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Cleaning the vacuum is a chore most of us don’t enjoy partly due to the effort and stress of taking out the vacuum as well as untangling or uncoiling pipes and getting tripped over cables. After the task is completed, there’s the challenge of emptying that dust and dirt into a garbage bin and then taking it away.

It’s a bit of an irritation that could cause you to put off doing the task. Samsung has come through for you by offering an easy-to-use, no-hassle vacuum that could alter your opinion about vacuuming.

Its Samsung Jet 90 Cordless Stick Vacuum is a small stick vacuum that has storage and a charging base. There is also a method to empty the dustbin without releasing all the freshly vacuumed dust into the air.

This is what’s known as the Samsung Clean Station, which is basically a vacuum-powered trash canister… Yes, it’s the vacuum you use to clean your home and is designed to empty the canister into an enclosed bag so that you don’t need to handle it.

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Samsung Jet 90 Stick Cordless Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

Overview of Samsung Jet 90

There’s plenty of equipment available using the Jet, especially when you choose the model with the spinner sweeper attachment. The expandable main column and joint attachment are excellent accessories that make cleaning easier and more comfortable. Also, there’s the mop attachment that spins, which has become a huge hit.

There are only two major issues. The first one is storage needs. The stand will require a good amount of space that is within close proximity to the plug point. It also has a tiny dust bin that can be a pain to empty when you have an extensive house.

In the end, it’s the perfect all-rounder, flexible, lightweight, and powerful with long battery longevity.

Samsung Jet 90 Specification

Samsung Jet 90 3


Below is a list of all the technical aspects that are part of the Samsung Jet 90 Complete VS20R9046T3 stick vacuum:

  • Cordless: makes use of a 21.9V Li-Ion battery
  • Type: stick vacuum, bagless
  • Color: titan silver
  • It can be converted into a hand vacuum
  • Dimensions (WxHxD in inches): 9.875 x 44.75 x 8.875 inches
  • Weight: 6.17 pounds
  • Digital inverter motor (550W)
  • Suction power: 200 Air Watts
  • A five-level HEPA filter system
  • Self-standing storage/charging dock (Z station)
  • Minimum time to run (Max mode): 6 minutes
  • Maximum runtime (Min mode): 60 minutes
  • Charge time: 3.5 hours (dual charging)
  • Multi-cyclone technology
  • Cleaning route: 8.5 inches
  • Noise level: 86dBA
  • Capacity for the Dirt Cup: 0.8 liters
  • LED display
  • Turbo Action and Soft brushes that have 180-degree swivel

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Important Aspects of Samsung Jet 90 You Should Know

1. Design

Samsung Jet 90 2

  • Stand-up charging stand
  • Five additional tools are included.
  • 0.21 gallon/ 0.8 Liter dust bin

Jet 90 is quite sleek and has a largely robust plastic body that is all over. It doesn’t include an operating trigger and has a straightforward on/off button on the top.

This is accompanied by two buttons to change the suction power from medium, low, and Turbo. It weighs approximately 6.87 lbs / 2.8kg, which is in line with similar vacuum cleaners available in the market. However, it’s still a breeze to maneuver across the floor or around the furniture.

Simple LEDs light up the current suction power in addition to indicating whether there’s a problem with the filter or roller head. Another LED shows when the optional spinning sweeper attachment is in use and can be purchased separately.

The battery’s life is shown by three LEDs that are solid within the battery that flash when it recharges at the station base.

The 0.21-gallon and 0.8-liter dustbin are located in the same direction as the telescopic pipe, which allows the maximum flow of air.

The bin is big enough to allow for a thorough cleaning process and the nine chambers of the cyclone within aid in maximizing suction power while also removing dirt and other particles. 

The suction process, which is five steps long, can be used to eliminate even extremely fine dust particles making sure that the air expelled is free of pollutants and clean While the bin and microfilter can be cleaned as well.

Samsung states that the motor and cyclones have been designed so that they prevent dust from getting on the filters, which means it is less likely to cause getting blocked during use.

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2. The Maneuverability is Great

Several attachments work with this Jet 90, which are ideal for a variety of cleaning situations. For instance, the Turbo Action Brush is a fantastic all-purpose cleaner that has bristles that are perfect for removing dirt from carpets and between floors tiles.

Soft Action Brush is ideal for hardwood floors or tiles that are less durable and excels at cleaning dust and other particles. Each of the Turbo Action Brush and Soft Action Brush can be removed easily with a click for when you’re required to scrub them more thoroughly.

Mini Motorized Tool is ideal for those times when you need to clean up furniture or the tops of your counters. A crevice tool and a Combination tool allow you to grab dust that is hidden in blinds, corners, and other hard-to-access places. There’s also the swivel attachment which lets you clean up on high-up areas in your home.

The cordless vacuum is also equipped with a convenient charging stand that allows you to put the vacuum away when not in use. It also makes it simple to charge the battery.

3. Performance

  • Converts into a handheld cleaner
  • Can get stuck on certain carpets
  • Suction power is good.

Its Jet 90 did quite well in our apartment test with a mix of tiles, area rugs, and carpeted rooms with low pile carpets. It took cereal pieces and biscuit dust, pet hair, as well as a significant amount of dust, even using the lowest suction settings.

The medium setting brought more dust and sand off carpets. However, we must note that if we keep your Turbo Action Brush on one area of carpet for too long, it will stop spinning after a couple of seconds, and the vacuum displays an error.

Then, you’ll have to turn it off and then on for it to start cleaning again. Telescopic poles allow up to four adjustments in length with a range of 93cm up to 114cm, an ideal tool for navigation and comfortable use.

If used to vacuum handheld, Jet 90 continued to do well. We could get under the couch and collect small pieces of popcorn leftover from the past and pet hair and dust. It’s a good choice for a handheld vacuum.

Jet 90 doesn’t feel too heavy to carry in this manner, and the attachments are easy to change as needed. It’s also useful to have in your car, but it’s somewhat difficult to clean under the seats. We’d prefer to use it only on the carpets on the floor and in the seats themselves, to collect dust.

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4. This is something you’ll enjoy!

The sound levels of The Jet 90 are not too unpleasant when using the initial two settings. However, crank it up to Turbo, and it can feel (and it sounds) like you’ve had a mini-hurricane on your palm.

The bin is removed with the push button on the front. After that, you turn the top filter out and then empty the bin into the trash can.

It’s not as straightforward for emptying as the quick-release system we’ve seen on Dyson’s cleaners. There is an opportunity for dust to fly out of the bin flying away when you empty it excessively. Samsung’s solution is The Clean Station, which we’ll explore in the coming days.

One thing to highlight, we must mention about Jet 90, is its base station. It is a convenient location to place it Jet 90 and charge it; however, the entire structure takes up a significant amount of space and is required to be permanently set up close to a power socket.

This isn’t something you can simply hide in a cabinet somewhere. You’ll need to place it somewhere where the Jet 90 can recharge undisturbed and not be a visual obstruction from your living space. The base station has holders for two attachments. Everything else is required to be kept in a different location until you require it.

5. Using Samsung Clean Station Dirt Disposal is Super Easy

Samsung Jet 90 1

Clean Station is a bit of a multi-purpose device. It’s a sealed bin to collect the dust from your vacuum and also serves as a filter when cleaning the dustbin of the Jet 90.

It is crucial to remember that Clean Station cannot use the dust bin that is included in it.

It is only compatible using the dustbin container that comes with Clean Station.

Here’s how. It’s as simple as swapping out your old canister and getting a new Clean Station-compatible version. In this two-way comparison picture, this Clean Station bin on the right has a door that is located at the lower part of the bin while the one bin on the left doesn’t. After you’ve vacuumed, open the top off Clean Station and place the dustbin inside its top hole. Press it down to activate the vacuum within.

The vacuum inside pulls dust from the dustbin and then into the cleaning station. The LED changes color when the bin at the Clean Station is fully stuffed. It is then possible to take the Clean Station’s bag of collection and dispose of it.

It is also possible to replace the HEPA filter in the Clean Station to ensure that you’re never sprayed with dust while using it. Clean Station is sold separately and comes in black and white.

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6. What Exactly Will Samsung Jet 90 Clean?

Samsung claims that the Jet 90 will work on tile, hardwood carpeting, and other floorings. It comes with attachments for certain surfaces as well as smaller spaces.

The device has an electronic display that displays the level of power and the brush type and can alert you to issues with airflow and clogs, as well as missing filters and many other issues. The thumb button is capable of operating this entire unit.

The dustbin, as well as the multi-cyclone system, is washable and can be cleaned without taking the pipe off the body, allowing you to empty the dust. Pipes in the main are adjustable via telescopic telescoping and can be adjusted to four different sizes, meaning it is easier for taller or shorter people to use to perform an ergonomically comfortable task.

One thing we noticed immediately, which we were awestruck by, was that this vacuum switches off with a simple click and remains on until you turn it off. It means there is no need to squeeze the trigger to use it.

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7. How Does Samsung Jet 90 Clean?

We put all the vacuums with the identical test. They test them over carpets as well as rugs and on all kinds of floors. We remove anything from floury dust to larger cracker pieces.

The Samsung Jet 90 did an excellent job with the carpet. We tried it side-by-side with a popular stick vacuum and discovered it to be equally as good. It appeared to pick up lots of dirt and pet hair.

On floors, the soft brush was able to trap dirt rather than scatter it. We were amazed that it could absorb all the things we threw at it.

It was a mini motorized tool that also proved very useful for making the sofa clean.

One thing that the Jet 90 did not like was rugs. The main turbo-action brush — and the soft brush would stop running across the floor and never take in anything as we would get an error message on the screen. It was almost as if it was pushing the rug into the rollers and causing it to stop. To determine if the issue was something to do with vacuums, we tested the Dyson V11 over these rugs and faced the same problem. This is a rug-related issue, not a Samsung issue.

In terms of the kind of things it could clean up. The vacuum could tackle everything from dust to pet hair, sawdust dog toys, and lots more. It was a breeze to pick up anything it couldn’t take care of.

8. The Dustbin Must Be Empty

To empty the standard dustbin, you need to take it out of the vacuum, pull off the lid, then tip it into the trash.

When you clean the Station, the same principle applies, and you should get rid of the dustbin from the vacuum’s body since it won’t be able to fit in the pipe. Put it in, and it will perform its thing. Sometimes we noticed that the suction wasn’t enough to clear all dust and dirt. You can press the Start/Stop button to loosen the clog, but the trick here is to not let it become too full, or you’ll have to take it out off the blockage using your hands.

The Best Features of Samsung Jet 90

1. Handheld mode

Samsung Jet 90 4

This is a 2-in- one vacuum. If you purchase this model, the Samsung Jet 90 Complete, you’ll get two vacuums for just one price – an upright vacuum and a hand vacuum. With the push of one button, you are able to swiftly convert this device into a handheld vacuum that is capable of taking care of small messes.

It is ideal for cleaning tight spaces as well as areas above the floor. In addition, it’s light and is able to be used by teens, seniors, as well as smaller people.

2. 5-layer HEPA Filtration System

If you’re looking to buy vacuum cleaners, One of the most important factors to consider is filtration, especially when you suffer from allergies.

Samsung makes use of an advanced five-level HEPA filter to ensure that allergens like dust and pollen are out of the vacuum. In this way, the vacuum can reach almost 100% efficiency infiltration. It’s not surprising that it is the seal of approval from Allergy UK.

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3. Digital LED display

Samsung Jet 90

In addition to the outstanding efficiency, users can also see the level of power and blockage alerts to guard against damage to your brush. Additionally, you can determine what type of brush you’re using in the LED display to be sure you’re not scratching your floors using brushes that are weak on the carpet.

4. Versatility

It takes about five minutes to set up and begin using the vacuum. It’s that easy. The thing we like the most is the power of the parts as well as the swivel of the vacuum’s floor nozzle as well as the attachments.

Each component is essential, and all accessories snap effortlessly on the stretchable wand. Two-floor brushes work as a pair to clean carpets or clean floors with no polish. The vacuum’s versatility is evident by its ease of use, extended reach, and also its performance.

What’s In the Box?

Jet 90 comes with the main unit, which includes a special dustbin as well as one battery and Z-station.

There are three “beater bar” heads. The turbo-action brush is ideal for cleaning regularly. It comes with a 360-degree pivoting head that allows for simple direction changes and a mini electric tool designed for smaller areas, cars, or upholstery. It also comes with the Soft Action Brush, with an ultra-fine fiber roller that is designed to collect dust and anti-static silver threads that collect tiny fibers when cleaning hard flooring.

Samsung has three additional tools to help with specific jobs: The flexible extension that lets you switch directions for areas that are difficult to reach as well as the combination brush and the crevice tool.

All extension pieces can be tucked away in holders that are on the stand, and there aren’t any extra pieces lying around in the house to get lost in; however, the heads don’t.

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Purchase it If…

You’ll want a variety of attachments.

Its Jet 90 comes with all the tools necessary to hunt dirt and dust within your home, which means you’ll be able to tackle almost any surface easily. You’ll need an adjustable vacuum.

The telescopic pole makes an excellent addition for those with a higher height who don’t have to bend over while vacuuming using Jet 90.

You must clean up quickly.

The best thing with Jet 90 is that it’s easy to pull from the stand if you’re looking to swiftly get rid of a spot or room without the hassle of an enormous vacuum cleaner.

Don’t Purchase It When…

You’d like to put it from view.

Its charger will require a permanent spot in your home, and unfortunately, it can’t be kept in a cupboard unless you have an outlet for it inside your cupboard.

You’ve got a large home.

If you are able to get all your vacuuming completed within 40 minutes, then you’ll be good to go, but any longer beyond that, you’ll need to purchase an additional battery to continue the vacuuming run.


  • It’s an all-surface cleaner
  • It’s light and simple to utilize.
  • The powerful suction
  • An excellent HEPA filtration system
  • It is very simple to navigate around obstacles
  • A sleek and modern design
  • Extended reach with an extendable tool that is telescopic.
  • It comes with numerous attachments
  • Pet-friendly is a mini-motorized device that is able to remove pets’ hair as well as dander effectively.
  • Large, easy to empty dirt cup, and clean
  • Storage that is convenient with a self-standing dock for storage


  • A very short run time when using Max Mode (about six minutes). But, you can buy an additional battery as it is powered by removable batteries.
  • It was not cheap.

Our Verdict


We’re impressed by this powerful handheld vacuum. It’s lightweight, strong, and has a long battery life and an array of innovative attachments, which make a massive impact on the ease and convenience of cleaning.

To maximize the usage of the vacuum, there are various modes you can select from. You can choose between Wet Mini Mid, Max, and Wet modes easily using the control buttons on the fingers. The versatility of this vacuum is impressive. Everything from assembly cleaning, attaching, and detaching accessories is a breeze.

If you have no other motive, this powerful suction filtration system is an excellent reason to consider investing in Samsung Jet 90. It is nearly 100% successful in capturing and removing allergens. The dirt cup is also able to allow hygienic and clean emptying, so you only contact dust.

This vacuum can also take care of pet hair as well as dander using the mini motorized tool. There are additional attachments available for cleaning above the floor.

The vacuum is a great performer regardless of what floor type it’s working on. It’s able to easily be compared to the top cordless stick vacuums available on the market today on this front.

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