Shark Steam Mop S3601: Facts That Shocked our Testers

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The hygiene and cleanliness of your home must be the top priority to lead an enjoyable and fulfilled life. There is nothing productive to do when your thoughts and house are cluttered.

With the daily pressures to finish numerous tasks on the to-do list, cleaning the home isn’t a priority. 

With technology shattering every standard, new equipment can aid in tackling underlying problems. Steam mops, such as Shark Professional Steam Mop S3601, can be the best cleaning solution that everyone wants. It’s not just quick and efficient; it also assists in eliminating bacteria.

An Honest Review on Shark Steam Mop S3601

Shark steam mop 3501 was released before this one; the model S3601 is well-known for its performance. It comes with a 360-degree swing that is incredibly easy to use.

The auto shut-off feature has been regarded as one of the top features of the mop since it helps to conserve energy and create a perfectly clean surface. 

The cord is 25 feet long, allowing you to move quickly across an extensive area without plugging the cord into different switches. Most users love steam mops more because it kills bacteria and cleans up any surface.

This article will provide you with information about the distinct characteristics of the Shark, the professional-grade steam mop S3601.

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Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop (S3601)

A Few Words About Steam Mops

Before we get started, we will, as you are probably aware already, need to encourage you to know the most is possible on vacuum cleaners generally and steam mops specifically because steam mops come with different specifications, functions, features as well as pros and cons, even though technically, they’re vacuum cleaners too.

Carpet shampooers and steam mops are among the most well-known cleaning machines that use wet dry.

They are proven to work in the disinfection and cleaning of surfaces made from hard materials (bathrooms and kitchens as well as tile floors and walls as well as wood floors.) and also in the efficient cleaning of stains, mold, mites, allergens, bacteria as well as all kinds of ground-in dirt and other debris. 

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The way vacuum cleaners operate in removing stains, mold, mites, allergens, and others are equipped with a water heating reservoir.

Modern steam mops can also function as 3-in-1 units, which can be used as steam mops, carpet washers, or vacuums.

Shark Professional Steam Mop Features Overview

Be aware that water could be found in the vicinity of the water tank. Shark tests water tanks by pouring water into the tanks before pressing them. It’s good to be aware that tanks are being checked.

  • The maximum power consumed is 1550 watts, and the standard steam mop can take 30 seconds delay before the heater can produce steam. This item is within the same category as different steam mops.
  • The tank for water isn’t removable. One gets the filling flask which is used to fill up the tank with water.
  • There isn’t a switch to turn off or on power, and water heaters begin to function immediately after the unit is connected to the wall outlet.
  • Steam mops come with a 1-year warranty, which isn’t great for a device at this price; however other similar mop models come with an extended warranty.
  • The length of the cord is 25 feet (~7.6 meters) and will be sufficient to cover a bigger area in your home. If you require a longer cord, be aware that 1550 watts at 110 to 120 volts will require 13-14 Amps; therefore, choose an extension cord compatible with the current required.

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The Shark Professional Steam Mop Settings

This mop features three settings for steam. These sophisticated settings for controlling steam guarantee efficient steam cleaning for all surfaces, whether hardwood, ceramic tile, marble, or other surfaces. The settings are as follows:

1. Mop

Shark Steam Mop S3601 2

It’s perfect for cleaning all types of flooring surfaces like sealed hardwood, marble tiles, stone, and linoleum—the most popular method of cleaning any surface that is tolerant of humidity and heat.

2. Scrub

It is suitable for surfaces such as tiles, stone, linoleum, and other surfaces that can withstand humidity and heat.

The sealed hardwood can be cleaned with this setting but don’t do it often. Additionally, any cracks in the sealant used to seal the wood allow moisture into the wood and can cause cracks, rotting, and similar issues with hardwood floors. 

The scrub setting is utilized for carpets and rugs with the help of “The Carpet Glider” accessory. But, it isn’t the best way to use it.

It can revive the carpets and rugs and even cleanse them; however, the best steam or soapy vacuum will make carpets cleaner. However, vacuum cleaners are many times more expensive than a steam mop!

3. Dust

For example, it is ideal for removing dirt from delicate surfaces such as bamboo, laminate, and hardwood. Additionally, this setting can be used for the light cleaning of floors like marble and tiles, too. While the steam jet isn’t very strong, it’s strong enough to clean floors.

Additionally, because this setting permits the steamer to emit the minimum amount of steam, it allows floors to dry out quickly.

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What Was It That We Loved About Shark Professional Steam Mop S3601?

You should be looking for numerous Shark pro steam pocket mop reviews if you plan to buy it. We know that the steam mop may not be the most expensive. However, it comes with many features you will benefit from.

We’ve put together the following list of effective features to offer the highest quality cleaning. If you’re interested in learning more about its capabilities and features, keep an eye on us.

1. Non-toxic

Some steam mops require chemical cleaners and detergents to keep the floor clean. But Shark’s Shark Professional steam mop comes 100% natural and chemical-free. It utilizes steam to destroy 99.99 percent of the bacteria using synthetic products.

It won’t make your home smell like toxic chemicals but leaves a pleasant aroma. One of the great things about this product is the fact that it’s pet-safe as pets frequently clean the floor.

2. Cleanses the Floor

Shark Steam Mop S3601 3

This Shark steam mop is not just able to clean the floor perfectly but also eliminates small imperfections. The steam mop produces hot steam that effortlessly cleans flooring and destroys a lot of allergens. It’s a fast and simple way to get rid of dirt, dust, and other debris.

3. Cost-effective

The Shark steam mop, the s3601, is among the top of several options due to its affordability. The mop itself is just a tiny expense, but it pays off throughout usage. There are no chemicals or cleaners to make the mop function effectively. It makes use of water to make steam and kills bacteria or allergens.

4. Reusable Pads

Shark Steam Mop S3601 1

The steam mop is an investment, and you don’t want to invest in other components. Its Shark steam mop pads s3601 can be reused and can be tossed into your washing machine for a thorough cleaning.

We are awestruck by how Shark steam mops are highly efficient and extremely easy to use. Plug into the wire from any place and begin cleaning.

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Best Features

Reading Shark professional steam pocket mop reviews can be crucial to decide. After reading the reviews, we’re sure that you’ll be tempted to buy this particular steam mop.

We’ve got you back if you’re looking for real and honest feedback on the steam mop. This is the information you require to know Shark professional steam mop S3601.

1. Capacity XL

If you’re searching for steam mops with an enormous capacity tank, the Shark professional steam mop is what you need. You can scrub more than half your home without refilling the tank. Additionally, the tank is quick to fill and will not be any burden for you at all.

2. Three-steam Levels

Another benefit of the Shark steam mop is that it is very easy to handle. If you are looking to wash the home gently, you can choose the setting with the lowest steam level and increase it according to your preferences. The machine has three levels of steam that make cleaning a breeze and adjustable.

3. Get Rid of 99.99 Percent of the Bacteria

The Shark steam mop pads effortlessly across the floor and pick up the most gunk and dirt. The steam mop removes dirt and other debris, eliminating 99.99 percent of bacteria. This makes the home safe for pets and children.

The super-heated technology permits the mop to generate steam in just 30 seconds. It’s an efficient and effective method of cleaning your home.

4. Super-fast Drying

Shark Steam Mop S3601 4

If you have elderly adults or kids living in your house and wet floors are a possibility, they can be risky. It is essential to have a fast-drying solution that doesn’t compromise the cleaning efficiency.

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As per Shark Steam Pocket Mop Reviews, it offers the fastest drying action for cleaning. It doesn’t take more than five minutes for your floor to completely dry. It is a great mop for the floor. A Shark mop is an ideal option for homes that have children or an older person.

  • Quick-drying
  • XL tank
  • Three-level steams
  • Kills 99.99 percent of bacteria
  • It is not able to stand by itself

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Step-By-Step Instructions on Using Shark’s Professional Steam Mop S3601 for Hardwood Floors?

If there are hardwood floors in your home, You must be extra careful in cleaning your home. There is no way to use a mop on your flooring. Be cautious when choosing the right steam mop suitable for use at home. If you own an item like the Shark professional steam mop, we’ll show you how to make use of it. These are the steps:

Step 1: Dry Your Floor

The first thing to do is use the microfiber cloth and wash floors thoroughly. The goal is to make the floor dry before you begin mopping it.

Step 2: Clean the Floor

It is time to begin cleaning the floor in a circular motion until it is clean. Make sure that you don’t apply any chemicals as they may damage your hardwood flooring.

Step 3: Put Dusting Setting On

After that, you must apply a dusting set before cleaning your floor. It is vital to ensure that your hardwood flooring is safe.

Step-By-Step Instructions on Using Shark’s Professional Steam Mop S3601 on Laminate Flooring?

If laminated wood flooring is in your home, the water is your adversary. You must ensure that you do not use harmful chemicals or excessive water while steam mopping the flooring. Many people ask whether they can apply a steam mop to laminate flooring. It is possible to use the steam mop. However, you should be cautious. Here’s how you can apply the Shark steam mop S3601 for laminate floors:

Step 1: Switch off the Steam

It is possible to clean the laminate floor using steam mops just as you would with a normal mop. The mop needs to be moved around across the floor thoroughly.

Step 2: Make Use of Less Water to Steam

For a thorough cleaning of floors, add less water to the tank, and then put steam at higher levels. This creates dry steam that can eliminate bacteria that have settled on your floor.

Step 3: Clean the Floors in Sections

If you are looking to clean your floors completely, You can wash them in tiny sections.

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How Do I Use the Shark Professional’s Steam Mop S3601?

The majority of us are technologically challenged; cleaning using a professional steam mop can seem to be a daunting task. But, we can guarantee that cleaning using this Shark Professional Steam Mop isn’t an easy task. The Shark steam mop s3601 manual is packed with all the info you need to know before beginning cleaning. Here’s how to clean with your Shark steam mop s3601.

Step 1. Set up the Steam Mop

To make the steam mop, it is necessary to remove the mop and then fill its tank with enough water. Be sure to make sure that you fill the tank with water to you don’t need to refill it at the end of cleaning.

Step 2: Disconnect the Power From the Device and Allow It to Cool

After finishing cleaning, it’s vital to allow the steam mop to cool before placing it in storage. Once the steam mop has cooled down, it is time to take it off.

You may also clean the steam pads if you want or if they’re filthy. This is a simple procedure to clean them; there’s no science-based approach.

Step 3: Clean Up Back and Forth

Once the mop has steam, the mop can be moved around on the surface that you want to wash. Concentrate on the region until it is clear of debris and dirt.

Step 4: Plug Steam Into the Mop

Its Shark steam mop has a 25-foot long cord that lets you move it around easily. You must wait for 30 seconds before the mop can begin producing steam.

How Do You Take Apart the Shark Model S3601 Pro Steam Mop?

One of the concerns users have regarding this Shark Professional Steam Mop is the way to take it apart. In the beginning, when disassembling it, be aware that it doesn’t come with spare components. Just attach the tank with your mop’s handle. Here’s how you can accomplish this:

Step 1: Read the Manual

If you look inside your Shark steam mop box, you’ll find some spare parts and the instruction manual. The main part of the mop, the cleaning head, and the cleaning pads are among the spare parts included.

It is essential to take apart the mop in the same way. It is possible to refer to the instruction manual to help you.

Step 2: Detach the Body Using the Head for Cleaning

When you reach the end of the mop’s body, there will be an option to click it to remove your mop and clean your head. Always place the mop upside-down when you separate it from the head of cleaning.

Step 3: Discard Pads to Clean

Start the process of disassembly by taking off the pads for cleaning. It is possible to throw the cleaning pads into the washer. Make sure to wash the mop pads with steam for more efficient cleaning.

A Steam Mop Isn’t Steaming?

Naturally, the effectiveness of any product decreases over time. However, you can maintain their effectiveness by keeping them in good condition and cleaning them frequently.

Your steam mop might cease producing steam because of obstructions. Here’s how you can eliminate clogging

Step 1: Remove the Mop Head

Remove the pad for cleaning, and then gently take off the mop’s head. Set the mop aside and look at the spray tip. Do it only when the steam mop cools.

Step 2: Assemble the Kit and Make Use Of

Now you can place the cleaning head in its original position, and we’re certain that it will soon begin to produce steam.

Step 3: Use Vinegar and Water to Make a Solution

Using vinegar and water to wash your spray tips and clear them of any traces is possible.

Step 4: Detangle With the Help of a Paperclip

Use a paper clip or tiny tool and place it inside the tip of the spray. You can slide the clip around to get rid of any hard-to-get rid of.

Commonly Asked Questions:

How do you make use of this Shark Steam Mop S3601?

It's not too difficult to use the Shark steam mop S3601. You can refer to the post above to get a step-by-step guide for using it.

What's the difference between a Shark steam mop and the Shark?

Both cordless and corded steam mops have different cleaning modes. Each model has its specifications and costs.

Is this Shark's mop great?

Shark steam mops are indeed perfect for those with little time but still want to have a clean and tidy home. It also removes 99.99 percent of the bacteria, which is always a plus.

What Shark steam mop models are the most effective?

Shark is the most effective mop, which is a great value for the consumer; we believe that S3601 is our top choice among all models.



Short story, the Shark Professional steam pocket mop is an all-around great steam mop with two extremely high-quality pocket pads.

The mop pads do wonders; however, they are not recommended for hard floors. Many people employ the same steam mop pads on flooring made of tile, wood, and laminate flooring, only using the ‘Dust’ and maybe the ‘Mop’ setting. 

But, it is important to ensure that your floors are of high-quality finishes that can withstand the pressure of cleaning. If you’ve ever tried this Shark Professional steam pocket mop, Let us know your thoughts! We’d love for you to share your thoughts and gain more about your experiences using the same device or other similar products. 

Please use the comment box below to let us know your thoughts and ask us any questions regarding the product! If you’d like to provide more details about the process this product uses or think other users might need to know some particulars about it, please feel free to share them!

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