Shark Ion Robot Vacuum AV752 Review: How Can It Be So Cool?

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This article gives information about Shark Av752 Ion Robot Vacuum Reviews and their reliability.

Vacuum cleaners play an essential part in our modern-day world in which we are occupied with lots of things and want to live in a tidy home.

If you desire to become a resident, read this article for more details. Residents across the United States want clear information regarding the product and its credibility. So, we will give a thorough review of the Shark Av752 Ion Robot Vacuum Review.

What is a Shark Av752 Ion Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

Shark AV752

The Shark business focuses on making upright vacuum cleaners that can be converted into uprights. However, it has also developed a tiny robotic vacuum cleaner at affordable prices.

This is Shark’s low-budget creation to meet your America and the United States requirements. It features a triple-action brushing system, including two main brushes and additional side brushes. 

It helps draw the dirt away from every side. This vacuum features a powerful suction mechanism that doesn’t allow hair to be wrapped inside the brush. It can run for 120 minutes with single-time charging.

There is, however, no automatic resumption of cleaning features. After recharge, you must make a command then it will start the cleaning process. Let’s look at the Shark Av752 Ion Robot Vacuum Reviews to get specific information about the vacuum. We’ll begin our discussion on the cleaner.


  • Color: White
  • Recommendation for surface carpet
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion.
  • It comes with a one-year guarantee.
  • Name of the brand: Shark
  • Type of Product: Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  • Weight: 6.6 pounds
  • Manufacturer Name: Shark Ninja
  • Controller type: Amazon Alexa, era as well as Google Assistant.
  • Product Dimensions: 12.4 x 12.6 x 3.54 inches
  • Parts: Side Brushes, filter, Shark Ion Robot, and Charging Dock.


  • It is accessible for purchase at a low cost.
  • It will take 120 minutes to clean your entire home.
  • According to Shark Av752 Ion Robot Vacuum Review, it comes with a triple brush system that can efficiently clean your home. Also Shark ion robot r76 having excellent brush system you can check it out.
  • It can sense the movement of stairs and ledges and, therefore, won’t damage any furniture.
  • The pattern of brushing and the high suction strength make it impossible for hair to become caught in the.
  • Start cleaning with your smartphone. You can control it using Alexa or Google assistant.


  • It is equipped with sensors that can be confused and bounce off your furniture.
  • There is a very limited supply for this model of vacuum.
  • Another common issue with this vacuum is that it fails to dock properly. You can resolve this problem by wiping the sensor with a microfiber cloth. If your Shark vacuum does not find its dock, try rearranging your home or moving it to another location. The sensors might also need to be cleaned. If this does not solve the issue, you may need to move them or reset them. You can also change the dock location.

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What Did Our Experts Love?

Shark Ion Robot Vacuum AV752 2

The Shark Av752 Ion Robot vacuum has many great features, including a Tri-Brush System, powerful suction, and Wi-FiWi-Fi capabilities.

With 100 scrubbing cycles per minute, this vacuum can handle multiple floors simultaneously. Its 3.4-inch height makes it easy to get under furniture, and its 120-minute run time allows it to clean up to 3 floors at one time. 

It can be controlled with the SharkClean app, and there’s also a voice-control feature for added convenience. Its basic navigation isn’t as advanced as the premium models.

It can be connected to your home’s Wi-FiWi-Fi network, but it can control itself from your smartphone. It can also be controlled remotely using the companion app. However, the robot vacuum doesn’t map out the coverage area of a room.

It also has a sensor feature that can detect ledges, stairs, and other objects. As well as, this robot vacuum is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It is backed by a one-year warranty.

The vacuum is very easy to use and has a high suction force. The only downfall of this machine is the battery life, which is not enough for a large home.

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1. Price

If you are looking for a Robovac, there are several great options on the market today. Amazon is selling the Shark Av752 Ion Robot vacuum cleaner for $150, down from $220.

This is a great deal, especially since this robotic vacuum also has Wi-FiWi-Fi connectivity and is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This vacuum also features voice control and can clean hardwood floors.

2. Warranty

If you are wondering whether the Shark Av752 Ion Robot vacuum can last for more than a year, then you have come to the right place. This robot vacuum cleaner comes with a one-year warranty.

This warranty is important in determining whether the product is legitimate. When it comes to warranties, the longer the warranty period, the more valuable it becomes. Shark also stands behind their products with excellent customer service.

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3. Brushroll and pre-motor filters

Shark Ion Robot Vacuum AV752 5

The Brushroll and Pre-Motor Filters are two essential parts of your Shark Av752 Ion Robot vacuum. They need to be changed every six to twelve months or when you notice any visible wear.

The brushes on the side of the vacuum should be replaced as well. You can replace them from the Shark website. In addition, you should clean the dustbin after each use.

The Shark ION Robot filter set contains the main brush roll, 3 pre-motor filters, and six side brushes. It is designed to fit all Shark ION Robot models.

The brushes are easily removed and replaceable and are made of ABS material. The brush roll and pre-motor filters are not difficult to replace or remove. You may also purchase spare brushes for other models of vacuum cleaners.

The Shark Av752 Ion Robot is an upgrade from the original ION RV75. It has many benefits, including Wi-FiWi-Fi connectivity, a large dust bin, and scheduled cleaning.

It is also equipped with a HEPA filter and features a central brush roll and two spinning side brushes for deep cleaning. The cleaner will clean your entire home with ease. You can even schedule cleaning cycles for the Shark Av752 Ion Robot to save you time.

4. Battery Life

The Shark Av752 Ion Robot vacuum has an excellent battery life and features two modes: energy-efficient Eco and high-suction Max. The battery should last around three hours on a charge, which is well above its 60-minute continuous runtime.

The device has three indicator lights that gradually turn off when the battery is low. To troubleshoot this issue, check the battery status.

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The robotic vacuum cleaner has four cleaning modes and a battery life of about 100 minutes. It comes with a mop bracket and has a brushless filtration system, which ensures that all pet hair goes into the waste bin. One another vacuum cleaner which perform excellently in mopping is Shark steam mop s3601.

This vacuum cleaner comes with a warranty of a lifetime. You should purchase this machine if you have pets in your home. A robot vacuum is an easy way to keep carpets and hard floors free of pet hair.

5. Brushes

Shark Ion Robot Vacuum AV752 1

 Its tri-brush system combines a channel brush, side brushes, and a multi-surface brush roll. It also features sensors and a bouncing motion that allows it to maneuver around obstacles. The AV752 Ion is available at an affordable price.

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6. Cleaning Floors

Shark Ion Robot Vacuum AV752 4

This robot vacuum is an excellent choice for homes with a variety of flooring surfaces. It is a good choice if you have bare floors.

The Shark Av752 Ion Robot vacuum cleans all surfaces with its powerful suction and tri-brush system. It is equipped with sensors to avoid getting stuck and damaging surfaces.

The vacuum is 3.4 inches tall, so it fits under furniture without being too cumbersome. It can be controlled by a smartphone app and has specific cleaning modes for different surfaces. You can also program it to follow a schedule or clean in specific areas.

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Is Shark AV752 Ion Vacuum Cleaner Legit?

Shark Ion Robot Vacuum AV752 3

According to Shark Av752 Ion Robot Vacuum Review, a few factors must be considered before assessing its authenticity.

  • The primary factor is the accessibility of the item. It is sold on different platforms, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. So, the first element determines the legitimacy that the merchandise is legitimate. 
  • According to Shark AV752 Ion Robot Vacuum Review, the product has a 4.4-star review for the item, higher than the average rating. The majority of customers are extremely satisfied with this product and believe it is a life-saving device that brought them back to health and lessened their burden.
  • It also comes with a 1-year warranty that guarantees that the product is authentic and consumers can benefit from it.
  • The other reason is that it features reviews by consumers or other social media users on numerous social media platforms. We have read reviews on Amazon of customers thanking the Vacuum cleaner’s effectiveness.

Based on these facts, the robot vacuum appears to be a legit product. It is always best to buy a product you know is genuine and worth the investment. Therefore, you should be cautious and scrutinize various aspects to verify the legitimacy and authenticity of any product.

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What is Shark av752 Ion Robot Vacuum Review?

We’ve done an extensive analysis of the product and discovered that it has a positive response from the public. The majority of people are extremely happy with the product, and they have expressed their satisfaction in their reviews.

It is a very efficient robotic cleaner that has reduced the workload. They also stated that it only took about an hour to wash up the entire home. They are therefore happy with its services and its capabilities.

Final Verdict:


It is necessary to have the latest technology to ease the strain on your back. We hope this Shark AV752 Ion Robot Vacuum Review has given you a glimpse of hope in the field of vacuum cleaners.

What are your thoughts on your opinion on this particular vacuum cleaner? Share in comments!

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