Roomba I6+ vs I4+: Know Difference Before Buying

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Anyone who’s experienced robot vacuum cleaners will know the extent of how important Roomba I-series robot vacuums are.

They’re more robust than their predecessors and feature high-tech navigation tools to sweep your home in tidy, efficient rows.

Today, we’ll examine the Roomba i4+ and the Roomba i6+ to determine which one is the more powerful Roomba.

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Roomba I6+ vs I4+: Review

Roomba I6+

iRobot Roomba i6

The Roomba i6 + is a smart robotic vacuum with extended run-time, a self-emptying dust bin, and outstanding cleaning capability on various floors.

With its smart integration, you can control the vacuum using your phone or voice and gain access to additional features within the special iRobot digital app. 

We loved one more feature. Digital mapping helps this i6+ to move more effectively around your area while avoiding obstacles and delivering the highest quality of cleaning. 

Our tests showed that the middle-i series could get rid of 99% of all debris it was tested against, an achievement that was achieved only by four robots we’ve tested so far.



  • Model: i6+
  • Floor Type: All (indoor)
  • Weight: 7.44 lbs.
  • Width: 13.34″
  • Length: 13.34″
  • Height: 3.63″
  • Dust Bin Capacity: ~0.5 L
  • Imprint Smart Mapping: Yes
  • iAdapt Navigation: 3.0
  • Battery: 1800 mAh
  • Returns: Yes (usually), Varies by retailer
  • Self-Emptying (Advanced Base): Yes
  • Warranty: 1- year Limited
  • Includes Virtual Wall: No
  • Washable Dust Bin (on-board): Yes

Pros and Cons of Roomba I6+


  • Digital maps are created to allow for more specific cleaning routines.
  • Can save up to 10 map levels
  • Self-emptying bin for dust. The charging base can store up to 30 tons of trash.
  • New extractors that are more efficient at preventing tangles are better than Roomba 960.
  • Access to sophisticated navigational features, such as keeping out zones
  • It’s not very loud (below 65 decibels)
  • Full integration of smartphones for wireless control
  • Clean and squeaky clean. Dirt that has been embedded
  • It is not necessary to empty the bin by hand
  • Amazing cleaning performance that removed 99percent of the debris we tested our tests


  • Airflow is weak (below 9CFM)
  • The auto-empty dock sounds as if it fills the robot’s trash bin.
  • Smaller dustbin
  • Some higher maintenance costs because of the disposal of debris bags that are in the Clean Base
  • A bit expensive when in comparison with other robotic vacuums

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Functionalities: 7 Features of Roomba I6+

1. Smart Recharge & Resume

iRobot Roomba i6+ 3

Recharge & resume are almost universally available for all top-of-the-line robot vacuum cleaners, including the i4+ and i6+. The contrast between various I6+ and other models is the time it spends in the charging dock or self-emptying base.

The battery of the i6+ provides enough power to run for 75 minutes of clean-up time per charge. With intelligent recharge and resume, your i6+ won’t have to wait for a fully charged battery before launching out.

When its battery is full enough to finish its cleaning, the Roomba will be dismounted and resume exactly where it stopped.

2. VSLAM Navigation

iRobot Roomba i6+ 7

The i4 + does a good job of getting around your house. However, its navigation system is mediocre compared to the i6+s.

It is equipped with vSLAM Navigation technology that utilizes cameras to determine the home’s layout before creating a digital copy.

This camera system is more effective than traditional floor tracking in numerous ways.

The most important benefit is that cameras assist in creating more precise real-to-life maps of your home, which allows the i6+ to design the most efficient cleaning path in its first attempt.

3. Auto-Adjusting Brush Roll

iRobot Roomba i6+ 6

The brush roll auto adapts to the floor they’re cleaning. They are equipped with floating rolls that raise or lower based on whether the machine cleans carpets or floors.

An auto-adjusting brush roll reduces the suction needed to pull dirt from carpets with thick piles because the rubber fins are always in contact with the floor.

4. Custom Cleaning Settings and Personalized Recommendations

iRobot Roomba i6+ 2

Like the I4+, the i6+ will learn your habits as you utilize it. It will recommend the use of more vacuums during the allergy season.

The distinction is that Roomba i6 + also suggests different cleaning options that can be customized, like cleaning carpeted rooms more frequently, as common allergens may stick to the fibers much more easily than on plain floors.

5. Alexa/Assistant Support

iRobot Roomba i6+ 5

All top robot vacuum cleaners come with Alexa or Assistant, and these Roombas aren’t an exception. If you’re not inclined to sit down and push buttons or have lost your phone, just speak commands at your smart speaker that will relay these to your i4 + or I6 +.

But, more voice commands are available for the iRobot i6 + than exist for the i4 +. This is because the i6+ comes with a customizable map which you can access and edit through the iRobot Home app.

If you’d like Roomba i6+ to take care of cleaning your bedroom, you can simply yell, “Alexa, ask (Roomba i6+’s name) to clean our bedroom.”

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6. Advanced App

iRobot Roomba i6+ 4

However, an additional benefit is having an image of your floors and home. The i6+’s mobile app is advanced and isn’t limited to showing the status of your home and its progress, similar to the i4+’s apps.

The more advanced version lets you assign names to various rooms, pinpoint the location of obstructions (that the robot could have missed), and designate no-go area zones.

One of the benefits of having the ability to assign the names of the rooms is the ability to tell your i6 + that it should clean the specific area of your home rather than vacuuming the entire home.

This is useful when you have areas prone to foot traffic and your home to be cleaned before guests put their foot in.

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Roomba I4+

iRobot Roomba i4+

The Roomba i4 + is the most recent version of the well-known device made by iRobot. The most recent features in this version’s model are worth a look; however, the thing that distinguishes it from older models is the increased efficiency in cleaning and the time to charge.



  • Style: Roomba i4+
  • Product Dimensions: 13.34 x 13.26 x 3.63 inches
  • Item Weight: 24.6 pounds
  • Are Batteries Included: Yes
  • Batteries: ‎1 Lithium Ion battery is required. (included)
  • Size: ‎Extended Life Battery

Pros and Cons of Roomba I4+


  • Works with Alexa as well as Google Home
  • Super fast charging time
  • Self-emptying dock station
  • Improved cleaning performance


  • You can’t sketch “Keep Out” areas in the app.
  • It doesn’t yet support smart mapping technology.

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Features of Roomba i4+

1. DirtDetect Technology

One thing that may surprise you is how it can respond. At the same time, it follows the pre-programmed path for cleaning after taking a floor map.

It can detect freshly-created stains on your floor. This causes the i4+ to quit its cleaning route and concentrate on the mess before proceeding.

2. High-Tech Floor Tracking Sensors

As we’ve said before, indeed, the i4+ doesn’t come with modern navigation software. But, the top-of-the-line sensors for floor tracking aren’t something to be dismissed as a joke.

Sensors built beneath the robot’s feet don’t only stop it from falling off cliffs, but they also aid the i4 + figure out the way to navigate your flooring.

The i4+ uses floor-tracking sensors to generate an electronic map of your home. This is then used to build the most accurate row-by-row cleaning route.

The map can be accessed to check how far the robot has accomplished its cleaning chores and how far it has to be cleaned.

 Unfortunately, there’s no way to designate zones that are not allowed to enter. Instead, you’ll need to rely on the i6+ model, which has been an improved model.

3. Self-Emptying Base

If you’re curious about what the symbol plus is for the Roomba i4 + and i6 + models, it’s that the robots are equipped with an auto-emptying base.

Self-emptying bases are pretty much an ideal vacuum for your robot vacuum cleaner. When your robot is charging, or the dust bin is full, the base will draw all the contents out of the robot, making them wait for the next vacuuming session.

The two bases for self-emptying robots offer storage capacities of 60 days or more. However, your results will depend on how frequently your robot is cleaned and how filthy the floors in your home are.

If the base cannot accept more debris in the first place, you’ll need to secure the bag with a filter and then put it in another base (sold as a separate item).

4. 3-Prong Cleaning System

In the beginning, what can the i4+ be cleaned? The compact robot vacuum cleaner comes with two multi-surface brushes with flexible rubber fins instead of bristles.

The fins work better at pulling dirt and dust off carpets than traditional bristles while also retaining the excellent, non-marring cleaning capabilities on floor surfaces that are not bare.

Alongside the dual brush rolls, in addition, the i4 + includes a side brush (with bristles for the first time) that helps draw debris from corners, baseboards, and around the furniture’s legs.

In handling large-sized debris, the side brush is more prone to scattering than drawing into, which is not uncommon for robotic vacs.

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5. Great for Pet Parents

The i4 + and the i6 + were designed to aid pet parents worldwide in eliminating the dander and fur that flakes off. They’re not just equipped with a multi-surface brush roll to remove the chance of tangling.

Also built into these robot vacuums are high-efficiency filtering systems specifically designed to trap up to 99.99 percent of the allergens that are microscopic for up to 6 months before they need replacing.

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Both Specification

Roomba i6+ i4+
3 Stage-Cleaning System Premium Premium
Intelligent navigation + Smart mapping + mapping
Cleaning pattern Neat rows Neat rows
Suction power 10x* 10x*
Runtime Smart charge & resume Smart charge & resume
Tangle-resistant rubber brushes Yes Yes
Self-emptying base Yes Yes
Personalized cleaning recommendations + Custom Cleaning Options Yes
Smart home connectivity Yes Yes
Navigates obstacles & stairs + Visual navigation Yes
Clean Zones & Keep Out Zones Yes n/a
Teams up with Braava jet m6 Robot Mop Yes Yes
High-Efficiency Filter Yes Yes
Clean by specific rooms or objects Yes n/a


1. There is a “keep out zone” feature within the app that is accessible for the Intel i6 +; however, it is not available on the i4+ model.

Keep out zones within the app allows you to instruct Roomba not to clear a particular zone. You can choose areas you do not want Roomba to wash, such as your kitchen or office. This feature is available only on the Roomba i6+and not available on the Roomba I4 +.

2. The Roomba i4+ uses floor tracker features to navigate, whereas the i6+ relies on cameras to guide you.

The Roomba i4 + has floor sensors for tracking that map the space and drive to wash. Roomba i6+, on its other hand, utilizes cameras (in addition to floor trackers) to maneuver around corners and furniture.

Both robot vacuums outline your home. It’s only the technology they employ to make the map that differs.

3. The Roomba I6 + has a higher price than the Roomba I4+.

If you’re on a budget, we suggest getting the i4+ model, as it comes with all the essential features you’d probably be concerned about.

Although the i6+ looks great, the extra features aren’t worth the price. In the end, it’s worth springing for the i6 + if you are looking to eliminate zones and ensure room maintenance is essential to you.

4. You can instruct the Roomba I6+ to wash one specific area using the app or via voice commands. This isn’t possible using the I4+.

Since it is equipped with a camera, Roomba i6+ can direct you to a specific area. It can be controlled via the app or voice commands. The i4+, however, is not equipped with these capabilities.

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Similarity 1. Both vacuum floors are in straight, logical lines.

Both robots can plan out your home and clean your floors efficiently and in a linear fashion. There are no longer the “bump and turn,” drunken sailors-style cleaning techniques of the less basic Roombas.

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Similarity 2: Both vacuums have an auto-emptying clean base.

Both iRobot Roomba i4 + and i6 + are equipped with self-emptying docking stations. This is the place the robot goes when it’s completed its cleaning work.

The motor within the clean base sucks everything inside the robot’s bag into the vacuum bag, which is then emptied by hand.

There are variants of these vacuums which do not have a clean base, and they are called the Roomba I4 and I6, and i6, respectively.

The”plus” of the Roomba I4 + and Roomba I6+ is that they are based on robot vacuums and have clean bases.

Similarity 3: They both utilize brushes that are anti-tangle.

Both models also have an anti-tangle brush roll that can stop hair from getting tangled inside the brush rolls.

The lower-end robot vacuums typically include bristled brush rolls which can be difficult to clean. The anti-tangle brush roll makes hair removal easy.

Roomba I4+ vs. I6+ Vacuums: Which One Should We Get?

With the features both Roombas can offer and more, it’s safe to conclude that from a performance standpoint, they are almost identical.

But, with the vSLAM navigation system, it is because it is less likely to miss areas of your floors as you scan and map out the floor layout.

However, we cannot overstate how little work you’ll have to do when you can command a Roomba i6 + sweep specific rooms or avoid certain flooring.

If you can make do with the basic accessories of the Roomba i6 + from iRobot and I4 + is the most efficient option. If you’re looking to add more extras to your robotic vacuum cleaner, then the i6+ is certainly the right choice.



You can see that the Roomba I6 + includes several characteristics that the Roomba I4 + doesn’t have. The thing that is appealing about Roomba is that they offer an array of products that can meet the needs of different people.

If you’re having a difficult time choosing to buy one, we suggest you get the Roomba I4+. It comes with all the essential features you want for a robot vacuum and is priced lower than the Roomba I6+.

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