Shark HZ2002 Vacuum Cleaner Review: What Experts Says?

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The Shark Vertex HZ2002 comes as Shark’s range’s most recent corded stick vacuum. With a catchy name such as “Vertex,” you might be able to find models of futuristic-looking vacuum cleaners. Although this Shark vacuum will not change the way vacuums are used, it does provide a well-constructed corded experience.

Shark promises an all-purpose vacuum that deep cleans every carpet level and has an anti-tangling system. It utilizes a strong two-brush roll system for this. In addition, it’s lightweight as feathers and can navigate around the home with ease and comfort.

The vacuum is touted to make some lofty claims, but can it live up to its promises? This review will explore the features, tests, and all aspects of this Shark HZ2002. At the end of this review, you’ll be capable of answering the question: What is the Shark Vertex HZ2002 Corded Ultra-Light Vacuum the right one for you?

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Shark HZ2002

Overview of Shark HZ2002

Its Shark Vertex UltraLight is a handheld corded and sticks vacuum with exclusive twin brush roll heads. It’s a great job cleaning debris off plain floors while still delivering excellent performance on surfaces with high and low piles.

Its bagless design keeps regular costs to a minimum, and it appears to be well-built and has a sturdy, light construction.

However, it does have many parts that require regular maintenance. It also does not come with a HEPA filter that can trap allergens when you clean. If you’re looking for a lightweight, versatile vacuum that isn’t heavy, this is an excellent choice.

This Shark UltraLight model is ideal for floors with no floor. It can easily remove pet hair and smaller and bulky items such as cereal or rice, with only a slight reduction in performance as the dirt compartment gets filled up.

The bag’s design keeps regular costs down, and its compact design will allow you to clean underneath low-lying objects such as tables or couches with no issue of a problem.


  • Maximum power: 680 watts
  • Dust Capacity: .32qts
  • Cord length: 30 feet.
  •  8.11in. Wide cleaning path
  • Dimensions: 10.24″ L x 10.24″ W x 45.27″ H
  • Weight: 9.05lb.
  • Filter Foam and Felt
  • 5 years of warranty
  • Attachments: crevice tool, dusting brush, self-cleaning power brush, an onboard storage clip
  • Suction power that is powerful on carpets and hard flooring
  • Super light and simple to use
  • The handheld can be removed and repositioned to provide various cleaning options.
  • LED Lights guide base
  • The digital display is luxurious and like a high-end
  • Stores compact
  • Hair isn’t trapped in brush heads.
  • Highly recommended for pet owners.
  • It will not stand on its own (top-heavy)
  • Small dustbin with a small capacity

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Shark HZ2002 Vertex Corded-Stick Vacuum: Features and Functions

Looking at the major aspects of this model, the Shark HZ2002 model, we discovered three key areas Shark often mentions. The majority of these remind us that sharks are known for their buzzwords, but they also speak to crucial aspects of an air vacuum. What we saw:

1. DuoClean Technology

Shark HZ2002 1

DuoClean innovation is Shark’s primary selling point. It is the ability to combine two brushes within a single cleaning head. Dual brushes have two major advantages:

  • It is much more difficult to untangle hair with combinators
  • Two brushes give better coverage for different sizes of debris

Ideally, you’d like an appliance that can handle dust and large pieces of unwelcome ground cereal. This Shark HZ2002 vacuum Cleaner offers this benefit.

2. Hypervelocity Accelerated Suction

Shark HZ2002 3

When you see “hypervelocity acceleration,” you might think of a spacecraft. In vacuums, it’s the improved capacity of the machine’s suction. In certain models, it is described as “Hypervelocity suction.” The motor increases the suction power, which is rated at around 680 watts.

Airtight packaging further boosts suction power. The recent Shark system overhaul aids this. This means you can expect strong motors within smaller vacuum cleaners. To summarize the most famous joke in the history of vacuum review, this vacuum is a sucker.

3. Self-Cleaning Brushroll Featuring Silicone Fins

The Shark is true to its name by sporting “fins” attached to its brush. The fins aren’t as threatening, but instead, they provide a safer alternative to brushes for taking large pieces of debris.

They also give the additional benefit of continuous contact with the floor. With the front-facing soft roller, your brush combination can collect various kinds of debris. And this is extremely useful for hard flooring.

If you are observant, you will find smaller brushes on these brushes, helping prevent the tangles that come from animals with long hair. Even when the animals are humans, you’ll notice that the vacuum isn’t blocked by hair.

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What We Loved About The Shark HZ2002 Vertex Vacuum?

There are a few things that helped the vacuum in the real world. In the next section, we’ll examine how this vacuum can handle difficult circumstances efficiently.

1. Cleaning the Beds, Furniture, and Kitchen Cabinets is simple

Shark HZ2002 5

A standard head nozzle measures around 3” tall, significantly smaller than the similar Uplight. This allows it to be installed under the majority of surfaces.

The vacuum sits down flatly on your floor, allowing it to make this easier. Therefore, regardless of how low your furniture may be, it would need to be in a state of non-existence for you to be able to move furniture.

This feature offers you the advantage of saving time, which means you don’t need to move furniture to tidy your home. This is also ideal for people who suffer from disabilities with mobility, making it the perfect vacuum for any group.

2. Easy To Maneuver Around Furniture & Tight Spaces

It has two essential factors to be aware of when it comes to maneuvering through tight areas:

  • It’s only 9 pounds in weight which makes it simple to lift
  • The swivel head design is perfect for twisting around corners.

This combination makes it possible to make the Shark Vertex a dream experience. If you’re using standard upright vacuums, you’ll have difficulty navigating around corners.

The ability to transform it into handheld versions also allows it to be incorporated into automobiles. But, you’ll require an extension cord that extends beyond the vehicle (despite the 30-foot cord).

3. Converts to a Lightweight, Handheld Vacuum

Shark HZ2002 4

Moving an upright vacuum up isn’t an enjoyable experience if you reside in an apartment with multiple floors. The nine pounds on this machine aren’t light. However, the handheld model weighs around three pounds.

Apart from being a poor paperweight, this vacuum weighs practically nothing. Therefore, if you have trouble lifting anything of weight or have issues with the aging process or injuries from the past, the light vacuum is perfect for you.

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4. Super-Powerful Fade-Free Suction

Suppose you’ve ever considered the life expectancy of a cord. You’ll find that the cordless vacuums wear out one that is cordless. They are ideal for moving around. However, they are prone to fading because batteries run out in the ideal conditions.

A power cord of 30 feet provides a good range of maneuverability, regardless. This also means that you won’t need to endure the normal fade of cordless vacuums. This is why long cord vacuums are nearly every time.

5. Two Suction Settings for Hard Floors and Carpets

Shark HZ2002 6

The two suction settings for carpets and hard floors give you effective power control. This lets you save energy and increase the longevity of your motor for homeowners with mixed floors.

There’s an obvious power boost available when you switch to carpet mode. The vacuum will move you forward and push you toward staining.

Switching between settings can also be the appearance of an “excited sexually gratifying” moment as the display is cold, making it clear which setting you’re on.

6. Controls LED Display

It’s not difficult to miss it; the LED display makes the vacuum extremely user-friendly. This is one of the functions you thought weren’t useful until you observed it in action.

LEDs allow you to view the current setting of your vacuum quickly. The LEDs also illuminate your current settings and the handpiece, reminding you of the buttons to hold to switch between various cleaning options.

It has an elastic stopper that can fit most hands; switching is completed with just one hand. There’s no need to fiddle to switch off awkwardly.

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What are the Disadvantages of Shark HZ2002 Vertex Vacuum?

Of course, there are serious flaws with the device that could be ideal.

1. Loud and High-pitched

The latest version of Shark vacuum (as we have seen in Apex Uplight) seems to be a little. Much of this is due to their high-watt motors, which pack an enormous suction power in tiny packages.

Although it’s not likely to harm your child’s eardrums, you’ll be advised not to vacuum at 3 a.m. It is also possible to be advised not to vacuum in the evening, making it not ideal for small families.

2. Small Dust Cup

The dust cup measures around 0.32 quarters, making it quite small compared to other vacuum models available. Its smaller size isn’t ideal for large or medium spaces because you’ll have to remove it (even in smaller tasks).

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What are the Using Benefits of Shark HZ2002 Vertex?

Shark HZ2002 2

With all the features one can think of, it is important to understand what they do. Here, we’ll provide more information about what you can expect to experience after purchasing this vacuum.

1. Carpet Cleaning Efficiency Carpet

In assessing the carpet’s cleaning capabilities, it is essential to keep in mind three distinct levels:

  • Carpet of medium-pile (might be just a couple of inches)
  • Carpet with a low pile (thinnest carpet, usually one-inch or less)
  • Carpet with high pile (tickets carpet)

Stick vacuums have traditionally had difficulty with high- and medium-thickness carpets, and the HZ2002 isn’t an exception. However, it is not having any problem removing large pieces of stuff on any carpet. Therefore, if you’re a little Johnny spilling Cheerios, the vacuum will not have a problem.

But the bristles are where the difficulty is since small particles on high and medium-pile carpets can be an actual challenge. Although Shark is more efficient than bargain vacuums in this area, Other vacuums work better when using carpets with the same levels.

When you have carpets with low piles, the problem is gone since the suction power can take on any cleaning task there. There is only one sweep with mats that have a low pile in these instances, and medium or high carpets may require three or four passes and sometimes even more.

Also, you will need extra effort when moving on high and medium carpets. While you may be able to do it, expect additional effort.

2. Cleaning Performance on Floors With Bare Surfaces

The bare floors are the area where the Vertex is at its best; there are no problems when using this model on laminate, hardwood floors, or flooring with grooves.

The combination of suction power and a gentle brush reduces the risk of damage. The fins are made from soft silicone, making them perfect for use on hard surfaces.

Soft brushes are perfect for all levels of tiny debris. It is ideal for use as a duster or a sand removal tool. If you have a loved one in your family who has to work in a dirty environment, the vacuum can help clean your kitchen.

With 700 Watts of suction power, less expensive vacuums’ “scatter” effects are not a problem. It’s good to know that you’re not buying a plow.

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3. How Can You Get Rid of Long Hair Without Getting Stuck?

The “self-cleaning” component of your brush roll is from silicone PowerFins. The fins effectively keep hair wraps from becoming nasty and allow for a good suction for hair.

If a pet’s or human hair did get into the roller, it’s simple to get rid of and is simpler to remove than Shark models that don’t have silicone fins.

It is also more efficient than other vacuums (like the Dyson sticks), ideal for smaller apartments with hairy pets. In terms of self-cleaning, this model meets and sometimes exceeds expectations.

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What are the Attachments and Tools of Shark HZ2002 Vertex?

The Vertex comes with the following tools:

  • A crevice tool just a few inches in length for separating couch cushion cushions and furniture’s corners back.
  • A bag with accessories as well as an in-board kit for storage (clips to secure your accessories)
  • It is possible to use the self-cleaning pet power brush to get rid of pet hair off the furniture easily, along with the pet-multi tool to tackle the more difficult spots.
  • A dusting brush is perfect to use in conjunction with the handle mode to clean the shelves of AC outlets and other small spaces.
  • An anti-allergen dust broom is perfect for getting rid of dust without having to kick it.

With the numerous available attachments, you’ll need to perform regular cleaning using each of them. But, they’re also fairly easy to use on many surfaces.

The standard dusting brush is ideal for covering larger surfaces.

1. Versatility

Shark HZ2002 7

Two cleaning options are included in the HZ2002 two cleaning modes: hard flooring and carpets. Carpet mode has more suction power, and you’ll need to use it to clean carpets with medium piles. However, it has a problem somewhat more with carpets with high piles, which often require several passes.

It doesn’t have expandable hoses, but it is available with similar vacuums that we’ll discuss below. The lighter 3 lbs handheld model makes it simple to raise over your head.

Its attachments include dusting brushes which makes it ideal for cleaning difficult-to-reach areas. Because the dust container is small, you shouldn’t be able to reach them, but a little bit more reach would be ideal. This is why it’s much easier to clean the vents and shelves. Dust brushes are ideal for cleaning ceiling fans.

2. Eliminating The Dust Cup

Cleaning the dust cup requires pressing one button from the top of the vacuum cleaner. You have to pull it open to release some dust.

Knowing where it opens will help you avoid dust from getting scattered around. You may also have to remove some debris stuck on the big funnel made of plastic that leads into the cup.

3. Maintenance

Because there’s no HEPA filter, maintaining the dust cup is fairly simple. Also, you won’t require removing hair from the brushes frequently, but it’s similarly simple with the self-cleaning components.

The removal of the brushes is possible. However, you’ll have to manage multiple attachments. But, handling these attachments is not any different from cleaning other vacuums. Maintenance among all of them typically requires the occasional cleaning with soapy water or dust cleaning. Overall this model is easy to handle.

Conclusion: Is the Shark HZ2002 Vertex Ultralight a good investment?


Overall the Shark HZ2002 Vertex Ultralight is worth buying for these situations:

  • You live in a tiny space
  • If you have a pet with a long hair or children
  • Carpets with low piles and hard floors.
  • It’s not like you have allergies.

There’s a lot of strength behind the Vertex, making it more powerful than the typical stick vacuum. But, the absence of the HEPA filter is confusing at this price and is a major drawback for many who must endure the high levels of dust.

If you have a bigger living space, there are more appropriate vacuums. Uplight is one example. It is ideal for combining powerful suction with a model that can handle carpets with a medium pile. However, there’s no need to leap into an upright vacuum, but you can pick lighter alternatives.

Its HZ2002 is also a good choice for those seeking an assortment of attachments. If you have pets and don’t require an allergy shield, you may be in a position to justify the price higher. The seal isn’t a problem. Shark has just discarded their HEPA filter to accommodate the smaller area.

Choose a vacuum that is based on your family’s requirements. We hope this guide can help you decide on the most suitable vacuum.  

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