Shark ZS362 APEX Corded Stick Vacuum Review in 2022

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This is a specially developed machine that can easily suck up dirt and dust to give you a dust-free place to breathe. This vacuum cleaner is great at cleaning a bigger place quickly.

In these modern days, there are different types of vacuum cleaners with some awesome features available in the market, which confuse a lot while choosing the right one. But, to erase all your worries, the Shark ZS362 APEX Stick Vacuum is a sweet choice. It comes with some mind-blowing features.

If you want to know about this model’s special abilities to clean your house or office, let’s discuss some of the important specifications of the Shark Apex duo clean ZS362 to enlighten you.

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Shark ZS362 APEX

But Why Buy a Vacuum Cleaner?

We all prefer living in a clean and healthy place. To clean and maintain any place sometimes can be a very tiresome and terrible experience. However, you can easily solve this problem related to cleaning with the help of the latest technology.

The technology has offered us the gift of vacuum cleaners. With this gift, you can easily clean any place without any extra effort and within a very minimum time.

As you cannot ignore the task of cleaning your living place at a regular interval, vacuum cleaners are becoming one of the most important things that we need to have a healthy life.

These special cleaning devices, known as vacuum cleaners, can provide you full relief from various types of dust allergies, as they can easily eliminate those harmful dust particles and pollutants. With the help of the latest vacuum cleaners, you can easily clean your upholsteries, carpets as well as floors to get a cloud of dust and allergen-free atmosphere.

Also, along with that dirt and dust, these vacuum cleaners can eliminate those harmful dust mites that may cause numerous  health problems.

Why Will You Choose Shark ZS362 Apex Corded Stick Vacuum?

shark apex duoclean corded zs362

  • This unique vacuum cleaner has Duoclean function. It meansthe self-cleaning brushroll is specially designed to deep clean carpets. Besdies that, it will directly engage floors for a squeaky clean floor. This self-cleaning brushroll can be the best cleaner for cleaning pet hair, and you don’t need to face the problems of hair wrapping. 
  • This vacuum cleaner  ideal if you have pets, as this has a special power to clean up the pet hairs on the carpets, floors, and also those above floor areas like furniture and stairs.
  • This vacuum cleaner is very lightweight and user-friendly. You can easily turn this vacuum stick into a portable handheld cleaner. With this, you can easily clean the areas like furniture, stairs, shelves, etc. 
  • This unique and stylish vacuum cleaner has LED headlights to reveal some hidden debris and clean them with ease. The precision duster is another amazing feature of this stick vacuum cleaner. With it, you can easily clean the fine dust particles without any extra effort.
  • The suction power is really good for the easily portable Shark Apex duoclean corded ZS362.

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Features of Shark ZS362 APEX

shark apex duoclean corded zs362 (4)

We all need to clean our living and workplaces at a regular interval for a healthy life. For this reason, a vacuum cleaner is a very important device in our everyday life. Now, if you think why Shark ZS362 APEX Corded Stick Vacuum is different from those other types of vacuum cleaner available in the market, here is a list of some important features of Shark Apex duoclean ZS362.

  • This lightweight and portable vacuum cleaner comes with some amazing technology like powerful suction power and a Shark rocket that is perfect for cleaning different types of floors and carpets.
  • This stylish vacuum cleaner is equipped with Duoclean Brushrolls. It can clean all types of carpets as well as the above areas of your furniture and beds.
  • It comes with a Zero-M self-cleaning brushroll that is best for nonstop hair removal.
  • The self-cleaning brushroll has no problem with hair wrap-up. Thus, it is a pet-friendly option. 
  • This vacuum cleaner comes with Duo Clean Technology. it’s a perfect option for cleaning different types of floors and carpets. It can easily clean all those small, large, and tough stick-on dust particles.
  • This portable and lightweight vacuum cleaner comes with floor-to-ceiling versatility with which you can clean all parts of your house or office.
  • While cleaning, you can easily convert this Shark Apex ZS362  vacuum cleaner into a hand vacuum for cleaning the higher areas and the stairs as well. 
  • The compact size of this vacuum cleaner can easily help you to clean the tight spots as well as the under areas of the furniture, where other vacuum cleaners may not reach. With this unique feature, you can easily clean all those unreachable places in your house or workplace to get a spotless and healthy look.
  • This Shark Apex duoclean corded ZS362  has an extra-large dust cup, with which you can easily clean longer without the need to clear the vacuum frequently.
  • The dimensions of this vacuum cleaner are 10.2X 9.8X 46.4 inches. And it weighs only 10 pounds.
  • This stick vacuum cleaner comes with a 5 years warranty.
  • This specially designed portable vacuum cleaner has powerful LED lights that can help you to locate and clean those hidden dust and debris without any extra labor. The soft rollers can easily pick up those small particles of sand and dirt without any excuses.
  • This model of Shark vacuum cleaner has crevice and multi-pet tools to offer some special experiences while cleaning.
  • The long cord of 30 ft. allows you to clean the long-distance areas as well. 
  • The extra powerful suction capacity of this vacuum cleaner comes with a precision duster that can clean 99.99% of dust and dirt.
  • Another important feature of this stick and a lightweight vacuum cleaner is that it does not make any loud noise, so you can complete your cleaning task without disturbing others.
  • The filters can be washed easily, and this cleaner has a cleaning path of 8.5 inches.

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What Are the Advantages of Shark ZS362 Apex Stick Vacuum?

If you are wondering why this specially developed and lightweight vacuum cleaner is the best one in the market, then let’s take a look at those special advantages this Shark ZS362 APEX Corded Stick Vacuum can offer you.

  • This stylish vacuum cleaner is from the house of a reputed brand named Shark. Its stick design makes it really easy to handle while cleaning as well as really easy to carry around. 
  • This vacuum cleaner stick comes with a precision duster. You can easily clear out all that unwanted dirt and dust from your furniture and stairs. Fortunately, you won’t be facing any problem of dust leaking. You can easily clean the pet hair from the stairs and other above-floor areas. 
  • The Duoclean Brushroll technology of this user-friendly vacuum cleaner is specially designed to deep clean your carpets. Also, it can work fabulously hard floors to give your house a polished and dust-free look.
  • This stick vacuum cleaner can be easily transferred into a lightweight cleaner to easily carry and clear those above areas of your furniture, shelves, and other higher places with ease.
  • This easily portable vacuum cleaner has advanced Swivel Steering. It allows you to easily maneuver your vacuum cleaner in and out to clear the tight place and unreachable corners of your house or workplace.
  • The Brushroll doesn’t get clogged with those long pet hairs, thus giving you a clean and healthy house.
  • You can easily convert this stick vacuum cleaner into a hand vacuum to clean all parts of your house. 
  • The product weighs 10 lbs and has a 600 wattage. 
  • This cleaner has a long cord of 30 ft., with which you can easily clean the long-distance areas as well. 
  • Another important advantage of this vacuum cleaner is its powerful LED lights, with which you can clean the hidden debris of your house or office as well.

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What Are the Disadvantages of Shark ZS362 Apex?

shark apex duoclean corded zs362 (3)

After looking at the amazing features of this unique and stylish vacuum cleaner, you may wonder what the cons or disadvantages of this user-friendly vacuum cleaner are. Some of those disadvantages can be:

  • Shark ZS362 APEX, does not have a HEPA filter or any anti-allergy seal. 
  • This vacuum cleaner cannot stand on its own, so if you need to place your vacuum cleaner, you have to lay it on the ground or stand it against the wall. Otherwise, the weight of this vacuum cleaner will make it fall.
  • In some cases, the long hairs can wrap around the brush, so try to clean it after some use.

Attachments of Shark ZS362 APEX

This amazing stick vacuum cleaner comes with some special attachments like:

  • Powerful LED headlights to get a good look at those hidden places where your vision cannot reach easily.
  • Self-cleaning Brushroll with Duoclean technology-that can clean all types of hard floors and soft surfaces with perfect precision.
  • Crevice tool- for better cleaning.
  • Pet-multi tool is useful for all types of messes that your pets do.
  • Precision duster to clean all types of floors and carpets. Perfectly cleans all types of dust particles, small or large.
  • Dust cup of .76 quarts capacity for longer cleaning.

How to Maintain Your Shark ZS362 Apex Corded Vacuum Cleaner?

If you’re  tense about how to clean your Shark ZS362 APEX for longer use, then here it’s the correct method. As it is a bagless vacuum cleaner, maintaining this is not a tough job. You can easily clean the filter with clean and cold water in order to get rid of those stubborn dust and dirt. However, remember not to use soap or dishwasher while cleaning.

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Is Shark ZS362 Apex Vacuum Cleaner Bagless?

Yes, this unique vacuum cleaner is bagless; thus, you can clean and maintain it with ease.

Does This Vacuum Cleaner Work Well on Thick Carpets?

Yes, it is good for all types of carpets and floors.

Does This Shark ZS362 Apex Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner Have Adjustable Suction?

This vacuum cleaner does not have adjustable suction, but it is really powerful as like Bissell PowerGlide Pet 3070.

How Can I Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner?

To choose the perfect vacuum cleaner, you need to carefully check the aspects like filtration, suction power, ease of use, durability, noise level, washing features, etc.

How Often Should We Vacuum Our Home?

For allergy sufferers, it is better to clean your house two times a week.

The Verdict


So, after all these discussions, we can say that Shark ZS362 APEX Corded Stick Vacuum is an amazing vacuum cleaner that is really easy to carry and handle. This model is great considering its functionalities. However, its discontinued… Choose a better alternative of this vacuum cleaner if you want a precise cleaning. It can easily clean for a longer time as it has an XL size cup and powerful LED lights. So, with this, you can easily clear all the right places and corners of your house or workplace. This device is also easy to clean and maintain.

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