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The Shark VACMOP VM200 combines powerful suction and sprays mopping into one handy disposable pad. Its unique design permits it to collect dry debris while scrubbing away messy water spots.

It includes two pads for replacement and a 355-ml bottle VAC MOP and also contains a multi-surface cleaner for hard floors. The most appealing feature of this vacuum is its adjustable suction nozzle, which lets you customize the cleaning procedure to meet your preferences.

Shark VM200

What our experts loved the most?

1. It’s Easy to use

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If you’re searching for a convenient cordless mop or a powerful vacuum cleaner, the Shark Vacmop VM200 will be sure to meet your requirements. The vacuum is light in weight and comes with a charging base with 12 mopping pads made of microfiber and the cleaner solution bottle.

It has an advanced cleaning system which cleans deep into the carpets and floors and comes with a one-year warranty. The vacuum has a patent-pending IQ navigation system that directs it through your home.

2. Simplicity at Its Best

Shark VACMOP VM200 (TM) is a lightweight, cordless multi-functional floor cleaner that incorporates suction and mopping spray for thorough floor cleaning.

The reservoir built into it lets out cleaning fluids when it is pushed. It also includes a washable cleaning pad. The light cordless design has an extremely durable plastic frame and a cushion that can be removed. It also comes with a magnet charger and two disposable earpads.

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3. Effective

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This Shark VACMOP VM200 Professional Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is an exceptional hard floor cleaner that uses disposable pads to complete the task. The cleaning fluid and disposable pads assist in eliminating dust and dry dirt. The lightweight vacuum also has an inbuilt rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Putting it among the most effective vacuum cleaners available currently. If you’re looking to vacuum your floors of dirt or everyday mess, this Shark VACMOP VM200 will do these tasks with ease.

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4. Great Value for Money

The Shark Vacmop VM200 is a lightweight vacuum cleaner that combines suction with spray cleaning to eliminate dry debris and wet messes. It’s simple to charge and can be used to clean several surfaces simultaneously. It is equipped with a filter that shields your hardwood floors from dirt and dust.

It is particularly beneficial in households with pets. The Shark Vacmop VM200 includes a 12-oz container of cleaner and two pads that can be used as disposables.

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In Great Condition

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Shark VACMOP(TM) Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Shark VACMOP(TM) Pro cordless vacuum cleaner light and rechargeable floor cleaner.

The item includes an empty pad, one pillow, and half of the cleaning fluid. It’s UL ECOLOGO(r) approved Scent Free and can be used to remove dirt from hard floors. It can also be used as a mop with water. It has two suction cups, so you can scrub your floors efficiently with this vacuum.

What’s the Main Difference?

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What’s the main difference between this model and its more powerful version? The VacMop VM200 has an electric charger. However, the VM200 comes with only an ordinary charger. The Bissell Crosswave, on the contrary, is cleaned using a variety of methods and all available cleaning solutions. But which is the better option for you? Checkout the verdict and get your answer.

Advantage: Mop and vacuum floors made of hard surfaces with a single tool. The cleaning solution is free of streaks, and the device can be recharged easily.

Disadvantage: The spray jet is a little high from the handle, and replacement pads cost more than a traditional mop.

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The Shark VacMop is an efficient and simple cleaning tool that takes dry soil and s

crubs flooring with hard surfaces, such as vinyl, sealed hardwood laminate, tile, and even marble, leaving them clean and free of streaks. The vacuum suction is powerful enough to remove cereals or small pieces of dog food, and the reservoir for cleaning solutions can hold enough cleaning solution to scrub around 1,000 square feet of area.

You can utilize any floor cleaner to spray mops. We used our Shark Multipurpose Cleaning Solution on sealed ceramic tile and hardwood and found that it didn’t leave any cloudiness or residue.

The charging of the VacMop was easy thanks to the charger’s magnetic connection. In the six weeks of continuous usage, we could not observe any suction loss caused by normal lithium-ion battery drain. We’re happy to learn that it’s possible to replace the battery.

It is undoubtedly very convenient and easy to store. VacMop VM200 can make cleaning more expensive than a traditional broom or mop due to its disposable pads.

Each pad is priced between 80 cents to $1. To continue enjoying the convenience of cleaning floors, we are convinced that we’ll continue using my Shark VacMop VM200 and save some cash elsewhere.

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