Shark Rocket Pet Pro LZ162H: Stay Alert and Read This

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If you have children or pets and plenty of people in your home, you’ll have to clean frequently. The Shark Rocket Pet Professional IZ162H can handle these needs effectively. It’s light and thorough on hard floors, efficient in cleaning carpets.

Additionally, you’ll never need to tackle hair that’s tangled. The self-cleaning brush roll works when used with short or long hair. We don’t think of it as a silent vacuum, but it’s manageable.

Other excellent features include a HEPA filter and an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology. If you have a family member who is allergic, This can be very beneficial, particularly in the case of pets.

There are three things Shark could have improved on their Shark Rocket Pet Pro model IZ162H. We’d like to see it come with a storage base, onboard storage for accessories, and an extra battery. But, an additional battery can be purchased separately.

Parents will be enthralled by Shark Rocket Pet Pro’s IZ162H’s efficiency, especially for multi-surface cleaning and hair pickup.

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Shark Rocket Pet Pro with Self-Cleaning Brushroll

Overview of Shark Pet Pro Vacuum Cleaner

Shark Rocket Pet Pro is an electric stick vacuum with 40 minutes of run time, three modes of variable suction, and an advanced brush roll that reduces tangles. It’s specifically made for homes that have pets as well as hair. Other useful features include the rechargeable battery that clicks in and a washable dust bin/filter.

Its dust container is tiny, but when you consider the lightweight and portability of the vacuum, We were not convinced that it’s designed for cleaning large areas. It is a handy 2-in-1 vacuum suited to various cleaning tasks within your home.

Who Should Purchase Shark Pet Pro?

We would suggest Shark Rocket Pet Pro if you’re in search of the following characteristics:

  • Looking for a great value: If you’re not looking for the most expensive model, this Shark Rocket Pet Pro is an ideal choice as it’s not too excessive when you consider the features you get. Its suction is good and functional. However, it could be classified as “mid-range” compared to other options available.
  • Long duration: The Shark can run for about 40 to 50 minutes. This will suffice to complete most cleaning jobs. The suction won’t automatically adjust to the different flooring types. It’s, however, simple to change between Boost or Suction Levels 1 and 2.
  • You don’t need a lot of accessories: The Rocket Pet comes with a limited number of accessories and cleaning tools. You can also purchase additional tools that you can purchase on the internet from retailers such as One useful tool not included in the collection can be a hanger storage device.

Summary of Features

Below is a summary of all the features as well as details of Shark Rocket Pet Pro:

  • CleanTouch dirt ejector
  • Dirt Capacity: 0.34 quarts
  • Max run time: 40 minutes.
  • Type: the cordless stick vacuum
  • Weight: 7.17 pounds
  • Washable HEPA as well as foam filters.
  • Dimensions: 10.24 L x 7.09 W x 46.1 H (inches)
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology
  • Dirt Engage feature: for deep cleaning.
  • LED headlights that are positioned on the floor.
  • 180 Watts and 8.38 Amps
  • Changes to hand vacuums
  • Cleaning route: 10.63 inches

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10 Amazing Shark Rocket Pet Pro IZ162H Features

Before we tell you the advantages and benefits of this device, we will look at the main features of this unit.

1. Ultra-light

The search for a lightweight vacuum could be like searching for the needle in a Haystack. With a weight of just seven pounds, it is among the lightest stick vacuums available. Therefore, it is ideal for petite people and anyone who suffers from joint pains.

Imagine how light the handheld vacuum is if the whole device weighs just 7lbs.

2. HEPA filter + Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology

Shark Rocket Pet Pro LZ162H 8

Elimination of allergens is a crucial component of vacuuming. This feature makes sure that more than 99.9 percent of all diseases and allergen-causing particles are sucked up and held. This is crucial for families with asthmatics as well as other allergy sufferers.

3. Super suction

Shark Rocket Pet Pro LZ162H 6

The suction of this model is impressive. It is a stick-type vacuum, and being able to thoroughly clean carpets and keep floors looking sparkling is an incredible benefit. There won’t be any dirt, dust, or dirt that will remain unnoticed.

4. 2-in-1 function

Shark Rocket Pet Pro LZ162H 2

The Shark Rocket Pet Professional IZ162H quickly transforms a stick vacuum into a hand vacuum. The control buttons are located at the top of the handle. This makes it simple to control suction and change the handle to handheld.

Thus, you don’t have to purchase a hand vacuum to clean up tiny messes. Cleaning up above-floor areas like stairs and upholstery is now a breeze.

5. Dirt Use technology to engage

This vacuum has an exceptional ability to tackle any type of floor regardless of whether it’s a handheld vacuum or a stick one. It can sift through all the dirt and grime embedded in your upholstery and carpets, leaving them clean.

Hard floors also benefit from the best cleaning. This Shark Rocket Pet Professional IZ162H will do justice to your rug and car interiors and stairs, and any other areas above the floor.

6. Time to run

It is an electric (battery-powered) stick vacuum. Hence, it is equipped with one battery that can run for about 40 minutes in the standard mode. It can last for around half the time using turbo mode.

7. LED headlights

Shark Rocket Pet Pro LZ162H 7

If you’re a night-time cleaner or have furniture with low levels, This is an option you should not overlook. The capability of the vacuum to shine light into dark corners is a plus. Even when you vacuum during the daytime, there will be some dark spots within the room that you cannot leave dust behind.

These LEDs are set on the floor around the nozzle.

8. Dirt cup

This vacuum is equipped with a regular dust cup that measures 0.34 Quarts, which isn’t much but enough if you vacuum frequently. It is also easy due to its CleanTouch dust ejector. However, there have been a few complaints about manually removing pets’ hairs from their bins.

9. Self-cleaning roll

Shark Rocket Pet Pro LZ162H 5

If you have hair that is long and pets who shed, there’s an ongoing concern about whether the vacuum can take it all. It is also whether hair will wrap over the brush roll. In the past, when sharks introduced their self-cleaning brushes, we didn’t have to be concerned about this.

Each vacuum with this feature isn’t just fantastic at collecting hair and helps to untangle itself while cleaning.

If the vacuum collects large debris, hair can become blocked at the rear of the roll. If this happens, turn down the appliance, clear the debris stuck to it, and then continue to vacuum. However, it’s a rare event, so it shouldn’t cause too much concern.

10. Accessories

Shark Rocket Pet Pro LZ162H 4

The Shark Rocket Pet Pro IZ162H comes equipped with pet multi-tools and a crevice tool. It can be used on either the handheld or stick. These tools are vital for cleaning up after pets and taking care of upholstery and other above-ground surfaces.

The biggest issue is that there isn’t any onboard storage. Therefore you’ll need to go back to clean them.

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What Our Experts Found By Testing Shark Pet Pro?

1. Convenience

The first metric we’ll discuss is the various features and functions that make these machines easier to use than conventional cleaners.

We examined how simple it is to wash areas in your home other than the flooring, how heavy each one weighs, the reach or time of operation if they’re corded or not, and how simple they are to put away. This Pet Pro delivered phenomenal results and earned it the top score in the entire class.

It is among the most versatile alternatives for cleaning floors within your residence. It comes with a pet/brush tool and a crevice tool, just like many other vacuums; however, we love the fact that it can be used for other purposes. The “stick” portion of this one can be removed, turning it into the form of a handheld vacuum.

We are pleased that this vacuum doesn’t feel too heavy, with the weight weighing around 8 pounds. Pet Pro is a cordless vacuum with a swappable battery, which gives it a lot of flexibility. It was able to last quite a long duration in economy mode, less than 21 minutes, and around 13 minutes for carpet mode. 

It also was charging much faster than the advertised time during our tests, taking approximately 2.5 minutes to recharge instead of the stated time of four hours. 

Another feature we love is the ability to be stored in a stand-alone position after folding. Most other products must be positioned against something or suspended by a mounting bracket for storage.

Although it may not seem to be much, this feature added to this Pet Pro is considerably more convenient to use.

2. Easy of Use

Then, we evaluated and compared how simple it is to utilize this Pet Pro while vacuuming. Scores are determined by how far each vacuum can reach beneath furniture, how easily it can clean walls, the noise level, the number of cleaning options available, and how agile it’s steering.

It’s not surprising that the Pet Pro performed exceptionally well, with one of the top scores among the contenders, because it is extremely easy to use.

The vacuum comes with three cleaning modes: Carpet, Hard, and Boost. There was a significant variation in speeds of the head after switching between the Hard and Carpet modes, and the Boost mode briefly enhances the suction power once you press the trigger.

It is worth noting that the Pet Pro does quite well in cleaning the edges of rooms. If you vacuum along the edges, however, we did see an obvious strip of the unclean area near the edge of the room when we walked towards it head-on. It also excels when cleaning under furniture, with a staggering 37″ under our test furniture when in the flexible mode.

The vacuum is somewhat louder, and that’s one of the few defects we could find. But, this is minor, as there are many vacuums we have in our line having a louder sound.

We also like how the vacuum is, thanks to a swivel-wheel steering feature on its brush heads. It’s simple to turn and has a small radius, making it effortless to clean up the smaller areas in your home.

3. Hard Surface Cleaning

The next set of tests of The Pet Pro focused on its cleaning capabilities for hard flooring. To measure this, we tested five different mess tests (rice Oats, flour, oats cereal, dog hair) on a portion of laminate flooring made of hardwood, noting the amount of dirt left behind after cleaning the number of steps it took to reach that point.

The first test mess we assigned Pet Pro with cleaning up was rice grains. The Pet Pro did a fantastic job tackling this task and removing all the rice.

It was not having any issues in flinging the grains towards the side, but we had to move just slightly slower to prevent the vacuum from becoming more prone to bogging down, as some models have the power of a front-mounted brush roll.

Then, we looked at the way that it performed. Pet Pro did suck up flour. It again impressed us and sucked up the bulk of the flour in just one or two passes.

We were slightly worried initially because the wheels left a few small streaks, but the machine did the job of cleaning up the entire mess without leaving any trace. 

It also does an outstanding job of pulling the flour from the cracks between boards, regardless of which direction you sweep into.

The Pet Pro continued its domination in our cereal and oatmeal cleaning challenges. It took up all of the spilled Cheerios in one go — even with no snow plowing them around before. It did the same as rice in the case of oatmeal, but we did notice a few more streaks caused by debris stuck by the rolling wheels.

Compared to other front role models, there was a small decrease in performance that was more apparent with this kind of debris.

We then looked at the hair of our pets. It was as expected that it was clear that the Pet Pro excelled, earning the highest score. It efficiently and quickly took care of all the hair, with the majority going to the bin for collection instead of wrapping in it.

4. Great at Carpet Cleaning

Shark Rocket Pet Pro LZ162H 3

Our final metric was focused on the cleaning of carpets. We applied the same five kinds of spills that we previously had – rice, pet hair, flour, rice Cheerios, and oats on a range of fluffy flat carpets. Pet Pro rounded out an already outstanding performance with an excellent score. Now that solidly established its place as a favorite stick vacuum.

Pet Pro smashes it along with the rice from both kinds of carpets, removing most of the debris in just one go and getting rid of the mess in another clean-up run. The pet only missed small fragments of broken grain on a more fluffy carpet.

It also did extremely well when using flour on the flat carpet.

 We omitted the fluffy carpet part of the test because that is a huge demand for the stick vacuum. The vacuum was able to eliminate most of the dust, especially in its Boost mode. But, a small amount was left in a few troublesome places where the flour had been reduced to piles.

Pet Pro did an excellent job of both the cereal and the oats and thoroughly cleaned the mess in just two swipes, regardless of the kind of carpet.

We love that it doesn’t throw the oats over the side as other brands do and also that it doesn’t drive through Cheerios all day long before getting them clean.

The Rocket Pet Pro concluded our carpet cleaning test by slaying the pet hair collection test. The test was again conducted on the flat carpet, but the vacuum could get every single one of the stray hairs to its bin for collection even as we pushed the hair further into the piles on the carpet.

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What Do You Think About Maintenance?

The maintenance schedule on Shark Rocket isn’t very long.

In reality, it comes down to the most basic tasks. Here are a few simple things to be aware of to keep Your Shark Rocket running smoothly:

1. Wash or empty the bin of dust, as required

It is tiny, which means you will require emptying it more frequently. The dust bin can be washed using cold water. Let it remain dry for at least 24 hours before installing it again.

How do you clean the trash bin on Shark Rocket Pet Pro?

To empty the bin, lift it from its body. Then, slide a latch onto the side that allows the lid to be opened to the bin and lets debris be able to fall into the vacuum.

2. The battery should be charged as often as needed.

The battery can last for around 30-40 mins or more, depending on the suction mode chosen. Hence, the battery can be removed from this vacuum.

When it’s time to charge, take the battery out of the housing of the vacuum and insert it into the base of charging.

3. Remove or change the filters according to the need

This Rocket Pet vacuum uses two filters, the pre-motor filter and the post-motor filter. This is how you clean both filters.

  • Removal of the post-motor filter: Clean the dust bin off the main body. Take the post-motor filter off the handheld part from the vacuum.
  • Removal of the pre-motor filter: Release the dustbin button, then remove it from the vacuum. Remove the felt and foam filters out of the rear part of the bin.

Each filter is washable, which will help keep them in good condition for longer. Simply rinse with cold water and wait at least 24 hours to dry to clean them.

Do you think Pet Pro is a good value?

Shark Rocket Pet Pro LZ162H 1

Let’s talk about price. Is the Shark Rocket Pet Pro worth the price?

Overall, we would say that yes. Shark is a well-known brand renowned for high-quality components at a low cost.

The vacuum doesn’t include any fancy bells and whistles or other accessories. The listing of accessories isn’t extensive.

It’s a basic package. However, we would like the cleaning efficiency to be similar to that of the Shark IONFlex DuoClean, which features a similar design.

With the cost that it is priced at, the accessories that are included and other features are worth considering. The convenience comes with the use of a cordless vacuum, the 40 minutes of run time, and the pet hair-friendly brush roll that makes this vacuum a great price.

Shark Rocket Pet Pro IZ162H Pros & Cons

It wouldn’t be a comprehensive review without talking about the drawbacks and benefits of this cordless stick vacuum. What should you anticipate from this tiny vacuum?

  • It has incredible suction
  • You can enjoy the convenience of wireless technology
  • Self-cleaning brushes are an amazing invention
  • Lightweight and easily carried
  • Effectively cleans carpets thoroughly and removes any dirt and dust on hard flooring
  • Battery charging is simple.
  • Five-year extended warranty
  • Converts easily into a handheld vacuum that can be used for above-floor cleaning
  • LED lights shine brightly in every dark spot, ensuring that there are no spots missed
  • HEPA filter, as well as the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal, ensure the removal of allergens
  • There isn’t any storage onboard for attachments
  • The vacuum is easily toppled.
  • This vacuum is not equipped with the wall mount



Overall we would highly recommend Shark Rocket Pet Pro if you search for a top-quality stick vacuum. This model came out with one of the highest scores we’ve seen in the past, providing flawless results in all of our tests for cleaning. 

In addition, it’s also among the more efficient and simple vacuums that we’ve evaluated. Suppose you’re searching for the very most effective when it comes down to a brand new stick vacuum but don’t wish to spend an arm. This is a fantastic option.

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