Shark Navigator Freestyle Review: Truly Worth Your Money?

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High-quality cordless stick vacuums usually cost from $150 to $400. If we were to tell you, we have discovered an amazing bargain that’s less than $100.

You heard it right, under $100 for a powerful stick vacuum that can hold its own against more expensive competitors.

We will introduce you to this freestyle, the Shark Navigator Freestyle.

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The majority of customers highly recommended this product. We were impressed by how it removes pet hair from floors and carpets because it has motorized brush rolls that can be easily removed to make cleaning easier.

One distinctive feature is the footswitch, which you might or may not enjoy. It comes with two settings: carpet or bare floors.

If you choose to use the floor-to-floor setting, it will last approximately 17 minutes.

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A Quick Overview of the Shark Navigator Freestyle

Shark Navigator Freestyle

  • Lightweight, weighing only 7 pounds.
  • 4-volt nickel-metal hydride batter
  • 12 minutes for carpet running and 17 minutes of duration on carpet
  • A swiveling head makes it simple to move.
  • Two-speed settings for carpet and floors that are bare
  • Large dirt cup
  • It takes between 4 and 7 hours of recharge time.
  • Lightweight
  • The charge time is relatively quick.
  • It has a swivel steering system that allows for a very easy maneuver.
  • Self-standing
  • It is suitable for carpets and hard surfaces.
  • At a reasonable price
  • It can be used to clean bigger debris due to an open space in the center of its base.
  • Rubberized wheels prevent scratching on hard surfaces.
  • A battery that is removable and easy to replace.
  • Noisy
  • Only comes with a one-year warranty.
  • The power button could be switched off accidentally.
  • A floor cleaner is strictly a requirement – you will require a handheld vacuum to do this.
  • It isn’t a good choice for deep cleaning.
  • Very short run time. Particularly for carpet.

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What Can You Expect From the Shark Navigator Freestyle Vacuum?

_Shark Navigator Freestyle 1

One feature we enjoy personally is the footswitch because it doesn’t require you to bend your knees to switch on the machine.

The button can be set to two settings: plain flooring and carpet. If you select carpet, the brush motor will run quicker, and suction is more powerful, but it will also be louder.

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1. Run Time

If used in a bare floor setting, it’ll run for about 17 minutes; the time will be reduced by 12 minutes in a carpet setting.

Certain consumers have claimed runs of up to 30 minutes. But take that with salt or grain.

2. Time to Charge

_Shark Navigator Freestyle 3

Shark claims that this vacuum will run for 4-7 hours.

The battery with nickel-metal-hydride components is at its highest efficiency in runtime after 3 to 5 full charging and run-down times (based upon the instructions).

Even when the battery is fully charged, letting the charger vacuum won’t harm or affect battery performance; you can place it on the stand to check for cleanliness.

Batteries can be changed, making this a suitable vacuum for long-term use even though replacement batteries cost around $50.

3. Filter Clean Up

_Shark Navigator Freestyle 2

Two filters are available here: a mesh filter at the high end of the dust cups and one that is a form filter on the bottom.

4. Attachments and Accessories

It is not equipped with any attachments that would let it clean furniture or upholstery; it’s purely an all-purpose floor cleaner.

5. Warranty on Shark Navigator Freestyle

Shark offers one year of warranty on both vacuums; however, according to the warranty terms, it doesn’t provide coverage for “non-durable parts.”

Their explanation is a bit hazy. The non-durable components could comprise the battery, motorized brush, or filters.

Additionally, you’ll need to pay $13.95 to cover shipping costs when returning this item. Amazon might have different return policies.

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6. Pet Hair Removal

The hair of pets shouldn’t cause an issue due to the motorized brush. You only need to be aware periodically to see whether human or pet hair has gotten wrapped in the vicinity of the motor.

Do not worry about it, as Shark makes it simple to clean.

You can use a scissor for cutting off hair or disengage the motorized brush by removing two locking pins on both sides.

The design of the nozzle is reminiscent of the Hoover the Linx stick vacuum that is cordless, but this one can be rotated.

7. Bare Floor Performance

It performed well on unfinished floors, as stated by reviews. Combining suction and the motorized brush was great for taking small and larger pieces of dirt.

If you examine the center of the base, you will see an opening that allows it to take larger pieces of debris. If it’s within the opening, clearing larger particles shouldn’t be difficult.

8. Carpet Performance

Amazingly, for the price, it did quite well on the carpet.

It’s not a great choice for dense carpets; however, it’ll do a good job of spot cleaning.

The other vacuum in the film was called the Eureka Quick Up. The Shark was equipped to remove what appeared to be broken biscuits on carpets with a medium pile; the recess of the nozzle was able to take in the bigger pieces of debris while the Eureka moved those huge biscuits all over.

9. Customer Reviews

_Shark Navigator Freestyle 4

Many customers are highly satisfied with this vacuum; they claimed it was light, easy to maneuver, and had excellent suction, especially with pet hair.

However, you’ll need to wash the brush since hair can get caught around the brush. It’s easy to clean since the brush can be removed, so it shouldn’t be a major issue.

It is great for various types of surfaces, including carpets and rugs, linoleum, tiles, and hardwood. It isn’t as effective on heavy carpets.

Feedback regarding the time of the run was mixed. Although the manual states it should run between 12 and 17 minutes, some people claimed it was up to 40 minutes.

The people who leave a review have homes that range from 2,500 square feet. The vacuum could clean about 75% of the area, which is impressive.

The warranty on this is a little shaky one customer complained that the batteries weren’t covered and that she had to pay $45 to purchase the replacement battery, which is about half the price of the entire vacuum.

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It’s perfect for folks who live in small or medium homes in size. It does a fantastic job of cleaning up high-traffic areas like the dining and living space where lots of people walk around and dirt accumulation.

Suction is excellent for a cordless nozzle, and based on the videos; it can suck up even more debris due to an area recessed within the middle of the nozzle.

Don’t expect a deep-cleaning performance, but you’ll still require an upright vacuum for the job.

As it is a huge dirt cup, there is no need to empty it after each use.

The run time is slightly short (12 up to 17 mins); however, the good thing is that the battery can be recharged in only four to seven hours, keeping it unplugged without worrying about your battery being burned out.

If you’re a price-conscious consumer, this one provides the best value for money. It’s got great suction, light self-standing, decent runtime, and most importantly, it’s reasonably priced.

There is no need to pay for an arm and a leg.

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