Shark Rocket Ultra Light HV30 Vacuum Cleaner 2022: Stunning Facts

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This Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV30 is a corded handheld vacuum.

It comes with two surface settings to make sure you’re getting the proper speed for flat floors or carpets with high piles and various brushes, including a Home & Car Detail Kit and an upholstery tool that can be useful to use for specific tasks. 

It’s not heavy, and it can be reconfigured to use it to be a handheld vacuum if you require more mobility. The downside is that the cable for power is small, which restricts the overall reach.

It’s also difficult to store since it could fall over when you don’t disconnect the cable to the compartment in which it is.

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Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum (HV301)

What Comes In The Box?

  • Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Vacuum HV302
  • Main Wand
  • Vacuum head
  • Dusting brush and upholstery tool
  • Wand for under-appliance
  • Crevice tool
  • Home & Car Detail Kit
    • Narrow hose
    • Three small crevice tool kits
    • 2x Detailing brushes
    • 2x Connecting components
    • Accessory bag for carrying
  • User guide and instruction

10 Important Things to Know About Shark Rocket Ultra Light HV30

1. Build Quality

Shark Rocket Ultra Light HV30 Vacuum Cleaner 3

The construction performance of Shark Rocket Ultra-Light is mediocre. While the vacuum feels fairly sturdy, however, the plastic used in its construction is quite fragile, and it appears as if it might break should it be dropped. 

This is particularly worrying because the vacuum can’t stand straight on its own and is more prone to fall over when you attempt to lean it against something. The wheels beneath the main head also do not always move smoothly. 

A warning light will let you know that there’s a blockage inside the brush head or if the vacuum is getting too hot. If your hunt is all about a handheld vacuum with a more sturdy cord, think about this model: Shark Vertex UltraLight corded.

Be aware that the “Home and car Detail Kit” of the HV302 model that we tried comes with a small hose and several connecting pieces. If you break or lose one of these parts, then certain accessories for detailing are not usable anymore.

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2. User Maintenance

The vacuum is fairly simple to keep clean. Dirt compartments are small, so it has to be cleaned regularly; however, it’s not an issue. However, the latch that allows access to the dirt compartment may be difficult to reach if your vacuum sits set up in stick mode.

The filters are easy to wash and access. Shark suggests you wash the pre-motor filter once per month and the post-motor filters every year. But, they might need cleaning more often by your usage.

Unfortunately, you’re able to get access to the brush roll by taking off the cover on the bottom of the head of the vacuum, which can be quite a hassle to manage hair that is wrapped around the head of the brush.

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3. Recurring Cost

The vacuum isn’t a burden with numerous ongoing costs, particularly since there aren’t bugs to be concerned about. The manufacturer claims that they will last throughout the life of the vacuum.

However, we recommend replacing them after several years to ensure effectiveness and extend the machine’s life. The filters are available as a set on Shark’s website.

4. Portability

Shark Rocket Ultra Light HV30 Vacuum Cleaner 4

This vacuum is extremely lightweight. It’s not overly heavy and features a carrying handle to allow for more portability when using both upright and stick mode. But, you might be interested in the upright or handheld BISSELL Featherweight 2033 if you’re looking to purchase something smaller.

5. Dirt Compound

The Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV30 dust compartment is adequate. It’s small, which means it must be empty frequently. Fortunately, it’s easy to see through the transparent plastic and a MAX FILL indicator that will let you know when it’s time to clear it out.

6. Storing

The Shark Rocket Ultra-Light storage capabilities aren’t up to par. To ensure the vacuum stays standing up, you need to disconnect this main compartment and the wand, then put it on the head of the vacuum.

This will prevent the device from tipping. However, it’s not user-friendly, and the vacuum occupies a lot of space. There’s no storage space for any of the tools or brushes on the vacuum, though it comes with a separate accessory carrying bag.

7. Range

Shark Rocket Ultra Light HV30 Vacuum Cleaner 1

This Shark Rocket Ultra-Light has quite a limited range. The cord is just 25 feet, which is quite decent. However, it’s probably not enough to let you move from room to room without having to disconnect the light.

The hose in the kit for detailing extends 2.5 meters, so it might not be sufficient when you try to get into difficult-to-access spots at your house or in your car.

8. Amazing Features

The vacuum comes with extra features that help you use it more easily. While you cannot alter the level of power or suction 

There are two types of surfaces that you can manually switch between Setting, suitable for plain floor and area rugs. While setting II is intended for high-pile carpets. The Setting only alters the speed of the brush roll. However, it does not alter the height of the brush roll.

9. Maneuverability

Shark Rocket Ultra Light HV30 Vacuum Cleaner 2

The vacuum is very maneuverable. The wand for under-appliance helps make cleaning under couches and tables an easy task, and you do not have to stand up, and you’re able to move around freely when cleaning beneath large furniture pieces. 

It is simple to operate and move around. The vacuum can take up the tassels from the rug. However, the main head can’t make fast turns, so it is important to be vigilant for the legs of chairs or even a coat hanger.

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10. Tools and Brushes

Shark HV302 comes with several different brushes, tools, and other accessories. The bristle attachment is attached to the upholstery tool, turning it into a hard bristle. As it also comes with the Home & Car Detail kit, it includes a few smaller brushes and tools to help with fine detailing. 

Its main crevice tools and an under-appliance wand can be used using the vacuum or connected with the main wand. However, the tools together in the Home & Car Detail kit must be connected to the hose using the correct connecting piece.



Shark has produced one of the lightest vacuum cleaners that live up to its name. Rocket Ultralight upright has a strong suction capability, excellent user-friendliness, a wide selection of accessories, and several important features. 

The Ultralight line has already surpassed 3 models, which we have reviewed separately. The feeling of high-quality products and their bead-likeness and dimensions enabled us to choose a 77 VGM model.

It’s not as much as we would like, but it’s enough to make a vacuum cleaner designed for ease of use. Overall, we don’t think we are a fan, but it is a good fit for various needs. We believe that many of you will certainly prefer it over higher-end models.

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