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The Shark Vertex Lightweight Cordless model is a superb handheld vacuum. It’s light, extremely mobile, and delivers excellent performance on floors that are not bare. Because of its washable filters and bagless design, expenses are low, and the vacuum does not have many components that demand maintenance.

It’s not without a struggle with larger and fine debris on carpets with higher piles. However, if you’re searching for a cordless handheld model that delivers exceptional performance on plain floors, this is a solid option.

It’s equipped with an improved DuoClean cleaner head with LED lights and other accessories that can be used handheld. It can sit alone (in the storage configuration) and is light, extremely maneuverable, and user-friendly for different cleaning jobs. It was a success in our cleaning tests, which revealed 97% removal of dirt by weight.

Check out this Shark stick vacuum’s other specs and features to decide whether it’s the right choice for you.

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Summary of Shark iz462h Vacuum Cleaner

Shark IZ462H

Its Shark Vertex DuoClean stick vacuum is a dual-purpose vacuum equipped with cordless power and a compact body and brush rolls designed to be used for cleaning multiple floors. It is a good performer in cleaning. However, the only problem is getting rid of dust and dirt off carpets, which is where it struggles slightly.

The Vertex also features an adjustable handle that lets the vacuum fold and pivot to allow compact storage or better maneuverability. All in all, we are content with the efficiency of Shark Vertex. A pivoting head, a DuoClean brush roll, and a cordless design make it simple and easy to use.

  • DuoClean brush rolls are ideal for hard surfaces as well as carpets.
  • Different configurations to accommodate various mess types
  • New DuoClean brushes roll with cleaning paddles made of rubber. This should result in higher performance for the carpet and hair.
  • The lightweight body is under 3 pounds. Total weight 9.05 pounds.
  • It didn’t perform as well as it could have. taking fine particles off the carpet
  • The capacity of the bin is smaller in comparison to traditional uprights.

Shark iz462h Review

1. Cleaning Performance

Shark iz462h 8

For every one of our tests on vacuum performance, our ultimate objective is to evaluate each model on our own and put it through several tests to find out what it can do.

How Do We Test?

The vacuums we test are tested using three flooring types:

  • Carpet with a low pile
  • Harwoods
  • Carpet with high pile

And against four different debris types:

  • Kitty litter
  • Granulated sugar
  • Dry cereal
  • Rice

The cleaning scores listed below are calculated based on the total amount of debris taken away. Therefore, if a vacuum has 95%, it has taken away 95 percent of the total debris tested in terms of volume.

2. The Results

Overall, it was a good overall experience. Shark Vertex cordless was a solid performer. It was a great choice for hardwood floors and removing large amounts of debris from the carpet. The most difficult part with Vertex was cleaning small particles of carpet fibers.

  • Hardwood: 99.5%
  • High Carpet: 96.9%
  • Low Carpet: 95%
  • Overall: 96.7%

Hardwood Floor

Cleaning hardwood floors, Shark Vertex’s performance was fantastic and nearly flawless across all four types of debris.

  • Kitty Litter: 100%
  • Sugar: 99%
  • Rice: 100%
  • Cereal: 99%

It left behind a few pieces of cereal and an extremely light powder of sugar. However, it was a solid performer all across every board. We were worried that it could clog the cereal during the tests we conducted, but it managed to pass through.

Low Pile Carpet

Carpets with a low pile: The performance was excellent for rice and cereals. However, we noticed some issues with the finer particles (i.e., cat litter and sugar).

  • Kitty Litter: 94%
  • Sugar: 86%
  • Rice: 100%
  • Cereal: 100%

Sugar was, in particular, an amazing surprise. In particular, considering the performance, we witnessed in the IONFlex and the upright Vertex.

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High Pile Carpet

Carpets with a high pile: The story was similar to that we observed on low pile carpets. It was a good performance for big debris but not so impressive for smaller pieces of debris.

  • Kitty Litter: 92%
  • Sugar: 92%
  • Rice: 100%
  • Cereal: 100%

A good but not exceptional performance. Like carpets with low pile, we have hoped for more from the performance given our previous experience with comparable Shark models. Sure, it’s not a terrible performance, but it’s not as good as hoped for.

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Functions and Features

1. Self-Cleaning Brushroll

Shark iz462h 1

Shark’s vacuums lead the movement to stop hair wraps. Thanks to the brush’s self-cleaning feature, the hair of pets and humans won’t get caught in the rollers, reducing suction power.

2. Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology

The device traps allergens when they come in contact by using the HEPA Filtration system and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, which does not expel allergens into the atmosphere. The brush’s rolls rotate continuously to ensure that air is only taken in one direction.

3. Multi-Flex Technology

It’s not just that you’re unbound by cords when using the Shark Vertex. Still, the inclusion of Multi-Flex Technology allows the vacuum to bend into various positions to reach difficult-to-access areas. For example, it can bend up to 90 degrees, allowing you to access the low areas without bending over. It also lets the vacuum fold down to make it compact for storage.

4. DuoClean PowerFins

Shark iz462h 2

The main component of the Shark Vertex models, and the most recent in Shark’s technology, includes two rollers that suck up dust and dirt that increase floor contact to ensure continuous cleaning. It’s like two vacuums all in one and can suck more than twice as much dirt in one go-around. 

Its PowerFins roller and soft roller remove dust and dirt from carpets and floors and collect more every time. The soft roller can pick up dust and small particles as the PowerFins go deeply into carpets, directly engaging floors for superior carpet cleaning compared to vacuums made of standard bristles.

5. Floor Setting and Battery

Shark iz462h 6

The cordless has two options, including carpet and hard floor. For more power, press the lever on your handheld to trigger Boost Mode. The vacuum continues to work until you turn the switch. However, Boost Mode requires that you hold your finger at the trigger and use the highest power from the battery. 

If you’re only using the hand vac part, it will give you 60 minutes of power for cleaning. For hard floor cleaning, the battery lasts for 34 minutes. For carpet cleaning, the battery lasts for 23 minutes. If you choose to use Boost Mode, you get just 10 minutes. A light indicator on the back of the handheld refers to the battery’s remaining life.

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6. Hypervelocity Accelerated Suction

Shark iz462h 7

It’s not your standard cordless vacuum. The combination of Hypervelocity Accelerated suction gives the airflow pathway directly to provide incredible deep-cleaning performance.

7. Attachments

Shark iz462h 4

The particular Shark vacuum comes with several attachments that can be utilized with the handheld. These include a crevice tool, a multi-tool for pets that can get rid of pet hair from upholstery, stuck-on debris, and a multi-angle dust broom to clean delicate objects that can fit into small spaces and cleaning blinds. The sack and storage options are not included, however.

8. Convertible Handheld

Additionally, in the normal upright position, it is also possible to disconnect the handheld to use it to clean above the floor and use the wand to reach difficult-to-access areas. Attachments included clips to the floor with ease, allowing for precise cleaning.

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9. Usability

Its Shark Vertex DuoClean is user-friendly and easy to use. It’s designed to switch between a stick vacuum and the handheld vacuum.

All attachments can be connected to or disengaged with the press of a button. An onboard tool allows for keeping cleaning brushes on the stick vacuum itself.

10. Maintenance

Shark iz462h 3

Maintaining the proper condition for this Shark Vertex DuoClean is pretty similar to any other light stick vacuum.

Here are the top three important areas to watch out for:

  • HEPA filter set washable with water; lay in the air to dry and put it back in place
  • The battery should be charged to recharge the vacuum between cleaning cycles to ensure that the battery has enough power for the next cleaning cycle.
  • The bin for dust is usually empty and can hold 0.32 milliliters of dry debris.
  • The brushroll’s design: spiral paddle is created to avoid hair tangles and clogging debris. However, be sure to check for blocked debris frequently.

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How to Clean Using the Shark Vertex?

Shark iz462h 5

  • The device has two different modes. It comes with carpet mode as well as bare floor mode. It also has an activation trigger (similar to Dyson) which activates maximum power. It’s an awesome method of achieving the maximum power mode.
  • In compact storage mode, when not in use, the top of the vacuum can fold down and then lock into the base and allow the vacuum to stand up in its entirety.
  • Simple emptying of the dust bin empties with a point-and-shoot fashion into the garbage.
  • Self-propelled: It has plenty of self-propelled force, particularly on hard surfaces and carpets with low piles. It truly does propel forward.
  • Pivot head with flex. It has the pivot flex head identical to the IONFlex.

Who Should Purchase the Shark Vertex Dual Clean Vacuum?

The Shark Vertex stick vacuum is the ideal choice if you’re searching for a reliable all-around stick vacuum capable of functioning as a handheld stick vacuum that has the power of a cordless and pivoting handle.

We suggest using the Shark Vertex if you’re looking for the following features on an upright vacuum.

  • Pivoting head: These head pivots allow the Shark vertex to clean difficult-to-access areas and store them in a smaller space. This feature tends to be exclusive to Shark, and we were thrilled to see it included once more in this version of the Vertex DuoClean.
  • Ideal for cleaning multi-floors: This Vertex is an excellent choice for cleaning multiple floors. Its DuoClean brush roll is soft on hardwoods, but the PowerFins can go into the ground when required for greater suction. Additionally, it comes with the right handheld tools or specific cleaning tasks.
  • A lightweight body: When used as an upright, the Vertex weights less than 10lbs, and as a handheld vacuum, it weighs just 3 pounds. If you’re searching for an ultra-light vacuum certainly meets the criteria.

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Do You Think This Shark Vertex Is a Good Value?

We’ve come this far; let’s talk about worth. Is Shark Vertex worth the price? Is the Shark Vertex stick vacuum worth the money?

Overall, we would say that it’s a yes. It wasn’t the best performance. However, it was adequate for the majority of tasks that required cleaning. Its pivoting handles are an excellent feature and make it easier to use.

Storage mode is available for the Shark Vertex cordless vacuum.

Additionally, it included a basic (but useful) range of cleaning equipment along with cordless power and the capability to stand alone for small storage.



Its Shark Vertex Cordless is good for cleaning the interior of your vehicle. Its cordless design makes it simple to wash off dirt from far away areas like a car parking on the driveway, and it can easily be transformed into a smaller handheld model.

It has crevice tools that allow users to get rid of messes that have formed within tight corners. However, it isn’t equipped with any type of storage built into the device, which makes it simple to access new accessories.

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