Roomba I6+ vs I7+ Complete Review [October 2022]

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Regarding self-emptying robots, vacuums concerning the IRobot Roomba, the I6+ and the i7+ get top scores. When it comes to specifications, they are almost identical. So how do you decide between them?

Whatever of these self-emptying Roomba’s you choose to purchase, You’ll be pleased. Both are the same model. Therefore, it all is a matter of price distinction.

This is why we’ve rated the i6+ slightly better. Each time we review the price difference, the i6+ is more affordable. 

The price of the filter bag, side brush, and filters aren’t as high when you buy the i7+. In the end, the best answer is whatever is the most affordable price when you look at the i7+ versus the i6+. Add the cost of those accessories.

We’ll take a look at this thorough comparison guide.

The One-Shot Answer

The Roomba i6+ and Roomba i7+ are powerful in the software and hardware features. They can be equipped with imprint maps, automatic charging, disposal, intelligent navigation, intelligent cleaning, and suction up to 10 times the power of earlier models.

On the surface, the two are almost identical. But a closer look will reveal a significant difference in the freebies they offer.

The i6+ comes with no additional accessories that are part of the gadget. In contrast, the i7+ comes with additional side filters and brushes, along with two additional fresh base bags.

The I6+ comes with the Amazon-exclusive version for the i7+. The i6 plus came out in October of 2020, and the i7 + was introduced to retail in September 2018, which is the year of the i7 plus.

The i6+ will save you money, but you’ll not get some important bonuses and accessories that you might still need in the future.

We prefer the i6+ in comparison to the i7+ as you will save around $200 while being able to leave out the accessories which the latter comes with. The i7+ can be found available for sale.

In such instances, it is recommended to choose the i7+ instead of an i6+. If you did manage to purchase the I6+, there’s no need to fret because you can always locate filters, brushes, and garbage bags on Amazon if you require them shortly.

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Roomba i6+ Overview

iRobot Roomba i6

The i6+ is a robot vacuum with smart technology that comes with an extended duration of run time, a self-emptying bin, and excellent cleaning capabilities on a range of floors.

With its smart integration, it’s possible to control this robot vacuum by speaking to it or a mobile device and accessing additional features through the iRobot digital app.

The feature of Digital mapping lets users of the i6+ move more effectively around your area while avoiding obstacles and delivering the most efficient cleaning possible.

In our tests, the middle-I series could eliminate 99% of the objects tested against it; this feat was only accomplished by four of the robots we tested.

The iRobot i6+ can be considered its Amazon variant of the Roomba i7+. If you look closer at the device, you’ll discover that it has the same specs in terms of hardware, software, and capabilities as Roomba’s i7+, with fewer add-ons included with it.

It is impossible to purchase the i6+ through other retailers since it’s only sold through Amazon. Also, it is a similar product and comes with the same suction power as i7+.

As long as the i7+ remains at the top of the robotic vacuum race and the i6+ remains at a high level, it is equally as good. It can be connected to an iRobot Home App for better adaptability and flexibility.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Self-emptying trash bin and charging base hold up to 30 tons of trash.
  • Full integration of smartphones for wireless control
  • Amazing cleaning performance eliminated all debris from our tests.
  • Digital maps can be created for specific cleaning routines.
  • Price is quite expensive in comparison to other vacuum cleaners.
  • The maintenance cost is a bit higher because of the garbage bags in the Clean Base.

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Roomba i7+ Review

iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550)

The iRobot I7+ could be considered the more seasoned version of the I6+. It’s a sophisticated robot vacuum released for sale in September 2021 and is widely regarded as among the top robot vacuums available on the market.

Although this i6+ is an exclusive product sold exclusively on Amazon, it is also available in other retailers. i7+ is readily available at nearly all America-based department stores.

The i7+ is the only robot in its class with a self-emptying garbage bin (at least as far as we’ve observed). It comes with an innovative “home base” that doubles as a charging station.

It also has a self-emptying trash bin that can hold up to 30 bags of dirt from cleaning cycles. Furthermore, its cleaning efficiency and ease of use (via advanced mapping and app control) are what make the i7+ the top robot vacuum in the world.

It comes with everything that the i6+ comes with. It also connects with the Home App to make it easier to customize.

Regardless of the price hike, the i7+ is more powerful than the i6+ thanks to the brushes, bags, and filters it provides. It’s a vacuum robot that deserves applause.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Self-emptying the dustbin is an incredible benefit with a huge enough canister that can hold up to 30 bags before being empty.
  • The advanced navigation system and the control with your smartphone let you connect Roomba to a particular room within your home to perform a clean-up.
  • Highly effective cleaning capabilities for all types of indoor flooring.
  • The price is lower than it was in 2018. However, it’s still expensive.
  • You’ll need to change the dust bags in the base when they become worn out or full.

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Roomba I6+ and the i7+: Head-to-Head Comparison Review

Now, on to the principal issue of the day: how do the Roomba I6 (6150) and the i6+ (6550) compare with that Roomba the i7 (7150) and the i7+ (7550). Let’s look into it.

1. Automatic Self Emptying

One benefit of the latest robotic vacuums is that they have automatic self-emptying technologies. This means homeowners do not need to be concerned about alerts for the full bin.

Roomba I6 and the Roomba i6+

iRobot Roomba i6+ 3

Important: As was previously mentioned, the Roomba i6 is a model that Roomba i6 series has two variations: an unclean base model, a Clean Base unit, and an appreciable exclusive model featuring its Clean Base unit. Both models work with this type of technology.

The iRobot Clean Base unit doubles in the capacity of a dock. After the robot vacuum has finished cleansing, it will dock, which is the point at which it is dumped into AllergenLock bags, which can store up to a month’s worth of dirt. The bags are supplied with two AllergenLock bags.

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Roomba I7 and Roomba  I7+

Roomba I7 4

We have this automatic self-emptying feature for the Roomba I7 series.

The base model, the iRobot Roomba i7, does not have a Clean Base unit; however, the i7+ includes the unit.

Both models work with the latest technology. The Roomba is docked after cleansing, and the contents are dumped into the bigger bin.

2. Cleaning Performance

The robot vacuums’ cleaning performance of is the primary aspect when choosing the ideal robot vacuum. This article will provide more information about the functions these two vacuums are built to do and how they function in a typical household setting.

Roomba I6 and Roomba i6+

iRobot Roomba i6+ 2

The Roomba I6 and Roomba i6+ are made to wash flooring, including tile, hardwood, linoleum, and vinyl, to name a few. The vacuum is ideal for pet hair messes, including short and long pet hair and carpets with a low pile.

Both units feature three-stage cleaning systems where dirt is stirred and lifted before being sucked into the container.

The two Roombas utilize a 2nd Generation motor with one speed. It is capable of putting out the maximum speed of 90,000pa.

Also available are the AeroForce double multi-surface brush roll and an additional side-sweeping brush.

In terms of the filters, the Roomba I6 and I6+ come with the 0.5L bin alongwith a full bin indicator. The filters are high-efficiency with 99 percent effectiveness. One benefit of the Roomba i6 is its extra second filter and brush.

Roomba I7 and the Roomba i7+

Roomba I7 2

The Roomba I7 and Roomba I7+ are similar to the I6 and i6+ concerning cleaning efficiency. They are designed to clean floors with no grout like linoleum, hardwood tile, etc.

It’s also great to clean pet messes such as allergens and pet hair. It is also possible to use this vacuum to clean carpets with a low pile.

The underhood has the 2nd generation single-speed motor that produces the equivalent of 900 psi. There are two brushes, including a side-sweeping brush and the dual multi-surface brush, to aid in dirt pickup and agitation.

The Roomba i7 series is perfect for homes with pets since it features an efficient, high-efficiency filter and an enormous 0.5L bin, which has a full bin indicator. However, there is no additional second filter or brush.

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3. Navigation & Mapping

Robot vacuums are equipped with sophisticated systems that assist the robot vacuum in finding and mapping out the floor. This section will discuss how the Roomba i6 performs compared with the i7.

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Roomba I6 and Roomba i6+

iRobot Roomba i6+ 5

If you’re looking at the Roomba I6 and I6+, there’s nothing to distinguish between them. They both have the identical iAdapt 3.0 VSLAM navigation system, which means it is equipped with sensors and cameras for localization. You can count on it in areas with high traffic since it rarely gets stuck or gets hit by obstructions.

Considering floor mapping, the Roombas depend upon an intelligent flooring mapping technology that cleans with a systematic pattern, ensuring the complete level of cleaning.

It is also worth noting another thing worth mentioning and appreciating is the Imprint Smart Mapping (ISM) system that provides the robot with the capability to locate all the rooms within your home.

Thanks to the technology available, homeowners can instruct the Roomba 6150 or even 6550 on how to vacuum certain rooms. Also, there is a digital boundary marking known as”Keep Out Zones.

Roomba I7 and the Roomba  i7+

Roomba I7 3

The Roomba I7 and Roomba i7+ are equipped with the brand new iAdapt 3.0 Mapping and Navigation system. It is a VSLAM (Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) built-in algorithm.

The name says it all: the technology uses an array of sensors and an in-real-time camera to localize. This leads to more precise as well as precise navigation.

It’s not easy for the series i7 to get stuck or hit by obstacles, even in high-traffic rooms. In terms of flooring mapping, it can identify the exact layout of your home and even store maps.

The robot will consistently clean the floor, ensuring that the entire floor is cleaned. What’s more?

iAdapt 3.0 incorporates Imprint Smart Mapping technology that allows the robot to determine the layout of your home.

The technology lets you select specific rooms that they would like to have Roomba tidy. It also provides a digital boundary feature known as”Keep Out Zones.

4. Battery and Power Management

A high-quality robot vacuum must come with a battery that lasts at least one full cleaning session. In addition, it must have an easy power management option. In this section, we’ll learn how the Roomba i6 performs compared with that of the Roomba i7.

Roomba I6 and the Roomba i6+

In the case of the Roomba I6 and the i6+ models, we use the same battery on the i7.

It is a lithium-ion battery that lasts for 75 minutes on average. Regarding battery management, both Roomba 6150 and the 6550 come with the capability to recharge and resume.

The battery’s lifespan is approximately 18 months as an average.

Roomba I7 and Roomba I7+

The Roomba i7+ is equipped with a 1800mAh capacity lithium-ion battery.

The battery is rated for 75 minutes of runtime in the event of. It’s brand new; however, the runtime will decrease over time until it is a year old or so when you require a replacement.

The I7+ series is a very intelligent and interesting robot vacuum cleaner that recharges and restarts cleaning automatically.

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5. Smart Features & Convenience

Modern robot vacuums are homesmart and have a wide selection of convenient features. In this article, we’ll find out if the two Roombas are equipped with the same features as well as the same convenience.

Roomba I6 and the Roomba i6+

iRobot Roomba i6+ 4

The Roomba 6150 and Roomba 6550 both have 2.4GHz WiFI connectivity for smartphone use using the IRobot Home app.

In the app, users can plan cleaning sessions and see the areas the robot has been cleaning, as well as customized cleaning.

In addition to the operation of smartphones via apps, Roomba model i6 models can be used with voice assistants, such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

It’s also worth noting that the Roomba I6+ series robot vacuums sync up and work with the Braava M6 mop robot.

Roomba I7 and Roomba I7+

roomba i7 1

The next is the Roomba 7150 and the 7550, with the same intelligent and easy-to-use features as the Roomba I6 series. Both run on 2.4GHz WiFi to allow smartphone app functionality through the iRobot Home App.

All features and functions accessible for the i6+ are standard for the i7+ series. Apart from the app-based operation, users can also operate Roombas with voice control. Roombas use voice assistants, such as Alexa and Assistant.

Similar to the i6+, the I7+ can also be used together with Braava M6 to perform simultaneous mopping and vacuuming.

Side-by-Side Comparison of Similarities

Here are a few of the key features available in both i6+ as well as the i7+.

1. The Plus (+) Factor

Suppose you ask what the + signifies in the I6+ and Roomba I7+ robot vacuum models. The answer is easy. Adding a + to any Roomba vacuum model can confirm the presence of additional capabilities within the charging base.

Any Plus model comes with an auto-disposal function in which the base functions as a charging dock and as an emptying canister that is operated by vacuum suction. The advantages of this option are impressive as there is no need to dispose of the contents of your cleaner’s trash bin.

The bags, part of the automated dirt disposal system, can store more than a month of dirt, dust, debris, and other particles.

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2. Multi-Stage Cleaning

iRobot Roomba i6+ 7

Both the i6+ and the i7+ work by using a sophisticated visual mapping, also known as the system known as vSLAM.

It uses thousands of precise images captured every second to calculate the distances of various objects around your home.

They clean both in an extremely efficient row-based method, which means that every move they make has been designed to be optimized for short tasks. After the vacuums have started the process, your unit’s every single inch will be clean.

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3. Smart Mapping

The Roomba i6+ and the i7+ come with imprint smart mapping capabilities, which means they can tell the living room and kitchen from one another.

So, the robot vacuum can allow you to choose the areas you want to clean without needing to move it around the room.

Imprint smart mapping also analyses and maps the overall layout of the region so that you can view the blueprint of your device on your phone.

This can assist the robot in adapting and altering its cleaning routines to improve effectiveness.

4. Alexa Capabilities

The Roomba i6+ and the i7+ both believe that any smart vacuum must also work using voice-controlled assistance.

They come with Alexa and Google integration, which means scheduling cleaning using simple voice commands is possible! This will give you more control over the robots anytime and wherever.

5. Impeccable Hardware

The i6+ and i7+ are having powerful pickup mechanisms that will pull in the dirt it comes across. It doesn’t matter if you’re confronted with dirt or fur, gunk, or dust; the vacuum can clean it up.

The amazing technology on which models work on any surface, including concrete, wood carpets, rugs, and carpets. You can rest assured that your home will be spotless when the i6+ or the i7+ has been removed from it.

6. Safe and Pet-Friendly 

iRobot Roomba i6+ 6

The i6+, as well as the i7+, are mainly for the pet’s hair as a primary consideration. Dual Multi-Surface brushes prevent the entanglement of hair or materials clogging and permit continuous contact with hardwood and carpet flooring.

Additionally, the filters included can limit the spread of allergens to dogs and cats to ensure a safe environment. They can also suck up very tiny fur, which isn’t obvious by your naked eye!

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7. Restricted Zones

Roomba I7 1

This could be one of the greatest attributes of the i6+ and the i7+. Zones with restricted access allow users to choose areas the robot vacuum should avoid at all costs.

You have total control over the movements of an i6+ or the i7+. For instance, if you have breakable items like glasses or thin materials like cords in the corners of your home.

If you install zones to keep them out, your vacuum won’t be able to get into these areas.

Other robot vacuums use tower units or magnetic strips to mark boundaries. However, this isn’t the case with the i6+ and the i7+. With incredible virtual sensors, it can travel wherever you’d like to and limit its movement as per your choices.


Is iRobot an excellent brand?

iRobot has a top home automation business with more than 30 years of experience in technology. It is the leader in robotic vacuums in the field of innovation and is the first to introduce automated cleaning. The company doesn't just provide robot vacuums; they also offer smart mops and various other coding robots available for purchase.

What is the primary differentiator between the i6+ as well as the i7+?

The major difference between them is their pricing and additional features. The I6+ is cost less in comparison to the I7 Plus. It does, however, not include extra filters, brushes, or a cleaning bag.

Do the I6+ and the i7+ work without WiFi?

Both devices can function without internet connectivity. However, downloading the app is always recommended as it gives you more control over it. In the absence of the scheduling, iRobot Home App, and adapting cleaning is challenging.

Can the iRobot i6+ or i7+ bins be used in conjunction with a cleaning solution for maintenance?

The I6+ and i7+ should be used only using water for cleaning. Other chemicals could affect their performance and components within the robot.

In what square footage of space do the robots clear per cycle?

It's difficult to determine the i6+ as well as the i7+'s coverage as there are a variety of aspects to take into consideration. But, there's no reason to be concerned about a lack of cleaning, as both vacuums feature charge-and-resume capabilities that let them self-dock once energy is depleted and then resume where they left off after charging has been completed.

Roomba I6+ vs. Roomba I7+ Review: Final Thoughts


Both the iRobot I6+ and iRobot i7+ are excellent accessories for your home. They are fantastic cleaning tools capable of completely automatizing vacuum cleaning processes at extremely efficient levels.

If an i7+ isn’t available, it’s best to get the i6+, as it comes with similar features for less cost.

However, if you find it’s available for sale, make sure you buy it as you’ll be able to acquire additional products that will significantly improve the future use of that robot vacuum.

Whichever one you choose, they will assist you in making cleaning easier.

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