Shark LZ601 Review: What’s the Expert’s Opinion on This Model?

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Although robot vacuums are becoming popular and have gained a substantial percentage of market shares, there are areas where they are still short.

Pet owners or those who require a vacuum for heights will recognize this, which is why manual vacuums like upright models are still essential to their homes.

However, one of the most frequent complaints regarding uprights is that the powerful models can be heavy to move. Shark – a brand that is recognized for its outstanding upright models and has created an innovative solution: it’s called the Shark Apex LZ601 UpLight.

Shark Apex UpLight infomercials claim it will provide you with superior suction capabilities similar to an upright vacuum, but you still get the ease of movement (and many other benefits) of a small device. 

Does it deliver on this claim? 

Find what we can find out about in the Shark Apex UpLight LZ601 evaluation.

An overview of Shark Apex Uplight LZ601

Shark LZ601

It’s a fascinating bagless vacuum cleaner by Shark because it’s not a stick or upright model but something that falls somewhere in between.

It’s loaded with premium features and technology that typically only appear in premium vacuum series. The model includes both its signature DuoClean and Zero-M technology, Lift-Away features, LED-lit headlights besides a HEPA filter with a fully sealed system of filtration.

It also comes with unique self-standing wheels, which come out when it is in the upright position, making it stand up on its own.

This Apex UpLight comes from its tiny dust container, which is not a big issue as it is highly recommended for small space areas.


  • Hose length: 4.2 feet
  • Weight: 10.7 pounds
  • Size: 11.4W 10.4L x 10.4L x 46.2H
  • The Capacity of the dust canister: 0.68 quarts
  • Power: 700 Watts
  • The Length of the power cord is 30 feet
  • The Filtration system includes foam and HEPA filters

  • Compact
  • Strong suction
  • Excellent for both carpet and bare floors.
  • A Lift-Away feature that allows for greater portability
  • Self-cleaning brush roll
  • Stands on its own


  • Average maneuverability
  • Small canister for dust
  • Heavy top
  • Unable to alter the suction power
  • Unable to turn off the brushes

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Shark LZ601 Cleaning Attachments and Tools

Shark LZ601 5

As of the writing of this article, Shark LZ601 was coming with two standard cleaning tools:

The Pet Multi-Tool is also a two-in-one cleaning tool. The pet brush is utilized for cleaning human and pet hair and lint off of stairs, smaller carpets, and other similar surfaces.

Once the pet brush has been removed, an Upholstery Tool is revealed, with a felt strip that can be used to remove hair and lint off more delicate surfaces such as furniture (hence its name), furniture, carpets, and others similar.

Duster, The Crevice Tool, can be described as a two-in-one cleaning tool. A Crevice tool is a long and narrow tool for cleaning, designed to clean hard-to-reach places like gaps, edges, between seats, and others similar.

With the built-in dusting tool, The Crevice Tool is transformed into a Duster Tool to help users to remove dust from the most commonly used surfaces in homes and apartments.

Be aware that the list of tools for cleaning could change with time, So be sure to confirm it before making your purchase.

Other cleaning tools are quite useful in specific circumstances when needed; they can be ordered on the internet. These tools include:

Anti-Allergen Dustbrush has fine bristles that move the dirt. It is then vacuumed into a unit using the suction force.

Multi-Angle Dusting Brush has a swiveling neck, and it allows users to clean high-up surfaces with the best angle.

Self-Cleaning Pet Powerbrush has a self-cleaning brush roll that is powered and is specifically designed to remove fibers, lint, and other hairs from carpeted and carpeted stairs and even carpets that are smaller.

Of course, there are additional cleaning tools and accessories also; however, these are the ones that are most frequently used.

15 Best Shark Apex UpLight LZ601 Features

1. Zero-M

It’s time to dive in to find out what the controversy is about as Shark is promoting its technology every time. For instance, Zero-M is said that it can eliminate pet hair efficiently. But how do they work in actual practice?

The primary principle behind this technology is the brush roll specifically designed for this technology which can stop pet and human hair from being wrapped around it. Additionally, there is the comb-like device that separates hair from its brush roll, no matter its turning. The hair then moves in tandem with the flow of air to the canister.

2. Brushrolls

DuoClean technology by Shark allows the soft bristles to polish and clean floors while another roll cleans carpeted areas. In more detail, the soft rolling on the UpLight from Apex removes tiny particles and dust off the flooring, and the self-cleaning second one cleans and gets rid of hair from carpets.

It is possible to ask what the self-cleaning function does. The concept is quite simple.

When you turn on the machine, the comb-like mechanism is going to move over the roll and remove all dirt and hair that is on it to ensure it is in top state. The brush roll also has four wires of metal across it to keep hair from getting tangled.

3. Packaging and Assembly

If you take the lid off of your box, there is an enclosed space that houses the filtration system, motor, and dust cup. The pod is linked to the water hose. Shark comes with the crevice tool, pet multi-tool, a nozzle, a holder for accessories, and finally, a wand that connects that nozzle with the pod.

The assembly of your Apex UpLight is extremely simple and shouldn’t take more than five minutes.

4. Cleaner head

In this cleaner, you’ll discover many modern and practical features and technology from Shark that include DuoClean Zero-M, Zero-M, indicators, headlights with LED, and self-standing wheels.

These LED lights are located at the front side of the nozzle. This allows for the illumination of dirt, dust, and pet hair that are on your floors, even in dim lighting conditions. It is also possible to find dirt particles, hair of dogs, and small particles that are daunting to discern with other devices or even the naked eye.

But there’s one thing to be sure to remember when you are coming with other types of vacuum: So it is good for children that they can’t disable the brush rolls within Apex UpLight. 

In addition, the machine only has one speed for brush rolls. There is no way to reduce their speed on certain surfaces. Since the brush rolls are quite fast, it could be a problem for delicate surfaces like hardwood flooring.

5. DuoClean

Shark LZ601 1

DuoClean is another popular feature that is used on Shark vacuums, which sets the Shark vacuum apart from others available. The design also adds a (soft) brush roll on the head of the cleaner. Its function is to eliminate large chunks of dirt from plain floors, where it continues turning to remove dirt and dust that has gotten stuck.

There’s a common concern that people have when they hear about dual brush roll, because it adds difficulty while working on carpeted floors. However, luckily for you, it’s not true.

The second roll of the brush could cause some drag. However, it’s not too much. The Apex UpLight can move just like other carpeting machines.

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6. Lift-Away pod

It is possible to disassemble your Shark Apex UpLight corded Lift-Away completely and carry only this main pod. This can be useful if you have to clean your curtains, stairs, or furniture. You can connect a brush on the wand or take off the nozzle and replace it with the wand using the pod.

It’s only available only on the updated variant of the Shark Apex UpLight, and certain people find the detached Lift-Away Pod too heavy. However, considering the item’s weight, even if we include the other tool, and power cord, it’s only 5 pounds, not an issue for the majority of users.

The process of removing this pod is fairly simple, but you could have a difficult time putting it back on the first time. It’s not as simple as lifting it and might require some tweaking. Once you’ve gotten comfortable with it, you’ll not find it that much of a task.

However, the shorter hose may create some problems for those who don’t have long arms because it’s not as long as they’d prefer. But there is always an extra wand if you’re looking for a bit more reach. Hence, a small arm is not an issue for any user.

7. Self-standing wheels

Shark LZ601 4

This is a great feature and very few vacuums are equipped with it. However, these wheels are a great upgrade when you think of other Shark stick models, like the Rocket, that can’t be seen as a whole.

On the side, to the head of the cleaner on this Shark model, you will find two retractable wheels that can be extended as the cleaner is put in an upright position. This lets the whole vacuum be able to stand by itself, which means you don’t have to rest it on your wall or furniture.

When you begin vacuuming and tilt it backward, the wheels will automatically retract.

Through constant innovation, Shark has always come up with innovative and valuable options; Shark is always a solution for those who want to know which vacuum cleaner is best.

8. Dust canister

It’s easy to take out and empty. Its Capacity is 0.68 Quarts. It’s an ideal option if you’re in the market for a huge dust container to clear a large space. Its small capacity means that you’ll be able to clean it out more frequently than other models.

9. Accessories

The attractive accessories are easily attached to the handpiece to increase its capabilities.

There’s a brush tool present on the crevice tool of 8 inches that you can slide across the shaft, based on whether you wish to utilize the crevice tool and sans the brush.

The upholstery tool could be incorporated into the brush that you might need to tackle the hair of your pet that has become stuck on your sofa.

10. Filtration system

Shark LZ601 2

This Shark UpLight has three filters. You find two of them before its motor, and one follows it.

After removing the vacuum’s canister, you can access the pre-motor filters with ease, comprising an abrasive filter and an adsorbent filter. If they get dirty, you can wash them with water with no problem.

Be sure to let them dry completely (needs 24 hours minimum) before putting them back in the machine. Based on our testing, the sponge filter is dirtier faster, which means it is possible to have to clean it more frequently.

In addition, you will see the post-motor filters that are also easily accessible just beneath the canister. It’s a “most popular” HEPA filter similar to the pre-motor filters; it can be rinsed and cleaned using water. Since this filter doesn’t become dirty as quickly as felt and sponge filters, you won’t need to wash it regularly.

The greatest thing about the filtering system in Apex UpLight is that it is totally sealed. Shark refers to this as Anti-Allergen Complete Seal, meaning that the entire vacuum unit is sealed and nothing air that is not filtered can escape.

This is a good thing for allergy sufferers since the air that comes into the machine is cleaned before being released. This improves air quality significantly. This design is so effective that a vacuum with a sealed seal can provide fresh air even without top-quality filters.

11. Control button

The Control button can be placed at the proper location so that users can easily access it. Control button location also enhances the look of the vacuum.

12. Warranty and User’s manual

Shark offers a five-year limited warranty to customers who purchase their Apex UpLight. The product also comes with an instruction manual inside the package.

Even though it’s not a lot, you’ll find nearly everything you must know: Troubleshooting, maintenance problems, cleaning the canister, cleaning filters by using the accessories, and even assembly.

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13. Performance

Reach for cleaning

The Shark Apex UpLight has a 30 feet power cord. Although other vacuums have the same length, this is considered to belong to a small machine such as this one.

A power cord with a length of fewer than 30 feet, but you can switch between outlets frequently when vacuuming.

However, the length of the hose is considerably shorter, but this isn’t much of a problem since the hose can work with features like Lift-Away. Although you can extend the hose beyond its initial length (4.2 feet) however, it’s a bit easy to accomplish in the real world.

Cleaning results

The Apex UpLight provides excellent results for tile flooring. The cleaner head is capable of picking larger pieces of debris, thanks to the dual role design of the brush.

For carpeted surfaces, it also impresses us. For both high- and low-pile carpets, it can remove much of the dirt that is left behind, such as green peas, chili flakes seeds, fruit loops, powdered cheerios.

The most impressive thing about the Apex UpLight’s ability is its ability to remove hair from pets, particularly on carpets. You’ll be amazed by how much hair it’s able to collect, even if it is firmly embedded in the carpet’s fibers. The auto-cleaning feature that eliminates hair that is tangled is very minimal.

14. Maneuverability

Shark LZ601 3

It is estimated that the Apex UpLight weighs about 10.7 pounds. If you’re looking for an upright model, it’s usually regarded as lightweight. However, when you look at it in comparison to stick vacuums, they’re slightly heavier.

The question of whether it’s light or heavy is entirely dependent on you. While some customers are happy with the weight of it, some claim it’s too heavy for them.

Because Shark is looking to offer the ability to lift away from its portable design, The bulk of all the mass of this device – such as the motor and the canister – are placed at the highest point. This causes the vacuum to be a little unbalanced and top-heavy.

The mobility and maneuverability that are offered by Apex UpLight are average. Apex UpLight is quite average.

While it’s a compact model, pulling and pushing it across the carpet requires much more energy than what you imagine. Without the features of swiveling steering, turning the vacuum isn’t effortless. It’s not easy, even on floors that aren’t paved. This could be due to the weighty top.

At all, the process of shifting it around is acceptable, even though you might imagine it to be much easier.

15. Suction

A very frequent positive comment that customers provide about the vacuum is its powerful suction. Many are delighted and even amazed by the amount of dust/debris it can accumulate. It’s particularly impressive when you take into account its small size, which could lead people to underestimate its capabilities.



Shark LZ601 is versatile. You can use it as a convertible vacuum cleaner. Ideal for use as the primary vacuum cleaner for small to medium-sized homes and apartments because of its small dirt cup (0.66 Qts).

It is provide with great suction, it effectively cleans floors, it’s also ideal for the cleaning of surfaces that are elevated It has extremely low maintenance costs.

In a very large residence or apartment, the Shark LZ601 could be utilized as a second vacuum cleaner to speed up cleaning – it could be used as the principal vacuum cleaner. 

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