Samsung Jet 60 vs Dyson: Review 2022

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We tried this Samsung Jet 60 Pet stick vacuum. Was it still able to perform during our tests even though it was an earlier model? Here, we are going to compare Samsung jet 60 vs Dyson. So, let’s discover.

Samsung Jet 60 Pet Review

Samsung 60

Samsung Jet 60 Pet is an upright vacuum with good performance. It has an easy-to-install battery and an hour-long run time of 40 minutes. It also comes with four different accessories that can be used for diverse cleaning needs.

Our tests showed that it could remove 90.4 percent of all dirt, clean up all long hair, and easily deal with pet fur. It’s easy to maintain, and overall, it’s an excellent stick vacuum for a reasonable cost.


  • Dimension: 250 x 1120 x 203 mm
  • Charging Station: 2-in-1 wall-mount charger
  • Dustbin Capacity 0.8L
  • Type of Battery: Li-ion
  • Voltage: 21.6V
  • Weight (Net): 2.3 kg
  • Body Color: Cotta black
  • Secondary color
  • Battery Detachable: Yes
  • Running Time (min mode): 40min
  • Digital Inverter Motor: Yes
  • Run Time (max mode): 5min
  • Maximum Consumption Power: 410W


  • Excellent cleaning performance; 90.4 percent removal of debris
  • Dustbin and washable filters
  • Affordable prices


  • It is difficult to deal with large types of debris and the clogging
  • There are only the essentials included.

What We Tried to Test?

It was the Samsung Jet 60 Pet. It was tested in a two-bedroom, carpeted, low-pile apartment with tiles to test the hard floor. The house was home to two hairy people, a long-haired cat and a dog.

The vacuum was also used for cleaning the car. The testing was conducted over numerous weeks, with regular vacuuming. Yes, we clean our house daily, and you should, too.

Do You Want to Purchase a Samsung Jet 60 Pet?

  • If you’re looking to purchase it, you’ll need to have the ease of using a stick vacuum and need basic vacuuming.
  • Do not buy it if you are looking for a less-maintenance vacuum or if you have pets.

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Dyson Review

Are Dyson Vacuums Good?

Three Dyson vacuums are included in our list of the Top Vacuums in 2022 and are more than other brands.

The Dyson V11 Animal Vacuum is the top pick, with the Dyson V15 Detect Cordless Vacuum ranks at No. 2. and The Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum ranks at No. 3.

When James Dyson, the company’s founder, became dissatisfied with the suction power of his vacuum declining and sought to determine the cause.

He dismantled the machine and discovered that the bag was filled with dust, which impeded the airflow and reduced suction.

After five years of experimentation and failure, he developed the first ever bagless vacuum cleaner in 1983. The first model was offered to Japan, and he founded his own business, Dyson Ltd., using the profits through sales in the United Kingdom in 1991.

A household name now, Dyson has in the past expanded its product line to include heaters, fans, air purifiers, hair dryers, as well as hand dryers.

Dyson V11 Animal Vacuum Review

Dyson v11 animal

The best for:

  • Shoppers looking for a vacuum that is a strong suction
  • People who need a lightweight vacuum
  • People who reside in an apartment
  • Pets in households

Not advised for:

  • Shoppers on a shoestring
  • People who live in bigger space

Ranked as No. #1 on our top 10 list of Top Vacuums The Dyson V11 Animal Vacuum is loaded with useful features.

The Dyson V11 stick vacuum features an auto-adjusting suction system, which adjusts the suction level to suit various types of surfaces. It also comes with three cleaning modes: Eco, Medium, and Boost.

The suction of the V11 is believed to be 20 per cent stronger than the predecessor, called the V10. Professionals who have reviewed the V11 tend to believe that the V11 is an excellent choice for families with pets as it effortlessly removes hairs from carpets and floors.

Because it’s a stick-type vacuum, its compact design makes it easy to access difficult-to-access areas such as under sofas in which pet hair is likely to collect. The V11’s swivel head gives you a variety of motions.


Its maneuverability is an advantage for those living in apartments too. This V11 is a hefty 6.68 pounds, making it among our rankings’ lightest vacuums. It doesn’t require many storage spaces. It can be charged by fitting in a dock mounted to the wall, with enough space to store its attachments.

Like other Dyson vacuums, the V11 includes a trash bin with a “point and shoot” mechanism that ejects everything in the dirt cup to your garbage can so that you don’t need to handle the dirt.

The major drawback to the model lies in its hefty cost. It’s priced at $600, higher than the majority of vacuums we’ve included in our Top Vacuums list. Even though it didn’t make it into our list, it is a good alternative.

Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner has an identical appearance, is available for less than $100 as V11 and is the company’s most affordable base model. The V11 comes with more than double the V8’s max battery lifespan.

Both models feature the same trigger-like power button that is standard with Dyson models. This trigger needs to be held for the vacuum to operate. This can prolong the battery’s life; however, it can be uncomfortable or irritating for some users.

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Dyson V15 Vacuum Review

Dyson V15

The best for:

  • Consumers looking to buy vacuums with the latest capabilities
  • People are looking for a vacuum that has high-powered suction
  • Pet-friendly homes or active families

Not suggested for:

  • Shoppers on a shoestring
  • Consumers searching for a vacuum cleaner that is just the essentials

The Dyson V15-Detect Cordless Vacuum is ranked No. 2 in our ranking of the Top Vacuums. It’s priced higher at $450 than the Bissell Pet Turbo Hair Eraser Upright Vacuum, which also takes the number.

2 spot and is among the most expensive vacuums we tested. Although it’s not the best choice for shoppers with tight budgets, the V15 has various options that help you vacuum more easily.

For instance, it also has an LCD that displays live battery life in real-time, along with animated reminders for maintenance and troubleshooting suggestions.

The V15’s dust container is fitted with an electronic piezo sensor which can count and measure the size of dust particles it can detect. While vacuuming, the LCD screen shows this information as a graph.

To ensure thorough cleaning, the V15’s Laser Slim Fluffy cleaner head features a laser-lit headlight to expose difficult-to-see pieces of dust and dirt.

Because of the attachment’s microfiber fabric construction, this vacuum is very effective on hard surfaces such as tiles or wood.

It’s worth noting that the V15 is the most powerful Dyson vacuum cleaner. It’s constructed with a Dyson Hyperdymium engine, generating up to 300 air watts (AW) of suction.

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Dyson Ball Animal 2 Vacuum Review

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Vacuum

Ideal for:

  • Allergy sufferers
  • People with a bigger home
  • Shoppers searching for vacuums with the suction power
  • Pet-friendly households with pets

Not advised for:

  • People searching for a light vacuum
  • People who reside in an apartment

It is equipped with 227 AW of suction. The Dyson Animal 2 Vacuum is an excellent choice for families with pets. Apart from its powerful suction and rotating brush to prevent pets’ hair from getting caught.

While it weighs 17.5 pounds and is heavier than many vacuums, we’ve reviewed that the upright vacuum has features that enhance its maneuverability.

It has a 35-foot power cord lets you reach various rooms without unplugging the device. One of its most attractive features is its swivel steering which assists with maneuvering the vacuum around furniture and obstacles.

Perfect for larger houses. Its dustbin holds 1.1 milliliters of debris, more than the canisters used by many vacuums featured in our Top Vacuums list.

It’s easy to empty since it comes with an easy-to-use design that makes it possible to dump the contents of the container into the garbage bin at the press of a button. It allows the user to stay clear of touching dirt and dust.

If you suffer from allergies, it’s important to note that Dyson Ball Animal 2 is approved by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America as allergy and asthma-friendly.

The whole-machine filter system can capture dust and allergens into the machine rather than releasing these into your home.

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Dyson FAQ

What Can We Do to Purchase the Dyson Vacuum?

You can purchase the Dyson vacuum from the company’s website or one of the authorized brick-and-mortar retail stores. If you reside in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tysons Corner, Virginia, or Santa Clara, you can visit one of the Dyson Demo Stores and test out the vacuums. The approved retailer is Amazon.

Does Dyson Provide a Money-Back Guarantee?

Dyson provides a full refund for customers who return their vacuum in the first 30 days. To begin this process, consumers need to contact Dyson’s Contact Center, which is available on the Dyson website.

The vacuum has to be delivered to Dyson in the original Dyson packaging and with prepaid shipping. It can take between 4-8 weeks to have the return handled.

How Long Can a Dyson Vacuum Run?

There are a few variations. Not all Dyson vacuums have an identical warranty. All cordless vacuums, like those from the Dyson V11 Animal and the Dyson V15, Detect Cordless Vacuum have two-year warranties.

However, corded vacuums, such as Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum, come with five-year warranties. Although these warranties do not cover normal wear and tear, they will cover the repair or replacement.

How Do We Get Rid of the Inside of a Dyson Vacuum?

Dyson suggests washing the vacuum filter(s) every month. The vacuums with digital screens show a message indicating it’s Time to clean the filter.

Clean the filter (some models could include several). Clean it by hand, then let it dry for a minimum of 24 hours. Washing it with a machine is not recommended. Check that the filter is completely dry before replacing it.

To ensure that your Dyson vacuum is in good working order between cleanings of the filters, clear the machine’s debris bin before reaching the fill line at its maximum.

For that to be done on an electric vacuum, simply press the release button at one of the sides of the wand. This will take the wand off the machine and the bin. Set the machine on top of a trash bin with the bin facing downwards, and then press the release lever to eliminate the trash to empty your bin using upright vacuums, such as Dyson Ball Animal 2.

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 presses this button on the cyclone’s handle to remove it and the trash bin from the vacuum’s body. After that, when you’ve got the bin placed over a trash container, press the same button to empty it.

Samsung Jet 60 FAQs

Is Samsung Jet 60 a Good Pet?

Samsung Jet 60 is good for floors that are not paved. It can deal with small particles and pet hair on this kind of floor.

However, it’s important to mention that pet hair may become caught in its brush roll. Additionally, the brush has a more difficult time handling larger debris.

Are Samsung Jet 60 Good for Hardwood Flooring?

The Jet 60 Pet performed well on hardwood floors, except for the cereal we previously mentioned. If cereal was present, it could remove 74.5% of all debris.

Samsung Jet 60 was able to get rid of 74.5 percent of the debris. However, without cereal, it took out 98.5 percent of debris.

How Long Will It Take To Fully Charge Samsung Jet 60?

Approximately three and a half hours

It takes about three and three and a half hours to completely charge the cradle. Additionally, the vacuum has two batteries, making it easy to switch them out to get more cleaning time. Start by turning off your vacuum with the help of the Control Panel.

How Long Does the Samsung Vacuum Last?

We usually use the vacuum to clean the hardwood floors on Mid, and the battery will last approximately 20 minutes. This vacuum has three power attachments, The Turbo Action Brush, the Soft Action Brush and the Mini Action Brush.

How Do You Pay for the Samsung Robotic Vacuum?

To manually charge the POWERbot, you must lift it and put it in the charging station. Check all the pins for charging the POWERbot and charger are in alignment. Then hold the button. Start for around 3 seconds.

How Do We Recharge the Samsung Jet 90?

To recharge the batteries of the Jet Stick Vacuum, ensure that the reverse to the battery is put on the charging component. You can inspect the level of the battery during charging. The indicator of battery level blinks when charging.

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