for years if the maintenance is alright (it doesn’t even require much, though).

Easy of use:

10-Feet power cord proves to be long enough and cord, and it’s a cord wrap design. Not just easy to use, but it’s easy to store as well. Safety Buoy Technology is there, which automatically powers off to protect the motor when the water level reaches the standard. Not just that, the built-in storage adds to the convenience.


The performance of this vacuum is appreciable for both wet and dry mess equally, and an under hundred dollars vacuum cleaner cleaning wet mess so cleanly is truly pleasing. For carpet and upholstery, this model is not the ultimate best, but it will deeply please you.  Yes, you can clean your cars or truck with it without damaging a thing.


The conclusion

This Stanley wet/dry vacuum is an excellent one for not just those who encounter different sorts of messes in their house but also for those having babies and pets in their home.

Trust us, you’re saving big bucks here, and the performance on various floors, is much better than most vacuums costing $150-200!

While the weight is also light by itself, the sleek design of this vacuum and longer hose permits you to put the base down and fearless work. These sort of wet/dry vacuums do make more noise than upright vacuums, but this level won’t hurt your ears anyway.

So, it’s yes from SmoothVacuum’s expert team, and we proudly give it 9.2 rating out of 10.

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