Shark Rocket True Pet Review: What Expert’s Say?

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Have you heard about Dyson V-series vacuums? Then this is the more powerful and corded version; however, it’s manufactured by a different firm, Shark.

It’s being advertised as an ultra-lightweight upright because it weighs only 8 pounds.

Shark claims that this product will outperform a Dyson DC40 on deep cleaning tests on carpets. Early reviews from customers have confirmed this.

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Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light HV322 

Shark HV322 Rocket Pet

If you took the Dyson V-series vacuum, increased its power, and then added a cord, the TruePet HV322 is the result. This model is among Shark’s initial attempts at catching up to Dyson in producing high-quality stick vacuums.

The drawback to having a bigger engine is the extra weight. The HV322 is much heavier on top, which means it’s not as simple to clean floors as the smaller cordless stick vacuum. However, it’s much less expensive than Dyson’s least expensive cordless model, which is the V6.

It’s great that it won’t be depleted of power since it’s a corded unit. The negative – it does have an electric cord. For less than 200 dollars, this is an ideal deal for people who don’t have the money to buy the expense of a Dyson.

However, you’d like to have the same functionality that is lightweight and adaptable that also has great cleaning capabilities.

Let’s find out how this cleaner does in real life.

A Quick Overview of the Features

  • The Hard Floor genie uses suction and microfiber towels to scrub the floors
  • It comprises a brush and crevice tool (also check Shark ZS362 APEX).
  • 32-foot power cord
  • It is the “never lose suction” technology that is cyclonic.
  • It has a TruePet motorized brush
  • Two filters made of foam (both can be washed)
  • Features 10 LED headlights at the base of the floor


  • Long 32-foot power cord
  • Strong suction, capable of deep cleaning carpets
  • Lightweight – weighs just under 8 pounds
  • Specially designed to cleanse pet hair
  • Dust cups are simple to empty
  • Flexible can clean floors up to the ceiling
  • Has swivel steering
  • Has brilliant LED lights.


  • It isn’t as swivel-able as Dyson V8 and V10
  • There is no HEPA filtering, but the existing filters are also very dependable.
  • Doesn’t have the ability to independently
  • The dirt cup is small in comparison with other uprights
  • The power cord’s length is a hassle to clean up after quick cleanups.

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Features of Shark Rocket Truepet HV322

Shark HV322 1 Shark HV322 2 Shark HV322 3

One of the first things you’ll see about this vacuum is that it looks similar to the Dyson V8; however, it’s larger and in the same color.

There are two versions to pick from, the HV321/HV322.

Both models have identical motors and features. There is only one difference: the HV322 has a special miniature motorized brush that can be used to scrub pet hair off furniture and the stairs.

Although Shark describes it as upright, it’s going to struggle to match its performance due to the fact that it comes with tiny dirt cups.

Even if emptying it isn’t too easy, it can be messy, and you’ll want to avoid as many trips to the garbage can as much as you can.

1. LED Headlights

Shark HV322 4

Another unique feature that isn’t present in vacuums with under-stick heads in this price range is the headlights that are LED at the top of the cleaning head.

This improves clarity so that cleaning dust areas beneath furniture won’t become a problem.

2. There is no HEPA filtering

It doesn’t have a HEPA filter, so you should avoid this if you suffer from allergies. This model has attachments for the crevice tool and brush tool to aid in-floor cleaning.

It also is equipped with the hard floor genie. It’s remarkably similar to its eerily similar to Dyson hard. The best part? You don’t need to shell out an additional $100 or so to have the same capabilities.

3. Accessories and Attachments

Shark HV322 5

It includes a set of five tools:

  • Dusting brushes
  • 12 crevice tools
  • TruePet Motorized brush
  • Extension wand
  • Upholstery tool

4. Advanced Swivel steering

To aid in moving furniture, the principal cleansing head in this Shark comes with the ability to swivel its steering. This feature allows it to operate on a dime without any effort.

5. Filter Clean Up

Two foam filtering systems must be cleaned. Both are placed on top of each other and are accessible by taking off the cover of the motor. It is recommended to clean these filters at least every month to ensure that they are functioning properly.

But, they’re not “lifetime filtering,” meaning that they’ll fail due to the frequent dry and wash cycle. The good news is that the replacement filters can be purchased on Amazon at a price of fewer than 10 dollars. I recommend that you buy another set to cut out the hassle of waiting long enough for your filter to dry.

6. Cord Length

A power cord measures 32 feet; however, it is not equipped with the ability to rewind the cord.

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7. Warranty

It is covered by a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

8. Carpet Performance

Cleaning carpet floors, you must set the beater bar to “2” (or the maximum setting to ensure your beater bar can be able to penetrate and clean the carpet. Based on our testing, we can say that it can do a fantastic job cleaning area rugs as well as carpet.

There is one thing to keep in mind regarding the swivel steering; however, even though it does move, it doesn’t rotate to 90 degrees as Dyson does. It can only rotate at 45 degrees. So don’t think of Dyson’s similar capabilities concerning maneuverability.

9. Bare Floor Performance

It includes two tools to clean the bare floors of your home. Its floor attachment comes with brushes that are impossible to turn off. However, it can be adjusted. The “1” setting will shield floors from scratches since the brush won’t spin as quickly.

How do you clean the floor surfaces that are not clean?

Another option could be the floor-genie, which doesn’t come with motorized brushes but uses suction to pick dirt from hard surfaces.

It also has an identical microfiber cloth to the one used in the Dyson Hard that, in principle, is used to wipe floors clean. However, when you scrub a large area, it can get dirty very quickly and require you to wash it in order to keep it clean, so it could be a hassle.

10. Pet Hair Removal

The same TruePet motorized brush works great in removing pet hair from furniture.

If you are on the stairs, you may make use of the TruePet brush or connect the main floor tool directly to its motor for a more thorough cleaning.

Another tool that you can utilize to clean pet hair is an upholstery tool. It features fabric strips that are on both sides to shake and pull the hair on the curtains, bedding sheets, or upholstery.

11. Upholstery Performance

Alongside the crevice and dusting tool, which is able to remove dirt, it also comes with the TruePet electric brush. It can perform well on upholstery.

It will be able to pick dirt that is embedded, similar to pet hair from fabric upholstery. Note that this feature can only be used on the HV322.

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What Are the Opinions of Consumers?

There are many positive testimonials from customers on Amazon in spite of my concerns because it was a great job of carpeting.

Based on the majority of reviews, the device is movable and can pick up tons, and pet owners also love how it washes up pet hair from the carpet.

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1. More Effective Than a Dyson?

Some customers even compared this with Dyson’s DC59 and said they would prefer this model over Dyson due to the fact that it was less expensive. Additionally, they don’t need to worry about their battery dying.

It also performs better than other 2-in-1s with respect to cleaning capabilities, but one issue with this model is the average-size dirt cup, which fills up somewhat fast.

2. A Few Issues With the Clip on the Tool

The clip is a great accessory, but the quality isn’t as great. Tools can’t be removed with only one hand. Additionally, the clip itself can be prone to slide off very quickly.

The motor can’t stand on its own due to the fact that the motor is extremely heavy.

You’ll need to take it from its wand before you connect the rod to a holder at the bottom of the rod before you store it.

The cord is also lengthy, and you’ll need to take the motor off before you can remove the wire before using it. This can be an inconvenience. However, consumers were not averse to it much.

3. Average-Size Bin

Many people have said that the garbage bin was filled at such a speed that they didn’t realize that it was filled. Thus regular trips to the trash bin are necessary when you utilize this.

4. What About the Floor Tool?

The attachment for the hard floor is a fantastic addition, and one reviewer offered advice on using it – don’t move between the two and only move forward to ensure that it won’t streak.

Maintenance appears to be simple. You should wash the two filters at least once a month and then take the hair off of the brush motor.

If you have a lot of pets, then go with this. If you don’t, you’re looking for an HV321 that does not come with a miniature motorized tool attachment. This will get around $30 savings.

Is This Shark Rocket Truepet Ultra-Light Hv322 a Good Value for Money?

At the current price, Shark Rocket HV322 brings a number of advantages in terms of versatility and performance.

It includes characteristics that the Dyson V-series cordless model does not, including LED headlights, a hard floor tool, which consists of a mop, as well as the additional-long crevice tool, which increases the reach.

The larger body and the larger motor, however, add more weight making it heavier and heavier than other models like the Dyson V10 and V11.

It has attachments suitable for cleaning pet hair from chairs, couches, and stairs, such as the upholstery tool and TruePet brush tool.

Cleanliness is superb on carpets and good on floors with no carpet. The latest HV322 available on Amazon is believed to come with a Duo Clean head. If this is indeed the situation, then this item is an excellent value despite the heavier frame.

The Bottom Line: Who Should Purchase the Shark Rocket Truepet HV322?

This 2-in-1 corded vacuum is ideal for those seeking a vacuum that weighs less than a standard upright yet has the same cleaning capabilities.

Keep in mind that because the cut dirt is less and less abrasive, you’ll need to clean it more frequently. It’s a hassle, but people aren’t averse to it. Well, this boils down to personal taste.

Although Shark claims that it is an upright product, do not count on it to be a replacement for an upright due to the tiny dirt cup. As it’s not able to stand on its own, you’ll have to disassemble it before you can store it.

Clean performance isn’t an issue when you purchase this. However, the plastic components could be a problem in the long run.

The main tube made of plastic could rupture in the event of negligence, and you’re not paying attention. As it’s a bit heavy, using it as a handheld device may pose an issue for those who are a bit weaker.

Do not expect it to be light as feathers – it’s not, but it’s significantly bigger than the Dyson V8. A headlight with LED (on both the floor and the handheld tool) is a great accessory because it offers more visibility.

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4 Reasons to Think About to buy a Shark Rocket Truepet Hv322

  1. Cheaper than the Dyson This Shark Rocket is much less expensive than the most affordable Dyson cordless model, the V6.
  2. The superior performance of Shark vacuums, according to tests, provides great performance on both carpet and hard floors.
  3. Flexible stick vacuum: Interchangeable tool and the removable tube makes this a versatile stick vacuum that is able to remove dirt from a variety of places.
  4. Additional warranty Shark offers this item with a five-year guarantee.

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