Shark Ion Robot R75: Worth Buying or Not

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Over the last couple of years, several new brands of robot vacuums have come onto the market, like Xiaomi, ILIFE, and Eufy, to mention some.

Many of them have proved to be effective, but others are utter rubbish.

Shark is one of the companies that has tried its hand in this field due to its rising popularity. We’ll examine Shark’s Shark ION Robotic vacuums.

Does this brand offer a great alternative, cheaper than Roomba? Roomba robotic vacuums?

Find out more about what we’ll find out in the review.

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Shark Robotic Vacuum

Shark Ion R75 Against R85 and R87

Shark Robotic 3

Presently, Shark has three ION robots in stock. The most recent is the S87, which is a mix with the R85 ION as well as the ION W1 handheld. The next option is the R85, and the simplest model is R75 (no WiFi and Google Assistant or Alexa). That is, however, the more expensive choice.

Of the three, the R85 has the greatest value for money because it’s the most affordable and has more power than those Roomba 980 and I7.

The model doesn’t have top-of-the-line features like permanent navigation or LDS. However, at a price, you’ll get plenty.

This app works with Google Assistant or Alexa, plus it’s equipped with a smartphone application that you can connect to WiFi.

There are other versions, but these models have been discontinued, and Shark is no longer selling them.

Furthermore, they cost more, and it’s not making sense to buy an older and more costly machine when you could get one that’s newer and cheaper, which is more efficient in its performance.

We’ll take a review of the three Shark ION robots, how they differ and which offers the most price.


  • Compatible with modern-day conveniences like Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • It doesn’t scratch the furniture.
  • Enough features.
  • The R85 is less expensive than Roomba 690, 675; however, it provides better airflow and performance.
  • Whisper-quiet operation.
  • Super sturdy.
  • Amazing performance at a reasonable price.


  • Still makes use of magnet tape in order to shield the machine safe from prohibited areas.
  • It only uses standard navigation, which wanders around in random directions.

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Shark ION R85 Style

Nothing has changed since the initial ION Robot came out. The entire range of autonomous cleaners is round and has a gray/black combination finish and gold trimming around the main interface.

The color of gray will vary based on the model you pick. In the newer R85 model version, you get charcoal/darker gray and a black with silver trim.

In the upper-middle portion, there are 3 buttons (on the right side of R85):

  1. Max: Activates the maximum power setting.
  2. Clean: Sets Cleaning mode as the cleaning default.
  3. Dock: Informs that robot it is time to go back to dock to recharge.

The indicators for the battery and WiFi are situated on the top of the three buttons and give visual indications of the state of each.

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Shark ION R75 Style

Shark Robotic 1

The ION R75 has a slightly different color scheme, but it has the same buttons and indicator layout. It’s got a light gray tone and a similar silver trim in the middle.

The interface stays the same, but it has been tweaked slightly:

  1. Spot: This activates this robot’s cleaning function for spots.
  2. Clean: This will enable the default cleaning mode.
  3. Dock: Robot comes back to the dock to take charge.

It’s a simple design and user-friendly – there’s no need to read the instruction manual before using it.

Shark ION R87 Style

At first glance, one might believe you’re thinking that you’d think that the R87 is a distinct robot from the R85 because of its larger charging dock. In fact, it’s actually a combination of two ION products, the R85 robot as well as the handheld W1.

The R87 is not a Roomba and is not equipped with the self-emptying capacity of Roomba S9 or I7.

The dock is pretty, but it’s really an ordinary dock that powers the robot and stores the handheld unit.

All ION Robots feature a circular shape and dual side brushes that perform very well for cleaning edges and corners. The two robots do not have an app that you can use as a remote since it can provide the same functions. The app has other features that aren’t available in the remote, such as remote access.

The R72 isn’t equipped with WiFi, and therefore, it comes with an access point to use features such as scheduling.

Users who prefer using voice will find these two models to be an appealing alternative to the larger Roomba 690.

What is the process by which Shark ION cleans? 

To better understand how these machines keep their surfaces clean, let’s examine the underside and look at the design.

The three robots currently in use have the same design, which consists of two brushes on the sides and one beater bar that is located in the middle.

What is it that makes the Shark distinct from other robots within its price and the style of its side brush?

Let’s take a look at the side brush of R75 and R85.

Shark ION R75 Design

Shark Robotic 7

Shark ION R75 Shark ION R75 has two side brushes as well as a central cleaning brush located in the middle. It’s the standard layout of all robots at this price. The Shark enhances it by placing a row of brushes behind the main one to enhance the seal.

The R75 includes two brushes which are positioned next to its main cleansing brush. The main one there is a row of brushes that are designed to move dirt toward the suction chamber and form an airtight seal.

The brush itself is a mixed brush composed of bristles as well as a rubber blade style.

Customers say that the cleaning capabilities were excellent considering the price and this design is the main reason.

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Shark ION R85 Design

Shark ION R85 Shark ION R85 has a similar layout to the R75; however, the side brushes differ. There are two additional seals that improve the seal, allowing for better carpet pickup.

The R85 has a similar layout as the R75 but with some small tweaks. We’ve mentioned before that the side brushes only have one prong, and its R75 comes with two.

Another distinction is the seals that are added on the side of the brush and one on the back.

This improves cleaning results on crevices as well as carpet.

How does Shark ION navigate? Does the Shark ION robot navigate?

The majority of Shark ION robots use standard navigation, which is to say they take a random route.

They rely on infrared sensors to avoid obstacles. On the side of the machine, there are two sensors that sense nearby obstacles and inform it to reduce speed.

It’s not equipped with the sophisticated mapping systems other models with higher prices come with, like Roomba I7 or the Neato D7; however, it’s quite effective.

The absence of this system does not necessarily mean that it’s not causing an issue with performance.

If you’re willing to sit and wait, Shark has the R100 due out in the near future that features the ability to navigate with a smart algorithm. The Shark Ion R85 is capable of cleaning black carpets and is a benefit when you live in a house with this.

Other robots won’t cross it as the cliff detectors could believe it’s the cliff edge and therefore refuse to allow the robot to pass over it.

R75 Side Brush

Shark Robotic 2

Its R75 Side brush, for example, is made up of one prong with extremely long bristles. The two other prongs have shorter bristles.

R85 Side Brush

Its R85 side brushes have one prong that has long bristles that spin more slowly than Roomba. Roomba one is more effective since it directs dirt to its cleaning spray.

Roomba, like this one, is a machine that spins faster that spreads the mess more.

Then, let’s examine the entire top.

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What Power Does This Shark Ion Robot Have?

There isn’t anyone method that manufacturers employ to determine power. Some utilize it to measure the force of the motor or the watts. Other brands use air watts, and certain Chinese brands employ “kPa” or Kilopascals.

One method to measure the power is to use an anemometer to measure the flow of air. It’s a fairly precise gauge that will tell you how much airflow is produced by the vacuum around the nozzle.

From the current Shark robots, the ION R85 model has the highest power, with 20 cfm in the maximum setting. It also has 15 CFM when in the middle and 9 cfm when you are at the lowest setting.

In comparison to premium brands such as Neato and Roomba, it is higher in airflow than is available on the Roomba 980 or I7 as well as that of the Neato D7.

You’ll have all this power for a fraction of the cost! When it comes to the power-to-dollar ratio, this machine must be among the top.

Shark ION Robot Dimension

The ION robot is among the robots that are the shortest, standing less than 3.4″ in height. It’s smaller than Roomba 980 and Neato D7, which measure 3.6″ and 3.9″, respectively.

  • Depth: 12.8″
  • Width: 12.5″
  • Height: 3.4″

Cleaning Performance and various vital factors

Shark Robotic 4

With its sturdy brush roll and side brush design, it can effectively remove dirt on the surface.

1. Noise level

Shark robots don’t sound very loud in comparison to Roomba. For example, the R85 is only able to produce 60 decibels when it’s high and 59 decibels when it’s low power.

Comparatively, against its counterpart, the Roomba 690 that comes with 72 decibels is much quieter.

2. Dust bin capacity

Shark states the ION R85 that comes with a capacity of 0.7 dry quarts. This is about 0.77 liters. It’s double the size of the Roomba 690 with only 0.3 milliliters.

3. Carpet cleaning

There are two components of this equation: the surface pickup and the deep cleaning.

For surface pickup, the ION performed well, regardless of the size. It’s capable of picking dirt, hair, and cereal, along with all the other dirt you wash on a daily day basis.

The design of the combo brush, as well as the sealing around it, makes it an excellent vacuum that can pick up dirt and debris on the surface.

In terms of deep cleaning, it’s not fair to think that a robot can be as effective as an upright due to its tiny motor that isn’t able to pick up more.

The ION R85 performs fairly well, picking up an extensive cleaning of 76% sand embedded on the carpet with a medium pile. Note that this test is a very small space, and therefore it may not be exactly the same amount in each situation.

4. Hard floor cleaning

Shark Robotic 6

One advantage of using a slower-rooting side brush is that it kicks into the dirt less.

This advantage is evident on hard surfaces where less dirt gets scattered like it is on a machine with a speedy spinning brush such as the Roomba 690.

It can pick larger and fine debris as well due to an effective seal and has enough space to accommodate larger pieces of dirt.

Based on the design of your house, the dirt will be able to absorb approximately 100% of the dirt.

Edge cleaning is a further strong aspect of the ION because it performed better than the much more expensive Roomba 690 and left only small pieces of dirt on edge.

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5. The Availability of Replacement Parts

One issue with modern robots can be the lack of spare parts.

Keep in mind that components like filter batteries, brushes, and filters are likely to wear out over time. If you don’t have these components, you’ll be left with an unusable piece of equipment.

Fortunately, thanks to the Shark ION robot, these consumable products like an edge brush and beater bar filters, and batteries are all available through Amazon or directly through the Shark website.

The Shark website offers a greater selection of parts that aren’t on Amazon, like the front wheel charger dock, the dust bin, and an electric door for batteries.

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6. Usability

Another benefit of the Shark R75 and R85 ION is their usability.

From the box, almost everything arrives in the form of a complete set. The side brushes snap in place, meaning there is no tool required to take them off or connect them.

The main brush roll can be easy to access and clean.

The operation of the robot is easy. Simply press the clean button, and it’ll go through its normal cleaning mode.

The app is simple and simple to install. There were reports about the R75 of the WiFi being disconnected; however, that does not seem to be the issue for the R85.

It has basic functions like scheduling, starting as well as stopping and restarting the robot and also gives the ability to view the past. It does not contain information about the state of the filters or the filters and when they need to be replaced.

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7. Value

Shark robots add a lot of value, particularly if you can get one that costs less than $200. It’s equipped with high-end power, which is comparable to those of the Neato D7 and Roomba S9 in terms of airflow.

Even at its lowest setting, it’s more powerful than the Roomba 690.

If you’re okay with not being able to use the latest navigation technology that higher-priced robots come with, It’s a steal!

It is among the largest robot vacuums that are available at 0.77 milliliters, which is an enormous amount in the case of models that do not include the empty auto dock.

It’s quiet, and the best thing is that it doesn’t require the most powerful setting since it features an amazing design that can pick up regardless of the airflow.

There are a few problems, which we’ll be discussing in the next section, but that robots do not possess.

Additionally, there shouldn’t be any problems with parts availability because filters, side brushes, batteries, and other items are available through Shark’s online store or on Amazon.

8. Costs of maintenance

If you’re looking at the operating costs of Shark robot vacuums, they’re not that expensive. It is possible to purchase a set comprising two additional sets of brush heads, 2 additional filters, as well as an additional brush for under $14.

Of all the components that need replacing, filters have to be replaced most frequently. The frequency depends on how dusty your area is, how much it requires to be cleaned and if pets are present.

It can vary but could happen every two or every three months. Always inspect the filter and clean it with the brush tool Shark comes with to prolong its life.

If you use one per year, it won’t cost much if the proper diligence is given to keeping these machines in good condition. Be sure to clean the brushes, wheels sensors, dustbin, and wheels to keep them in top condition.

The filter that is used in these robots isn’t washable! Avoid washing it with water because it could harm the motor and cancel the warranty.

If the battery fails, Shark makes it easy to get the battery back, and obtaining a replacement is quite affordable.

There should not be concerns in the future when you own a Shark ION battery with this wide range of parts at affordable prices.

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Issues That Could Be a Concern but Aren’t Deal-Breaker Issues

Like any other robot vacuum, there is no perfect product; however, Shark does have flaws.

  1. Quality control problems: People are complaining about the poor quality of the machines failing in short time. It’s difficult to determine the precise reasons behind it. It could be due to maintenance issues, but it’s something worth noting.
  2. The dock is not returning: There are complaints about this robot becoming lost and never returning to the dock. There could be many reasons for this. One possibility is obstructions, or the layout is too complicated. When using normal navigation, it’s better to let this robot vacuum clear each room one at a time.
  3. Make use of magnetic tape: All Shark ION Robots are currently using magnetic tape to mark boundaries. The device does not feature a virtual wall or function on the app to use these. The tapes are functional (on occasion, they do not); however, they could be expensive if you require more due to any reason.

Is Shark ION Robot a Great Robot Vacuum?

Shark robots are a great value for the money you spend. The tests show that it is equipped with (at least R85) the same power as the higher-priced Neato D7 and more than the Roomba 980 and I7. This alone is enough reason to look into this.

Sure, a few concerns regarding quality control exist, but this is addressed by carefully making sure that the filter and brushes are checked and maintaining them in good condition.

Like many electronic appliances that break down, this one will too when you don’t take care of it.

Why Should You Think About the Shark Ion Robot?

There are three ION robots within Shark’s range of products that are readily available: they are the R85, R75, and the highest-end S87.

These older versions are not available for sale and are typically sold through third-party vendors; therefore, we don’t recommend them due to being more expensive.

Of the three models, the ION R85 is the most valuable due to it having the highest power, exceptional performance, and excellent debris removal.

If you can locate an R75 that is cheaper than the R85, take a chance with it. Regarding the value, this is tough to beat.

The R72 is the oldest option. However, it is oddly expensive if you look at Shark’s website.

Why do people buy something old that is less technologically advanced if there’s an alternative that is more modern and less expensive?

We believe that Shark may be thinking the exact same idea and is pushing the R85.

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Five Reasons to Choose the R85:

  1. Affordable: Few robot vacuums within this price bracket offer the capabilities and features the R85 has. The R85 not only comes with WiFi, however, but it’s also compatible with Alexa as well as Google Assistant! It’s among the few alternatives below $200 that have it.
  2. Large dust cup: Its R85 can hold 0.8 Liters of dirt. It’s about the same size as the Dyson V10 Absolute.
  3. Incredible power: The ION R85 boasts outstanding airflow, which leads to superior deep cleaning capabilities on the carpet. It also removes dirt from the surface regardless of its size.
  4. Parts availability: Long-term reliability for the ION robots is due to the supply of parts like filter brushes, battery wheels, and more. It’s also affordable.
  5. A great design: It features an exceptional seal and pickup, which allows it to wash dirt on a variety of surfaces, like carpets and rugs, as well as hard surfaces. The seal is strong enough to clean crevices that other robots cannot.

The Verdict


Its Shark ION Robot series, specifically the R85, is a great alternative for folks who need a vacuum that has the ability to clean your floors. It’s not equipped with the sophisticated navigation features of Neato, Roomba, Roborock, or the auto-emptying bin you get in the Roomba S9. 

However, it can accomplish the job. Shark also did an outstanding job with its sensors for cliffs, as this robot can walk on the carpet in black, which isn’t a common thing in other brands.

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