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When it comes to robotic vacuums, Roombas have no rivals in regards to reliability and quality. With so many models on the market, selecting the ideal one for your needs can be difficult.

If you’re looking to pick between the Roomba J7 and the i7, you’re at the right spot. Both are very capable vacuums with appealing features.

This Roomba J7 vs. I7 head-to-head comparison is the best resource for those facing a dilemma.

We all know that Roomba is the most popular robot vacuum company at present. The American brand has proven to be a market-leading company regarding technological innovation.

The two mid-range robotic vacuums include the Roomba i7 and Roomba J7. The two Roombas are quite similar in that they share model numbers. But, some aspects distinguish the two Roombas.

This article will present an honest comparison of Roomba J7 and i7 to allow you to make an informed choice.

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Roomba I7 Review

iRobot Roomba i7

The iRobot Roomba i7 is a groundbreaking robot vacuum that was launched in September of 2018. One unique feature that the Roomba i7 had was its iRobot Clean Base(r) Automatic Dirt Disposal system that empties the bin at the end of every cleaning session.

This means that homeowners do not have to struggle with manually emptying the bin.

There are two versions of the Roomba i7 Series. Both are value or money, though!

  • You can save up to 10-floor plans.
  • The sensor detects when the trash bin gets full.
  • Dual rubberized brush
  • Powerful suction
  • Dirt Detect technology
  • Smart mapping technology
  • The “Full dust bin” sensor isn’t 100% accurate.
  • The navigation system won’t function well in dark conditions.
  • The connection keeps dropping to the internet.
  • Expensive
  • Small dust bin

Roomba J7 Review

roomba j7

Then, in September of 2021, just three years after the launch of the Roomba i7, iRobot released the Roomba J7 Series.

The robotic vacuum has automated bin emptying, like all the new Roomba models. In addition, Roomba J7 comes with intelligent, sophisticated features that provide homeowners with plenty of conveniences.

The J7 Series is available in two variations, as the case with the Roomba i7 Series. There’s the Roomba J7 (7150), the base model. There is also the Roomba J7+ (7550), which is the model for ceiling use.

The difference between these two models is due to the accessories. The base model isn’t equipped without the Clean Base(r) Automated Dirt Disposal Unit or Dirt Disposal Bags; However, it’s a self-emptying robotic vacuum.

  • Avoids unpleasant obstacles
  • A general good job in scheduling, cleaning, and controlling voice
  • Fantastic mapping
  • Smacks into tables and chairs
  • More sluggish than rivals

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Roomba I7 Vs. J7: Head-to-Head Comparison Chart

  Roomba i7 Roomba j7
Height 3.63 inches 3.4 inches
Width 13.34 inches 13.3 inches
Weight 7.44 lbs 7.49 lbs
Hazard Detection No Yes
Navigation vSLAM PrecisionVision
Detects Pet Waste No Yes
Cliff Sensors Yes Yes
Auto Recharge Yes Yes
Imprint Mapping Yes Yes
Dirt Sensors Yes Yes
Cleaning Pattern Row-By-Row Row-By-Row
Suction Power 10 X (compared to 600 series) 10 X (compared to 600 series)
Mopping No No
Auto Resume Yes Yes
Scheduling Yes Yes
Bin Capacity 500 ml 500 ml
Carpet Boost No No
Full Bin Indicator Yes Yes
Self Emptying No (but supports) No (but supports)
Google Assistant Yes Yes
Voice Commands Yes Yes
Amazon Alexa Yes Yes
Zone Cleaning Yes Yes
Mobile App Yes Yes (more options)
Anti Tangle Brushes Yes Yes
Keep Out Zones Yes Yes
Personalized Cleaning Recommendations Yes Yes (more options)
Specific Room Cleaning Yes Yes
HEPA filters Yes Yes
Imprint Link Technology Yes Yes
Cleaning Modes Yes Yes

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Main Differences

Differential 1: Roomba J7 Can Provide a Photo of New Challenges and Help You Learn What It Can Do to Overcome Them in the Upcoming Time.

The j7 can adapt and learn by itself. When it encounters any foreign object while cleaning it, it will send photos of the object through the iRobot app, so you can choose what you should do to come back with.

When the item has been deemed “hazardous,” it will continue to steer clear of this object shortly. If it’s not, it’ll be aware that it’s safe to move it away the next time.

Differential 2: The Models That Automatically Empty These Robots Are Equipped With Different Bases.

The j7 and i7 both come with a “plus” version that arrives with an amazingly helpful auto-emptying docking station, known as “home base.”

The home base on the j7+ has an updated, more space-efficient design, while the i7+ comes with the first-generation design, which is bulkier.

If you’ve looked at the i7+’s home base, you’ll know it’s tall and heavy. It may be difficult to locate a space in your home to store the base for your home, especially if you reside in a smaller space.

The newer design of J7+’s base for home is shorter, allowing you to put it in more locations than the earlier i7+.

They use the same garbage bags, meaning that both home bases can hold the same quantity of trash. That’s why you don’t need to empty the J7+’s disposal bag frequently because its docking station is smaller.

Differential 3: The Roomba J7 Sports an In-Front Camera to Avoid Obstacles, Whereas the I7 Features an Upper-Mounted Camera, but There Is No Obstacle Avoidance.

There are many stories about the apocalypse, a scenario you’ll wish to avoid if a pet owner. The Roomba J7 attempts to prevent the possibility of a catastrophe by making use of its front-facing camera to continuously analyze and scan everything that comes in its path.

A plastic toy? It’s fine; we will just push it away. Possible Fecal matter? Beware at all times.

The i7 doesn’t have this feature. It’s a camera mounted on top that can map your home. However, the camera mounted on top will not allow it to shield obstacles on the floor.

For navigation around furniture pieces, it depends upon its bump sensor, which allows it to gently hit obstacles and then turn away. As you could imagine, this isn’t going to work for pet droppings.

The decision is based on whether you have pets in your home or not. The absence of obstacle avoidance in the i7 will not be an issue for homes with no pets. It is possible to save a lot of money by purchasing the i7, which is less expensive.

Let’s Now Take a Look at Their Resemblances.

Likeness 1: They Both Recharge and Resume

When you’ve completed the cleaning process at the cleaning cycle’s end, your Roomba returns to its base at home and recharges.

When you use an extensive layout, and the Roomba has run out of juice in the middle of cleaning, it returns to its home base to recharge.

If it’s got sufficient power to run, it can be back where it left on the cleaning cycle and then continue its journey. This can be a significant time saver in most situations since you won’t have to worry about a babysitter for your robot while it is cleaning.

Recharge and resume are ideal for cleaning your home daily or at certain time slots. You can set it up to keep your house clean when you’re not at home or right when you return after work.

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Similarity 2: Both the J7 and I7 Are Equipped With Smart Navigation and Can Be Able to Recognize What Layout You Have for Your House Over Time.

The Roomba J7 and I7 use their cameras and sensors on the floor to determine your home so that they can clean quickly and efficiently.

Both vacuums will be able to recognize the structure of your home in time and will learn the areas they’re most likely to be in contact with dirt. They will then use that data to concentrate on areas that require the most.

The primary difference between the two robots is the cameras. The Roomba J7 sports a front-facing camera, while the Roomba i7 isn’t and relies entirely on its top and front-mounted sensors to guide its users.

Commonalities 3: Both Have a “Keep Out Zones” Feature.

Keep out zones allow you to define a particular area of the floor to be off limits for your Roomba. It could be a specific space or part of the home that your cat would like to rest. The Roomba will mark this space as a hazard and will not go close to it when cleaning.

Likeness 4: The Rooms Can Be Instructed to Keep One Specific Room

As they are adept at learning the layout, both Roomba J7 and Roomba I7 can be instructed to tidy one specific area of your home.

You can assign names such as “kitchen” or “dad’s office” to your rooms. It is also possible to use a voice assistant such as Siri and Alexa to control Roomba. Starting cleaning is easy with a simple command, “Alexa, tell Roomba to clean the kitchen.”

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Roomba J7 Vs. the i7 Face-to-Face Comparison Review

The principal business of the day: what does the Roomba J7 contrast to the iPhone 7? In this comparison article, we will concentrate on features like design and aesthetics as well as the cleaning capabilities, battery life, time navigation and mapping, and other smart and convenient features.

1. Design and Aesthetics

When you’re considering a robot vacuum to buy, look for models that have low-profile designs and a tiny footprint. A design with a low profile allows for the vacuum to fit under furniture with a low profile.

However, due to its small size, it could be able to maneuver in tight spaces, like between chairs. How does the Roomba J7 stack up with the i7 regarding aesthetics and design?

Roomba i7 Aesthetics & Design 

Roomba I7 2

The Roomba I7 and Roomba i7+ are round-shaped robotic vacuums with low-profile styles. The robots are 13.34 inches across and measure 3.63-inches high. The kitchen scale we used, the i7, weighed 7.44lbs after filling the container.

The next thing to consider is aesthetics. The i7 comes in a single color: black. Then, it has the Roomba logo and three buttons for control on the top screen.

Roomba J7 Aesthetics & Design 

roomba j7 3

Roomba J7 is a new model available in the shape of a round. It would be better to have the company choose an S-shaped shape that S9 has to allow for more efficient corner and wall edge cleaning.

The i7 has a low profile design, that measures 13.3 inches in width and 3.4 inches high. It is a bit larger than its predecessor, the i7, at 7.49lbs. It is available in two colors: J7, as well as the J7+, are offered in one color: silver and black.

The top interface features one CLEAN button as well as an iRobot logo.

2.  Mapping & Navigation 

An automated vacuum mapping and navigation system are crucial when deciding on the best robot vacuum. In this article, we will look at the navigation systems of the Roomba J7 and Roomba i7 along with their floor mapping system.

Roomba i7 Mapping & Navigation 

Roomba I7 3

The Roomba i7 was actually the first robot vacuum that introduced the next-gen navigation technology from iRobot named iAdapt 3.0 Navigation, including the Imprint Smart Mapper.

The navigation system comes with various additional features that make it more effective in navigation than its previous models, iAdapt 2.0.

It uses a VSLAM algorithm. It has sensors to detect obstacles and cliff detection. These sensors are integrated with a live camera to provide seamless navigation.

When it comes to floor mapping, it is essential to map your floor. Roomba i7 depends on Imprint Smart Mapping. This feature assists the robot in learning, mapping, and adjusting to the layout of your house.

By using Imprint Smart Mapping, the robot makes hyper-accurate maps for your home and also plans efficient cleaning routes that will ensure the highest level of cleanliness.

Regarding boundaries, the i7 is equipped with digital barriers called “Keep Out Zones.” You can create boundaries you do not want the robot to go to.

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Roomba J7 Mapping & Navigation

roomba j7 2

Roomba J7 has a lot of similarities to the i7 in navigation. However, the new model is better. Its iAdapt 3.0 Navigation comes with Imprint Smart Mapping.

Alongside sensors and cameras, the J7 is equipped with PrecisionVision; this feature lets the robot stay clear of dangers like power cords, headphones, shoes, and socks. The robot can also detect dog poop and then avoid it to avoid the spread of poop.

In terms of mapping, the Roomba J7 is an intelligent robot vacuum that utilizes imprint smart Mapping to understand, map, and adapt to the design of your house.

The robot can differentiate between different rooms within your home, so you can direct it to clean certain rooms only.

Regarding boundaries: The J7 is equipped with digital barriers, like Keep Out Zones, that permit homeowners to set boundaries using an iRobot Home app.

3. Battery and Runtime

In addition to the cleaning capabilities, the Roomba’s battery and time on your list must be considered. You require a vacuum cleaner with batteries that are large in capacity and a longer run time.

The longer the runtime, the more area of the floor that the robot can clean with just one charge. So how does the Roomba J7 stack up with the I7?

Roomba i7 Runtime & Battery

Roomba I7 1

Roomba I7 is a premium robot vacuum, but its battery life and runtime performance are not as good. The i7 has a lithium-ion battery that has a capacity of 1800mAh.

It has 75 minutes of running time. While the runtime isn’t long compared with other brands, it can be recharged automatically and restarts cleaning from the point it stopped. The time to recharge is about 2 hours.

Roomba J7 Runtime & Battery

One of the main differences between the J7 and. I7 is the batteries and the runtime. The difference this time is that iRobot has included the Denali lithium-ion 2210mAh capacity battery for the J7.

It gives you a whopping 90 minutes of runtime. The J7+ is a brand new model. It is available in two models: the J7 and the J7+ come with auto-recharge and resume features. The recharge duration is around 2-3 hours.

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4.  Convenience & Smart Features

In the final segment of this Roomba I7 comparison review, we will compare the Roomba i7. J7 review comparison, we’ll examine the innovative and convenient features that both robot vacuums share.

Roomba i7 Convenience & Smart Features

Roomba I7 4

The Roomba i7 is a smart robot vacuum cleaner home-ready with 2.4GHz WiFi connectivity to allow remote control.

After synchronizing the Roomba i7 with the special iRobot Home app, you’ll have control of everything within your reach.

It is possible to set your cleaning schedules through the app, initiate the cleaning process, stop the cleaning process, check out reports of your cleaning, and customize routines for cleaning as well as clean your maps.

Apart from app control, the Roomba i7 can also sync and communicate with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to make it easier to control the robot’s voice. Simply tell Alexa what you would like the robot to do, and it’ll take care of the other tasks.

Roomba J7 Convenience & Smart Features

roomba j7 1

Roomba J7 comes with all the smart and practical features, similar to those that Roomba i7 boasts, plus some extras. It is also possible to join the Roomba with your phone and control it directly using the special iRobot Home app.

This app lets you create cleaning schedules, start cleaning sessions, and stop them, customize cleaning routines and maps, see reports on your cleaning, and much more.

Additionally, you can control the J7 by using Alexa and Google Assistant. In addition to these basic features and functions, Roomba J7 also comes with various features. Roomba J7 adds several features that are made possible by iRobot Genius 3.0.

For instance, there’s Cleaning While You’re Away, an option that makes use of Geofencing to keep your home clean when you’re away. 

Also, there’s Quiet Drive to reduce disturbance by shutting down the motor once the robot has left the dock and moving toward the room in question. Other features worth noting are Smart Map Coaching, cleaning Time Estimates, and Room Name Tips.

5. Cleaning Performance

The cleaning efficiency is the most crucial aspect to consider when purchasing the best machine vacuum. This section will examine crucial factors like specification, orientation, vacuum filter system, brush system, and more. Therefore, without further delay, we’ll get right into it.

Cleaning Performance of Roomba i7 

Roomba I7 5

The Roomba I7 and the Roomba i7+ vacuum cleaners only use vacuums. They do not include a mopping function.

But, with the help of Imprint Link Technology, they can communicate with the Braava M6 to perform simultaneous mopping and vacuuming.

In terms of particularization, this robotic vacuum is great for cleaning any type of floor carpets, low pile carpets, and pet mess.

Under the cover, the i7 is equipped with the 2-nd Gen motor that can deliver a maximum of 800 pa, equivalent to 10x more power in the air than the Roomba 600 can provide.

Roomba 600 delivers. In terms of the brush system, the i7 depends on an AeroForce dual multi-surface brush system made of rubber. One brush removes dirt, and another one can lift dirt.

It’s helped by a single side-sweeping brush that can reach the wall’s deep corners and edges where dirt can be found. The fact is, the Roomba i7 comes with Dirt Detection. It’s a great feature that locates and highlights areas with a high concentration of dirt.

For filtering, the i7 comes with AeroForce high-efficiency filters that can capture 99.9 percent of allergens, pollen, dust mites as well as other contaminants that are found within the air.

Like we said earlier, the Roomba i7 is a superb self-cleaning robot vacuum model. Roomba i7 is a self-emptying one. The i7+ model includes the cleaner Base(r), 2 Dirt Disposal Bags, and Auto Dirt Disposal unit. As soon as the Roomba docks, dirt is taken out of a small 0.3L in the onboard container.

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Cleaning Performance of  Roomba J7 

roomba j7 4

Similarly, models i7 and the Roomba J7 and Roomba J7+ are both vacuum-only cleaners. They can’t mop floors. You can instead buy Braava M6 and connect the two cleaners to perform simultaneous mopping and vacuuming.

In terms of particularization, the J7 is identical to the i7 because they’re each designed to take care of clean unpaved floors, pet messes, low pile carpets.

The Roomba J7 might be an innovative model, but it provides the same performance in vacuuming as the i7. The robot uses a 3-stage cleaning system.

The first is a 2nd generation motor that produces an impressive 900 pa of suction power to remove all types of household dirt.

Under the robot is an AeroForce dual multi-surface brush roll made of rubber. One brush is used for stirring, while the other is to lift dirt. It is supported by a single side brush that sweeps. It also has Dirt Detect technology.

There’s also no distinction between the Roomba I7 and. the J7 filter. Again, the American brand has AeroForce high-efficiency filters.

These are the same ones that are used for the i7. It is also known as the J7 is also a self-cleaning robot vacuum that takes care of all the chores for you.

The major difference between Roomba I7 and Roomba J7 is the dimension of the Clean Base(r) Automated Dirt Disposal device. J7’s self-empty station is wider and shorter. The other difference is in the bin’s capacity. The J7 has a huge 0.5L bin, whereas the i7 has an 0.3L bin.

Is Roomba I7 a Cool Robot Vacuum?

Roomba i7 is an excellent option for homeowners with bare flooring, carpets with low piles, and pets. It’s also a great choice for busy homeowners who do not want to worry about emptying the bin after every single cleaning session. Regarding mapping and navigation, this is an advanced robot vacuum that can maneuver through rooms with high traffic without difficulty.

Is Roomba J7 a Cool Robot Vacuum?

Yes. It is true. Roomba is a great robot vacuum that will meet homeowners’ needs for cleaning floors that are bare carpets with low piles as well as pets. The robot vacuum can also provide hands-free operation for as long as 30 days with the automatic self-emptying bin.

Additionally, it has an upgraded mapping and navigation system that improves efficiency thanks to the Home Genius 3.0 upgrade.

Additionally, the J7 has a longer running time and is equipped with PrecisionVision, an improvement to the mapping and navigation system.

Roomba J7 vs. i7: Expert’s Verdict


Here we end this Roomba J7 vs. the i7 face-to-face comparison review. The two robotic vacuums have lots of similarities. However, the J7 is the best option at the end.

While the cleaning efficiency is similar across all models, the J7 provides longer runtime, and most importantly, it is equipped with iRobot’s Genius 3.0 Home Intelligence which gives customers more convenience.

Another excellent feature is PrecisionVision which improves map navigation as well.

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