Roomba I7 vs J7 – Which Is Better?

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When it comes to robotic vacuums, Roombas have no rivals in regards to reliability and quality. However, with many models on the market, choosing the best one for your needs can be difficult. Here we compare Roomba I7 vs J7

If you’re trying to decide between the Roomba I7 and Roomba J7, you’re at the right spot. Both are powerful vacuums that come with appealing features.

This article will provide an objective comparison of Roomba I7 and J7 to help you make an informed choice.

A side note: when iRobot identified these vacuums, what made them have to select two letters that lower cases appear so alike at one glance? Our eyes don’t have enough trouble already!

Don’t get bogged down; let’s examine the differences.

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Roomba J7 Vs. the i7 Face-to-Face Comparison Review

This Roomba J7 is compared to I7. Face-to-face comparison is the most reliable source for buyers facing a dilemma.

We all know that Roomba is by far the most popular robot vacuum manufacturer at present. This American brand has proven to be a market pioneer when it comes down to the latest technology. 

The two mid-range robotic vacuums include the Roomba I7 and the brand-new Roomba J7. Roombas have a lot in common because they have the same model numbers. However, some aspects make the two Roombas distinct.

If you’re looking to make the best purchase, this article is designed ideal for you.

The most important issue: how does the Roomba stand up to the I7? In our comparison review, we’ll concentrate on factors such as aesthetics and design, the cleaning capabilities, battery capacity, and time to run along with navigation and mapping, as well as smart features and ease of use.

iRobot Roomba I7 Top Features

iRobot Roomba i7

  • Self-emptying Base Absolutely (Sold separately)
  • WIFI Connected
  • HEPA filtering
  • Make use of VSLAM Camera as well as Sensors in IR for navigation.
  • It is suitable for hard floors as well as carpets.
  • 0.13 gal. dust bin capacity

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Roomba J7 From iRobot Top Features

roomba j7

  • WIFI Connected
  • 0.13 gal.dust bin capacity
  • It is suitable for hard floors as well as carpets.
  • Self-emptying Base Absolutely (Sold separately)
  • Uses PrecisionVision for navigation
  • HEPA filtering

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1. Suction Power Battle

roomba i7 1

Roomba i7 comes with 10 multiples (10X) of its suction force compared to the basic Roomba models. Get rid of hard-to-clean stains, and deep-seated dirt in carpets as the i7 eliminates all dirt.

The powerful vacuum pressure from Roomba i7 perfectly gathers pet hair each time it passes, ensuring that your floors are clean.

Like the i7, Roomba J7 also offers the same pressure for vacuuming when cleaning your home. But, since it is more precise when navigating the vacuum, it will ensure that it can avoid potentially hazardous objects.

So, you don’t have to worry about the tidy-up portion (like removing objects). The j7 will clean it all up without getting stuck or causing any mess.

2. Design and Aesthetics

roomba j7 1

Roomba i7 is a round-shaped vacuum with a low-profile style. The units are 13.34 inches wide and measure 3.63-inches high. The kitchen scale we used, the i7, weighed 7.44lbs after the container was empty.

Then comes the aesthetics. The i7 comes in one color, black. Then, it has the iRobot Roomba logo along with 3 conveniently placed control buttons at the top of the screen.

The Roomba J7 is a fresh model, but it is still the shape of a round. It would be better to go with the D-shaped model that S9 is equipped with to help facilitate more efficient corner cleaning and wall edge.

The i7 comes with an incredibly low-profile design that measures 13.3 inches wide x 3.4 inches high. It is just a bit heavier in comparison to the I7, at around 7.49lbs.

The Roomba J7 and the J7+ are offered in one color, silver, and black. The top interface is equipped with one CLEAN button, as well as it sports the iRobot logo. It looks amazing!

3. Smart Features & Convenience

Roomba I7 1

The Roomba i7 vacuum is a smart robot vacuum for homes with 2.4GHz WiFi connectivity to allow remote control.

After you have synced with the Roomba i7 using its iRobot Home app, you have control of everything in your reach.

You can set up cleaning schedules in the app, start the cleaning process, stop cleaning, review reports on your cleaning as well as customize your cleaning routines along with clean and tidy maps.

Roomba J7 is equipped with all of the features that are smart and practically similar to those that Roomba i7 offers, as well as some additional features.

It is also possible to join the Roomba with your smartphone and use it through your iRobot Home app.

The app lets you establish cleaning schedules, begin or end cleaning sessions, modify cleaning routines and maps, look up cleaning reports, and more.

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4. Battery & Runtime

roomba j7 2

Roomba i7 Battery & Runtime

Roomba i7 is a top-of-the-line robot vacuum. However, its performance in terms of the battery and the runtime isn’t as great. The i7 has a lithium-ion battery that has a 1800mAh capacity. It can provide 75 minutes of runtime. Although the time isn’t as long as other brands, it can be recharged automatically and restart cleaning from when it stopped. The recharge time is between 2 and 3 hours.

Roomba J7 Battery & Runtime

One of the main differences between the Roomba J7 & i7 can be found in the battery and the runtime. In this case, iRobot has included its Denali lithium-ion battery that has a 2210mAh capacity inside the J7. 

It has a record-breaking 90 minutes of runtime. It is the first model to be released; the J7 can recharge and resume automatically. The recharge time is between 2 and 3 hours.

5. Cleaning Performance

Roomba I7 2

For those curious, the Roomba i7 comes with Dirt Detect, an awesome feature that locates and highlights areas with a high concentration of dirt.

In terms of filters, the Roomba i7 has AeroForce high-efficiency filters that can capture 99.9 percent of allergens, pollen, dust mites, and other pollutants within the air.

As we mentioned previously, the Roomba i7 is a self-cleaning robot vacuum. It is a self-emptying vacuum. The i7+ model includes The clean Base(r) Automated Dirt Disposal unit and two Dirt Disposal Bags.

As soon as the Roomba docks and dirt is taken out of one of the bins, which is smaller than 0.3L inside the bin.

The Roomba J7 might be an innovative model, but it has the same cleaning capabilities as the i7. The robot uses a three-stage cleaning system.

It starts with a 2nd Gen motor providing an impressive suction power (900 pa) to eliminate all kinds of everyday household dirt. 

Under the robot is an AeroForce dual multi-surface brush roll made of rubber. One brush is designed for stirring, while the other is to lift dirt.

It is supported by a single side brush that sweeps. The model is also equipped with Dirt Detect technology.

There’s also no distinction between the Roomba I7 and Roomba J7 filters. The American brand includes AeroForce high-efficiency filters. These are the same filters used on the i7. 

It is also known as the Roomba J7 is a self-emptying vacuum that takes care of all the chores for you. The major difference between Roomba I7 and Roomba J7 is the dimension of the Clean Base(r) Automated Dirt Disposal machine. 

The J7’s automatic self-empty station is a bit shorter and wider. The other difference is in the bin’s capacity. The J7 has a huge 0.5L bin, whereas the i7 is equipped with an 0.3L bin.

6. Navigation & Mapping

roomba j7 3

The iRobot Roomba i7 was the first robot vac to showcase the next-generation navigation system of iRobot named iAdapt 3.0 Navigation, which includes the Imprint Smart Mapper. 

The navigation system comes with various options that make it better in navigation than its previous models, iAdapt 2.0. 

It uses the VSLAM (Visual Simultaneous & Localization Mapping) algorithm. You get  sensors for obstacle detection and cliff detection. These sensors combine with a real-time camera to ensure seamless navigation.

Roomba J7 is very similar to the i7 when it comes to navigation. However, the latest model is more advanced. Its iAdapt 3.0 Navigation is a smarter way to navigate using Imprint Mapping.

Alongside sensors and cameras, the J7 is equipped with PrecisionVision, which lets the robot stay clear of dangers like power cords, headphones, shoes, socks, and power cords.

The robot is also able to detect the smell of dog urine and prevent it from causing the spread of poop.

7. Dirt & Cliff Sensors

Roomba I7 3

A variety of sensors help Roomba I7, as well as Roomba J7, navigate the home. The cliff sensor stops the robots from falling down or if they work near the edges. Sensors that detect obstacles with a smooth surface warn Roombas whenever they are close to furniture or walls.

Finally, the enduring dirt sensor lets the i7 and the j7 find dirt and cleanse it more thoroughly.

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8. Ability to Sweep & Suck

Roomba I7 4

Carpet boost: Roomba I7 and J7 have sensors that detect carpets. If the vacuum is in contact with the floor, its suction force is raised to the highest level, thereby cleaning the carpet deeper.

Brushes for the side: They both come with a side brush made from rubber.

Dual Multi-Surface rubber brushes don’t get caught in pet hair. Brushes can adjust and flex to remain in continuous contact with carpets and hard flooring.

Cleansing Brushes: They both come with a clean brush with tips that can be detached and is simpler to clean as hair is mainly blocked on the outside.

Both vacuum cleaners can sweep and suction. If you’re looking for mopping, you can combine them with the Braava Jet M6.

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9. Mapping

roomba j7 4

Contrary to robots that don’t have an outline of their location and cannot move until the battery dies, Roomba navigates efficiently. It can move between straight lines, covering the area of cleaning by the map it creates.

Roomba I7 utilizes cameras and an odometry sensor to help you map your home’s layout. Roomba J7 is equipped with an image camera and Gyroscope distance sensor. The camera has issues in dark spaces.

Roomba I7 and J7 can store up to 10 different maps within memory.

Is Roomba I7 a Decent Robot Vacuum?

Roomba i7 is a great option for those who live with empty flooring, carpets with low piles, and pets. It’s also a great choice for those who do not want to worry about emptying the robot’s trash bin following each cleaning session.

In terms of mapping and navigation, this is an advanced robot vacuum cleaner that moves through rooms with high traffic without difficulty.

Is Roomba J7 a Decent Robot Vacuum?

Yes. It is true. Roomba is a reliable robot vacuum that can meet homeowners’ needs with bare floors, carpets that are low piles, and pets.

The robot vacuum can also provide hands-free operation for as long as 30 days with the automatic self-emptying bin. 

Additionally, it comes with an improved navigation and mapping system that improves efficiency thanks to the Home Genius 3.0 upgrade.

Also, the J7 has a longer running time and is equipped with PrecisionVision, an improvement to the mapping and navigation system.

Which One Do You Prefer?

The Roomba J7 has a major benefit compared to the Roomba i7: it has one major benefit over the iRobot Roomba i7: object recognition. This is an enormous benefit for pet owners but hardly will make a difference to those with pets.

If you have pets, it’s easy to make: buy the Roomba J7. If you don’t have pets, the choice largely depends on the cost. A vacuum is the best choice.

If, when you read this, the Roomba I7 is more affordable than the Roomba i7, it could be good enough for your requirements. If both vacuums are priced similarly, we would suggest the j7 because it comes with a front-facing camera.

Both of them will clean your home very well. However, one can avoid poop while the other isn’t.

Roomba J7 vs. I7: Expert’s Verdict


At the end of our Roomba J7 and I7 face-to-face review of the comparison, we’ve concluded. The two robotic vacuums have a lot of features, but the iRobot Roomba J7 is the best option at the end.

Although the cleaning capabilities are identical across the board, the J7 has a longer running time and, most importantly, is equipped with iRobot’s Genius 3.0 Home Intelligence which gives users greater convenience.

Another great feature is PrecisionVision which enhances map navigation as well.

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