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In a home with flooring that is dark and dark with plenty of light and three felines, there’s an endless struggle to keep our hardwood floors tidy. It’s as if the fur “tumbleweeds” are everywhere.

Because of the design of our home and the ease to use, we tend to stick a vacuum on our main floor and only have a corded vacuum upstairs, where the flooring is. 

We’ve used a variety of stick vacuums through time, but this is the day we were sharing with you Samsung Jet 75 Cordless Stick Vacuum review because it’s among the top stick vacuums that we’ve yet to test!

Does Samsung Jet 75 Have Something New?

Samsung Jet 75

What Do We Like About

  • Performs well at cleaning carpets and hard flooring
  • The powerful suction (200 air watts)
  • Up-to 60 minute run time
  • Motorized carpet brushes for hard flooring
  • Attachments and accessories

What Could Be Improved?


  • It does not stand by itself
  • No LED headlight

Samsung Jet 75 Stick Vacuum Features Overview

1. Clean Station Alternative

What separates the Samsung Jetstick line from competitors is the Clean Station. If you don’t like cleaning traditional stick vacuum dust bins, The Clean Station does all the chores for you!

2. 5 Layer HEPA Filtration System

Samsung Jet 75 3

The filter system can capture the dander (a necessity for us! ) and pollen and other allergens to ensure that you breathe cleaner air inside your home.

The main cyclone and the metal grille filter can remove huge clumps of dust and pollen; jet Cyclone and microfilter capture dust particles finer than a millimeter, and ultrafine dust filter catch 99.999 percent of microdust.

The fact is that the bin is dishwasher safe, so you can wash it regularly for effortless maintenance!

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3. Power Button

It’s a bit odd. However, we are amazed that the Samsung Jet 75 has an actual power button. The previous stick vacuum we owned was operated by triggers, meaning you pulled the trigger all the time you were cleaning. 

Used the Jet 75 with a power button! It’s not just this; we experienced multiple times being shocked by our previous one because the trigger was located on top of the outlet for charging batteries. You’d be sprayed with buzzes when you would hold the trigger and let it slip any time.

4. Multi-Surface Attachments

Samsung Jet 75 5

We would like the wide range of attachments available along with the Samsung Jet 75. It can be used for everything from carpets, hardwoods, tiles, windows, furniture, and more! It’s also light (6-pounds) and has a swivel head that rotates 180 degrees, so cleaning the overhead won’t be an issue! 

We enjoy this Mini Motorized Tool, which is great for couches at the rear, where cats are. We like how the “brush” is made of rubber, so it doesn’t pull at the fabric or cause it to become fuzzy as other brands have done previously.

After reading the manual more thoroughly, we discovered that this device could also help reduce allergens since it gets rid of dust particles and pet hair. This is a plus for our home!

5. Removable/Reusable Battery

As we mentioned earlier, a major problem we face with our old stick vacuums is battery longevity. Even with a full charge, we were unable to vacuum the floors in our hallway, kitchen, and the powder bath before it went out and left us with an unvacuumed entrance and office. 

It was then necessary to charge it for several hours before we could complete the task. Samsung Jet 75 has a longer battery life and sixty minutes of continuous running time. The best thing is that the battery is removable, which means you’ll keep an alternate battery in your bag should you need it!

Our experience with the single battery that lasts for 60 minutes has proved to be an improvement from the previous stick vacuum, and we’ve not yet had to buy a new battery. We’re happy to have an option for the future!

6. Sleek Design

Samsung Jet 75 6

It’s an absurd thing to say; however, it’s true! We were disappointed that our previous stick vacuums were red, purple, and yellow. Even though the vacuum is in our clean closet a lot, we are thrilled how the Samsung Jet 75 has an elegant silver-gray finish.

What Are Experts Loved by the Most?

We’ve been using Samsung Jet 75 daily since the day we purchased it. After unpacking the box and installing it immediately, we were amazed by the high-end construction and the luxurious feel.

After fully charging the battery on the removable side, we looked forward to seeing how it worked.

The first clean-ups we did took place on hardwood floors, where it was clear that the Jet 75 did a great job. When we continued to vacuum on different pile carpets with our Turbo Action Brush, we discovered that it was also very effective on carpets. This is because of well-made cleaning brushes and an extremely powerful 200 digital motor.

1. Maneuverability

Samsung Jet 75 2

The Jet 75 weighs just under 6 pounds. The two swiveling heads are effective, and the vacuum isn’t too heavy or difficult to rotate.

The handheld mode is fantastic, as well. Some people aren’t aware that it is possible to attach the larger heads for cleaning, including those of the Turbo Action Brush and Soft Brush, directly to the vacuum without the tube. We tested this method for cleaning the stairs, and we found it comfortable and simple.

Moving under tables, coffee tables, and furniture with low legs (where there’s enough space) was simple enough. The weight of the vacuum doesn’t make it any more difficult.

Suppose anyone has any concerns about the big brushes; we would have liked to see Samsung add LED lights. Unfortunately, there is no vacuum included in the Jet line currently.

2. Excellent for hard floors, excellent on carpet

For carpets, on carpets, the Jet 75 did a great job too. However, no matter the pile, it is easy to use the vacuum when its medium suction setting is the default. It was able to easily remove small and big particles. The high setting was great to get rid of more stubborn debris and dirt.

We’ll be discussing this throughout our review. We’re hugely awed by Samsung’s Jet line, if you’ve not noticed. Its Jet 75 is a very designed and thought-out vacuum that aims at the top vacuums that are cordless in the present.

3. Performance

Samsung Jet 75 1

The stick vacuum is equipped with three modes of power: Min (often known as Eco) and the middle (normal), and Max. The switch between these three modes is simply a simple press of an icon on the vacuum handle.

We were thrilled that you didn’t need to pull a trigger for the vacuum to start. The handle screen displays the suction mode you’re currently in (among others). We were impressed by Samsung’s simplicity. However, we would like an indicator that would show how long the battery life is left.

Of course, the more powerful the setting is, the less duration of the run before you need to recharge.

We were delighted to find that the vacuum performed well with setting the Min setting. Its performance was exceptional with moderate suction. Enough to take on tough dirt and other debris. For hard surfaces, the Max setting isn’t necessary.

4. Suction

Samsung Jet 75 4

Samsung rates the performance that comes from the Jet 75 at an impressive 200 AW (air watts) at its maximum setting. It’s more powerful than the Dyson V11 (185 AW) and is within touching distance of V15 Detect, a vacuum that costs twice as much. In actual use, we found suction to be far more than adequate.

5. Noise

Two feet away from the vacuum sound were recorded in 68dBA and 70dBA in the Min Mode, Med, and Max, respectively. Noise is rated less than other cordless stick vacuums sporting similar airpower ratings.

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6. Amazing 5 Filtration Levels

This Jet 75-stick vacuum features five levels of filtering. This lets it collect pollen, pet dander, and other allergens. According to Samsung, it can also trap up to 99.999 percent of microdust. This is highly advantageous for people suffering from allergies or respiratory issues.

7. Usable vacuum suction

The suction test we used in this setting produced scores that placed it among the top of the best. We’ll be comparing the scores of tests coming very soon.

8. Cleansing tests

The Jet 75 did not disappoint during our testing. The stick vacuum scored very well on both hard floors and carpeting. It also scored well in our carpet test, where high-pile fine and sand particles are rubbed through the carpet.

  • Flooring Surface:  97.23
  • Tile & Hardwood: 99.88%
  • Mid/High Pile Carpet: 97.41%
  • Low Pile Carpet: 98.78%

Like many of its competitors, it was also prone to collecting hair larger than 8″ stuck to its brush roll. Although this is a problem, it’s not a common one. Fortunately, the brush rolls on the Turbo Action Brush, Soft Brush, and Mini-motorized Tool can be easily removed to clean.

Jet 75 With Complete Cleaning Station (Or Without)

When we bought the Jet 75 Complete, we chose to buy it with a clean Station base. We’re very happy we decided to. Cleaning your Jet 75 is a bit difficult when you buy the vacuum on its own.

It’s not that difficult, but it’s different. While most stick vacuums feature trap doors that pop up to clear the bin of dust, Jet 75 does not. First, to empty your Jet 75, you take the dirt bin off the vacuum. After that, press and twist the bin from itself.

It’s not that complicated; it’s just different. Hence, it’s fair to say it’s more complicated than emptying a trapdoor-style bin.

Samsung’s Clean Station eliminates the need for additional steps and empties the vacuum without causing dust into your home. Consider the Clean Station as a vacuum, with the sole intention of emptying the Jet 75’s trash bin.

For use, take the dust bin off and put it on top of the Clean Station. After that, you will notice that the Clean Station pops open the dirt bin and then sucks the dirt out of it.

We are awestruck by Clean Station and recommend that you think about it. It is usually possible to get it with the Jet 75 with the Clean Station at a lower cost than similar effective Dyson vacuums.

If you decide to purchase the Clean Station or not, any Jet stick vacuums will be simple to clean. The dust bin and the filter can be easily removed and cleaned using water.

Should You Pick One Up?

The Jet 75’s remarkable cleaning capabilities and accessories and attachments, battery life, and, most importantly, its price make it a great bargain if you need a high-end stick vacuum. The cost is considerably lower than other vacuums, but it cannot compete with its performance.

Jet 75’s most difficult competition is its sibling and a close second, Jet 90. We’ve had a lot of thought about these two vehicles, and we find the Jet 75 compelling.

Samsung’s Jet 90 is the same vacuum that is Jet 75. It features the same digital motor as the base unit. Both vacuums are equipped with one battery. The performance figures are similar.

The main difference between the two is that 90 features more attachments, including a telescoping tube and an independent charging base. We’re not convinced that there’s a necessity of paying higher for these features.

We think that the Jet 75 is a much more affordable price.

Final thoughts


We highly recommend Samsung’s Jet 75. Samsung can find a fantastic balance between cleaning efficiency and price in the Jet stick range.

If it is within your financial budget, we recommend that you purchase this Jet 75 bundle that comes with a Clean Station.

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