Shark S5003D: Read These Shocking Facts Before Buying

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This Shark model is among the steam cleaners with the most featured mop designs released from Shark Ninja. However, is this floor cleaning device worth it? We’ll show you what the previous owners said about the product in this Shark Genius steam pocket mop review.

But, first, the fundamentals…

Shark S5003D, which is also referred to by the name of Shark Genius, is advertised as “our most innovative steam mop” from Shark Ninja.

It was developed to tackle difficult stains and spots on hard floors sealed. In contrast to its predecessor, the Shark S3101, the S5003D is corded or electronic.

What is Genius Shark Ninja’s smartest mop? Read our article.

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Overview of Shark S5003D

Its Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop is a reliable piece of equipment. We were impressed that it is easy to read and takes just two seconds after plugging the pad to begin streaming. The mop is lightweight and user-friendly.

It can dry the floors quickly, and the floors feel clean when you put on your feet. It is unnecessary to push the shaft to create steam or push down on the mop head to thoroughly clean areas of trouble.

As we see it, Shark knowingly traded steam capacity for efficiency and versatility; however, the smaller capacity is expected to be adequate for use in smaller areas. House owners with larger homes may be able to use it, even if they are a bit short on the operating time.

For mild steaming, this is one of the most efficient steam mops available. The robust operation and adjustable power output make it a great option for homeowners with hard floors that need to be cleaned.

Features of Shark S5003d

  • The body’s lightweight weight is 6 pounds and can be easily transported around.
  • The channel you choose blasts steams directly at areas stained heavily.
  • A reservoir volume of 350ml can provide up to twenty minutes of steaming.
  • The 1,200-Watt boiler is powerful enough to produce continuous steam.
  • The pad for cleaning can be easily removed or reattached by pressing the button.
  • Temperatures of steam that exceed 200°F get rid of nearly 99% of the microbes.
  • The long 22-foot power cord lets you connect to most power outlets.
  • Controls allow you to adjust the flow of water by 3 levels.
  • A double-sided washable Dirt Grip pad ensures floors are dry in only a couple of minutes.

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Shark Genius S5003D Specifications


The dimensions of the Shark Genius S5003D are (L x W x h) 7 x 13.8 x 47.1 inches (17.8 x 35 x 120 cm) and weighing 6.0 pounds (~2.75 kg).

The unit is powered by a 22-foot (~6.7 meters) length power cable. It provides an extremely long cleaning range with just one outlet on the wall.

Shark Genius S5003D is rated 1200 watts. The steam is ready in less than 30 minutes after being switched on.

The water tank is built-in; however, the Shark Genius S5003D has a filling flask (stored onboard). The water tank’s capacity is 350 milliliters (11.8 1 oz. ).

Shark Genius S5003D needs to be filled with demineralized or distilled water. Tap water is a source of minerals that could be deposited onto the heater or other internal components, causing the device to fail.

When Shark Genius S5003D is delivered, it must be put together first. However, it can be accomplished quite quickly.

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What are the Dimensions?

Shark S5003d 3

This Genius mop head is small enough in-depth (7″) to manoeuvre into tiny spaces, such as behind toilets. Its thirteen” Pad width is large enough to get good results with fewer swipes. It swivels easily and can be laid flat to fit under furniture with low clearance.

  • Width: 11.8 inches
  • Mop head pad: 13 7 inches
  • Depth (body and mophead): 11.8 inches
  • Length: 47.1 inches
  • Cord: 22 feet

Why Should You Choose a Steam Mop?

If you are apprehensive about mopping like most of us, you require a mop that does most of the job without requiring as much effort as possible. If you’re unwilling to shell out a large sum to purchase a robot mop or housekeeper, a steam mop is the next best choice.

The mop and bucket method is still the most economical method and isn’t the most expensive; the steam mop isn’t too expensive. If you consider that you don’t need to buy additional cleaning solutions and the time saved by no wringing or rinsing, it’s easy to see why steam mops are an excellent investment.

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1. Water tank

The tank onboard can hold 350 mL (11.8 OZ) in water. It is expected to clean around 1000 square feet of flooring in just one full fill at the lowest steam setting. The heavier dirt or, the larger area may require a couple of refills.

While there is a filter for water inside the machine, you must always use distilled water to reduce streaks and create mineral deposits that could cause a blockage to your spray nozzles. No need to add any cleaning solution to the tank. This is one of the main benefits of steam mop overall if you’re looking to reduce chemical residues.

The tank’s water capacity disadvantage is that it’s not movable. To fill it up, you must stand or prop the machine up, lean it on to uncap the tank, and refill it using the refill cup.

The manual for users advises you to remove all liquid from the tank before storage, so you need to flip it over like in a sink or tub to drain it. This is a niggle that we would like to see Shark will fix in future models.

Then, securing it by misting and heat.

Steam mops utilize steam to melt and break up dirt without the need for detergents. These are absorbed and sucked up with their damp pads.

Since toxic chemicals aren’t required, the rooms will smell fresher. This is why many parents choose to steam as a child-friendly method.

Tile slate and hard surfaces are perfect for steaming. They tend to dry more quickly following treatment than traditional mopping.

It is possible to refresh a variety of fixtures throughout your house, including cabinets for kitchens and bathrooms appliances, exteriors of appliances, and shower enclosures.

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Since only tiny amounts of moisture are left on the floors, what remains is absorbed by the attached clothes or evaporates rapidly. Tile slate, marble, and wood-laminate flooring can be dried in seconds.

Experienced users have learned to clean first so that they don’t end up with wet clumps, hair, or dust.

Many people opt for distilled water in place of tap water because the latter is a source of minerals that can accumulate and clog the steamer’s internals.

Laminate flooring can withstand the occasional spill. However, caution must be exercised when working with wood and vinyl laminates.

The excessive steam may cause excessive moisture seeing into the tiniest cracks and joints. This is not an issue with linoleum flooring and seamless vinyl flooring.

The properly sealed hardwood can be steamed with no issue so that the treatment isn’t extended. Commercial carpet steamers aren’t suitable in these instances as their wet flow creates more moisture.

Dry mops made of microfiber are safer on laminate flooring and wooden floors and are a substitute for steam mopping the turns.

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2. Performance coupled with ease of use.

Shark S5003d 1

When the reservoir is full and the boiler hooked up, the steam will begin to flow within less than 30 minutes. The steam is hot and flows through the fabric when fixed to the standard position, removing most harmful bacteria.

You don’t need to be concerned about the weight you put on the shaft. The powerful hot mist produced is the main force behind the clearing process, leaving the surface treated dry in just a few seconds, without streaking.

The buttons for control are slightly lower on the casing and not on the top, where people typically are expected to grasp. The steam flow can be set to low, medium, or high.

This gives the greatest capacity to handle the oily films, encrusted dirt, and a little hand-brushing.

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The mop head can unfold into two sides and is placed on the pivot. It is flippable towards the rear to mop using powerful and direct jets, then flip to the front to utilize lesser direct steam.

If you require more powerful blasts, simply swivel mop heads to the rear and directly expose the “blast” channel.

When the pad is turned to the rear and flipped backwards, vapour blasts are directed towards the surface. This technique is particularly effective on hard flooring, but it works well enough for grout lines that surround tiles. The method is not suitable for wooden flooring that is not sealed fixtures.

The fabric pads are clean enough that you won’t require this. The cloth pad you receive works perfectly at getting rid of hairs, dust, and other debris, and replacements are found in most hardware stores and on the internet.

You need to lean the shaft on fixtures or walls if you take a break, as the unit isn’t designed to stand straight.

The running unit cannot be left to stand idle since any running water can eventually condense, forming areas of pooling water that can be seen from the surface.

The flask for filling is extremely useful since the reservoir for water isn’t detachable. Before storing it, you’ll need to flip the body upside down to drain it.

It is necessary to allow the process to cool before you open and refill the reservoir for longer projects. And then wait until more steam builds up.

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3. Steam Pocket Mop safe for wood floors or not

It depends. If your flooring is sealed completely like an engineered wood floor, it’s likely to be safe. It is recommended to avoid wood flooring with gaps since steam may enter the gaps and cause warping.

However, many people continue to employ steam mops on their flooring. The most important thing is to ensure that no excess water gets into contact with the wood for long enough. Here are some suggestions:

  • Utilize the lowest steam setting and stay clear of the steam blaster unless required.
  • Use a box fan to transfer air across the floor, allowing it to dry quicker.
  • Dry any visible water that has accumulated after mopping.
  • Don’t let your mop and wet cleaning pad on the ground.

Take note that if you apply steam mops on a wooden floor and it suffers damages, it could invalidate the warranty on the flooring. Therefore, make sure you know the warranty on the flooring before taking the risk.

Top Features of Shark S5003d Vacuum Cleaner

1. Clean pads

Shark S5003d 4

These “dirt grip” pads are made to hold dirt within their fibres, which is more effective than standard microfiber pads. Two of them are included in an attachment machine and are washed, meaning you’ll always have a clean pad available.

One of the best features about these pads is that they have touch-free technology that lets you apply and take off pads without touching them.

The pads are dual-sided but don’t misunderstand this as reverse-able. They can be used on the mop in just one direction.

However, once the mop head is shut, the pad has two sides: the top and the bottom. Therefore, when it’s saturated on the bottom, you can flip it over, and you’re done.

2. The word of the experts: Shark S5003D is a genuine steamer

Shark S5003d2

The body made of plastic is thin and easy to move through furniture and fixtures. The mop’s head folded down can be put away almost everywhere.

The 22-foot power cord offers enough length to access the majority of power outlets, which means that you don’t have to constantly switch off and plug in the mop.

The ergonomically-designed grip allows for easy handling, while touch-free operation lets you avoid grappling with a dirty cleaning pad.

There are controls to release steam and change the flow. They are found on the cap on the reservoir that is below the housing.

To remove the pad, you simply press its release button. The head will fold, and any dirt-laden cloth will fall away.

Simply place it according to the instructions before pressing the latch button to change the attachment.

When steam begins flowing, and steam is flowing, you can use the mop to sweep flat surfaces, just like an ordinary mop that is wet.

The operation is silent, and no one within the home will be disturbed when this model is operating at maximum efficiency.

The steam can also be placed on bathroom tile walls. However, this will require you to lift the device and then keep the mop’s top-end up, which can be heavy.

You’ll have to wait while the boiler regenerates steam following each refill for longer tasks.

There isn’t a steam on/off switch. However, there is a release button, and you can have the steam flow set to medium/low/high via the various controls.

Floorboards made of laminate can be treated with lower flow settings; however, more sticky gunk may require full-power steaming.

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A pair of 13x 7-inch “Dirt Grip cleaning pads” made from highly absorbent fabric is included. The cloth is washable, and you’ll get a good amount of use out of each.

The pad is slipped over the mop head with dual sides and is attached to a swivel, and opens up to reveal the second cleaning surface.

There aren’t any other accessories apart from the rectangular mop head and the refill flask.

While this particular set does not come with the triangular head to clean into corners, this and the rectangular version can be purchased as alternatives.

The water reservoir isn’t removable, but it is easily empty simply by tipping the entire body onto the floor to let the extra water drain out.

The capacity is just enough for about 20 minutes of steaming. A bigger tank might have been ideal because the additional water would have meant longer periods between refills.

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Why Should You Go With This Vacuum Cleaner Model?

  • It is quite hot, and most customers are pleased with its performance when it is set to medium to low settings. However, it is recommended to go for the higher settings to ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned for some flooring types.
  • It is also believed to be very effective on hard stains. Even dried-on foods can be easily cleaned off using the steam mop.
  • Its Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop is well-designed and easy to put together.
  • The mop isn’t burdened by expensive running costs as all it requires is an occasional change of the cleaning pad every so often. The pads that come with it can also be cleaned, so you don’t have to purchase many things to keep it in good working order.
  • Two cleaning pads are in the box, and they’re double-sided, so you’ll get four sides to scrub your entire home.

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Why You Shouldn’t Buy?

  • According to some customers, it can be difficult to lift certain types of flooring.
  • Some people are unhappy that the cord is too short, and they’ll have to take it off and plug it back into several outlets to move around more large areas.
  • 3 Steam control on 3 levels
  • Washable and reusable cleaning pads
  • Steam blaster to remove difficult stain removal
  • Touch-free tech helps keep hands clean and dry.
  • Lightweight
  • 22 feet. cord
  • It is easy to swivel and move
  • The water tank is not removable.
  • There isn’t a switch to turn off or on.
  • It isn’t able to stand on its own



The Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop is a highly-respected cleaning gadget for many reasons. It’s made and is easy to put together when you take it out of its box and is effective even on the most difficult household stains.

It comes with two included pads for cleaning, meaning you don’t need to purchase additional pads or worry about it becoming damaged after a brief duration.

Many users feel it provides sufficient performance at the medium or low stage, which lets you have a wider reach without replenishing the water tank.

A few caveats are the 22.4-foot cord, and some customers believe that it’s short and thus must be removed and replugged several times throughout usage.

A few users faced issues with the mop’s steam breaking after only a few minutes, resulting from defective components or a general lack of quality.

It gets the job done, and we believe that overall it’s a good buy for anyone looking for a low-cost and efficient steam mop that works suitable for smaller or medium-sized homes that extend up to 2/3000 feet.

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Why is the mop so difficult to push once I begin mopping?

This mop performs best on hard floors if enough steam is generated. If you see steam emanating, ensure the cleaning pad is connected properly. When the pad appears secured, make sure your mop is on for at least three minutes so that the steam gets enough time to fill the pad with water. If the pad isn't yet sufficiently saturated, spray water onto the pad to reduce friction until steam can be absorbed.

Why do I see streaks on my floors after using this mop?

First, be sure that you're using distilled water instead of tap water. Are you using any chemicals (sprayed on the floor or the pads)? If yes, try pre-cleaning the floor using the vinegar solution of 5 and then mop it as normal and then whether there is any streaking or spotting. If no chemical is utilized, you should check whether the cleaning pad is easily soak in water and/or dirt. Change the pads if necessary. Don't put vinegar or an alternative cleaning agent into your water tank.

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