How Worth Is It to Buy Shark Ion Robot R761?

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The Shark Ion Robot Vacuum isn’t equipped with the strongest suction with a basic navigation system. However, it does a good job of cleaning by using multiple passes to cover areas.

It has a decent app and voice control. However, this robot doesn’t have the full-featured control and mapping capabilities that its more expensive competitors.

Shark ION Robot Vacuum RV761 (1)

  • Useful app
  • Low cost
  • Simple operation
  • Simple navigation

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Key Features

Shark Ion Robot R761 6

  • Type: Type A robot vacuum cleaner, which doesn’t include a mopping feature.
  • Connection: You can control the vacuum cleaner by using an App, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant


Shark Ion Robot R761 2

It’s no secret that robotic vacuum cleaners can make your life more convenient; however, they can also cost a lot. The Shark ION Vacuum is a simple robot vacuum that doesn’t come with the most efficient cleaning and navigation capabilities. However, it does a decent job of vacuuming. And it has an app that is useful also.


Shark Ion Robot R761 3

  • The edges are a bit rough.
  • The suction power is good.
  • Covers the majority of areas.

Without proper mapping and navigation, the Shark ION Vacuum isn’t as precise as the other vacuums. Instead of mapping out the best way to navigate the room, the Shark ION robot vacuum goes off and makes its way through the space, reacting to obstacles and walls when it encounters them.

This can result in the robot spending time trying to get it out of a bind. In our home, it was found that it appeared that the Shark ION Robot vacuum was able to spend quite a bit of time bouncing off of dining chairs, though it did manage to get out. It was also important to note that we did not have to take it to the rescue cleaner for testing.

We would need to clean up before the robot was released. If you don’t have advanced navigation or cameras that you find with Roborock S6 MaxV, this robot could hit obstacles or get caught in wires; therefore, make sure that the route is clear before you begin.

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To test cleaning performance, we ran regular tests. In the beginning, we sprinkled one teaspoon of flour on our carpet test. Because the Shark ION Robot Vacuum will continue to clean until it’s ready to charge, it can take quite a long time to completely remove the stain.

In a 45-minute clean before sending it back on its dock, it walked across the carpet several times, with each removing an additional bit of dirt. Then, we ended up with a clean and tidy carpet.

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Okay, now what?

Then we sprinkled flour on the floor. It was a challenge for the Shark Ion Robot Vacuum to completely remove all the debris, but the mess was gone, with a little dust that remained.

Edge performance was not as impressive, however. Instead of getting to an edge and then following it, the Shark ION Robot Vacuum continued to hit the mess head-on, then turning around before reversing. It left a lot of dust behind. If you buy this particular cleaner, you’ll require a regular cordless vacuum to deal with spots and edges.

Battery life is said to last between 90 and 120 minutes, which means it will be enough to cover the flooring area in your home. The trick is to leave your vacuum to run out of fuel so that it covers more of the area. It’s not particularly effective, but it’s effective. Should you choose to upgrade your better Roborock cleaner, you’ll see that it is cleaner since its methodical approach lets it figure out what it has not cleaned.

As for noise, we found the vacuum to be 58.3dB when it was on the Normal power setting. This is quite a robot vacuum.

Design and features

Shark Ion Robot R761 4

  • A little bit of the bin leaks when it is empty.
  • Simple controls at the top
  • A decent app, but there aren’t many elements within it.

It’s a simpler robotic vacuum cleaner than many more expensive models like that of the Roborock S5 Max – hence the lower price.

However, there’s nothing distinct between this machine and its competitors from the outside. It’s another robot vacuum cleaner that drops on its dock for charging.

You get 3 buttons at the top of this robot. One button to initiate the cleaning process, another to return it to the docks, and the third to activate the Max mode, which will increase suction.

The robot can be turned over, and you’ll find a standard brush bar that can be removed to trim hair that has become tangled and two additional brushes that sweep dirt into the main path of vacuuming.

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A LiDAR sensor at the top is missing from the vacuum to allow for accurate mapping. Instead, this vacuum uses proximity sensors to sense its way around the area and even objects.

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We also were enthralled by it…

Shark Ion Robot R761 5

A standard dust cup opens from the back, showing its washable filters. The cup has quite a wide opening, so you need to be cautious when removing it. It’s likely to spill dust from it.

It’s an ordinary vacuum. However, it’s not. The Shark Ion Robot Vacuum could connect to your Wi-Fi connection at home (2.4GHz only) using Shark’s Shark app.

However, when you’re in the app, the list of controls available is simpler than you’d encounter with the other models. It allows you to start and stop cleaning and then choose the level of vacuuming (Eco Normal, Eco, and Max) and set up a cleaning, and check the history of cleaning.

The robot can’t create an outline map, which means it cannot set no-go zones, choose an area to do intensive cleaning, or have more control over its operations.

A Wi-Fi connection can mean you can connect to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice control.

Do You Need to Buy It?

Shark Ion Robot R761 1

If you’re searching for a basic and inexpensive vacuum, the Shark Ion Robot Vacuum is for you because it can do the most basic tasks and clean well enough.

If you are looking for advanced controls and a systematic approach to cleaning, you need to spend more money on a robotic vacuum cleaner with complete mapping with advanced navigation.

Final thoughts


It is a bit of a mess with no better control and navigation. Shark ION Robot vacuums can clean by constantly sweeping the areas.

It has a poor suction capacity; it takes the vacuum just a few strokes to clean all the dirt. It’s not particularly effective; however, except for edge cleaning, it’s efficient.

Advanced controls, like area, spot, and thorough cleaning, are not available. If you’re looking to buy a cheap and basic vacuum cleaner, this robot is good.

However, you should read our list of the top robot vacuum cleaners if you need something more sophisticated.

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