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The Shark Vertex is an upright vacuum that can also be used in the capacity of a corded upright and the more compact canister vacuum. It comes with the latest DuoClean brush roll system that incorporates spiral rubber brushes and a soft rolling brush.

This 1-quart bin can be removed from its base, allowing the user to carry it with you while you clean. It won our tests for cleaning, taking out the majority of particles. We tested against three different floors.

The build quality and performance were outstanding, and we are in agreement with Shark…this is their most powerful vacuum.

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Shark AZ2002 Vertex Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum (1)

An Overview of Shark AZ2002

Shark Vertex upright is a corded vacuum that comes with a Lift-Away canister and DuoClean brush roll technology. It’s designed to handle multi-floor cleaning and all kinds of debris. 

Shark AZ2002 5

It did exceptionally well during our cleaning tests; it was able to eliminate 99.4 percent of all debris on three-floor types. The Vertex vacuum comes with a corded power (up to 30′ of cord) and a 5.5 flexible hose that allows for greater maneuverability and ease of use.

The Vertex construction quality is comparable to any other upright vacuum we’ve tried to present.


  • Vacuum Type: Upright vacuums
  • The Cleaning Path’s Width: 12 Inches
  • Bin Capacity: 1 gallon
  • Corded/Cordless: Corded
  • Brush Roll Shut-Off: No
  • Product Weight: 16.38 pounds
  • Bagless: Yes
  • Compatible Floor Type: Carpet, Hardwoods
  • Multi-Surface: Yes
  • Cord Length: 30 feet
  • Washable Filter: Yes
  • Filter Type: HEPA
  • Additional Attachments: Dusting Brush, Crevice tool, Self-cleaning pet power brush

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  • Vacuum body
  • MultiFLEX Wand
  • Vacuum head and floor nozzle
  • Dirt compartment
  • Soft roller
  • Anti-Allergen Dust Brush attachment
  • Pet Multi-Tool attachment
  • Crevice tool
  • Pre-motor foam filter
  • Filter for pre-motorized felt (with pink tab)
  • HEPA post-motor filter (in vacuum body)
  • Battery
  • Charging cable
  • User guide

What Were the Things Our Experts Loved About?

1. Air Filtration

Shark AZ2002 1

The Vertex is a great air filter with excellent capabilities. It has a HEPA filter and sealed body construction. This means that all the air entering the vacuum is filtered through the machine’s filters before being pushed back into the room. This method ensures that the air is filtered properly and guarantees that there is no leakage of unfiltered air through the vacuum.

The unit comes with 2 pre-motor filters and one post-motor filter. The pre-motor filters comprise a felt filter as well as an air filter. Both are easy to access and are cleaned in water before being reused. This post-motor filter can be described as the HEPA filter, and it is also rinsed with water and reused.

A bagless vacuum with reusable filters can help keep running costs low.

2. Tools

Three tools are available in the Vertex:

  • Crevice tool
  • Dusting brush
  • Power brush for pets

The crevice tool, as well as the dusting brush, look generic. However, they’re not flimsy and work. The crevice tool is approximately 8 inches in length, and the dusting brush’s head rotates and comes with a nice brush that is not rigid. The pet power tool, however, is quite different.

This pet power tool has an elongated brush roll and is a “turbo device.” Although it is a “power” brush, it is a “power” brush since the turbo tool is not equipped with an engine. The tool is equipped with a turbo wheelset in the airflow direction.

3. Design

Shark AZ2002 4

Shark Vertex upright combines various innovative features to create the most strong (and adaptable) upright cleaner.

This vacuum comes with the following advantages:

  • DuoClean: Utilizes the DuoClean brush roll system, a 2-roller technique–soft roller at the front and a rubberized spiral roller in the middle (aka “PowerFins”…Shark’s name); counter-rotating for maximum suction and pull.
  • Lift-Away: Upright vacuums come with a canister that separates from the base brush roll. It also lets you remove the unit from the base to clean on the go.
  • Self-cleaning: Brush roll with an updated design keeps hair from wrapping around the axle to improve cleaning efficiency.

4. Powered-Lift-Away

Shark AZ2002 3

Shark first introduced the lift-away function on a few of their vacuums a few years ago, and it’s one of the features that has stuck because of its popularity. 

The feature lets you transport the dust canister or motor assembly with the palm of one hand (it “lifts off” away from your vacuum) while using the handle or hose with your other hand. At the side of the handle, you can attach the wand using tools, or you can use the wand in conjunction with heads for cleaning or connect tools directly to the other end of the handle.

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5. Controls

Shark AZ2002 2

We love the simple access to the floor settings on the vacuum handle. A slider lets you select from “Hard Flooring,” “Carpet / Low Pile,” as well as “Thick Carpet or Area Rug.” The slider is accessible by using your thumb for cleaning, making adjustments fast and simple. The main button to power your vacuum is situated right over the slider.

6. Low Maintenance

The maintenance for cleaning the Shark Vertex upright vacuum is simple and comes with some benefits that help ensure that the machine is running at a high level. Removal of the dust bin from the Shark Vertex upright vacuum

What you’ll receive when you purchase this Vertex upright:

  1. Self-cleaning brush rolls: A spiral-shaped paddle design is created to prevent hair tangles and clogging, which means less work.
  2. The HEPA filter set is Washable with water, then sits for a while to air dry before putting it back in place.
  3. Clean your dustbin: It’s easy to see how long it’s been since you last emptied your bin.

7. Noise Level Test

We utilized an electronic noise level meter to determine the maximum decibel output of an assortment of upright vacuums. The test consisted of placing the meter about 3 feet away from the head of each vacuum, with the brush rolled in. The tests were conducted on carpets with a low pile and were run for 10 minutes. The highest decibel reading at the time was recorded. Refer to the table below.

Vacuum Model: Noise Level

  • Shark NV752: 75.2 dB
  • A Shark Vertex: 77.5 dB
  • Shark ZU632: 77.4 DB
  • Shark APEX: 76.1 dB

You can see that the Vertex is the loudest, but it was about the same as the shark Rotator ZU632. The Vertex may be a bit over the top, but it’s not too terrible. We didn’t notice that the volume was too loud as we ran the vacuum.

8. Dust Canister

The dust canister can hold a capacity of 1 quart, which is quite a size. You won’t need to empty it often. It’s also simple to remove, clean, and then reattach.

The dust canister is equipped with an opening on its lower part that you can use to open the door on the bottom. The door opens, and debris is sucked out. If there’s anything that we do not like about the canister, it’s at the narrow end.

Consequently, occasionally, the particles (especially dust and hair) may get caught within the canister and cause quite a hassle to take out. However, this type of thing is quite common with bags-less vacuums.

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  • Many configurations for different messy situations
  • Better build quality than the less expensive Shark models. The Vertex is extremely clean.
  • The new PowerFins on the upgraded DuoClean brush replace the more conventional bristles and boost the performance
  • Superb cleaning performance that removed 99 percent of the debris that we tested it against
  • It is definitely on the heavier side at 16.38 pounds
  • One of the more expensive vacuum models Shark provides



So we’re going to round our way towards the close this time, so let’s talk about the value.

Is this Shark Vertex a decent value? According to us, however, your personal opinion could differ based on the specifics of what you’re looking for.

This vacuum is a great suction unit with a huge dustbin capacity and a wide range of tools and features for flexible use. The performance was outstanding, and the sophisticated brush roll made this vacuum go to higher levels.

The only way that the price might not be apparent in the first place is if you’re looking at the use of a cordless vacuum or you want something with less weight—Shark Vertex DuoClean HEPA filter.

However, if power through cords and cleaning capabilities, and the capacity of a huge dust bin are important to you, Shark Vertex is the best choice. It will check most of your boxes.

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Will the fins split even if they're plastic?

The plastic covering the roller isn't hard and appears to smooth hard floors.

I have just purchased an all-new vacuum. What is the most appropriate replacement?

Shark has three systems of filtration that need to be replaced each year.

How well does the main roller stay on the carpet?

A: You aren't able to lift the roller upwards.

Do you know how to switch off the power fins while cleaning hard floor surfaces?

Hard floor setting on the handle stops the motor fin roller from spinning and boosts suction.

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