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Each now and again, a new vacuum cleaner comes along that promises to fix a common problem when vacuuming. These claims are often the result of new technology or innovation.

Out of all the vacuum cleaners we reviewed, we found that the new vacuum doesn’t always live up to its promises. It is often more hype than it is. This is usually due to faulty marketing strategies, which allow a product to be released before it has been fully developed, tested, and perfected.

Shark has released their breakthrough technology, “DuoClean,” and they are offering it on the new DuoClean powered lift-away speed NV803. It has already been called “The Ultimate Pet Hair Vacuum” by tech review blogs.

Over the past 10 years, we have seen SharkClean from EuroPro grow as a company to become a leading force in the vacuum cleaner and floor care industry. Their products have been improved, and they continue to set the standard for practical technology that works in the home.

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Shark NV803 DuoClean

Features of Shark NV803

  • Powered Lift-Away: This unique feature allows you to remove the Motor/Canister module from the carriage to increase the reach of the motorized cleaning heads for cleaning tasks such as cleaning under low-clearance furniture. Attach the Mini Motorized Brush or Flex Hose to clean Upholstery, Stairs, and Pet Beds.
  • Above-Floor Mode: Remove the Handle to use it to clean Ceiling Fans or other areas above-floor.
  • Advanced Swivel Steering: Shark’s Swivel Steering gives your NV803 an elegant feeling and allows you to maneuver around obstacles easily.
  • Shark claims that DuoClean Technology has solved the age-old problem. Shark uses one vacuum to clean the three main types of dirt in a home: Clingy Dust on Hardwood, Carpet, and Small and Large Debris on Smooth Floors.
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology: This sealed HEPA filter system traps up to 99.99% allergy-causing particulates, including mold, pollen, and dust mite feces.


  • The capacity of 0.9 Dirt Cup
  • Pet Mini Motorized Brush, Pet Multi-Tool Duster, and Crevice Tool are consist. Accessory Bag also includes: Under Appliance Wand, Crevice Tool, Under-Appliance Wand, and Accessory Bag.
  • 30-foot Power Cord
  • HEPA Filtration with Sealed System
  • 15 lbs. Total Weight

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Cleaning Performance

Before we reviewed the Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed NV803, we were familiar with the DuoClean Technology introduced in October 2016 on the Shark Rocket. It included a DuoClean (HV382) motorhead vacuum. It was a great vacuum, and we were impressed.

Pet hair, particularly carpets, can be found in your home if you have pets.

DuoClean works by using a secondary soft-powered roller in front of the nozzle. This is similar to a dry mop. You can also use it to remove large and small particles such as cereal and pet food. Instead of throwing it on the floor like a Brushroll, you can wrap it around and roll it up.

The Second Roller, also known as DuoClean, is a powered Brushroll with relatively stiff bristles and can be used to remove stuck material from carpet piles to be sucked into a vacuum.

To truly appreciate DuoClean’s cleaning capabilities.

The DuoClean’s powerful suction works exceptionally well on all floors tested, including smooth and low-to-lush pile carpets.

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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Performance

Shark NV803

Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed NV803 is our favorite upright vacuum for hardwood floors. 

Above-Floor Cleaning Performance

The detachable Handle/Wand Assembly will telescope long enough to allow a person of 5’8″ to reach and clean a ceiling fan 10 feet above the floor using the attached dusting brush.

The Handle is comfortable to hold, and the Control Button is located at the top of the Handle. The Wand can be collapsed to clean countertops, shelves, or furniture.

The Mini Motorized Brush attaches to make it easy to clean carpeted stairs. This area is often used heavily and can become matted, making it difficult to clean.


The Sealed HEPA Filtration Systems traps 99.99% of allergy-causing micro particulates down to 3 Microns. It includes a HEPA filter and a Foam Filter, which can be easily replaced. It is a smart choice for allergy sufferers.

In all the vacuum reviews that we have done, we have always try to explain to customers that a HEPA filter is useless if it isn’t seal in a Seal system that eliminates leakage around the channels or compartments. Many customers believe that a vacuum with a HEPA filter is safe for Allergy Sufferers just because it has one. It is just not true!



The Shark DuoClean powered lift-away speed NV803’s focal point is undoubtedly the DuoClean. This unique feature sets it apart from all other Uprights we know.

It provides outstanding cleaning performance for all types of carpets, including plush.

Hardwood floors perform exceptionally well! You can easily switch from carpet to hardwood floors with the Soft Roller.

The Powered Lift-Away feature can be very helpful, especially for larger homes that require above-floor cleanings, such as furniture, stairs, and ceiling fan blades.

The 11 in. means you have to give up some of your power. Vacuum nozzles (Full-Size Uprights usually have 12″ to13″), meaning it takes a few extra passes per room than with full-size uprights. It is much easier to maneuver, especially when using the Swivel Steering.

It is a great all-around pet hair vacuum.

The smaller version is 0.9 qt. If you have multiple pets or a large dog that sheds, Dirt Cup can quickly fill up. Dirt Cups are typically about 1/3 larger than the capacity of a full-size upright. This Model is important to keep in mind. It’s impossible to have all your cake and eat all of it!

If you suffer from allergies, the Sealed HEPA Filtration System can greatly help.


Shark Upright Vacuums are rate very highly by customers. Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed NV80 will only be known over time.

This vacuum is a great fit for pet owners with large homes. The vacuum’s lighter weight and ease of use appeal to smaller people.

Overall, it impressed us, and we highly recommend it. The Shark Warranty of 5 years is unbeatable. Although the current pricing may be a little high, we believe it is still a great value. It is a product we highly recommend!

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