Shark Apex Upright Vacuum – Worth a Buy or Not?

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The Shark APEX standard upstanding vacuum conveys Shark’s definitive cleaning experience. It is furnished with Shark DuoClean innovation, which gets enormous particles, pulls in heaps, and straightforwardly connects hard floors for a lovely, cleaned look.

Utilizing its Lift-Away component enables you to disconnect the unit and clean under furnishings or more floor regions with the press of a button. 

It additionally presents the Zero-M self-cleaning brushroll to convey constant hair expulsion for long hair, short hair, and pet hair from the brushroll, so you don’t need to take out hair yourself. The LED lights on the handle and floor spout give perceiving ability in dull spaces and highlight stowed trash.

With its Advanced Anti-Allergen Complete Seal, residue and allergens are caught inside the vacuum to give you a perfect cleaning. 

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Shark APEX Upright


The proficiency of the AZ1002 is one of the best we’ve experienced at this point. The DuoClean-empowered cleaner head gathers enormous little particles when cruising easily across high or low-heap rugs and hardwood floors. Large trash pieces, like cereal, are commonly a test of most vacuum cleaners, bizarrely upstanding ones. The AZ1002 did a great job in a test here, separating every one of the bigger particles like oat quickly with preeminent productivity. Shark APEX AZ1002 Lift-Away Upright Vacuum gives practically ideal outcomes on both high and low-heap floor coverings. 


The APEX AZ1002 utilizes a bunch of filters in a fixed framework to assist with ensuring that the vacuum discharges clean air into your home. You can track down two pre-engine filters: 

  • A felt filter (underneath the canister) 
  • A foam filter 

Shark exhorts that you wash this HEPA and pre-engine filter yearly or like clockwork, generally speaking. These launderable filters are ideal for reducing expenses since you don’t need to purchase substitutes often. Behind the engine is the HEPA filter that can be advantageously reached from the front of the machine. 

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Quality and Durability 

Shark APEX Upright Vacuum

The Shark APEX AZ1002 assemble productivity is generally alright. This vacuum is primarily created of strong plastic, barring the metal wand tubing. It’s easy to gather and consider the number of parts it has; it works pleasantly together, giving the unit a sturdiness hint. 

1. Convenience 

Albeit the Shark APEX AZ1002 is enormous and awkward, mobility isn’t its most prominent strength. We accept that Shark perceives this and have been attempting to foster different parts to limit this issue. You don’t need to move the entire machine any time you need to vacuum the stairs. It is additionally a reward. Also, attributable to the turn controlling usefulness, attempting to move it around isn’t simply awful. In any case, it appears to be somewhat massive and slow. Considering all perspectives, we might infer that the AZ1002 has good mobility, not the best, yet not far more detestable. 

2. Noise Level 

This vacuum incorporates commotion decrease highlights, delivering it among the most exact units in the Shark assortment. The clamor made by the AZ1002 is common for a hearty upstanding vacuum and differs unobtrusively between cleaning settings. Its Noise level is 71.1 decibels. 

3. Limit 

The residue canister is effectively removable and void. It’s effectively re-connectable as well. The canister is totally base vacant, so you rapidly push down the button, and the canister’s base spills all the residue/trash out. The canister is sensibly wide and has a limit of 0.4 gallons, so you will not need to discharge it routinely. 

4. Connections/Parts 

This Shark DuoClean APEX shows up with a pet-power brush, a fissure device, an upholstery tool to make it simple for you to vacuum starting with one story then onto the next, all of this in a solitary unit. What you’ll find in the connections/parts box: 

  • User guide 
  • Vacuum head 
  • Wand 
  • Hose 
  • Crevice instrument 
  • Upholstery instrument 
  • Main body 
  • Turbo brush 

It shows up with some gadgets and brushes to further develop your cleaning experience. Shark additionally offers long-lasting filters and belts to extra cut-off costs for you. 

5. Brilliant Brushroll Plan 

Shark’s DuoClean innovation is intended to permit the delicate brush to clean floors, while a different brush roll cleans rugs. The Apex UpLight’s delicate brush roll gets residue, and little particles from hard surfaces, and a self-cleaning brush roll tidies, covers profoundly and snatches up hair. 

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6. How Does Cleaning Brushroll Work? 

As you clean with the Apex UpLight, an implicit search-through-like tool goes the brushroll and cleans the hair and garbage to keep it working at its best. There are likewise four metal wires that go across oneself cleaning brushroll, which assist with keeping long hairs from tangling in the brush. 

7. Vacuuming in the Dark? 

The Apex UpLight has LED lights on the facade of the floor spout that enlightens pet hair, residue, and soil on the floor. This permitted me to utilize the Apex UpLight in any lighting condition. It likewise made it feasible so that you might be able to see small pieces, canine hairs, and soil particles. You normally can’t see when you vacuum with a traditional vacuum. 

8. Frill and Cool Advantages 

As the days passed and we cleaned with the Apex UpLight, we understood exactly what can be the client’s experience. Many all-around planned features make this vacuum stick out. 

Two wheels sit on the rear, so the vacuum stands up safely when it’s not in use. When you point to the vacuum and start cleaning, the wheels consequently withdraw, and the double brushrolls start to turn. These brushrolls do a great job.

The vacuum dismantles, adding ease to the cleaning process when you need to vacuum furniture, shades, or steps. We can likewise eliminate the floor spout and utilize the case and wand, or we can append a brush to the furthest limit of the wand. The extras conveniently connect to the unit’s wand.

Talking about the adornments, they are incredibly, very much planned. The whole device, which is 8-inches long, has a brush tool that slides along its shaft. You can snap the brush onto the finish of the whole device when you need to utilize it, and afterward, you can slide it back down when you need to utilize the cleft tool without the brush. The pet multitool has a brush and an upholstery device that fits pleasantly within the brush. You can utilize the brush or snap it off and utilize the upholstery device to pick up hairs from your couches. 

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Advantages of Upright Vacuums 

Shark APEX Upright Vacuum_

1. Less Expensive 

Contrasted with canister vacuums, upstanding models are typically less expensive. While some superior models with cutting-edge features are awesome, mostly upstanding vacuums, cost around $100-$150. 

2. Numerous Valuable Elements 

Most upstanding vacuums have mechanized brushes these days, which are extraordinarily helpful when cleaning thick floor coverings or rugs. These brushes are likewise useful for cleaning pet hair on your rug. 

3. More Extensive Cleaning Way 

Upstanding vacuums likewise have a more extensive cleaning path, which is ordinarily somewhere in the range of 12 and 14 inches. In the interim, the cleaning path of canister models is commonly around 10 inches. This wide cleaning path results in less cleaning time, particularly when you have a huge space. 

4. Simple to Utilize 

Anybody with back issues will see the value in an upstanding vacuum. But when you utilize the hose, you don’t have to twist down or drag a massive canister connected to a long hose around your home. Everything is basic: simply push and pull. A few models offer turn guiding, which is intended to make moving around your furniture simple. They can lay level to assist you with cleaning dirt and flotsam/jetsam under furnishings. 

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Things You Need to Know When Buying An Upright Vacuum 

Shark APEX Upright Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners ought not to be a rash buy. Ponder these parts of an upstanding vacuum so you can settle on a smart choice. 

1. Brand 

There are innumerable organizations that make vacuum cleaners in the business. While Shark, Dyson, and Hoover are a portion of the easily recognized names you may have known about, you can track down many vacuums from other lesser-known brands available. 

With regards to vacuums, we likewise suggest our perusers think about a top brand first. They have a long history with solid records of top-notch items that work dependably. The latest names can put forth good models as well; however, they won’t be able to bring qual convenience and technologies as the big brands do.

2. Deck 

However, all vacuums work on a similar standard; you will require various features for rugs and hardwood floors. In case your home has a covered ground surface, your vacuum needs a brush roll that can vacuum the rug appropriately and eliminate all the dust/dirt. 

Then again, when most of your cleaning includes hard floors, select upstanding models that have solid suction and will not release unhealthy air. Also, remember the extras in case you want to clean steps and other difficult-to-arrive regions. 

3. Relatives and pets 

You want to consider your family members and pets. For instance, if you are an animal owner who continually battles with pet hair on furniture, pet hair-related features should be your main concern. 

Allergy issues are so normal nowadays that manufacturers frequently need to enrich their vacuums with HEPA filters. They can trap up to 99.99% of toxins and allergens in the released air. These outcomes are additionally upgraded much more when your vacuum has a fixed filtration framework.

4. Support 

People regularly ignore or even don’t know about the expense of support and substitution of vacuum parts, which are typically the packs and filters. This expense can add up rapidly, in case you clean a huge area routinely with a bagged vacuum. 

A vacuum of this sort utilizes bags basically for trash filtration, and you need to purchase more bags now and again. A bagless model will assist you with killing this expense. However, even clients of bagless vacuums likewise need to manage filter upkeep and substitution – a basic task to keep up with the maintenance of your vacuum. So a model with reusable, washable filters is undoubtedly a better decision. 

5. Reach 

Regardless of the number of attractive features a vacuum has, it’s pointless if it can’t cover all of your requirements. 

Long battery life or a cord will keep your vacuum running as long as you need. Different tools and accessories are also crucial when you arrive at your roof, windows, furniture, etc. 

6. Worth 

Costs of vacuums available vary so much, making it tougher to settle on a genuine top-notch model from the rest. Premium models with a heavy price tag generally offer more features, better execution, and more toughness/durability. It isn’t always like that. You can here and there observe a mid-priced vacuum that can fit your needs well or even perform stunningly better than a costly model. 

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The Shark APEX vacuum totally comes up short with its evidently simple-to-utilize feature of the Zero-M brush roll. The features are enough, and it’s versatile as well. 

Searching for something that can deep-clean for your rugs and your floors? At that point, the Shark APEX vacuum is the best vacuum for you. It packs numerous astounding features that assist in making cleaning easier and more reasonable. And keeping in mind that their customer assistance is first class, the item represents itself with no issue once it will work in your home.

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