Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106 – The Next Big Thing or a Miss?

You are currently viewing Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106 – The Next Big Thing or a Miss?

The brand Shark is all set to launch its new Shark Navigator Freestyle sv1106 Upright Stick Vacuum – for your carpets, hard floor, as well as your pets with XL Dust Cup. 

The Shark company has been known for its cordless vacuums for a while now. However, the all-new Shark Navigator Freestyle could be the real game-changer in the market.

It offers a quick, easy and convenient clean-up on all types of surfaces, from one room to another in one go. This vacuum offers exceptional value by offering solid performance at a fraction of the price of the top models in the market. 

The market price is valued at $149.99 (may change with time), which is a lot cheaper than multiple similar products in the market – the value this vacuum provides at this price rate is truly exceptional.

The product comes with a lightweight cordless convenience offering a portable, powerful and versatile style weighted at 7.5 lbs. It comes with a 2x speed brushroll which is convenient on both carpets and hard floorings. 

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Shark SV1106


  • Product Dimensions – 10.5 x 9.6 x 46 inches
  • Item Weight – 7.5 pounds
  • Manufacturer – SharkNinja
  • Batteries – Lithium-Ion batteries are required for proper functioning. 
  • Form Factor – Upright
  • Included Components – 10.8V Battery Included 

Our Basic Verdict

The Shark Navigator Freestyle has not been on the top of the list for a while. However, the product still offers exceptional performance for a relatively few top models that beat it.

It is known for cleaning all types of rough as well as smooth floors, though multiple concessions were made to its convenience and convenience to keep the cost down.

For all the house-gadgets lovers looking for a solid freestyle vacuum but don’t want to break the bank or their savings, this well-priced and considerable vacuum is surely one of a kind and could be a good choice. 

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Top Benefits to Consider

shark navigator freestyle sv1106

  • Lightweight and Cordless Convenience – The vacuum is highly portable, powerful, and versatile, weighted only at 7.5 lbs. 
  • 2x Speed Brushroll – The brushroll is manufactured with strong material, which makes it optimized for both carpet and hard floors. It also offers quality pet hair pickup throughout the home. 
  • Double Dust Cap Capacity – The dust cap is easy to empty and clean; it has a .64 quart dust cup capacity for extended cleaning without interruption. 
  • Precision Charging – The vacuum charger doubles as a storage block and can easily charge up to 4 hours with a longer battery capacity. 
  • What’s in the box – The product comes with a shark freestyle cordless vacuum and a precision charger. 

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Detailed Analysis and Test Results

The Navigator Freestyle didn’t disappoint even once throughout the course of our testing. The vacuum is solid performance with an excellent and cutting-edge overall value that has no major drawbacks.

If you are looking to clean big messes and a stick vacuum in between deep cleans of your home and don’t want to spend tons and tons of cash, this is a clear good choice you can have. 

1. Hard Surface Cleaning

The shark navigator freestyle has a pretty impressive ability to clean hard surfaces and flooring without any rugs or carpets. This feature makes up for 40% of its abilities and total score.

The performance was checked in detail by spreading out the flour, oatmeal, rice, pet hair, grains, and Cheerios on a section of hardwood floor.

Furthermore, we rated the vacuum on how much debris was remaining and the number of passes it took to get the floor visually clean; overall, the shark navigator performed exceptionally well.

It only took a single pass to clean up everything from the hard flooring. The model didn’t swing away any rice even while using the 2x speed brush roller. The navigator can easily clean a bunch of flour on its roller wheels, which would commonly fall off in an inconvenient location.

However, it took around 2-3 passes to get the area visually clean as something like flour usually travels in between floors, but the overall performance has been satisfactory. 

2. Design

shark navigator freestyle sv1106-

The design features of Shark Navigator are definitely something to talk about! It is overall pretty light to carry around the house; it is easy to use with a neat foot control to manage without bending over again and again.

Rather than trying to do every job yourself, the Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106 is a pretty simple upright vacuum cleaner designed specifically for floors (both hard and carpet floors). There is just one bit of assembling required, screw the handle into the body, and you are good to go! 

Shark product comes with a floor dock in the box, which charges the vacuum cleaner within 4 hours. The design is pretty neat; you can simply place the vacuum onto it once you are done vacuuming, and it will simply recharge ready for the next use.

Shark Navigator SV1106 was designed with simplicity in mind. To turn the cleaner on in Carpet mode, tap it with your foot.

Tap it again for Bare Floor mode. Finally, tap it again to turn the vacuum cleaner off. After that, tilt the vacuum cleaner’s back to turn on the rotating brush bar.It’s then as easy as moving the vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner is very easy to push because of its 3.4kg weight.

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3. Convenience of Use

Ease of use and convenience is one of customers’ top things while hunting for a new vacuum. The overall weight, storage method, capacity, cordless, maximum reach, battery capacity, and ability to clean non-floor surfaces is surely something to talk about and become the next big market hit!

The vacuum can be comfortably used for as long as desired in an upright model. However, it doesn’t transform into a handheld vacuum cleaner. 

The charging takes up to 4 hours to fully charge and lasts for more than 6 hours, which works for an entire house cleaning! (pretty good) It has a decent battery life as compared to other models within the same range as well.

On the plus side, the vacuum has the capacity to stand on its own as well rather than depending only on a wall mount for storage; this is an overlooked feature; however, it makes the overall product exceptionally convenient.  

4. Ease of Use

The real test also comes as to how easy it is for the product to clean around the edges or under the furniture; every vacuum has a different cleaning power in this regard and a level of noise while in operation.

The Shark Navigator freestyle did a tremendous job cleaning up the furniture corner along the edges of a wall, collecting every material laid out. It took a few passes to achieve complete cleanliness. The overall performance is unquestionable! 

The model comes with a high and a low power cleaning mode, along with a footswitch to swap quickly between a carpet mode and hard floor (how cool!).

The brush does not stop rotating during the swap; it simply slows down during the quick swap. This product has a non-problematic average noise level and has a swivel steering head, as it is less nimble than the others of this price range. 

5. Carpet Cleaning

No vacuum is successful enough unless it completes the carpet evaluation. So, after careful evaluation with the flour, rice, cereal, oatmeal, pet hair, and other stuff on all kinds of carpets – the vacuum performance has been exceptionally good with each type of debris, and it cleaned more and more with multiple cleaning passes over the carpet. 

The shark navigator freestyle did a great job with strong rolling features, collecting rice on all types of carpet. It takes 2-3 passes to completely clean it out. The struggle came with the flour again.

However, the overall performance is satisfactory and wouldn’t disappoint you. 

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Top Pros and Cons of the Shark Navigator Freestyle Vacuum

shark navigator freestyle sv1106


  • The vacuum provides great value for the price spent; it has an above-average performance when it comes to cleaning hard floors and surfaces. 
  • The vacuum is inexpensive compared to other models of the same family and provides lesser features than this. 
  • The handheld and cordless model helps in saving time and energy; it’s super-easy to use while you are multitasking as well.
  • The storage is twice as big as any other vacuum, so you don’t have to clean and change the dirt multiple times during cleaning. 
  • If you are a pet lover, then regular hair cleaning can surely become a challenge. Not many vacuum cleaners are able to do it, except our Shark Navigator vacuum. 
  • Navigator vacuum helps in eliminating dust miles easily, as they are usually microscopic and can’t be seen from the naked eye that easily. So, Sharks Navigator can conveniently clean these particles. 
  • Cordless vacuums improve safety by eliminating any potential tripping of wires, which might occur when you are cleaning around the house. 
  • Field tests and research proves that cordless vacuums clean 30 percent faster than their corded counterparts.

  • Some individuals might find it a bit more expensive as compared to other models; there are some others available under $100 as well. 
  • The downfall of cordless vacuums is, they must be charged! As they run on battery power, which is both a pro and con kinda! If there is something you need to clean immediately and the vacuum is not charged, it might become a problem. 
  • The vacuum supports an upright position and cannot be converted into a handheld position for smaller edges or corners. However, it cleans them exceptionally well.
  • When shifted to 2x roller cleaning, the roller makes a bit of noise during cleaning. 

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Should You Buy It or Not?

Buy it

If you are looking for a simple upright cordless cleaner that you can grab and go for cleaning a specific area, then the Shark Navigator will do the job for you quickly; you should totally go for it! 

Buy Not

If you are looking for versatility and the option to tackle pet hair, Shark’s Navigator Freestyle isn’t the perfect choice for you. Neither is it a fabulous choice if you need very long run times.

Final Words


Just like every other product, the Shark Navigator Freestyle sv1106 has its pros and cons. However, the pros are surely more to outlook the least interesting parts of this product. If you are looking for a budget vacuum to help you around the house for a quick clean, this vacuum is surely the way to go.

Although the freestyle navigator isn’t as versatile and feature-rich as various pricey models, it’s still a highly reliable cleaning machine that can be relied upon at a fair price. This machine is great for small messes that aren’t too big and can be used between deep cleans.

It doesn’t cost too much. To add final thoughts to this detailed view vacuum, it has a large dust cup; it’s cheap and easy to use – which is a pretty good choice for any household item.

If we talk about comparison, it isn’t the best performance in the market, and short battery life means that it won’t necessarily make it around large areas or corners of the room either.

It might be a good choice for those who only need a quick grab-and-go upright to keep a space or entrance tidy. However, the lack of accessories means that you won’t have any other options.

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